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(FT2) Also the GH3 is coming out soon?

Image on top: The current (and still amazing) Panasonic GH2 A dpreview reader said that USA Panasonic Customer Service is now confirming that the GH3 will be here within weeks. The press announcement should be made around January 10 at the CES show in Las Vegas. I ask my US readers if they can try to call Panasonic and see if they really are sharing that info. I would be really surprised if they really do that!!! That’s why the rumor has the FT2 value only.

What’s 100% sure is that the new Panasonic high end X lenses are coming soon (Janaury-February). Those will be lenses with constant aperture (f/2.8 or faster). I am still crossing my fingers to have them as fast as the 14-35mm f/2.0 (here on ebay) and the 35-100mm f/2.0 (here on ebay) Zuiko lenses. And I know these lenses are weather sealed so like Olympus also Panasonic has to release a weather sealed camera. Time for the GH3??? :)

P.S.: At least in USA the price dropped considerably in December. Check the price in those stores: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Jemes

    Since it is rather confirmed that Pana will introduce the two high end X fast zooms in CES, it makes sense to introduce a high end camera to go with it. I will put this as FT4.

    • MJr

      It makes sense when talking about weather-sealing, but the GH2 already is high end. Doesn’t mean they won’t tho.

      • Scott

        GH2 high end? Not really

        • better video than 5DII, how low can it be?

          • Esa Tuunanen

            GH2’s ergonomy is struggling to reach even entry level system cameras of Canikon and neither are controls better than average consumer stuff.

            • Scott

              The video is really nice but it is a consumer grade camera. When I think high end I am thinking 1d, d3 etc

            • Duarte Bruno

              What are you saying???
              The GH2 has near perfect ergonomy, direct buttons for Focus and Metering Modes, bracketing, no less than 3 customizable buttons a control wheel that doubles as two, and the best Tilt&Touch&Swivel LCD construction currently available.
              What the F Canikon camera are you comparing to?
              BTW have you ever even touched one?

              • I have sold swimming goggles in the past. A given pair that would fit like a glove to one person would simply not fit to an other one.

                …I never heard any customer saying : “This pair of goggle is the worse design ever”

              • Mr. Reeee


                Duarte, don’t you know by now that “ergonomy” is the thing poor Esa complains about every goddam day? He should just buy something big, like a D700, and stop complaining about cameras 1/3 the size.

                And really, large or small, every camera takes a little time to get used to handling. It took me a while to stop hitting the wrong buttons on my GH2. But y’know, I NEVER blamed the camera for my own ham-handedness.

                • Boooo!

                  He’s not the only one complaining, and the moment a D700 can use 4/3 lenses, all of us complainers will be jumping ship :P

            • Canons user interface lags behind any concept of ergonomic usability

  • Robbie

    I’m more interested in the new Olympus body. Is there by any chance it would look like a remake of OM3Ti?

  • Yun

    GH3 is coming ? Good , very eager to see how it looks like . Still hope it will be rangefinder camera . But my concern still more on the 2 highend lenses , hopefully Panasonic will impress with them .

    • Redkite

      GH2 user here with cheque book ready to buy the GH3. If it does look like a rangefinder they won’t be getting my money. Weather sealing and better DR would be wonderful. I agree with Robbie about the OM3Ti – wonderful looking camera – I have two OM2s.

      • In terms of ergonomics, the GH2 is already very good. Perhaps the click wheel could have better response. The viewfinder is very good, and if it can be downsized a bit, then that is ok, but not strictly needed.

        Weather sealing would be nice. I’m not sure how the microphones would be affected by weather sealing, though. Could you make equally good microphones that are water proof?

        There is some risk that the GH3 gets even more megapixels. The GH2 got the “upgrade” to 16MP for market reasons, as stated by a Panasonic employee in an interview. With Sony making 20+ megapixel sensors, Panasonic cannot stay far behind, again for market reasons. That is the sad truth.

        • Mal

          I wonder what would be more popular, a GH3 with the same megapixels as the NEX7 but with proportionately (to sensor size) poor DR, or a GH3 with 12 megapixels and proportionately better DR than a NEX 5N?

