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(UPDATED from FT3 to FT1) GX1 to be announced on Oct 25 and design close to GF1 and without built-in EVF? (Digicaminfo)


Will the GX1 have or nor a built-in viewfinder like the one described in the Panasonic United States Patent Application 20100060771?

Important update: Two sources quickly answered me that the rumor from Digicam-info about the GX1 coming next week is NOT correct. I ask these anonymous sources if they can also tell me if the rest from the rumor is correct or wrong (GF1 design and no built-in viewfinder info).

What did Digicam-info say? According to their sources the GX1 will be announced next week the October 25. And they also say the GX1 will NOT have a built-in viewfinder and that the design is very close to the Panasonic GF1.

As I said, my sources said the release date is not correct, let’s also hope they will tell me that it is not an exact copy of the GF1. I would be very disappointed if the only GX1 new feature would be a slightly improved sensor. I hope that there will be more than just that coming form Panasonic!

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


  • NiKo

    Still no builtin EVF? Hahaha.

  • y3k

    No EVF? No way….

    • GF1 doesn’t have one. And still reportedly popular.

      • the GF1 is my favorite form factor of all MFT cameras. To hold one is to love one! LOL!
        How about a GREATLY improved sensor Panasonic. If not…ya know..the competition is getting pretty stiff out there!!!!! C’mon Pany…SHOW US THE BEEF!

    • viewfinder

      +1 stupid move if none. I’ll buy a nikon.

  • spam

    I certainly hope for a built in EVF, but don’t really expect it. Panasonic has G3 as their small-with-EVF camera and a GF3 with same sensor and EVF would be extremely close in size and weight.

    Panasonic’s EVFs seem to need (not sure about this) a certain “length” and probably wont fit well in a GF-styled body. The 200K piksel one might fit, but would look really bad compared to the EVF in the NEX-7

  • Agrivar

    Time to look at NEX 7. When will panny or oly learn?

    • Forbes

      If a built in EVF is your only criterion…

      • … and you dismiss the fact of GH2’s existence.

        • Forbes

          The GH2 and G3 are different types of cameras (dslr style).

    • When will Sony learn HOW to make a lens? :-)

  • KraDon

    I love my GF1 and I hope Panny would up the shutter lag and burst speed spec. Sony NEX-7 has a 10 fps frame rate and a very low shutter lag, very impressive for such a tiny camera. Too bad the Thailand flood has to mess up their production schedule.

    • Steve

      The NEX7 does only 2.5fps with AF. I think the next GH will likely double this speed. This is more important than the 10fps without AF.

      I would like to see a bigger buffer, but this gets negated if they keep increasing the MP count.

  • Mike

    No built-in EVF, disappointing. While an external EVF is very useful, it adds bulk and is fragile. A compact camera with an external EVF is taller than a medium size DSLR :(

  • Brod1er

    Initially i thought this camera will go nowhere without an EVF. GF3, G3, EP3, coughNEX7cough have the bases covered.

    Then again, if it offers EP3 style, excellent handling and better sensor, it may sell to a minority. Not enough for me to buy it though. :-(

  • DonTom

    Sounds like Panasonic have found a way to manage the rumour-mill! Smells like dis-information to me. Or maybe Panny don’t know what their next cam should be?

  • bilgy_no1

    An updated GF1, with tweaked GH2 sensor, and an improved external EVF would still make sense in the line-up as an E-P3/NEX-5n competitor.

    It would also leave the option open for a NEX-7 competitor with built-in EVF. I do agree with spam above that it would be much like a G3, except for the hump.

    We’ll see…

    • Brod1er

      True but the EP3 has IBIS and style and the NEX has a great sensor. If the GX1 can only bring a GH2 sensor to the party it will struggle to differentiate. Maybe Panny are relying on the 14-42 X lens? The lens sounds good so far although we have no proper reviews yet. The lens won’t make me buy the GX1 though – times are hard. :-(

    • Forbes

      I agree, an updated GF1 would make sense as a E-P3/NEX-5n competitor.

