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(FT4) Four new Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras within the next 8-10 months.


While talking with one of my sources about the Photokina event he unveiled to me that Olympus plan is to release at least four new Micro Four Thirds cameras within the next 8-10 months:

1) The new E-PM and E-PL cameras are coming at Photokina. They will offer small upgrades and some of the E-M5 tech like the same super fast autofocus
2) There will be one more OM-D model placed above the E-M5
3) There will be a new camera that opens a new “Kind” of m43 series.

We didn’t talk about the Four Thirds cameras but he was sure there would be new models…

Links to the current E-M5 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Here is the chronological ordered list of all OM film cameras ever made by Olympus. Click on the names to see them on eBay (ordered by first announced camera): M-1, OM-1, OM-1 MD, OM-1N, OM-2, OM-2N, OM-2S/SP, OM-3, OM-3Ti, OM-4, OM-4T/Ti black and chrome, OM-10, OM-20 (OM-G), OM-30(OM-F), OM-40 (OM-PC), OM-77AF (OM-707), OM-88 (OM-101), OM-2000.

  • Mathias

    “small upgrades” sounds like the new sensor and IBIS might not come to the Photokina Pens? When talking about “some of the E-M5 tech” I’m mostly thinking sensor and IBIS. I think these are the most important 2 things. Couldn’t care less about autofocus speed, compared to sensor/IBIS.

    One OM-D *above* the E-M5?? I would have expected one *below*, without weather sealing, maybe a bit slower and cheaper. Well, I’m curious to see how the new top of the line model will better the E-M5.

    • thomaswt

      Surely the use of the O-MD sensor in the pens would be a major upgrade, I love my E-P3 but the 12mp sensor is getting long in the tooth. I hope that Olympus are not going to keep the Sony sensor for their new “O-MD” range . That would suck

      • rrr_hhh

        I think that they may keep the Sony sensor for higher grade cameras !
        The “minimal updates will be for the E-Pls and E-Pms; but that new En camera may get a RF style VF and have the new sensor ? Woohoo !

      • Promit Roy

        My guess about the sensor in the next gen PENs:
        Optimistic: The 16 MP Panasonic sensor
        Pessimistic: The GF5 12MP sensor
        Completely improbable: The OM-D sensor

        • miles

          maybe not EM-5’s 16mp Sony sensor, but Panny’s GX1 16mp sensor on the new PENs …

        • Miroslav

          What makes you think OM-D sensor in the new PENs is completely improbable?

          Olympus has so far used the same sensor in all cameras of the same generation.

    • Do

      I don’t expect them to put the 5-axis IBIS in the Lite and Mini models, since it’s components seem to need much space. But it would a big fail if they use the old pen sensor – they could as well officially announce “Don’t buy our new models, better buy a Nex instead”.

      • stevey

        Very old sensor and new processor. Oh dear.

    • WT21

      That’s what it sounds like, and it’d be an epic fail. The current EPM1 is fantastic EXCEPT for the sensor. No new sensor, no new camera purchase. It’s as simple as that.

      • SteveO


    • admin doesn’t say anything about Olympus using the regular PEN sensor in the forthcoming E-PM and E-PL cameras so it might be the E-M sensor…

    • BLI

      The new Olympus strategy published a couple of months ago *clearly* suggested that sensors and other technology would be phased into lower level models. Thus, unless the E-M5 sensor is prohibitively expensive, I would *expect* the E-M5 sensor in the new PEN cameras. But maybe not much else new?

    • Riley

      more like the sony sensor with no changes from M5
      ‘super fast AF’ seems key …

  • Tinta

    “They will offer small upgrades”

    A new PEN-line with the (more years) old sensor is useless.
    E-PL3 with EM5-sensor would be a killer. (For me anyway.)

  • There is only one significant omission from the E-M5: a way to use 4/3 glass to its full potential (i.e. PDAF). Can we hope it’s coming?

    • thomaswt

      I feel that other than making the small number { and getting smaller} of Four Thirds users very happy that the market for the HG and SHG lenses would not be too strong . They are no doubt works of art but they cost a fortune and weigh a ton most of the SHG lenses are as heavy and large as the FF models they replace.