          (PS. pass the answer onto Panasonic…)

    • CobyD

      GH3 as a rangefinder wannabe??? Aaargh, no!!!

    • MJr

      If it would look like anything else than the GH2 (form-factor), it wouldn’t be called the GH3 would it :).

    • “Still hope it will be rangefinder camera”

      I’d rate that as extremely unlikely.

    • mahler

      Why should Panasonic annoy its loyal customers and reinvent the GH-model as a rangefinder? Why change a very popular, proven, near to perfect body concept?

      No, definitely the GH3 should keep the current concept, perhaps with some minor improvements, and should reveal an improved view finder, better burst performance, and of course better image quality.

      There are already enough, smallish, gripless, and unergonomic soap boxes (also known as “rangefinder”) on the market. Panasonic should maintain its duty to provide alternatives to this concept, if Olympus is not able to do it.

    • Martin

      I do not much care about styling. Good ergonomy is much more important to me than the nice looks and pocketability.
      GH2 is ergonomically the best m43 camera (at least for me), so hopefully GH3 will be even better, if it comes (remember the recent rumour saying that the GH2 is the end of the line?).
      For instance, I would welcome a better grip: the existing one is not terribly comfortable to hold for longer periods, especially with bigger lenses. (Hint for Panasonic: Take a look at the Oly E-5×0 cameras – those had a nearly perfect grip).
      Further, I’d like to have a little better control over the customer-set AF point, especially when looking through the EVF: it moves way too slowly when using the arrows, plus it cannot be easily returned to the central position.
      What certainly NEEDS to be replaced is the LCD panel: photos look dreadfully on it – it’s impossible to judge their sharpness (far better to look at them using the EVF). But this also has a lot to do with the imaging algorithm, which is supposedly not very good with the current Pana displays.
      And last but not least, apart from improving the sensor (DR, noise), Panasonic should also work more hardly on the JPEG engine, especially the colours. Here, Oly is again an obvious source of inspiration.

      • nobody

        “Further, I’d like to have a little better control over the customer-set AF point, especially when looking through the EVF: it moves way too slowly when using the arrows, plus it cannot be easily returned to the central position.”

        One press on the Fn2 button + one press on the delete button = AF point returns to the central position.

        • Martin

          Thanks ;-) I was too lazy to RTFM (just skimmed through it)

    • Frederic Hew

      I hope it is NOT a rangefinder lookalike!

      I wouldn’t mind weather sealing, one additional control wheel and a curvaceous design a la G3, but not at the expense of a good sized grip.

      Design is less consequential, though. It really hope it has a global shutter thus reducing the EVF blackout to a minimum and allowing faster burst rates, higher DR, better sensitivity and less noise.

      AVCHD is a given. On top of that it better have slow motion in full 1080P, more flexibility in frame rates selection, a better implementation of picture in picture focus assist etc. A built in ND filter would be great but I do not expect that to happen.

      • Frederic Hew

        Please keep the same pixel count – 18MP (16MP effective in most formats) is more than enough!

  • BBernhardt

    happy days for m43’s.
    New sensor?
    Will the new Oly be sporting the new sensor?
    I can see myself with a new camera this year.
    Will it be the new oly or a gh3.

  • Brod1er

    It’s been pretty obvious the GH3 was near-
    – need a new camera to go with the lenses
    – Olympic sponsor
    – GH2 is as old as GH1 when it was replaced
    – new competitor from Oly and NEX7 etc

    It’s going to be interesting….

    • Brod1er

      Yes I know the Canon 5dII has been out for three years, but it is in a stagnant & relatively low volume segment where everything is iterative. Mirrorless, and especially MFT, is where the innovation is coming from

      • Anonymous

        Ha? I have zero doubt that Canon 5dmII os selling a LOT more than GH2 even after 3 years being on the market

  • Chris

    To be honest guys I don’t see how they could improve on the GH3 that we haven’t done already with the hack. However there maybe features that are gold dust.

    • CobyD

      The hacked GH2 still has unpleasent skew – that’s the one improvement I’m hoping for in the GH3.

  • Jim

    Key things for the GH3 will be 1080 60p with good Mbit/s encoding!

