(FT3) Panasonic GX1 (GF1 successor) coming in mid November!


Another fake GX1 design that looks like the Panasonic L1 (See that cam on eBay). Source: Yahoo Via: E-P1.net.

According to one of our sources the Panasonic GF1 successor will be named “Panasonic GX1” and be the first line of a new kind of camera. And the good news is that will be announced in one month (around mid November). It will have a new sensor, a new design and probably the most intriguing news I got is about a sort of new designed viewfinder (I should receive some details soon). All I can say for now is that we are now entering a new “rumor” period thanks to Panasonic. I hope to get more news about the GX1 as soon as we go closer to the announcement! Stay tuned!

All I know for sure (That’s FT5) is that the new amazing Panasonic 14-42mm X lens will be the kit lens of the GX1.

Links to mentioned cameras/lenses:
Panasonic GF1: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay Panasonic L1: eBay Panasonic 14-42mm X lens: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • if the design is goin to be used, its good to see that they stepped away from further miniaturising the body.

    • Surefoot

      I think they announced it would be around the size of a GF2 ? I dont hold many hopes concerning this one… design wise it will be certainly all rounded like all their recent designs instead of square-ish like the L1/GF1 or the fan-made stuff above.

  • Meanwhile, it looks like we won’t be seeing much from Olympus for a while now. They were on such a roll with the new line of PENs too… :(

    • D

      Yeah, that’s a shame. I was looking forward to what they’d come up with after the E-P3. Hopefully they bounce back.

    • WT21

      You never know. They likely already have designs in the bin, will need sales, and didn’t the outgoing CEO want to cut back on the consumer stuff? With him gone, perhaps something will yet “escape” their R&D. I’m not predicting, just hoping.

    • I agree. Apparently Woodford’s called upon the “Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission” in Japan to investigate. The regulators in Japan mean business. This could become crippling.

      But I await the GX1 with anticipation.

  • Ryan

    I seriously hope they will make a body only, I have no need for the added price of a x-lens, as i shoot primes the most..and if im using a zoom its a 4/3 14-54 or 50-200 swd when the need arises.

    • MikeS

      The X lens should go for a pretty decent price on eBay, if there’s no body-only option.

    • So far, there is only the G1 and the GH1 that strictly came with a kit lens. Ever since then, we always had that option, therefore I don’t share the same worry.

      • Renato S.

        agreed, it’s a weird worry, even more in a high-end version.

  • New sensor?!
    New – compared to GF series, or a totally new one, even newer than 16 MP G3 sensor?

    • admin

      A new sensor :)

      • matt

        yes! bring it on panny! :)

      • Jesper

        As I recall GX-1 will use a tweaked GH2 sensor? Or was it GF7 which will get the tweaked sensor?

      • That’s getting interesting… Either Panny has developed 3rd sensor or they have refined the GH2’s one. I honestly inclined to think that it is the latter, as the (rumored) GH2’s sensor availability problems were calling for production improvements and potentially redesign of the sensor to make it easier to manufacture.

      • blohum

        I wonder if this will be another new sensor that Olympus won’t/can’t use!

      • bright wide angle

        Admin can you please confirm is it multi aspect or standard.

        To buy or not to buy/key feature for me.


      • Duarte Bruno

        Global shutter???

        • I don’t think they will use global shutter first ona non-video oriented camera. They will leave that for the GH3 (if they can implement it in time).

          I wish though they used a non-bayer sensor of some kind. Looking at the kind of quality that the Sigma SD1 is capable of (imaging-resource.com has sample pictures) it seems a much better strategy than increasing the pixel count to increase resolution (and not only resolution, but contrast, sharpness,…) Anyway, just a dream for now. I guess it will be a conventional sensor, hopefully with better performance than the old one.

  • marcjacob

    Built in view finder please!

  • DonTom

    Sounds very good. Would be doubly good if it came with the 12-35 or 35-100 “Fast-X” lens instead!

    • Mr. Reeee

      I doubt Panasonic will bundle any of their premium lenses with any camera. I think the appeal is somewhat lmited and they want to sell more lenses.

      As long as there’s a body-only option, that’s readily available, they can bundle whatever lit lens they like.

  • observer

    “a sort of new designed viewfinder”

    Isn’t this the one?


    • I do not care where they put the VF: in the middle or on the side. I simply think that more m43 cameras ought to have built-in one.