      Panasonic 12-35 comes in at $1300 and weighs in at 10.8oz the Olympus 14-35 though obviously F2 instead of F2.8 comes in at $2300 and weighs in at two pounds. A thousand dollars extra a, 2.8 times the weight with a 14mm start as opposed to 12mm make for one too many penalties for many potential buyers.If you want to carry that kind of weight and pay that kind of price you might as well go for FF

      • I see what you are saying and agree, but it’s not my point. Olympus is committed to support current owners of m4/3 lenses. Until it enables their seamless operation on m4/3 bodies it is bound to update its 4/3 range once in a while to keep it at least somewhat competitive. Sustaining 4/3 R&D, even if it’s minimal, is a waste of resources. It is a short-term investment which will never generate enough revenue to cover the costs.

      • Miroslav

        I am m4/3 user and I’d like to be able to use 4/3 lenses on my camera, but most of them has too slow auto focus.

        I have a chance to buy used 14-54mm F2.8-F3.5 Mk I for 300 USD. Thousand dollars less than Panasonic, similar apertures, heavier, with a 14mm start as opposed to 12mm and much longer at the tele end. But I won’t buy it, because it would focus too slowly. While I don’t object to using MF for a prime, on a zoom it’s too complicated for me.

        That’s why all m4/3 sensors should have dedicated PDAF pixels ( Nikon has shown it’s possible ), not only to please 4/3 lens owners.

        • It would make much more sense for Oly to release those good lenses in native m4/3 format. 2nd hand business is not their business, you know.

          • Miroslav

            I know, but that’s the way to keep your customers – Nikon and Pentax are prime examples. Sony and Canon also…

          • Bart

            Second hand is not their business indeed, but making it much more attractive for people to buy into their system IS their business.

            Supporting existing lenses that people already own, especially those that required a substantial investment, will make the system more attractive, especially to a group of people with money to spend.

            Replacing an E-30 with an E-M5 would be a very good option if people could keep using their lenses. If they can’t, then it makes a lot of sense to look at competing systems.

            Additionally, it will quell some rather vocal and influential users of ‘legacy’ 4/3 equipment. This may sound irrelevant, but those also happen to be the kind of people that family members and friends will go to for advice on what camera (system) to buy, hence those users are influential even if they wouldn’t cause much income directly.

            So, regardless of if Olympus also releases m4/3 versions of those lenses, supporting the existing 4/3 lenses better then they do now IS important.

            • blohum

              Well said… I get fed up with m43 users saying “we don’t need 43 lens support” when you know what if m43 lens support was dropped they’d be the most vocal ones.

            • Esa Tuunanen

              > Replacing an E-30 with an E-M5 would be a very good option
              While electronics and sensor have marched on controls and ergonomics wise E-M5 is like Canon IXUS when compared to E-30. So not replacement except in downgrading controls&ergonomics for smaller body path.

              Now actually replacing similar controls&ergonomics level mirrorless body wouldn’t need size/bulk of E-30 (more like midway between it and E-M5) if designed wisely for only maximal ergonomics from analog-mechnical era legacy free viewpoint and not for fashion gimmicks like oversize movie theater screen in E-M5’s arse.

              • Bart

                I use an E-3 next to an E-M5, which has similar (but not identical) controls and ergonomics to the E-30. I disagree with your imo exaggeration, the E-M5 is much more like a downsized version of such cameras then like an advanced compact, let alone an ixus.

                Obviously a larger body can provide more buttons, and while the E-M5 has the same number of dials as the E-30 (and one more then the E-3 and E-5), it is lacking with regards to buttons. For some people ‘real estate’ for holding the camera and the size of the buttons is also an issue. For myself, if all all the arrow buttons and the playback button were programmable, and playback could be assigned to another button, I’d have just enough programmable buttons close to the precious right-top side of the camera to no longer have to compromise on dedicated buttons during shooting.

                A ‘pro-level’ m4/3 camera should absolutely address those issues, and easily can because size is far less of a consideration there, but for the E-M5, people being able to own a single camera and adapt it to the needs of the moment (by adding the optional grips) seems a rather useful approach in the ‘non-pro’ market, as most people don’t keep a small selection of cameras around.