    And electronic shutter… if it has these 2 things then its enough of an upgrade just there!

    But more DR and better ISO would be nice too :)

    If panasonic have a new sensor for the GH3 then maybe they will be ok letting Oly at least use the G3 sensor in the new Oly???? maybe????

  • Scarka

    Its only rumor and strange rumor
    No GH3 in few weeks)))

    • Arnold

      Why not ? the GH2 is already quite old, and many companies will announce their new products in the coming weeks.

      • Scarka

        It’s panasonic. J company with J philosophy for J market.
        I think that we never did understand

      • lnqe-M

        GH2 is 15 months old.

      • mahler

        Quite old? This camera model is just about a year available. Strange that this is already perceived as being “old” – not to mention that the competition so far has not managed to beat the GH2 in many aspect and where they have managed, it is not significantly better (see NEX 7). The GH2 is still the mirrorless flagship.

    • I see room for improvement for the over all feel of the camera which is currently somewhat plasticky for a flagship.

      Then you got a slew of options which would please a small fraction of the crowd:

      Better flash sync
      optional battery grip
      tethering support
      gps chip
      improved LCD
      digital distance scale when in manual focus with native lenses (I want that one)
      ISO 80
      …and the list can go on.

      • Justin


        Top feature improvements for me would include:

        higher usable iso (from 1600 to 3200);
        improved viewfinder and lcd (current one as has been repeated is quite poor for in the field review);
        weather sealed;
        global shutter;
        a few more pixels would be OK with me.

  • In a review with at the end of September 2011, Panasonic suggested that the announcement of the GH3 was not imminent. He didn’t say what camera or products he was referring to, but new technology usually finds its way into the premium priced, flagship model first. Maybe that’s changed, but I would await some more confirmation first.

    “…Panasonic’s Mr Uematsu said that Photokina 2012 would be very important for Panasonic, perhaps hinting at a release date for next September.”

  • matt

    I would say photokina will be great for annoucing a panasonic AF 301 (canon c300 competitor)which will make bigger hallo than the gh3 in pro market… now they have to bring something.. canon,oly,fuji,pentax,sony and nikon.. everybody is launching new cameras and they can´t just do nothing ..gh2 is a lovely camera but it´s old , they have to do something because the big dogs will bring the big bones soon!

  • Danyyyel

    I just hope they stick with the same megapixel and get better DR and ISO. 16/18 megapixel are enough for APSC sensor so more so for m43. The NEX7 is worrying me because Panasonic might be incline to show numbers(pixel) to show that they are competitive.

    On the video side I hope that they see what the hack brought and that they don’t get into the defensive mood to try to protect the Af-100 (or successor) which is clearly beaten by its little brother.

  • BS Artiste

    IBIS in the GH3 would be great for people with Oly lenses. However, I don’t expect Panasonic to add IBIS to it’s cameras. I’ll have to wait for an Oly camera solution or essentially write-off my long focal length Oly 43 lenses and move in another direction.

  • Chris

    The GH3 will be announced very soon in order for it to be on the shelves by September. ;-/

    I hope, when it comes, it has a fully electronic shutter. When there’s no mirror and no mechanical shutter between lens and sensor to limit performance I think we might see mirrorless camera performance start to really pull away from many DSLRs.

    • Bob B.

      Actually, Panasonic kept its (hope I got that right or BS Artiste below will be upset :-)), promise and its schedule for the release of the GX1. Maybe it is a new trend?!?!

  • BS Artiste

    its cameras, not it’s cameras

    stupid cell phone auto-contraction apostrophe insertion

  • BS Artiste

    BTW, has anyone used the Birger EF lens adapter on the GH1 or GH2? I might consider a GH3 with the Birger adapter for long focal length EF lenses using OIS.

  • Narretz

    With all these rumors about new cameras, I miss rumors about actual features, especially in the sensor department. Maybe Pana is doing a pre-announcement like they did with the pro x lenses? Last year, we always had more leaks from Pana, while Oly managed to keep it more secret.

  • The_Eel

    I hope Panasonic will quit megapixel race with the new sensor for GH3.

