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(FT4) Panasonic isn’t happy with the AG-AF100 sales. Considering a new strategy.


The AG-AF100 Micro Four Thirds mount videocamera

Photokina will not only be important for the classic photo-cameras but maybe also for the mirrorless video-cameras. A source told me a while ago that Panasonic has deleted the AG AF line. The reason for that is that the AF100 had not been selling well and had seen a significant price drop since launch.

So what can we expect now? “Rumors” are floating around the web saying that Panasonic will now concentrate on a Super 35mm camera. This may be indirectly a good news regarding the GH3. They can now focus to make that camera rule in terms of video quality without to fear that this will take away some AG-AF100 sales.

Hopefully I can get some GH3 info soon! As usual feel free to send me completely save and anonymous messages through the contact form you see on the right sidebar. No identification needed and no info (like IP) gets stored! Juts use a fake name so that I can recognize you in future. Thanks!

P.S.: The AG-AF100 has a $500 rebate ongoing at BHphoto until late September (yep…until Photokina). The still super GH2 sells for $1,129 with kit lens at Amazon (lowest price ever).




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