      As EVFs go, it would be interesting to see any tech to solve the blackout problem. IMO it is the next problem (*) for the mirrorless to solve.

      (*) Next after improved DR.

      • Chez Wimpy

        >I do not care where they put the VF: in the middle or on the side.

        As the proud owner of a nose, I have a few ideas about viewfinder placement.

        • ha

          Japanese don’t have a nose (to be proud of)

          For me it has to be in the middle or on the right, using my left eye…

        • Hm… I also have a nose – though not a really big one (no conclusions here, please! :D ) – but I have absolutely no problems with the EVF placement on G3. I even prefer it instead of placing on the side.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Hopefully they’ll use a higher resolution EVF like the new NEX EVFs. Same goes for the LCD. They can toss in focus peaking for good measure. I won’t complain. ;-)

    • Maybe the viewfinder IS the patent that observer linked above…?!?!?!?!

  • Brod1er

    If it’s a small gf1 type body, the 14-42x or the 14/20/25/45 are more logical accompaniments. The 12-35 will surely come with the next GH.

  • Brod1er

    New sensor rumor is at odds with previous rumor. Hopefully the EVF and LCD will match NEX7.

  • Miroslav

    “the new amazing Panasonic 14-42mm X lens will be the kit lens of the GX1”

    It should be the kit lens option for all Panasonic m4/3 cameras. Except for GH2 maybe – they should consider the return of 14-45 mm for the top camera ( besides the kit with 14-140 mm ).

    • Jesper

      Tiny X lenses for GF and X series.
      Regular 14-42 for G series.
      Fast X lenses (12-35) for GH series.
      That is what I think :P

  • Ben

    Is there any indication that GX1 will be the basis of the rumored Leica mirrorless that is supposed to be released next year?

    • DonTom

      Maybe a APSC size sensor to match the Leica X1, but able to use M lenses? Variable aspect ratio/ sensor size depending on whether you are using legacy or native m43 lenses? The mind boggles as to the possibilities offered by an oversize sensor (or is my mind easily boggled?) :-)

    • Forbes

      The Leica mirrorless is developed by Leica and will be something different entirely.

  • Swivel screen

    If the real thing looks like this, I’m very happy.

    PLEASE have the swivel screen and LOTS of buttons for direct control.

    • One of the appeals of the GF1 was its size and robustness. I do not think you can add swivel LCD into a body so small – without a noticeable sacrifice to the size of the LCD. Beside, if you add swivel LCD to the GX1, you would get G3. And G3 is already available now – you do not have to wait till November.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Yeah, the extra 3 or 4mm thickness the TiltyScreen adds to the EPL3 is a real back breaker. ;-)

        I wouldn’t buy a serious camera without a moveable LCD, either tilt or articulated. Either one adds a lot of flexibility in terms of shooting positions.

        • DonTom

          Sure, it isn’t a back-breaker, but it sure is a purse-bulger! Most of the good pics I see on Facebook aren’t taken by men. No point beating on Panny and Olly for catering to the real desires and purchasing power of half the buying public. My wife has just been to a camera shop in London to buy me a 45/1.8 and a decent camera bag. She left with a pink GF3 as well….. ;-)

    • hiplnsdrftr

      I think GH2 has a swivel screen if thats what you want.

  • Yun

    This is the type of camera I’m going to get . Hopefully it will available before néw year .
    Really hope it can equip with entire new sensor & viewfinder otherwise it can’t compete with NEX 7 .

  • Lets hope it beats the image quality of the GH1.. Sick of waiting for the GH3 to come out!

    Better EVF, More auto-bracket range and fater rapid fire shots would be great .. Crossing fingers..

  • Keith

    Sony (as usual) is Panasonics competitor in this space. They need to compete with the nex7 so hopefully we’ll see a decent fps, built in vf and peeking…

  • Peter

    Yes, please add more bracketing range. Like on the LX5, 3 shots at up to 3 stops plus and minus.

    ALSO, please allow for AutoISO in M-mode, like I have on LX5 and E620 and also like Canon, Nikon and Pentax. (I don’t know about Sony).


  • Narretz

    New sensor could be the rumored 14 MP sensor. So maybe they are going Fuji’s road – less MP while boosting DR and overall quality at the same time. Probably no multi-aspect then.
    Also good to hear that they changed the name from GF7 to GX1.

    Anyway, since the latest rumors contradict each other, I doubt these are the final properties.