                E-M5 with pancake prime fits a coat pocket, another prime goes into the other coat pocket, nice for when you don’t want or can’t take a bag with you.. Can also opt for adding 1 or 2 parts of the grip and require a bag, which might be more appropriate and allows bringing some zooms and flashes and such. A camera that is substantially larger (even if its still a fair bit smaller then the E-30) won’t fit that.

                It is a different kind of compromise then the E-30, so in that sense you are right, its not a 100% m4/3 equivalent, but for me and many E-x and E-XX owners I know, in most cases, its a very good alternative, even for the ‘pro level’ E-x models, if it weren’t for the slow AF with almost all HG/SHG Zuiko lenses.

                My E-3 will stay around and possibly get upgraded for specific applications, unless a real m4/3 equivalent turns up for the 50-200 (not too hopeful on that because of the size of such a lens at that brightness) or a m4/3 body gets introduced that can focus the 50-200 (and similar lenses) at least as quickly as the E-3 can. But then, I have a house full of cameras (mostly classic ones, going back to the 1920s), most people just try to stick with one camera at a time :)

          • Esa Tuunanen

            Those which could be made smaller for shorter flange back distance.
            Size of longer focal length lenses was never increased by heavier retrofocus design.

            Good tracking focus basically needs at least some degree of phase detection which might after few development/improvement cycles allow reaching focus performance similar to DSLRs so for now it’s better to use limited lens R&D resources to lenses completely missing from system and where redesign can actually give benefit.

            • Bart

              Absolutely, to get C-AF/tracking to work properly and reliably, a system is needed that both knows in which direction something is out of focus AND how far it is out of focus. The later isn’t just needed for quickly adjusting focus, but also as a strong indicator that something moved between the subject and the camera. Current m4/3 C-AF implementations cannot deal with that properly (tho the E-M5 with the 12-50 does try, but you have to help it by pressing a button when something moves between the camera and subject).

              Currently PDAF is the only practical way of doing that, but in theory it is also possible to do this with chromatic defocus (making use of the fact that different wavelengths are refracted slightly differently, a trick nature also uses for some animals that need to very accurately judge distances). The problem with chromatic defocus is that it heavily depends on the specific lens being used, and is incompatible with some highly corrected lens designs.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > Panasonic 12-35 comes in at $1300
        And yet you call 4/3 lenses expensive when same (really less) money got you 12-60mm with real top of the class optical performance?
        It’s not yet even clear if that Panasonic is based to sweeping high geometric distortion, CA and vignetting to under the rug in software because most “reviews” look as much to optical performance under hood as second hand car buyer who buys car only based to it looking washed and polished.

        • Voldenuit

          The 12-60 is not constant aperture. For filmmaking, that’s a big deal.

          That’s not to say it doesn’t have a niche, one which is not filled in m43 at the moment. You’re not getting the same lens for $300 cheaper, you’re getting a different lens with different uses.

          • Boooo!

            Video doesn’t use zoom. At least quality video doesn’t.

            • bart

              Hmm, so people like Ken Burns and Alfred Hitchcock didn’t produce anything worth mentioning quality-wise?

              • avds

                Looks like these are the rare exceptions that only confirm the rule…

                • bart

                  I didagree. What they confirm is that appropriate use of effects can enhance a video production, whereas pointless use does the opposite.

                  Pan and zoom and dolly zoom can be very useful effects but are easily overused.

            • Jeffrey McPheeters

              A good fixed aperture, pro-quality zoom can be very handy in a separate takes of a given scene without having to quickly swap out primes. I’ve used a 5DmkII with 70-200 2.8, for example, as the b-camera in a multi-camera garden wedding capture. Getting a sequential take at 70mm, then 135mm, then 200mm can be useful footage but only if the pre-selected aperture can remain constant at each focal length. Primes have their uses, but so do fixed aperture zooms, particularly in live recording situation.

        • avds

          I don’t buy your analogy with a car. “Computer versus abacus” would look more precise.