  • I would be interested to see what changes in GH3 ergonomically. After all, Panny to date (if reviews to be trusted) had a good streak of well made touch screen UIs and button layouts.

    After the GX1 release, I think they have no choice but to give GH3 the metal body too.

    • Keep in mind that the GF1 had a metal body, and that was way before the GH2. The GX1 is a replacement for the GF1, and it is reasonable that it retains the same materials, as it caters for the same market.

      I hope the GH3 keeps the plastic body, which I think is the most reasonable material for such a camera.

      • Danyyyel

        So there top of the line camera should stay plastic, what a logic… More so when all its competitors are in metal and lastly they are going to have pro zoom lens.

    • aqasem

      I wish that too, 12M is enough for their 43rd sensor size.

  • Marcram
  • kesztió

    If true, it’s really bad news.
    I hardly think that Panasonic would have had enough time to develop a breakthrough sensor which can keep pace with the best current technologies e.g. the new organic Fuji sensor.

  • DO

    I would be highly skeptical of this rumor. Back in late July before I purchased my GH2, I had called panasonic to order. I inquired about the GH3, and had multiple customer service reps at Panasonic tell me that the GH3 would be released sometime between late July and early August. They clearly had no clue what they were talking about and sounded quite unsure of the products they were discussing. I eventually ended up purchasing the GH2 at a local camera store. I’m not sure how Panasonic filters their information through all of their various customer service & sales departments, but they are clearly not doing a great job monitoring it… So I’d say to hold off on the anticipation for now.

  • Back in July admin, you posted a patent that Panasonic was working on that had a slr type body that collapsed into a more hand held video cam type body. At the time you suggested it might be a new line between the gh2 and af 101. I am hoping this is the new gh3. It would make the camera easier to store in my bag and make it easier to shoot hand held video at low angles. I think the gx1 is the range finder answer. The gh line should define itself from the g3 and be more video focused in form and function.

  • Steve

    The rep is probably confused by the EOL skus for the existing GH2 kits that will be replaced next week with the new GH2 kits. Panasonic just released a new firmware for the GH2 and this combined with the new kit lenses will take them out to Photokina in September when the GH3 will be announced.

    I wouldn’t give this rumor more than a FT1.

  • safaridon

    I know many are pleading with Pany to keep the GH2 present body but looking at the GH2 sales worldwide I don’t think that is likely with the GH2 not breaking into the top 100 models in Japan and well behind the G3 in US and elsewhere in sales with both lagging behind the GX1.

    What I would predict is the GH3 will be based on the smaller G3 body which should come with the 14-42X lens as standard to show its smaller size compared to other DSLRs for a G3X and with the new 12-35/f2.5 for the GH3 line. Most people seem to not be aware that the G3 body at least front and top shell and chassis is already metal compared to plastic shell and metal chassis for the GH2. This would free up one production line for the coming revolutionary chunkier and larger inbody EVF rangefinder body much like Pany’s patent concept with global shutter etc.

    • mahler

      I prefer the sturdy plastic body of the GH2 over the tiny metal shell of a G3, which feels a lot less robust, is relatively slippery, and cold when you touch it. I have no idea, why people are so much after metal finishes, which are also prone to visible scratches and have no advantage over a robust lastic cover.

    • The GH1 and GH2 were never intended to be volume models anyway, so I don’t think using the sales statistics is a good idea. The G3 and GF3 are the volume models, and they have the simplified interface to go with the market.

      The GH-series caters for more knowledgeable people who don’t associate a metal shell with professional equipment.

      • CobyD

        Exactly right – demand for the GH2 outstripped Pany’s projections for quite limited sales.

  • fta

    As a GH2 owner, the ONLY way Panasonic will get my money with the GH3 is if DR and Noise are greatly improved, everything else is already very good or a gimmick that doesn’t justify upgrading.

    It could be that they are introducing another line. A GX type camera in G/GH format.

    I think the m43 lineup has matured very well and we are almost at the point where only gearheads will upgrade at every interval. For the rest of us, we will probably skip a version or two now.