    Hope they sell it body only from the beginning. At this time, most people already have most of the lenses they want. But I bet they want to sell tons of 14-42X, so it’S pretty unlikely.

  • I really hope it’s a Nex7-beater. I am considering a switch to that soon!

    • Martin

      Please switch right away, just to be ready to switch to another shiny new camera next year.

  • st3v4nt

    I hope this GX-1 will bring the EP-3 price down a bit….:-)

  • I’ll judge Panasonic’s intentions by the resolution of this new sensor. If it’s 12MP I’ll be happy. May even buy this camera.
    16MP is too much for 4/3 sensors. By 12-13MP the optics limit the detail (compare GH2 and E-5 output).

    • ha

      14MP sounds safe. Enough headroom to apply software correction.

    • Nick

      Not sure what you’re basing that comment on… My 16mp GH2 captures noticeably more detail than the 12mp EPL2 with my quality lenses (Nokton 25mm, Lumix 20mm, Lumix 7-14).

      In fact detail resolution with the gh2 and Nokton is comparable to my housemate’s 5DII and Ultron 40mm :/

    • 16 mpix is NOT too much for m4/3! I have the G3 with 16 mpix – and that has far better image quality than Oly/Pana 12 mpix.

      • +1

        Though 16 MP is an excellent point to stop MP increasing.

        • Renato S.

          yes 16MP in m4/3 is somewhat like a 24MP in APS-C, so theoretically it should be able to match the NEX-7 high-ISO. But Sony is one of the best in making sensors, so will Panny be able to match that?

  • It about time. ….I am hopeful…but cautious! :-)
    So…I thought that there were two cameras kicking around …does this mean that there is no GF7?

  • hiplnsdrftr

    Thank god, need to pull the trigger on something soon.

  • ArKersaint

    “a sort of new designef viewfinder”
    Hope that means some reasonnable image size ? A little worried by “sort” !
    However that’s exciting news along with new 14 mpix sensor…

  • D

    I hope the waiting time between announcement and release isn’t too long. If they announce it next month but don’t make it available for the holiday season then that’s just nuts.

  • and I could bet it will still have not EVF in build.

    • After digesting this rumor a little bit…I am smelling a consumer oriented camera. The two new x lenses are more geared at video with the power zoom button (I own a 45-175mm X lens) and compact size.(My lens is amazingly small) They don’t have great build quality(at least my 45-175mm doesn’t)…but are adequate for stills…I am thinking that this camera is going to be something new (but marketed at the masses) and NOT the camera that we hope the GF1 would grow into. That is what I am seeing..that it will follow suit with this new x line of lenses.

      • ArKersaint

        +1 : I fear a small body “x” oriented with small VF included as a “+” enabling moms to shoot nicely with 45-175
        Nice marketing move but probably not our need !

      • Forbes

        One thing to remember is that Panasonic intentionally opened up a gap by going from the GF1 to a GF3 style camera. To me that indicates Panasonic want to have a camera above the GF3, but also somewhat more serious than a GF1. Otherwise they could have maintained the GF1 style so many people liked (and still like).

        Between the GF3 and G3, I think Panasonic has room for only one type of camera; an enthusiast GF1.

        • Brod1er

          Agreed. Another GF3 type camera makes no sense. There is already a verg goid general purposr camera with vuewfinder too (G3). If they include a viewfinder in a compact body, it will be aimed at more serious photographers- it is the response to NEX7..

  • I’m rather curious at the new Oly announcements!

    • Hiplnsdrftr

      Bankruptcy? White collar prison?

  • the sensor needs to be a new design from scratch, no more of the 12 mp and 16 mp junk sensors. all panasonic (and thereforme Olympus) sensors have been outclassed by sony (let’s face it, it’s true… and save the bull..), go pana, make it happen, give us some sensor tech which matches at least nex5n performance and i will buy this camera! so we can buy more of your great lenses.

    • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with 12MP or 16MP. See what Canon did with their newest flagship camera: they reduced the amount of pixels to 18MP on their full frame sensor.

      I am perfectly happy with anything in between 12MP and 16MP.

      • tomas

        Considering a M43 multi-aspect sensor and a 3:2 aspect ratio, equivalent megapixel counts with the same pixel density are

        M43 10 12 14 16
        Canon APS 15.2 18.2 21.2 24.3
        Sony APS 16.6 20.0 23.3 26.6
        Full Frame 38.3 46.0 53.7 61.3

        Depending on your output medium, any of these could be reasonable. Of course, noise and dynamic range will vary.