  • DonTom

    We will wait a couple of weeks to see it, then 4 months before we can buy it!

  • Oliver

    Pana develops the GF1. Then Pana develops the smaller GF2. Then Pana develops the smaller GF3. And now, they shall go back to GF1-design? Bullshit!

    • Forbes

      The reason was to split the GF line into two lines.

  • Anna_T

    Well, from all the reports I’ve read on the web, the GF1 is a highly regarded camera. The GF2 and GF3 have been slammed by reviewers for offering less controls and for being aimed more at P&S upgrader than photo enthusiasts.

    So if the GF1X comes with the better sensor of the G3 and if it keeps all the controls of the GF1, people will probably be happy. Although may be it won’t be worth the upgrade for actual owners of the GF1.

    • The only way I would “upgrade” from my GF1 is if Panasonic makes a similar camera with a SPECTACULAR new sensor. The Jpegs are tweaked in the G3. The raw files between the GF1 and the G3 are not much different. ……

    • Mr. Reeee

      I guess it’s hard to please everyone, even with the vaguest of rumors. I tend to wait and see rather than get into the wild speculation -slash- Christmas list thing and cry when Santa refused to deliver my dream toy. ;-)

      A GH2+ sensor and the triple processor graphics engine of the G3 coupled with full external controls would be extremely appealing. An integrated EVF seems like a no-brainer, but there’s certainly room in the line-up for a full-featured, high-style P&S style body to match up with the EP3.

      I’d hope that Panasonic would take the opportunity to do a serious upgrade on their external EVF

      • It would be nice to have faster focusing and a faster frame rate in my GF1 along with a new sensor. Personally if the EVF would have to be larger to be “improved” I wouldn’t buy it.
        I love the small size of the the current viewfinder…I use it to take ALL of my photos. I use it for framing and rely on the autofocus for sure…but with practice you can really see what is going on in your image so much better than looking at the LCD screen. I figure it is like this…I had to look thru a 35mm film SLR and visualize what my particular film was recording. I can do the same with is just a learned skill and interpretation in one’s mind. I get great photos on a regular basis. The GF1 is a great camera just as it is. Would a high-rez viewfinder be welcome..yes…but it really isn’t high on my list of improvements. I want to see improvements that give me Higher Image Quality.

    • Jón

      I think this is the case. GF = compact, “cute” cameras for P&S upgraders, GX = more advanced, bigger, more controls, more like the old Contax G or Fuji X-100 style. (At least that is what I hope for)

  • 43pr0n

    If it has no EVF, Panasonic should look into developing a nice external one.

  • I use a GF1 for my carry with me type camera. I’ve been delaying buying the DMW-LVF1E viewfinder, it’s incredibly expensive compared to the price of the camera itself, to see what the rumoured GX1 would bring.
    If the GX1 does include a built in viewfinder I hope it’s a good one, it has to be 100%. The one in the G3 isn’t that great, I had a play with one in a high st retailer and it lagged a fair bit.

  • Yun

    What , No EVF for GFX ?
    So how to compete with Nikon V1 & NEX 7 ?
    It can’t be Panny is targeting the class of NEX 5 / EP3 .
    Come on , Panny !

  • Kusuke

    According to the Japanese website, there will be a 1440000 dot LVF2 released simultaneously…

    • viewfinder

      that will be fragile and break easily.

  • uiti

    On Digicam-info, one user write a comment about GX1.
    According to comment.
    the shape is like a LC1 with 92Mega touch display.
    ISO 12800.
    No EVF.
    Sensor is same as G3 with New Engine.

    so Panasonic think that GX1 is against E-P3 and Nex-5N.

    • safaridon

      This comment seems to provide more rumor information than original post. For one few have noticed the downgrade of rumor from a FT3 to FT1 ie admin does not believe it. Note admin’s posted picture from the Pany patent fits the earlier description with builtin EVF not a GF1 like one.

