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(FT4) Four new Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras within the next 8-10 months.


While talking with one of my sources about the Photokina event he unveiled to me that Olympus plan is to release at least four new Micro Four Thirds cameras within the next 8-10 months:

1) The new E-PM and E-PL cameras are coming at Photokina. They will offer small upgrades and some of the E-M5 tech like the same super fast autofocus
2) There will be one more OM-D model placed above the E-M5
3) There will be a new camera that opens a new “Kind” of m43 series.

We didn’t talk about the Four Thirds cameras but he was sure there would be new models…

Links to the current E-M5 at [shopcountry 29074].

Here is the chronological ordered list of all OM film cameras ever made by Olympus. Click on the names to see them on eBay (ordered by first announced camera): [shoplink 28221 ebay]M-1[/shoplink], [shoplink 28222 ebay]OM-1[/shoplink], [shoplink 28223 ebay]OM-1 MD[/shoplink], [shoplink 28224 ebay]OM-1N[/shoplink], [shoplink 28225 ebay]OM-2[/shoplink], [shoplink 28226 ebay]OM-2N[/shoplink], [shoplink 28227 ebay]OM-2S/SP[/shoplink], [shoplink 28228 ebay]OM-3[/shoplink], [shoplink 28229 ebay]OM-3Ti[/shoplink], [shoplink 28230 ebay]OM-4[/shoplink], [shoplink 28231 ebay]OM-4T/Ti black and chrome[/shoplink], [shoplink 28232 ebay]OM-10[/shoplink], [shoplink 28233 ebay]OM-20 (OM-G)[/shoplink], [shoplink 28234 ebay]OM-30(OM-F)[/shoplink], [shoplink 28235 ebay]OM-40 (OM-PC)[/shoplink], [shoplink 28236 ebay]OM-77AF (OM-707)[/shoplink], [shoplink 28237 ebay]OM-88 (OM-101)[/shoplink], [shoplink 28238 ebay]OM-2000[/shoplink].

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