      • jake

        well, then you should understand how many pros got really disappointed with the new Canon pro body.

        that’s a really big disappointemnet to many , 18mp is not dense enough for a FF sensor and losing the 1.3X crop make our job so much more difficult.

        I wanted 36mp or more for 1Ds4 and about 28mp for an APS-H pro body.

        I am guessing EOS7D mark2 will be an APS-H and about 20mp.

        So, Panny should make something really good successor to the great GF1 , I loved the GF1 but I did not like the GF2 and GF3, like the above guy said the 12mp sensor is really dated , we need at least 24mp , and you should also know that fortunately many many Pana/Oly MFT lenses can take more than 30mp.

  • I thought the 25mm Leica was going to be the kit lens? That’s a shame. If that new camera comes with that X lens then it’ll probably not be anything like most of us expect here.

    • Hiplnsdrftr

      Might have to buy a GF1 on eBay, or a NEX-7…

    • Forbes

      I think it was both options. The X for a ‘zoom’ kit, the Leica for a ‘prime’ kit.

      • Brod1er

        Agree- these are by far the most probable lens options. Both will offer great options. I will take the 14-42 X as I use my GH for the non pocketable lenses

        • Forbes

          Yes, great options.
          My whole interest in the GX1 is the Leica option. I want a nice compact body with two or three high end prime lenses. It is a different solution to getting a Leica M (which I’m also considering), but if Panasonic and Olympus step it up and offer high end bodies to match their high end primes, I will consider it.

  • For me, they can leave the flash out if they put a viewfinder in its place.

    Built in flashes of this size are a waste of time – better to supply a decent one for the hotshoe

    • ArKersaint

      That is exactly what we have been repeating on this site for… 2 years !!!

      2 years should be just about the minimum delay between decision to do and factory output…

      So let’s cross our fingers and try to keep out of bashing Panasonic which showed anyway nice commitment on m43 including nice optics !

    • Hiplnsdrftr

      Completely the opposite. Compact camera needs compact built in flash.
      If you have to use a hotshoe flash, it’s no longer compact!

      • jake

        disagree, my NEX5n has an external flash comes with it and it works very fine and it is very very small, and remember when I dont use it, I dont have to carry it with the camera.

        so, it is good and compact. I really hate uselss pop-up internal flash in any camera.

        • hiplnsdrftr

          So you know ahead of time when you’ll have to use the flash? While you may have a crystal ball most of us don’t.

          The beauty of the GF1 is that it had everything it needed in a compact form. (except viewfinder)

    • Hiplnsdrftr

      Completely the opposite. Compact camera needs compact built in flash.
      If you have to use a hotshoe flash, it’s no longer compact! Kinda defeats the whole point.

    • Droboe

      The bounce flash feature on my L1 is one of its fortes. I would love to see this brought back. I have faith this will be the ultimate m43 camera for now. Already have the great lenses with ep2, but I want to be able to shoot above 800 ISO!

  • ypocaramel

    At any rate my decision will come down to handling and usability.

    The NEX-7 is a threat because it’s a versatile full featured cam in its own right – twin dial interface, AEL and other buttons, hot shoe, wireless flash and of course EVF. It’s small enough to be convienent when out, but can do many “big camera” tasks as well. Excellent EVF and ultra-high res capability are bonsuses. The system now also has some better lenses. The camera even looks the part of a serious tool.

    So a new Panasonic camera has got to at least match the basics. As a GF-1 sucessor it has to handle well, provide quick access to controls, be full featured for the photographer. 43rds still has the lens lead over NEX, in both size and variety, so if the basics are met then it’ll definately suceed. Nevertheless, ideally the GX would also:

    1) Distinguish itself from its siblings (G3 and GH2), and

    2) Have some special feature that makes it more compelling than the NEX7 and E-P3. Hey, don’t count the E-P3 out, sensor quality aside it’s still a potent photographic tool and does it with style!

    • Mr. Reeee

      It’s kind of too bad that the NEX-7 is suddenly the camera to beat, on some levels.

      Add a built-in EVF, a TiltyScreen™ (like the EPL3) and a better sensor, at the same price point and then I’d use the phrase “potent photographic tool” and EP3 in the same sentence. As it stands, the EP3 is overpriced for the limited, point & shoot style body it is. When you add a VF-2, it enters the price realm of the NEX-7 and becomes somewhat awkward.

