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Amazon doesn’t sell the E-P3 anymore. Out of Stock at Bhphoto. Will new camera replace the E-P3???


That’s just my guess guys but look at what’s going on. Amazon itself is no more selling the Olympus E-P3 (Click here to check). There are only a couple of cameras sold by third party resellers. And in other stores like Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here), the other white and silver kits are out of Stock. USA stores are usually very quick in selling out their camera stocks before the new announcements. So this might be a sign that the new Olympus camera with integrated viewfinder will replace the E-P3? I repeat I am still not 100% sure this is Olympus real plan. In my opinion Olympus should reduce and simplify the product strategy. E-P1, E-P2, E-P3, E-PL1, E-PL2, E-PL3, E-PM1. Olympus those are to many cameras with most of the times to small differences between each other. I would do something like that. An entry level m43 camera (like the E-Pm1 but smaller), a more advanced PEN (Sort of E-P3 with the tilting screen from E-PL3) and a semi pro model with integrated viewfinder. What do you think?

  • Wow… Barely a few months old… Interesting.

    Though, you thoughts on simplifying the line makes total sense.

    Can’t wait to see this new Bad Boy…

    • I have feeling the E-P3 range and the GH2 was produced in smaller quantities of previous Pen and other Lumix, also USA retailerss are probably running tighter stocks and the E-P3 range may have sold well/out over Thanks Giving and Christmas.

      The GH3 is likely to have an OLED touch screen as will the E-P4 and whatever the new Olympus mirrorless is called – hopefully this means apps are coming, the next big and important step for Micro Four Thirds in 2012.

      What Oly and Panny have done with all their various models is successfully saturate/steal valuable shelf space in bricks and mortar stores(with the exception of the USA) and virtual real estate in online retailers….

  • Carlos

    The E-P3 was introduced at the end of June I think. But this is par for the course with Olympus: quickly make a million similar variants of the same camera with only slight changes/additions/improvements.

    • Mr. Reeee

      THEN continue to sell ALL the variants as low cost refurbs, undercutting the “current” models. ONE camera, seven minor variations. It’s a real shame.

      Have they never heard of discontinuing previous generation models? What a concept!

      I hope Olympus manages to pull it together. It’s bad for the M4/3 system.

    • lnqe-M

      Also E-P2 come three months after E-P1.

      • You may be right about the economics, but I, and many others I think, would never have gotten into the m4/3’s system without the discounting and low cost refurbs. Paid little for the camera, but I have bought one lens and am planning on two others. So maybe it’s not such a tragedy for Olympus.

        • Raist

          Well the tragedy is – are they really making money?

  • Fan

    Just temporary fluctuations. Means nothing.

  • Ganec

    > Olympus those are to many cameras with most of the times to small differences between each other.

    not really small .. new generation is faster: not only focusing, but you can shoot directly after shooting; with previous generation you had to wait till JPG is stored

    I think next generation will be also 3 models: touch screen may be added to lower models (it is really great feature).
    High end will be separated by wheather proof (and viewfinder).

    This should be great strategy in my opinion…

  • Berneck

    Agreed, they have way too many “choices” that are so annoyingly similar. I’m sure it turns people off to the system. What makes it more frustrating, is what you alluded to…. Like the E-PL3 having the tilting screen, and not on the E-P3. I like the E-P3 over the E-PL3, but I shouldn’t pay up and lose the tilt screen. There should be a progression up the line, not a “this camera has that, the other camera has this” situation! If I want more, I move up the line. I don’t know how much simpler this could be…. Panasonic is getting just as messy!

    Keep it simple stupid!!!!

  • Wt21

    Did you click on your own link? Amazon has black with 17mm for sale

    • admin

      Did you read my text? I said Amaozn ITSELF doens’t sell them, it’s now only available via third party resellers :)

      • emde

        Well in Germany, is obviously sold out for E-P3 Kits, but still has bodies in stock.
        Question: The 1.8/45 had the same status as some E-P3 kits have now – did anyone ask the lens is being replaced..?

  • Wt21

    Same with adorama. Get it with 17mm or two lens kit.

  • Wow. I hope what’s coming can actually replace the form factor of the PENs while maintaining it with a built-in viewfinder.

    • Berneck

      I think the form factor of the E-P3 is perfect. All it really needs is a really good built-in viewfinder, and I may not look to buy a new camera for a long time!

      • lnqe-M

        And also a water pro Pen, have we two water pro lens from Olympus, and the come more.

  • spam

    The difference between E-P3 and E-PL3 is IMO too small, and the E-PL3 even have features the E-P3 lack (like the tilt screen mentioned in a previous post).