      I for one think these are two different cameras and one could be the GF1 body with upgraded G3 sensor processor and as noted on earlier comment a new 1440000 pixel LVF2 but could also be a new body in LC1 shape. This is also the replacement of the GF2 which is one year old due for upgrade and used the GF1 chassis while that of GF3 and G3 is smaller. This rumor out of Japan where this rumor of a GF1 like model originated makes this even more believable and we will soon know as Oct 25 is only a few days away.

      The second model ala L1 or NEX7 will most likely be the thicker bodied one which may in fact be much like the G3 without the hump or just like the patent model. Note that EVF could easily be configured to be used either as a hotshoe addon for the first smaller model or as pivoting model in the latter. I hope that Pany uses their top hinged rear LCD display to keep one model smaller and full swivel LCD on the larger model even if that means a smaller LCD viewing screen as used by NEX & OLY.

  • Don Maggot

    is it just me, or is this all so bbooo-r-r-inng???`!!!! i smell (again) a consumer-junk camera

    • JF

      +1 nothing new execpt new EVF I don’t care…

  • Jojo

    Looking forward to more news.

    “a sort of new designed viewfinder” or “close to the GF1” design? Personally, I could live with either an integrated EVF or an add-on design. Either way, Sony have set a standard with the NEXs, hope Pany compete well – which would have to mean a new version of the add-on EVF if they take the GF1 style route.

    “a new sensor” or a “slightly improved sensor”? It has to be good if Pany are going to compete.

    Admin, a while back you quoted 2 different product codes for the GX1 (i.e. 2 different lens kits) – is that still a valid rumor?

    I wonder, how significant is the X included within the name?

    Does anyone know whether Panasonic have ever revealed exactly what the various letter designations in the G range stand for?
    They use G for the complete range, as in “Lumix G Micro System”, and I’ve seen promotional material at exhibitions seeming to link the G to Generation, as in “New Generation System Cameras” and “Lumix Generation System Cameras”, with the G of Generation matching the G logo, but does it actually stand for anything specific?
    The H in GH seems to link with High End models and HD, and could GF categorize Finderless models? X seems to be related to the power zoom lenses.

    Anything specific guys and gals? If we understood the code perhaps we could make more sense of leaks and rumors.

    • Narretz

      G is the standard model.

      In GH, the H stands for Hybrid (that was confirmed by a Pana guy)

      The F was probably chosen, because it is next to G (like H). Apart from that, I don’t think Pana really decided from the beginning what the series should be. At the moment it is: G entry-level, standard – small DSLR if you want. GF – pocket camera, p&s upgraders. GH – flagship model, hybrid with very good video options.
      As we have seen, the GF line changed a lot, so I would not give the names too much importance.
      The problem with X lenses is that Pana applied them already to two very different classes of lenses – (very) compact standard models, and high-end zooms. So they don’t make any sense there, and this is why we can’t infer the meaning of X ing GX.

  • Narretz

    Omg, this is exciting. Even though I probably won’t buy the camera the moment it’s been released.
    Still, I wonder what Panasonic is really doing behind closed doors. I bet they are as confused about what this camera should be as we are. Maybe it even has a clever innovative add-on system where the external viewfinder does not protrude like crazy from the camera (and maybe can be even used with a external flash)? That would be n1.

  • safaridon

    Admin has added new comment indicating Digicam rumor is not correct. I would say these rumors are for two different cameras, the Oct 25th one will be the smaller GF7 or GFX1 based on the GF1 with G3 sensor and new 1.44m EVF option while the mid Nov camera will be the GX1 ala patent L1 style with swivel inbody EVF.

  • brudy

    No evf means no sale for me, sadly. I’ll be going the NEX7 route then. I had been holding out on making a decision but this (and the sensor size) have pushed me to the NEX7.

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