          I see no problem with software corrections as long as the end result is sharp. Sharpness can be the only trade off to IQ, everything else belongs to advantages of software correction. Beside IQ, other trade offs belong to the costs of processing, including silicon and software R&D, battery life and shooting speed, of course.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            Except that end result isn’t same if you go loose in optical design and sweep it under the rug in software.
            That’s how quite expensive for prime 12mm m.Zuiko can’t match 12-60mm Zuiko in sharpness despite of the later having optically lot more demanding 5x zoom range with additional challenge of being very heavily retrofocal at 12mm.

            Adding few more parameters into data told by lens to body doesn’t cost any to manufacture unlike more complex optics so that should at least show in price!

        • Atle

          So it doesn’t matter what the final quality is, as long as software-correction is employed? Its just a tool like any other, what matters is the end result.

        • JHCCAZ

          Esa, your analogy of a car is actually completely appropriate, but you miss the salient point. Nearly every car built in the last 20 years, including all top performance models, relies completely on engine management software to achieve its specs, and would not run properly (if at all) without it. Software is an inseparable component of modern high performance design. Panasonic is not cheating, they are in the doing exactly what should be done. I am disappointed that Olympus has elected not to support the lens design as intended, when Lumix optics are mounted.

    • ashwaniman

      Yes, Canon will release that :)

  • Man, I really wish they’d stop releasing so many products!!!

    One PEN series (bin the mini, probably keep the lite).
    Pro OM-D about 6 months after it’s release, just in time for chrissy.
    Update the current OM-D AT LEAST a year after it’s release.

    I know they need the low end market, but that’s what’s bringing them down, in my opinion.

    • WT21

      Bin the lite, and keep the mini

  • chronocommando

    “We didn’t talk about the Four Thirds cameras but he was sure there would be new models…”

    You did not talk about it. How do you know that he is sure? ;-)
    How does he know that you want to know without saying something about what you didn’t.

    • admin

      We didn’t talk about the specific development.

      • SteveO

        You really should change the name of this site to mFT Rumors. How could you talk cameras without getting more details on any upcoming 4/3’s models? Or the XZ-2 for that matter? Many of us shoot on multiple platforms.

        • Miroslav

          Late 2013, when the next 4/3 model is expected, is far away. There is plenty of time for him to talk about it with his sources :).

  • Jesper

    And i thought Olympus was going to slim their product line

    • Anonymous

      Pen line needs to be slimmed. Olympus has space for 4 products IMO:

      E-PL/PM: entry level, minimal controls, aimed at compact users, cheap
      E-P: Enthusiast VF-free camera OR with corner mounted VF, more controls, better build, mid price
      E-M: Enthusiast/Semi-pro camera with more controls and weather proofing, OM shape, also mid price
      E-?: Professional camera with all the fizzbangs that pros need, not too concerned about size reduction, compatibility option for 4/3 lenses, high price but with proper Pro support

      Panasonic have this lineup almost but the rank goes: GF -> G ~= GX -> GH and they will probably get something like a GL? at GH level or higher. I don’t expect Panasonic to target the traditional Pros but rather go after simple high end users and particularly Amateur and semi-pro Video producers.

      • WT21

        I’m no pro, so I’m ignorant on this:

        What does a “Pro” camera need that the OMD DOESN’T have???

        I can only think of 2 things: 1) A larger body, and 2) an adapter for the 43 lenses. Maybe a few more buttons. Other than that, what does a “Pro” camera need beyond the current OMD (and the answer is not better DR and better high ISO — that’s not what makes a “pro body,” that’s just a better sensor)

        • Nawaf

          Durability for starters.

        • Ryan

          Mic input. Hybrid autofocus.

        • An ergonomically shaped body that allows more than three fingers to hold it. Greater mass for greater stability without having to rely on an electro-mechanical crutch (IBIS). Long shutterlife. Lenses (m4/3) that are not optically so compromised they require digital correction. A pool of fast bread-and-butter primes and zooms (SHG 4/3). A support system with infrastructure that allows you to conveniently borrow and/or rent lenses and that provides quick service and turnaround.

    • “We didn’t talk about the Four Thirds cameras but he was sure there would be new models…”

      Wait what?!


      They plan to release more than one 43 camera?

      Rather unexpected, if true.

      • Lil Jerk Kid

        Pro camera has a professional level sales and service infrastructure, with world-wide parts depots and provisions for ers during service. Pro cameras are priced accordingly.