    Upgrading the E-P3 with new sensor and a tilt screen would make a lot of sense to me. I’d also prefer a built in EVF, but I don’t think Olympus want that in the E-Px-line. Hopefully they’ll release a line with viewfinder too, then I might actually buy an Olympus mFT model.

  • WT21


  • C. Arche

    I took the Panasonic GX1 for a test drive this month, but I am more invested on Olympus PEN and accessories of which only lenses are compatible with the new Panny. I like the GX1 so far but prefer Olympus JPEG engine much better for when I don’t want to use RAW. I skipped the EP-3 as the IQ is essentially same as current model I own. Even if Olympus releases an exact replica of the EP-3 with only an updated 16MP sensor and nothing else, I’ll get me one immediately and be happy using my existing EVF.

  • Maybee it should go down a few hundered dollars in price before its discontinued??

  • Oh I completely agree about the lack of seperation in their 3 current models. However, the same can be said for most all camera makers. Just look at all of Nikon’s entry level DSLR offerings.

    That said, the EPM1 is fine as an entry level camera (although they should try fit a flash in it). The E-P3 and EPL3 should be merged into one product for those that want more control, but don’t care about weather seals and built in EVF. Then there should be a top teir product that will satisfy most of the people here that want an answer to the Sony NEX-7 and upcoming Fuji LX.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Only thing messy about Nikon’s system camera line up is that they’ve apparently gone through slight model numbering change to make differentiating bodies and their position in line up easier.

      Otherwise it’s very clear to tell to what place in line up body belongs and you can tell from numbering what level of ergonomy and controls it has, just like with Canon.
      Canon 1100D/Nikon D3x00 are the absolutely bottom of the barrel models for penny pinchers.
      Canon x00D/Nikon D5x00 are basic bread and butter consumer product sold for those masses who like to feel advanced while having everything on auto.
      Canon x0D/Nikon D7000 are for those who’ve learned what they are doing and want proper direct controls with comfortable ergonomy along with higher performance and weather proofing.
      Canon 7D/Nikon D300 are APS-C top models with highest performance.

      M4/3 and especially Olympus have very little of product line up. Instead of extended body line up enabled by flexibility of mirrorless design with bodies to different positions there’s only xerox clones of same lacking ergonomy and direct controls with slight feature variation.
      Panasonic has managed to bungle little further but as consumer electronics maker thinks that lousy grip, overall half assed ergonomy and not enough direct controls make high end body.
      Almost like they don’t even want to compete with Canon and Nikon trusting these giants don’t come to curb stomp on them and their system of small unergonomic cameras lacking full direct controls.

      Coming year will very probably show the way how mirrorless system camera market shares will turn in future and despite of three year head start m4/3’s position isn’t strong if Canon and Nikon just see mirrorless also as future replacement of old analog mechanical era SLR design.
      With in sensor PDAF (Nikon has it in their hands) both would have extended lens line up to back selling of mirrorless bodies and need to make only some small lenses for small bodies and m4/3 is no longer in any better market position than 4/3.

  • Olympius

    It’s very normal for cameras & lenses to be “out of stock” or unavailable after the Christmas season in the USA. No big deal, happens all the time. Hopefully, a lot of photographers out there had an EP-3 on their wish list.

    Anyway, B&H still has plenty of kits in stock, unless you wanted a white one….

    Nothing to see here folks….move along now….

    – Olympius

  • Michael Gerrard

    The existing PEN range is: E-PM1, E-PL3 and E-P3, that’s just three models so I think that’s pretty simple to understand already. I hope they don’t replace the E-P3 already, it’s too soon since its launch. I also don’t see they need to. I thought I had read the new model will *not* be a PEN? If so it should be on top of the PEN range? That would make more sense, let’s hope it’s like that.

    • Will

      If they’d just shift there the dash appears, they’d be easier to distinguish: EP-M1, EP-L3 and EP-3.

  • Holacaracola

    Sure, y
    Dude like read the news, Oly is out of cash and tome maters worse there is the floodings in Bangkock to deal with. Stick a fork in them, they are dead! Good luck in selling that… Too bad Ricoh already bought Pany, I thought Oly was a better fit for them.

    CEO :)

  • Alfons

    I quess E-P3 is just on short supply. No point in introducing a camera that will be replaced in few months.

    I agree with admin. Three bodies is enough. One cheap and small one (E-PM), one stylish enthusiast camera (E-P) and one semi-pro/pro model.

    Modular units could nice approach too. Choose the chassis (small or rugged), sensor unit (high res, high iso, movie…) and EVF unit. Three different chassis, few sensor units and a couple of EVFs would make plenty of options to choose from. Just dreaming :)

  • twoomy

    Admin — I agree with simplifying the line-up. I think that every camera manufacturer has a problem with confusing camera names and lines and constant renumbering or changing the pattern. Panasonic, Nikon, and Canon aren’t much better.