      Meanwhile, back in the M4/3 world, for the same price I get a GH2 body, with EVF, articulated screen, better sensor, ergonomics and handling. Oh, but it’s not pretty. Damn! No sale. ;-)

      Hopefully the GX1 will meet many of our expectations. GH2+ sensor with wider dynamic range, NEX-level EVF and screen (OLED anyone?), manual focus peaking and plenty of external controls at least on par with the GH2.

      Admin will keep us those leaks trickling in to keep us all hooked. ;-)

      • ypocaramel

        Overpriced is one thing, it’s a got two dials, decent speed and an optional EVF, still a good shooter in my book. Sometimes I pay a little for style, maybe it’s not the maniest thing but I’m a man of emotion as well as logic.

        • Jay

          I am not sure this camera will have a tilting screen but it might have the long patented tilting EVF (built in to the body).

      • I really, Really, REALLY cannot get into the whole NEX7 thing. I must have auto focus. The Sony autofocus lens offerings are just so CLUNKY that I personally would rather go shoot with my full-frame DSLR or get small with my Panasonic GF1 and some of the incredible new, compact, sharp primes from Olympus. The Sony camera is intellectually intriguing …but implemented by a committee….not a photographer. It could be this wonderful jewell…but it just isn’t….and you KNOW what I mean. LOL! :-)
        (I do lust to see some raw capture from the NEX though…to really make me ache for what it could have been with a talented camera and lens designer implementing the idea properly…. not the Sony Corporate Committee).

        • ypocaramel

          Funny thing is, whilst I do intend to get the 25mm Leica DG, I would probably pick up a (used) 20mm f1.7 for lazy use as well.

    • Jorginho

      There seems to be one weakness really (provided you like the concept of course) in the NEX7: it costs 1250 euro body only. And of course, another weakness: lenses…

      So suppose the GX1 is comparable to the NEX, but with a GH2 sensor and G3 JPEG quality at 700 euro or so it seems to be the better option.

      However, what I would like to see is this:

      New 14Mpixel sensor, noise like Gh2 may be a bit better, DR at base ISO 12.5-13 (DxO) and extended to 80 real ISO at baseline.

      Faster processing of files, so 5 fps is usable in sports (which is wishfull thinking for the time being, I know).

      Focus peaking is nice.

      In body HDR PLEASE!

      Sweep panorama.

      That is it.

      • ypocaramel

        I’m personally fine with all the sensors, G3, GH2, NEX7, NEX-5N. E-P3 gives me a little pause but at the end of the day I can live with it. I see a great sensor as a bonus, it’s nice to have but as long as the ISO1600 is usable I have no complaints and can work around the limitations.

        One particular lens price is a big factor however, the Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 is $600 list, the Zeiss 24mm f1.8 will be $1,000. Could easily fit in the 45mm f1.8 or a fancy flash for the price difference, or just save up for a trip somewhere to shoot. Plus I prefer 50mm anyways, makes you choose a subject and think about what you’re doing.

  • Anonymus

    with new design from scratch, i was meaning per pixel quality, even 10 mpx is fine, i’m not talking resolution here. the new pana needs kickass DR and ‘Fullframe-creamyness’ in the files.. i’m tired of the pixel mush the panaonic sensor is producing. the 16mp sensor might be a half step ahead of the old 12mpx pen sensors. but it’s still miles behind the latest sony (r)evolutions…sad but true

  • Seems this is the GF1 successor. As I have an G3, I would expect/hope for:
    – Improved DR
    – Lots improved built-in EVF
    – Enhanced viewing of what’s in focus
    before I consider a purchase.
    But probably wait for the m4/3 flagship camera at the same levels as the NEX-7.

  • DonParrot

    Come on, Panny, give it a Nikon-like on-sensor PD-AF for a really usable C-AF. This would get me back into the Panny boat – if our µFT lenses would work with such a feature, that is).