      • JimD

        If there was a new one the answer would have been ‘I am sure there is a new camera’ or even ‘yes’
        When there is no known answer or an avoidance is intended the plural is used and becomes ‘I am sure there are new cameras’
        Listen to some comments on things you do know about and you will see it is very common. Pluralising make it bigger, therefore carrying more subconscious weight.

  • My bet:

    E-PM1 and E-PL3 will be upgraded at photokina + new lenses.
    OM-D Pro will feature PDAF for Four Thirds lenses + pro video and maybe multi aspect ratio sensor. Maybe at photokina.
    E-P3 will evolve into E-P5 with rangefinder style EVF some time after.

    I’m hoping for a fast weather-sealed 25mm!

    • Jens

      If thew new PENs are introduced to photokina, when will they be sold?! Right away?

    • twoomy

      Multi-aspect sensor is the only thing I miss from my GH2 that I wish was in my E-M5. (Well a bigger built-in grip as well, so I didn’t have to shell out $300 for the grip.)

  • emde

    I hope they would announce/relaese at least the same number of lenses in the same time…

    • Jens


  • Miroslav

    I was very happy when I saw the title, but then I read “The new E-PM and E-PL cameras are coming at Photokina. They will offer small upgrades and some of the E-M5 tech like the same super fast autofocus”.

    Small upgrades? What happened to PEN revolution? I don’t care about even faster autofocus, I’d like that E-M5 sensor, EVF and better grip.

    If that turns out to be true, it’ll be a major disappointment.

    • Miroslav, I agree. One one hand I gave up Olympus making sense in its range of cameras, OTH there is still a chance that this in just the beginning of a controlled series of leaks, like in viral marketing.

      Oly does not want to let know everything, but is just teasing. there might also be tech reasons. In cameras as small as the PL3 and the PM1 heat dispersion of a 16 Mpx sensor might be too much, especially for video.

      They might also want to differentiate the tiers.

      What really intrigues me is the last snippet. What ‘new type’ of camera? I just hope it might be a NEX 7 type of Pen, but it might be anything.

      The other important question is to know if the new OM-D will carry 4/3 comp. Perhaps the new Canon ILS competition is accelerating introduction. But I expect it to be quite expensive. Or else the E-M5 go down in price by Christmas.

      • Yes, it makes sense.
        “New type of camera” and the absence of an E-Px from Photokina could mean a Pen with a viewfinder in the left corner, perhaps a resurrection of the Pen F (one of the most beautiful cameras ever made IMO).
        A “Pro” OM-D with 4/3 compatibility would easily cost $1500. I’m afraid on-chip PDAF, whenever materialized, will be reserved to the top of the range.

        • WT21

          So, is the only thing that makes a new camera “Pro” is on-chop pdaf? You would still need an adapter to space the lens from the sensor, so why not just make an adapter with a real PDAF sensor?

          I’m not getting what’s missing from the OMD that would make it Pro (other than a larger body, which some pros need for more comfortable holding, and to be taken seriously on site).

          • The Real Stig

            Well Olympus themselves said the E-M5 wasn’t ‘pro’ because the shutter wasn’t rated for a high enough number of actuations. So a more durable shutter would be one thing it lacks.

          • A few little touches here and there:
            * dual memory slots
            * a more robust shutter
            * DOF preview
            * perhaps an additional small screen
            * as you said, a bit larger to accommodate more controls
            * a more powerful battery
            * a PC socket

            That’s about it.

            • WT21

              Good list.

            • Bart

              E-M5 has DOF preview, it can be assigned to the Fn-x buttons, the rec button, the l-fn button and I suppose the b-fn buttons.

              Otherwise, good list. I’d add
              – proper tethering support
              – wireless remote receiver (ir or radio)

    • Maybe the new type of camera will be an Olympus take on the X100.

      A modern 35 RC/RD/SP!

      • pelex


  • wayne wong

    hi admin , do you have any information about the new panasonic fast tele prime?

  • miles

    I feel that the “new type of m4/3” Olympus was referring to will be the XZ1 replacement, but with m4/3 sensor, fix zoom lens camera … something like the Fuji X10 .. but m4/3 sensor.