    • nobody

      “I think the m43 lineup has matured very well and we are almost at the point where only gearheads will upgrade at every interval. For the rest of us, we will probably skip a version or two now.”

      You mean there are people visiting this site who are no gearheads? :)

    • safaridon

      “It could be that they are introducing another line. A GX type camera in G/GH format” – +++

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see a camera with GX1 body build looking much like the Nikon 1V but with a grip. The flash would be relocated to left side to minimize the EVF protrusion but retain the swivel screen.

  • If the camera is announced today, BH won’t have it in stock until Nov/dec. I “found” a GH2 last November after weeks of searching. BH didn’t have regular stock until just a few months ago. I love the GH2, but if Pan wants to sell more units, they might try putting them in stores where people can buy them. Pan’s US distribution is terrible.

    • @Evan:

      I agree — if Panasonic’s past performance is any guide. With both the GH1 & GH2, it was many months after their announcements that they were available for sale in the US other than to a few (very few) lucky buyers.

      I also agree that Panasonic’s US distribution, sales & marketing is truly bizarre: Months after these cams were readily available in many other countries around the world, US buyers were essentially unable to find these cams anywhere for sale from authorized Panasonic dealers in the US.

      I was fortunate to get my GH2 direct from Panasonic’s US sales office in Dec. of 2010, but that was a fluke.

      In the past, it appears Panasonic ships just a few cams per month to the US. WTF? It’s not that I want them to ship more cams to the US than other countries, but why can’t they better match supply & demand worldwide? It’s one of the oddest product availability situations I’ve ever seen.

      Of course, anything’s possible. This time around Panasonic might “announced/leak/rumor/show” (whatever!) the new “GH3” very soon, but it will be a miracle if they ship sufficient quantities for sale to their US dealer channel! A miracle I’d welcome, but not one I’d expect. I hope I’m mistaken!


  • moimoi

    I have big doubts it will be rangefinder styled. Panasonic are known to not want to lose sales on their other models. Theyve just released the GX1 they wont want to lose sales on it.
    As for GH2…Still truly the best quality for videography but all other aspects (stills especially) are really lacking in comparison to current rivals.
    All I hope is that they improve this with GH3. I would love a G3 alike with the capability for great video like the GH2.

    • mahler

      Can’t see it lacks in stills quality to its rivals. IQ is more or less identical, but the GH2 still has by far the best body concept. So, all in all still the champion in mirrorless country, even compared to the NEX 7.

      • EASY

        Yes, 79% v. 81% – DPR.

  • Vivek

    GF-1, GF-2, GF-3, GX1,…

    Panasonic: Too expensive (optional EVF) with fewer functions compared the the G line or the GH line.

    Try to price it better and be more innovative to catch up with the Sony NEX-7. ;)

    • safaridon

      Panasonic must be doing something right. According to recently released figures the GF2 captured 3rd place in sales of all DSLRs & mirrorless for the year 2011 thanks lately to sales promotions and the GF3 has since become the mirrorless camera leader with the GX1 climbing rapidily.

      While there is a lot of discussion on these forums on the need and importance of high resolution EVF, the Fuji X100 model with builtin EVF has failed to generate significant sales. The sales of the new Nikon 1J w/o EVF are far exceeding the larger and more expensive Nikon 1V model with EVF. Very few NEX5N owners are buying the expensive $350 excellent high resolution optional EVF and the same true for Oly and Pany buyers and even the widely acclaimed NEX7 is not registering very high sales numbers but that is likely due to lack of availabilty rather than price? So it is not fair to complain of Panys new high resolution EVF at about $200-250 street?

      • Vivek

        I do not care if Panasonic/Olympus/Sony/Canon/Nikon/Fuji/Pentax-Ricoh etc make money selling whatever or make a loss. What I am expressing is my opinion based on what I look for in a cam.

        Nothing more, nothing less. :)

        PS: I am delighted with my NEX-7. :)

  • hi all,

    can any one send me the new firmware for the gh2 as i can’t download it from Panasonic website because the download link is not working & gave me a page not found :(

    i tried to contact them but no body answer the phone. so if anyone still have the firmware file plz send me on my email:


  • Max

    I hope it is not released soon. A lot of new cameras are coming out from Canon etc. A fall release would mean more more time for engineers to add features. Look at the recent HDR video hack on Canons. What about LOG for video. Don’t think global sutters are ready yet now.