    • Brod1er

      On sensor PDAF would put real clear water between the GX1 and NEX7 (as well as the really good lens range). I think it is unlikely to happen though. :-(

  • Anonymus

    with new design from scratch, i was meaning per pixel quality, even 10 mpx is fine if other parameters ar right, i’m not talking resolution here. the new pana needs kickass DR and ‘Fullframe-creamyness’ in the files.. i’m tired of the pixel mush with that greyish phone camera look the panaonic sensors are producing, even if the overall cameras look and feel good also the lens line-up has matured, there must be more, given the competition, the pana 16mp sensor might be a half step ahead of the old 12mpx pen sensors in raw, but the jpg engine is terrible and it’s miles behind the latest sony (r)evolutions…sad but true, they desperately need to fix this issue (sensor) in order to stay competitive, sony has raised to bar to an astronomic level, check imaging resource comparometer nex7 @ iso 100, 1600 and 6400 to see what I mean… esp. at base iso this is medium format performance, be brave and just have a look and pixel peep… this is insane performance for such a small camera, and all this ‘just’ with a sigma macro lens… stop being fanboys an open up your mind, that minolta crew at the sony hq deserves big credit for what they’ve delivered

    • Brod1er

      Nonsense- sure MFT sensor lags behind (probably a little more than it should). This is always going to be true as the sensor is 40% smaller. The smaller sensor allows small fast lenses which matter much more than ISO6400 if you like being able to carry your camera gear around easily and take pictures in daylight rather than down a coal mine.

  • pdc

    Sure hope Panasonic marketing types haven’t screwed up the design and functionality. If the camera is truly like a GF1, has a much improved sensor, has a high resolution EVF, has a decent set of manual controls, and has video capabilities that match the G3, m43 enthusiasts will be all over it.
    Such a camera would make so much sense in the lineup. I can live with the current performance of Panasonic/Olympus CDAF, so on-sensor PDAF is not a deal breaker for me. Panasonic can then concentrate on the successor to the GH2, which should target the enthusiast cinematographer.

  • Anonymous

    marketing strategies,…everytime there is a new camera release,..there is always something to be announce with a lot of rumor and promise just to prevent the customer to buy that camera ,..what a pity,.. I waited the successor of GF1 for almost 2 years,..but Panny seems like abandon the market of GF1/ rangefinder style [L1],..and now after Sony release their product NEX7 ,..is too late for panny with their strategies market,..hope I’m wrong about this,..I guess thats the way of competition ,..

  • ArKersaint

    “Hopefully the GX1 will meet many of our expectations. GH2+ sensor with wider dynamic range, NEX-level EVF and screen (OLED anyone?), manual focus peaking and plenty of external controls at least on par with the GH2”

    Maybe that will not be the GX1… And why not the still ongoing GF7 ? Would make some sens and it would not be the first time Panny would announce 2 different lines simultaneously : think about 2 “x” lens along with 2 fast zooms obviously not targeted at same users !

    But that could imply too numerous product lines ?

  • reverse stream swimmer

    So a viewfinder is the fashion word nowadays.
    (As seen from Fujifilm X100/X10, Nikon V1 & Sony NEX7).

    I expect Panasonic want this camera to be used with their own lenses, so there’s no need to overload it with buttons and wheels like the NEX7. Keep it rather clean, but make it working well outdoors in winter climate, large battery and large controls. NEX7 is great for use with legacy manual lenses though, something Panasonic shouldn’t bother.

    A good sensor is necessary, and it should at least be as good as the Nikon 1 system per unit area.

    Phase Detection arrays on the main sensor? Well, we know that both Fujifilm and Nikon has this already in products on the market. Panasonic need most likely to license this, if at all?

    • Jorginho

      Yes, but if I am correct those Nikon and Fuji viewfinder focus pretty bad inless than ideallight? Panny does perform admirably there. So I agree, but not with a trade off like that!

      • DonParrot

        ‘Phase Detection arrays on the main sensor? Well, we know that both Fujifilm and Nikon has this already in products on the market. Panasonic need most likely to license this, if at all?’

        If so they could do so at Olympus – as they have got such a patent since 2004 or 2005.

    • Gianluca

      “..A good sensor is necessary, and it should at least be as good as the Nikon 1 system per unit area.”
      they already got it and is the G3sensor…and it’s better.

  • Joe

    I hope they announce it before nex7 is released. Seriously considering switching atm.

    • pdc

      Switching would be dumb. The NEX-7 has great specs but the lens line-up is poor, and the crop factor means that they will always be bigger. If you are into m43, stick with it, as the Panasonic cameras are great, and the GH2 is an awesome video camera (check out EOSHD.com). My bet is that the “GF7” is in fact the GX1. The next camera they will be working on is the GH3, but no announcement on that until February.

