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(FT5) GX1 has no built-in viewfinder. New external viewfinder coming!


HOT news! I am now receiving the top info from top sources about the GX1. The camera has NOT a built-in viewfinder. But there will be a new external high resolution viewfinder! The camera will compete against the Sony NEX-5n and will have a very similar price. I am currently working on the specs. So stay tuned on 43rumors ok! I will have plenty of news soon!

Price of the NEX-5n: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.


Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Sören

    So still no Nex-7 competitor.

  • WT21

    Rats. Nothings to see here now.

  • asasino

    No VF, No party!

  • Kold

    Godbye Panasonic. Hello Fujifilm.

  • Sokar

    6 or 7 current models of m43 bodies between 2 manufacturers and still not one with a built in EVF. Why???? Is nobody in R & D looking ahead?

    • G1, G10, GH1, GH2.

      GH2’s evf is pretty sweet actually :-)

      • Kusuke

        + G3

        • Kusuke

          + G2

          • Kusuke


            • Sokar

              Yep sorry, was thinking Olympus only.

          • My mistake ;)

  • twoomy

    Well unlike many, no built-in viewfinder is fine with me. I was an SLR guy for many years, but when I got my GH2, I’ve used the viewfinder on my GH2 for about 5 out of 20,000 photos. If it has an (atleast somewhat) articulated LCD, count me in. A mini camera with GH2 image quality (or better) would totally make my day.

    • Chekai

      +1. I rather have the EVF as optional. Heck, make it a G3 with detachable EVF and I’m sold.

    • I don’t cry when a new model has no built in EVF and I don’t mind faux-SLR form. I don’t mind pseudo rangefinder, as long as I have a good grip.
      Very happy with my GH2.

      Some other prefers detachable EVF or none at all, with or without swivel LCD. Fine.

      Its a world of diversity ;)

  • Long live the G3!

  • ArKersaint

    In english, means : “Enough is enough !”

  • Don Maggot

    LOLOLOLOL if this is true, good night pana-olympus, sony just made you shrink to troll size

    • Got $3000 for a NEX-7 and a Zeiss?

      • Jerry

        You mean $2,000.

  • Shithitter


  • st3v4nt

    Here the news of GX-1 from Japanese website via google translate…..
    it seems have LC-1 body style, G3 sensor but new engine, AF tracking, 920.000 dot LCD touch screen, LFV like Olympus 1,4 million dot resolution, lens kit is 14-42X lens, ISO 12800, black body….

    • LC-1 style but no viewfinder. Funny…

  • mahler

    What a disappointment. The m4/3 manufacturers are cutting the branch, they sit on.

    • JF

      In summary, a G3 without EVF and swivel screen ? not very exciting…

    • Kusuke

      You might be right, but it may actually be the m/43 ‘consumers’ with the hacksaw…Next you’ll all be screaming for a bigger sensor to make all your current lenses redundant.

  • Don Maggot

    G3 sensor (omfg) goodnight my friends..

  • Don Maggot


    keep NOT listening to customers, it will guide you to oblivion

    sony and fuji and ricoh (do and did) listen… and they brought tremendous products, panasonic with another G2 incarnation?…

    about the ‘still not Nex 7 competitor’ quote.. how do you want to compete, if you’re completely unable to even come close??

  • B2

    Make the sensor as good as Nex5n in terms of high ISO performance and you got it!

  • Laeric

    It’s too bad Panasonic took so many shortcuts with the built quality of the G3 (particularly the horrible scroll/thumb wheel). If the GX1 has an improved (not tweaked) GH2 sensor, faster burst mode, quicker AF, articulating screen, build quality of the GF1, option of a high quality external EVF, and priced under $700 (body only) it will sell much better than the GF3 or the G3, with good reason. It will be a pocketable GH2, which is a very powerful tool for those of us who like having our camera with us at all times. The removable EVF is great and it means that it will most likely have a built-in flash that is essential for a portable/travel camera. I’ve only used the flash a handful of times on my GF1 in the last year but it helped me capture some memorable moments that I would not have been able to without it.

  • Justin

    I don’t understand who this camera is intended for.

  • grzybu

    Camera body like GF1 with improved G3 sensor may be interesting, but only if it don’t have fixed display and new external EVF has better colors, DR and refresh than G1.
    Still waiting for camera clearly better than my old G1. G3 is almost there but DR is the same and at least one programmable button is missing.
    If Sony could use Samsung pancakes it will be probably best option.

    • Sören

      “If Sony could use Samsung pancakes it will be probably best option.”