  • Dave_in_MI

    The GH3 should retain the DSLR-type body (can use that empty bit in the hump for a GPS receiver). It’s the G3 or GX1 that should incorporate the corner-EVF in their next reincarnation.

    I think Panny should focus on 4 consumer lines:
    GFx (ultra-compact, no EVF)
    GXx (rangefinder)
    GHx (DSLR/hybrid)
    GVx? (camcorder-style)

    All priced between $600-$1200 (body/US) and stop dumbing-down features — who cares which body people are buying as long as they’re buying into YOUR system.

    As for the GH3, it’s an established body. Don’t reinvent — just make the periodic update and add a few new & exciting features that keep it the leader of the pack.

  • The GH2 is a very good camera, especially for video. I shoot stills mainly and have a feeling that I do not want/need to pay extra for that feature. So I have a G3 and like the housing form better than the GH2 DSLR-style protrusion to the right of the body. The G3 form gives better room for fingers and gloves. I a GH3 design would a kind of merger towars G3 that would be good.
    Feature-wise increased DR is on top of my list. I cannot understand people above stating that the EVF is good as it is. It is really only just usable. Color is only just rendered, big prpblems when contrasy is high, you must use the LCD to verify results. The Oly EVF is one class better and NEX EVF is two classes better. With my background in product development “everything must be improved – all the time and with lower production costs”, a Pana EVF should be better than NEX as it is a later design.
    Same thing with mpix: As long as the pixel quality is the same or better, I like more pixels. Sony has shown this (16 to 24) is possible and also Panasonic (12 to 16/18mpix with improvements in every aspect of IQ!) Oly has stayed with 12 mpix with very minor improvements as result.
    (This goes on all the time, cannot understand so many failed to see this.)

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > Same thing with mpix: As long as the pixel quality is the same or better, I like more pixels.
      And there’s the problem of bigger number is better obsession because sensor tech isn’t advancing as fast as Marketing Pee numbers.

      GH1’s sensor was actually new design and hence clearly better than old 4/3 sensors but GH2’s sensor has half stop lower DR and all around worser pixel quality than GH1.
      Sony actually managed to advance tech enough to get tiny bit more DR from their latest sensor but signal to noise ratio was still decreased meaning pixels are noisier.

      Other problem is law of physics called diffraction and if you keep adding Marketing Pee you’ll be just getting blurrier pixels except when shooting lens full open.

  • Who gives a #*$& about the rangefinder look. How about real performance upgrades like longer battery life and tethered support?

    • mahler

      Totally agree. This rangefinder obsession is crazy. Longer battery life, state of the art EVF technology, IQ improvements are much more important than a useless switch to a new, even worse form factor.

      • Martin

        +1. And a new LCD panel please.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        And battery which will be then used on successor models instead of peeing and shitting on faces of customers with this every time new overpriced proprietary scheisse battery.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Tell us what you really, think Esa. It’s not very clear. ;-)

          • Esa Tuunanen

            If you haven’t noticed Panasonic changes battery in about every new camera model and then also further overprices them by using ID chip for preventing making of third party batteries.

            • Mr. Reeee

              I agree, it sucks.

              I think the G3 and GX1 share the same battery. So, maybe Panasonic has heard the grumbles. Sharing batteries between models is actually more efficient and profitable for them. Maybe their bean-counters slapped some sense into the marketers.

            • Fan

              I got a third party battery for my G3 and it works fine.

      • Mr. Reeee

        I’m with you 100%. Wider dynamic range and lower noise. Although, I’m finding that Lightroom 3.6 does a pretty good job dealing with high ISO noise!

        Then a few usability tweaks, like NEX-7 level resolution for the EVF and LCD.
        Focus peaking. Let me reprogram the video button. Please, please, PLEASE clean up the menus!