  • hiplnsdrftr

    If I was Panasonic, Leica, Fuji or any other brand planning on releasing a new mirrorless camera I would announce/leak it before NEX-7 is released.

    NEX-7 is gonna sell like hotcakes, despite the price, lenses or reviews. It’s definitely gonna sell well.

    • ArKersaint

      @ hipl… Don’t think so, same reasons as the ones you “raised” !!!

      • ArKersaint

        @ hipl… More seriously, it is true that Nex-7 will meet enthusiast needs expressed in forums, especially by those using legacy lenses. But these are not legions.

        “Dog which barks does not bite” tells the (french) proverb… and I guess that many m43 users whining (loudly) about Panasonic’s lack of answer will just go shooting 6 more months !

        • hiplnsdrftr

          I’m not saying it deserves to sell well… It just will.

          Unless somebody announces something to really compete with it.

          • ArKersaint

            Have a look at the next 43r post and you have your – sad – answer

  • Anonymous

    right now I’m not sure what Panny wants to proof with GX1 rumors,.surely many of GF1 owner feels abandon with the GF line successor [GF2,3]…I still love my GF1 but not 2,3..the quality of panny lens are mostly very ggod to me as i own 7-14,14-45,45-200,14-140,100-300,45 macroPL,20mm 1.7,and FT 25Leica D summilux,and actually planning to purchase 45&12 Oly Glass,I also have the have the 35 &26 slr magic,..+ some FD lens 55f/1.2,85f/1.2,..Zeiss zf2 glass,.35 f2,50 f/1.4 ,85f/1.4,..what I try to say is; I almost convince for this past 2 years M4/3 is the perfect system for me,..but after ,I’ve seen what the Sony NEX achieved ,..so far I believed that they are more serious with their customer,[ more Listening what their customer want and try to fix all the complaint] compare to Panny,..what the heck with GF2 & GF3[ “I’m sure it has great Quality Image],..but Panny completely abandoned their customer by downgrading GF line and now somehow after Panny seeing how the market reacted to the rangefinder style Fuji X100+ NEX 7 and now they release the rumor GX1 on mid november,..honestly ,..If I didn’t invest so heavily with M4/3, I think I already switch the system with Sony NEX,..especially sony is getting serious with their Zeiss line up

    • ArKersaint

      @ Anonymous : Very interestig, may I ask you whether you own also a GH / G body… or, like a lot of other including me, SLR-like shape is a deal breaker ?

    • hiplnsdrftr


    • REP96st

      I get SO tired of hearing how Panny dissed the GF1 owners with the GF2/3. Personally, the GF2 is BETTER than the GF1! the only thing the GF1 has going for it is the more “traditional” dials. What else? The GF2 is slightly smaler and everyone needs to stop whining about the touch screen, it’s not that serious and works rather well. -Even deleting photos are a breeze.

      Hopefully this new camera will have y’all beloved dials back as well as a built in VF and hotshoe instead of built in flash. (even though if it has all three, I wouldn’t be mad)

      As for the NEX 7, that thing for what it is is TOO expensive. And I think that’s what will make this camera even more coveted. Function, Lenses and Price.

      • Forbes

        The fact is that Panasonic made a mistake with the GF2 and even worse with the GF3. The GF1 had a strong following and many, myself included, were interested in seeing the system mature. It didn’t. It got all girly and goofy.

        Enthusiast users want to have dials to control aperture/shutter speed, exposure compensation and ISO. Sony is the first to get that aspect right. If Panasonic’s GX1 has three control dials for those settings in a GF1 style body, they will have something to cater the ethusiast market. Right now, all they have is a gaping hole in their line up.

      • Chris

        Spot on re. GF2. It also has a dial and buttons so you don’t have to use touch screen if you don’t want to for most functionality. But you can also make use of the wonderful touch screen focus which is a real advantage over the GF1.

      • Chris

        GF2 has a dial to control aperture/shutter speed and exposure. It also has a dedicated ISO button. So many people post on here without knowing the facts!

    • DonTom

      For sure, a “GX” cam will have to have a “X” lens mounted on it….

  • REP96st

    The only thing I’m concerned about is the PRICE and Body Only Option. Other than that, I’m sure the camera will be accepted by mostly everyone.