    Is there any hope for gfx1? or maby the gf4? hope that the x name would make her proof because if is a camera like the gf1 hummm……..

    then i hope it will have the size of nex-5 not more biger then the place of a panckake and why they would add a 0.5cm for no reason?

    Panasonic now people want camera more and more compact By example the lx5 then make this and launch a camera


  • Personally, I could live with an add on EVF. But I can not live without is a tilting screen. If the GX1 does not have one of those, I’ll wait for the GH3 and/or get the NEX-7.

  • Renato S.

    I think that the only way it can be more appealing for those that would buy a NEX-5n is to have way more control than the NEX-5n – more dials and customized fn button.

    But what about the high-end thing?? This is certainly not high-end, the NEX-7 is high-end, what happened? Will they still make a competitor for the NEX-7? Why did postponed the announcement of this camera right after the NEX-7 announcement?

    • Renato S.

      How can the GF1 successor be a high-end/PRO camera?

  • Very disappointing but to be expected as they pair it with the X zoom.

  • Matt

    This is great news IMHO. No built-in EVF means lower price of entry and can detach the EVF when needing to minimize weight and/or bulk.

    I hope Panasonic improves the dynamic range of their new sensors.

  • To all the “Bye Bye Panasonic”

    If you are selling your gear away, I might be interested in a mint condition 7-14 or a 2.8/45 macro

    Thanks :-)

  • Simon

    It would’ve been so easy für Panasonic:

    Take the GH2 innards like the multi-aspect sensor, built-in high quality viewfinder and flash, lots of external control dials and buttons, put it in a modified GF1 body…

    It would’ve been so easy for Olympus:

    Take the E-P3 innards, put them in a high quality E-450 body with built-in VF-2 viewfinder…there you go…

    I really don’t have words for this GFX rumor.

  • Jerry

    Panasonic and Olympus already have cameras that directly compete with the NEX-5N!!! If the GX1 doesn’t have a built-in EVF similar to what we see in the NEX-7 or X100 then I’m not buying the GX1.

    Too bad. With production being delayed on the NEX-7 I was seriously considering buying the GX1 when it is announced … assuming it was a NEX-7 competitor. If it’s just another knock-off of the NEX-5/5n then I’ll pass.

  • doug nash

    What a joke. Again, other than having a head-start on the interchangeable lens, mirror-less market, neither Olympus nor Panasonic are doing a single thing to advance their cause. Granted, Nikon looks to have failed miserably in their entry into that market. But that’s not going to stop Fuji and Sony from moving ahead with much more professional (enthusiast) offerings, while Pan/Oly just keep making smaller, not as good cameras.

  • Anonymous

    Why is everyone so fixated on a built-in viewfinder? I don’t understand it. Sure, a viewfinder is a must have. I have a GH2 and I use almost exclusively the EVF. But why must it be built-in? An optional, external viewfinder is much more logical from the companies, and ergonomics viewpoint:
    – Body can be made smaller
    – Probably will be cheaper, but ofcourse the added cost of an external EVF will balance this one out FOR THOSE who want it (see next point)
    – Some people don’t use EVF (probably the main reason for making it external)

    The whole point is HOW they will implement this. Will it have the same port as Oly? Will it block the pop-up flash? Will you be able to use an external flash? Can it be tilted? (Something a built-in EVF can not do!) Will it have an OLED screen? etc…

    Seriously guys, an external EVF slapped on the body permanently and taken the above questions in consideration makes much more sense to me AND is almost the same thing as a built-in EVF. Goal reached, just a different (and better) solution.

    • doug nash

      Everyone is fixated on that feature, because it is a great feature. Why do you want to tack a bunch of crap to the outside of a small camera? While you’re at it, why not lug around an external flash, too? There simply is no comparison between the quality and composition-value of a physical viewfinder (be that SLR or viewfinder) and that of simply looking at a small monitor on the back of a camera, held out at arms-length.

      Again, both Panasonic and Olympus offer a bounty of sill little m4/3 cameras with no viewfinder. Why make yet another? Better sensor, you say? Yeah, whatever. That is hardly the weak-link of the system.

  • Milt

    Was looking forward to a NEX7 competitor with a built-in EVF, but wonder if the new external EVF for the FX1 will also fit my GF1.

    • doug nash


  • full beam

    The end of my romance with Panasonic is in sight.

    I will give them one more chance, after which I’m hooking up with a saucy Fuji

  • Hello

    Will EVF2 be compatible with GF1?



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