        Metal buttons like the GX1, too! We GH-Users need some geek tweaks for our cameras, just like Oly users get for their fashion accessories. ;-)

        As for the rangefinder obsession, using one with short primes, certainly! Especially Voigtländer Leica M mount lenses! For misty-eyed nostalgia, surely! For long zooms, it would be quite unbalanced. I tried the NEX-7 and while it has some extremely nice features, it felt really odd with a long lens. I can’t imagine using something like that with a 14-140mm or a 100-300mm. And, yeah, I shot with a couple of rangefinders for years before getting an SLR. A fixed 40mm or 45mm lens ain’t a 300mm!

        • GMan

          I had the NEX-7 in my hands the other day. It had the 24/1.8 mounted. It rates for sheer $ex appeal.

          I’m trying to imagine it with a fast zoom in native E-mount (if one existed) and I can’t see it happening.

          I will be a happy camper with a GH2 and fast zooms for the next year at least.

  • AnonYmuss

    Mahler seems to be obsessed with the gh2, ira a good cam no doubt but you re overdoing it slightly. Do you work for panasonic? Compared to the competition the gh2 is in best case a mediocre camera with flickering tv viewfinder.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Try using a GH2 for a couple of months… then get back to us.

      • AnonYmuss

        Oh , another panasonic employee

    • moomin

      mahler is a fanboy. GH2 is awesome for video…if anyone thinks its a awesome photography tool they really need to TRY the current competition.

      • mahler

        Well, I tried it only to find out, how much it sucks (i.e. multicontoller on all the PENs). If a manufacturer is even not able in the third model incarnation to provide a body with usable ergonomics, he is a fail).

        You can call me a fanboy, no problem. The ergonomic qualities of a GH2 deserves to have a lot of fanboys against the relentless “I want rangefinder” campaign.

  • james

    They should release the GH3 when they can incorporate the high performance ISO capabilities that we’ll see in the upcoming Canons. If not, it would be a pre-mature release imo. The GH2 is the cam of the year. Its the best cam out there with or without the hack.


      agree 100%

      hope it will be a RED EPIC KILLER or i am dreaming? anyways they had 1year to work on it… hope it is GX1 size…. i don’t think it will beat x100… or epic on DR… 24 bit dr will be something for a true release

  • What does everybody need higher ISO for? I never find myself going over 640. And I feel the ergonomics of the GH2 are the best I’ve used, I can’t stand Nikon or Canon button layouts- to each his own there are no facts here. If they switch to a Nex 5/7 type layout I would just die- those are the most awful looking systems I can imagine. I think what will really help sales are better, more compact lenses for the smaller bodies. The biggest advantage mft have are these super sharp pancake lenses, and I’m not sure if Sony can develop a wide array of small lenses for a large sensored system.

    • mahler

      Higher ISO is not only usefull in low light. It gives you – as a third parameter to adjust image exposure – more freedom to shoot. Indoors you can more freely choose small apertures with your lenses, either to have moe DOP when needed or to use the sweet spot of your lens, or with longer focal length you can use shorter shutter speeds to freeze action or have a safer shot.

      Usable ISO 12800 would be one of the biggest achievements in a m4/3 camera of the future.

  • GMan

    I’m not expecting a GH3 and if it went range finder – wouldn’t it be a GX2?
    Even if it were called a GH3, it would be in name only and incense all the new GX1 owners.

    I am hanging out for the new fast zooms. It is the only thing for me that as a system it is missing. Yeah – it doesn’t have fast tele primes, but they are niche in an enthusiast segement.

    For convenience, it would be nice not to have to walk around with 3-4 lenses all the time. m43 is great for portability, but there are diminishing returns if you have to carry multiple lenses all the time to get results even if they are small and light.

    • james

      >What does everybody need higher ISO for?

      Primarily for noise-less low light shooting.
      This also negates the issue of a very narrow DOF.
      You don’t have to worry about needing a 1.2 lens if you have an F4 lens like 14-140. It will be able to handle lowlight then. Just up the ISO. Thats what people are drooling about on the C300 but its not worth the pricepoint.

      If the technology is available, it should be put in the camera anyway. Thats whats good about Panny. They’ll put in 120fps if it can be done while Canon will only put in features if Nikon does it and wait forever.