    So, they have 3 distinct m4/3 line up,

    Premium compact fix lens – XZ series

    PEN series – E-P, E-PL, E-PM

    OM-D series – E-M5, E-M7?

  • “1) The new E-PM and E-PL cameras are coming at Photokina. They will offer small upgrades and some of the E-M5 tech like the same super fast autofocus
    2) There will be one more OM-D model placed above the E-M5
    3) There will be a new camera that opens a new “Kind” of m43 series.” all sounds good and logical to me, the new kind of m43 series sounds intriguing…

  • Ilikem43

    New XZ-1 with sensor m43 (even old, from Panasonic) and fast zoom (f/2.8). It could be a very wise idea.

    The best idea will be to have both – OM-D (or PEN) with primes and XZ1 with zoom.

    • Zonkie

      And how can you make a compact camera with a 4/3 sensor and a fast f/2.8 zoom? Those new f/2.8 zooms from Panasonic are not exactly pocketable…

      I’d settle with a XZ-2 with a 4/3 sensor and a fast prime. With a 25mm f/1.4 collapsible pancake it could be as small as the current XZ-1 (or even like the Sony RX100?). But make it with self lens cap, please.

  • alvaro

    I hope this new type of m4/3 is something with a decent grip and a integrated viewfinder. just like a panny gh-ish with the new sony sensor.

    • Ross

      Maybe a body similar to the E520?

      • alvaro

        e5xx body + sony sensor + evf + foldable touch screen = 599€
        it should be obvious, but it seems it’s not

  • uiti

    E-PM or E-PL should come out with New sensor. This is what I want.

    • kevin

      I guess it will come out with new sensor, because this rumor said it will equip with same OM-D AF system.I think the OM-D AF system will come with new sensor.Otherwise the old 12MP cmos can’t catch up the superfast AF.

  • beautemps

    We don’t mind if the E-Px Series keeps a 12 Mpx Sensor.:-) But it shall be a Sony, please!!!!

  • Yun

    Olympus is in the right move .
    Only interested in the one above EM5 & the 1 kind .
    I never owned an Olympus camera & this might be it .

  • Alexander

    Maybe the new series will be a m4/3 with semitransparent or electrictransparent mirror!?

  • A new high end?

    I can think of at least one feature that would designate it as a higher end: integrated swivel viewfinder.

    That alone would initiate an urge to upgrade.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      >integrated swivel viewfinder.
      In reality not so usefull feature.
      I used for five years fixed lens prosumer from pre cheap-DSLR era with controls and ergonomics way above any current mirrorless body (+ low end DSLRs) and that swiveling EVF would be one thing I could drop from that kind design.
      It adds complexity and cost (+some size of swivel joint) and most of the time swiveling rear display works lot more conveniently. Changing rear display mounting to Sony A77 style would work especially well as replacement.

      Also Olympus has separate accessory EVF which would give swiveling EVF option for those actually needing it so there’s lot more to add before that.

      • We are in the age of hybrid capturing systems–that means still images and motion images.

        Why did most of the video cams include an integrated swivel viewfinder?

  • L.S

    Dear Admin

    Any hint from this source of yours about an adapter for 4/3 lenses ?

    will the new line of micro 4/3 has got something to do with the compatibility problem ?

    • admin

      Nope :(

      • L.S

        Bad news , but thanks for your answer

  • “We didn’t talk about the Four Thirds cameras but he was sure there would be new models…”

    Wait what?!


    They plan to release more than one 43 camera?

    Rather unexpected, if true.

  • the only thing I really hope for is a pen with an integrated viewfinder on the far left of the back. that would make my day :)

    • a la nex-7 with the finder~

  • XZ1

    XZ-2 with m43 sensor and zoom 14-35 f/2.8-3.5, not bigger than Fuji X10

    if sensor will be so big, it could be even from old EP1 (but with fast AF like in EP2)

  • Scott

    They need to make a full sized mirrorless camera with pdaf, built in battery grip and be able to write to 2 cards at the same time.

    • WT21

      That’s a good pro feature — multiple cards.