  • Olympius

    Thanks to Fuji, it seems that the letter “X” is now going to be permanently attached to any premium product, no matter who the manufacturer is. The latest version of the “X” Factor is Canon, who skipped a whole bunch of iterations to come up with their new 1D “X” camera. So I have no doubt that the new GX1 will be the first “pro” micro 4/3 camera that so many have been waiting for.

    I’m already saving my pennies…..

    – Olympius

    • Martin

      > So I have no doubt that the new GX1 will be the first “pro” micro 4/3 camera that so many have been waiting for.

      Depends on what you mean by the “pro camera” . If you mean a soap box with a built-in EVF, then you are probably near to the truth 8-)

  • wow

    Would have bought the G3 if it looked like the GF1

    • Luke


      • Anonymous

        Yep…… Well said.

    • Same here


      But if the GX1 does not have a swivel screen, then I guess it’s G3 for me.

  • Anonymous

    yes I owned G3 {black one] but then i give it to my girlfriend ,.excelent image Quality, more smaller,. for me it just felts like a toy,and I plan to purchase E-P3,.is far more expensive, I’ve tried my Friend E-P3 for a days and it feel more like a camera compare to G3.I also owned some M lens 28 elmarit and nokton 40 F/1.4 Single Coated.
    ok lets make a short comparison body between Panny and Sony.:
    since GF1 is a great user interface- GF2- lack of menu button,GF3 is even worse+ no HOTSHOE,..all of them no view finder,..and now suddenly GX 1 with a lot of Interesting rumors,..back with full button ala NEX /Fuji X100,+ view finder,..and new sensor[this good].
    Since NEX 3-5,..notice their improvement on NEX-C3 and also NEX 5N[ build in flash ],.and now NEX 7 is completely,.what we “ve dream about GX/GF7]
    ..the worse thing is NEX 7 is REAL but GX/GF7 still UNREAL,..just imagination,..we still can not fully know how it looks,..,..
    .. I admire and have to give thumbs up to Olympus ,..eventhough they only use a tweaked sensor,.they did a great job,.specially on design,..
    pardon my english,..thx

    • ArKersaint

      Thanks for this documented answer, hope it will help Panny to better understand they chose the wrong tiny foot path where they could have used the big main road !!!

  • Jon

    Am I the only one who*doesn’t* want an EVF? And doesn’t mind the touchscreen? I have come from years of rangefinder and SLR use, and love composing with an external LCD, love touch focus. These things are decried here as ‘consumer’ features, but as a professional I find them immensely useful compositional tools. It’s like using a direct view camera again! External controls are great, but EVFs are overrated in my opinion.

  • Eno

    A very trustful japanese site says Panasonic will show GX-1 on Oct 25. It’s not like NEX7 at all.

    The size and shape is about the same as GF1
    No EVF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Heavy body
    LUMIX G X 14-42mm Kit

    • Bookervrk

      Due to another friend, he said GX1 heavier than GF1.
      What’s the point of GX1, I wonder?
      NO EVF, Same size and look as GF1.
      Just wish there are good stuffs inside.

    • Forbes

      If they are correct it would be interesting. Mostly I like to see “heavy body”, if it is an indication for build quality.

    • Can you give the address of the site ?

  • Eno

    Since there is no EVF, GX1 will not compete with NEX7. It will be directly comparable with NEX5N. Probably it will be about the same price as NEX5N.

  • Brod1er

    Lack of EVF is surely a mistake when NEX7 shows it can be done. A built in EVF does give more options. Without it, I won’t bother trading up from my GF3 which I use with the 14 and 20mm lenses. A clip-on EVF is just a pain and smacks of a lazy/cost cutting manufacturer. To be honest, I am starting to think the iPhone 4s may be enough for my go anywhere camera……….

  • Narretz

    Well, even though admin had two conflicting sources, both said the GX1 is going to have an EVF. I honestly do not see who they want to sell it to without one.

  • Jojo

    Sounding hopeful – looking forward to more news.

    “a sort of new designed viewfinder” – any idea whether we’re looking at a built-in EVF or an improved version of the add-on for GF1/2? Either way, Sony have set a standard with the NEXs, hope Pany compete well.

    “ a new sensor” – welcome news, don’t really mind if it’s 12 or 16MP, as long as it’s good.

    Admin, a while back you quoted 2 different product codes for the GX1(i.e. 2 different lens kits) – is that still a valid rumor?

  • Don Maggot

    sensor sensor it’s all about the sensor, panasonic (finally) do it or die, or nex seven will outsell you 7:1

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