  • Panasonic can release a new GHx every year, but it will always be behind the DSLR flagship for video, the 5DM2 already in its fourth year. The 5DM3 will probably outdo the GH3, GH4, and GH7389. Even if one of these GHs has 2nd generation AVCHD, it’ll only be 28mbps, and that’s where the pros shun the M43 system, especially for broadcast which requires around 50mbps. And who wants to attach a Ninja? Some do, but it’s easier to grab a 5DM2 or a camcorder.

    The GH2 is small, and some pros or serious indies use it alongside the 5DM2 and cite is as being equally capable, especially for more stealthy circumstances. If Panny wants to get above the cut, they’ll have to do something really spectacular. Maybe build into the GH3 everything that Magic Lantern does for the 5DM2. Maybe collaborate with third-party firmware developers. Maybe open up the GH3 to its fullest potential instead of crippling the firmware. Anything less is not spectacular.

    • Anonymous

      Ha? 5DMII is absolutely horrible for video AF, Canon has no video-optimized lenses like lumix 14-140mm. Canon is seriously behid GH2 for video not the other way around.

    • pdc

      Seriously, for the money a hacked GH2 smokes the 5DmkII.
      Why would Panasonic come out with a GH3 when the GH2 is still getting so much attention a year out from first release? Look for an AF301 before a GH3.
      The GH2 mark 2 is going to be sold in new X lens kit form. A few tweaks to the feature programming is all that is needed to get another good round of sales.

      • Mr. Reeee

        + a zillion

    • gadgeteer

      Lol, Sir… I can’t take this very seriously. You are trying to compare two complete different systems, with complete different philosophies and prices, which are not even out yet, with eachother. You do not even know what kind of specs these cameras pack, or what these specifications result into. Quit blowing of your high horse already.

      Yes, I know Indie filmmakers love the current Canon EOS 5D mkII. I mean, it is full frame, shooting at high quality and sensitivity and has lots of bells, whistles and accessories widely availlable. They even like it in the world of television (reportage/tv series). But the question is… would I, as consumer want to walk around with one? The answer: no. From the pricepoint: no, this is one step too much. From the physical dimensions: no, I myself like to walk around as light and compact as possible. From a useability point: no, I care a lot about having a articulated (touch)screen (and do not want to work with rigs and external monitors (yet)). From a consumer point: the autofocus during videomode on the Panasonic is just impressive. Though you should not be using it all/most the time, to me personally I just love the option that I can, because I forsee situations where I could really use it.

      The only real advantage to me would be the capabilities of the full frame sensor, creating that bokehlicious depth of field and capture that high quality and sensitivity cinematic footage. And of course, the build quality.

      But the truth is, the GH2 is high up there in the big league, whether you’d like to admit it or not. For me as consumer it can’t really get any better (though I’d certainly appreciate standard better batterylife, maybe slight increase in size to make it a little bit more ergonomic, higher resolution touchscreen, latest technology in EVF and sensor). I’d love just to buy the 14-140 kit and for the time be done with it. Then opt to buy a nice Voigtlander or maybe a nice M.Zuiko. With the Panasonic you get so much freedom and choice. Hack it and you can salvage a great deal of detail from that m43 sensor which is really ridiculous at the pricepoint.

      In the end the question really is… do you want a full frame or a m43 (with everything that goes along with either one) and how much are you willing to spend on that? I’d chose the latter because I believe I get more value and practical use out of a GH2, than when I’d were to buy a full frame 5D mkII. It’s because I have other priorities and uses for it. It is its own segment. But each his own.

      For the last few months I was in doubt to buy a new serious camera. My eye fell on the 5D mkII, but the 600D is way closer to my needs and demands. The GH2 then blew the 600D away. And I can manage to wait a bit more to see what will be announced (or not) at CES… because an improved GH2, matching my needs and demands more than any other camera out there, that sounds like music to my ear. I can’t see Canon making any radical changes to their current concept in order to make me consider them again. One thing is for sure, (CES and Photokina) this year will be a good one.

    • Anonymous

      It’s meaningless to compare bitrates of cameras which shoot with completely different codecs.

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