  • I will read some good news about new lenses like 12-60 or 50-200…

  • Anonymous

    Less cameras, more lenses, please!

    • haha true!
      what’s the camera to lens ratio anyway? let’s start with only counting dedicated m43 lenses -no adapters.

      OK, 19 cameras and 32 lenses! making ~1,68 lenses per camera…

      and that’s from taking data from

  • BLI

    New “kind” of m43? Perhaps not retro-style? Pentax K-01 style, yellow with pink polka dots? With GPS, tethering, etc?

  • Anonymous

    More cameras?
    The turnover on these things are too fast …

  • Renato S.

    New kind of m4/3 e Sony is also bringing a new series of NEX camera and by new, it’s probably something more entry-level prone, I guess.

    I think that with the OM-D, Olympus is eliminating the E-P5, the E-PL e E-P were pretty close in the last cameras.

  • Christian

    The only interesting thing to me would be news about either a new FT-camera or news about improved AF of FT-lenses on mFT-bodies. As I have an investment in FT-lenses and mFT-lenses are far inferior, I have no intention of changing systems.

  • Jeffry Scott

    I impatiently awaiting news on lenses. Saving up to buy some higher end lenses.

  • boring.
    just hip.

    8-10month? of course! it’s “new finacial year” ! so new model must be sold anyway!
    So there must be new OM-D. and if OM-D, that must not be “below” E-M5, naturally! Oh! BORING post this is!.

    “new kind” ? uhmm, do you remember, Oly’s someone told about a half year ago, about EVF. completely new EVF, he said. We imaged so HUGE illusions!

    Oly has not so much choises, because of the financial scandal. I don’t think Oly has chance to “try” “new kind” one.
    In fact, E-M5 prove the straight product plan gain much more.
    I also very suspicios there will be two E-PXn . such “toy” is enough for one. And Oly must be busy. there is no excess engineers to make “toy”. If such engineers, deploy them to E-7!

    I don’t need “one year future , no guarantee hype”. just want to know next month’s :Photokina leaks.
    I want to show what we think about, to Oly. but not “imagine” hpoless hype.

    what happens 60mm macro that delays more than one year! if important, this “rumor” must be important. I want what, how, when ,why for 60mm macro now.

    • BLI

      The 60mm macro was officially announced in February 2012, along with the E-M5 and the 75/1.8. Possible rumors prior to that hardly makes it a one year delay.

  • Joe

    As many others have suggested, new Pens without the new sensor would be a major disappointment – and quite a surprise, really. I think it would be a major mistake on Olympus’ part. I hope you can get some info on this soon, because I’d probably grab a discounted $250 E-PL2 right now if I new there was going to be no sensor upgrade. Thanks!

    • I’d probably grab myself a discounted E-PM1. They already sell for €325 including kit lens. After Photokina, they will be a real bargain.

      Also, I am hoping the black 12mm and black 45mm lens will become reality.

  • Anonymous

    As a Pen Mini owner, I have to wonder, who will buy a new Pen if it doesn’t have the new sensor. Answer: no one.

  • I am really curious about the “new” category of MFT cameras (fixed zoom lens camera?) and the OM-D that sits on top of the EM-5. Especially the latter does not sound plausible. Where and how will position Olympus this new camera on the market? The E-M5 already almost competes directly against the NEX-7. If you move up the market, there’s only the Fuji XPro1. On the other hand, the new 75mm proves that Olympus clearly aims at pro-users, so a body more geared towards that market makes sense.

    My guess is that any MFT OM-D body for pros will be considerably bigger than the current E-M5 and offers more dials and customisation – comparing to the E-5.

  • Dale North

    Damnit! Stop making new ones. I just got the E-M5!!!

    • Theeky


      I hope they make a good menu, new Focus Peeking option to manual focus (like Panasonic maybe :) )

      And maybe:
      – Super Control Panel for RAW shooters,
      – More control for Bracketing.

      Olympus need to care more about usability and less about hardware for next models, at least is what I think!

      And more important is an update to the old models with that software.. I will not leave my EPL-2 for nothing :p!

    • Anonymous

      Me too … I want a range finder EP3
      I enjoy my OMD but I prefer range finder style cameras …. But even if they come up with a new one I’ll stick to the OMD and take more pictures with it … Wait for the other billion upgrades to come around lol

    • mooboy

      Yeap, because the minute a new model comes out, the old OM-D will stop taking nice pictures – plus, all the pictures you’ve already taken with it will suddenly degrade! ;)

  • om-4

    My guess OM-D E-M5ti with multi spot.

    Pen upgrades probably just new artfilters, haha.
    But hopefully they will ad a PC-socket to the E-Px and put some more durable paint on the bodies.

    Other m43 productline? Maybe they’ll bring back the Olympus Ace
    or a X100/X200 competitor in the form of some 35 RD/RC retro brick.

  • MemyselfandI

    I own the OM2000! Bought online in 2000, lol, and got the 50 1.8 and 24 2.8 from ebay, used it in college classes with darkroom and the whole bit, spooling metal reel in the dark lol, what an experience … I really ought to bring her out again and shoot some more chromes through her! (I might have to cut down on beer costs though, yikes! Not sure I Want to do that hehe :P )

  • SteveO

    1) The new E-PM and E-PL cameras are coming at Photokina. They will offer small upgrades and some of the E-M5 tech like the same super fast autofocus
    – who cares about fast AF if they can’t track action, like having a dog that can’t hunt. My guess, a full size touch LCD, maybe a built-in flash and a once again a tweaked dinosaur processor. Boooooorrrrring.
    2) There will be one more OM-D model placed above the E-M5
    – At Photokina? Doubt it, the E-M5 is still selling too well.
    3) There will be a new camera that opens a new “Kind” of m43 series.
    – Seems obvious, they’ve dropped the E-P series, which is much loved, so what could make people even happier? A rangefinder styled body with built-in EVF and E-M5 sensor/processor/IBIS. Price same as or more than the E-M5.

    We didn’t talk about the Four Thirds cameras but he was sure there would be new models…
    – Sure he was sure… Hey, I have this bridge in Brooklyn, a real deal, want to buy it?

    The natives are getting restless, Admin, time to come up with something of substance, climb down from your mountain and start hitting the phones :) !

  • JimD

    New kind of camera? Shaped like a MF SLR Hassy/Bronica with hybrid viewer on the top. Able to take m43 and 43 lenses with a mirror lock up that automatically moves the sensor to the correct position after a thin lens mount adapter is fitted. Comes with several viewing attachments and what was the old film cassette has room for 2 batteries, 2 cards, APP software and driver computer.

    • Ross

      Yeah, that’ll do. ;) I’ll just look at the idle rich using theirs that could afford it & just keep using my humble E-M5. :D

  • mooboy

    Yeap, because the minute a new model comes out, the old OM-D will stop taking nice pictures – plus, all the pictures you’ve already taken with it will suddenly degrade! :)

  • miles

    My wishlist for photokina in order of priority,
    1. 25mm f1.8 m.zuiko HG lens (preferably pancake type) at half the price of PL25/1.4
    2. E-P5 with E-M5 16mp sensor (or at least Panny’s GX1/G3/GH2’s 16mp sensor), 5 axis stabilizer, improved menu
    3. 50-200mm f2.8 m.zuiko HG zoom lens
    4. 8mm super wide angle f2 m.zuiko lens

    … and the rest like, XZ1 replacement, 60mm f2.8 macro, etc…

  • cosinaphile

    an entry pen and a pro or proish pen with a nex 7 style evf

    then a pair of omd cams thats enough

  • Anonymoose

    I have been thinking…

    I would totally buy a new PEN if it had a fixed, collapsible 25mm f/2 or thereabouts. Wishful thinking?

  • rrr_hhh

    Interesting to see how much comments (aka interest) new cameras announcements are getting :

    E-7 -> 166;
    GH3 -> 81;
    Pens and New OM-D -> 117 already and only be day old..

  • tim

    Hopefully Olympus will bring out some more weather sealed lenses because what’s the point of a weather sealed body and unsealed lenses? A fast ultra wide, like 100 degree angle of view please. And hopefully if they are going to bring out something with a higher spec than the EM5 they are already talking to Nauticam so that there will be a housing for it. I wonder if they have thought of a RAW video out….?

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