  • Admin wrote: “I would do something like that. An entry level m43 camera (like the E-Pm1 but smaller), a more advanced PEN (Sort of E-P3 with the tilting screen from E-PL3) and a semi pro model with integrated viewfinder. What do you think?”

    I think that would be a good strategy. Then again, that is exactly the strategy Panasonic uses (GF = small entry-level, GX = more advanced, GH = semi-pro with integrated viewfinder) and everybody on this forum complains about it all the time.

    • Panasonic currently has 4 models, not 3: GF3, G3, GX1, and the GH2. I think the reason people complain about Panasonic is because their stratagey hasn’t been clear (dummed down GF2 & GF3 following up GF1).

      On top of that they keep leaving off features people want for confusing reasons. Why no tilt screen and EVF on the GX1 when the G3 has them for less money? People say buy the GH2 if you want those features, but it has a DSLR shape; something a lot of people don’t want or understand in a mirrorless camera. Sony and Fuji have both proven a hump is completely unnecessary.

      So I don’t really think people complain about the quantity of Panasonic cameras, it’s just that their product tiers are so muddled.

      • MikeH

        There isn’t anything muddied about the Panasonic lineup.

        GF = smallest form factor rangefinder style camera
        GX = high end rangefinder style camera
        G = traditional style camera
        GH = high end traditional style camera

        When people stye things like “something a lot of people don’t understand” that sounds a little condescending to those of us who fully understand the benefits of the traditional OVF/EVF location especially so for those who have issues with seeing out of your preferred VF position, which are not a factor with the middle VF position.

        Fuji hasn’t even made a CSC camera yet so that point is irrelevant with their fixed (non zome) lens camera.

        Panasonic may have strayed from their original GF position as an enthusiast rangefinder style CSC as you mention but they have now corrected that with the GX line takeing over that segment.

        • stickytape

          …If you look simply at the current generation of cameras, with no regard for the development of the line, of course it doesn’t seem muddled. The previous poster was talking about the past and you choose to address the present situation. Your last line clearly sums up what he was saying.

          The previous poster is simply saying that a hump-less camera is achievable. The decisions that Panasonic has made so far restrict the EVF to their models with humps, when it seems achievable without a hump. People are not saying to do away with the G/GH lines, but rather to provide an alternative that many people want. In this case, I would have to agree that a lot of people don’t understand nor want the hump. Equally, a lot of people like the hump, like yourself. There a lot of people in this world. If the previous poster used a word like “most” in place of “a lot of”, then that would indeed sound condescending.

  • tttulio

    They didn’t learn anything from Apple. First thing Steve Jobs did to stop bankruptcy was to simplify the line into 3 categories.
    Whats wrong with :1 camera with viewfinder and one without. changes every 2 years are enough if you make a good product. The Canon 5D2 is 3 years old and still going strong.

    • flash

      Most consumers like “new” and “improved” even if it is the same soap. I agree with you that Olympus has two many cameras for sale, but what they should cut back on some of the point and shoot ones.

      The Cannon 5D Mark II (fine camera by the way) is a more professional or upscale product that is why it can have a longer life. Items used for professionals or business reliability, familiarity and even replaceablity are major factors in a purchase. Buying items on the “bleeding” edge sometimes is not a good idea for the professional.

      With that said the Cannon community is “demanding” a replacement for it now. Product life is generally dictated by current sales more then technology innovation, sometimes production (things like floods in Thailand) and production cost come to play.

    • bilgy_no1

      simple can be good, but the mirrorless type camera is still being developed. Hence the different lines and models to find out what consumers want in a mirrorless.

      In time, makers will converge on less models that have simular features and characteristics.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Actually it was FOUR.

      Consumer Laptop (iBook, MacBook Air)
      Pro Laptop (PowerBook, MacBook Pro)
      Consumer Desktop (iMac)
      Pro Desktop (PowerMac, Mac Pro)

      Later the Mac mini was added to the desktop lineup as a cheap entry level model

      Panasonic is pretty close to that with the GF3, G3 (consumer) and the GX1, GH2 (pro). Although the G3 and GX1 could flip, depending on one’s opinion of each.

  • flash

    If it is not available due to a new camera coming out it will be a P3a so to speak not the all new weatherproof camera. It sells to well in Japan etc to discontinue the premium P line. I do not think it should have a tilt screen OLEDs may not be strong enough to tilt with out a lot of metal added, maybe they went with titanium case that will make it premium. But I do not want a tilt screen; that is me some of us like tilt screens some of us do not (to video for me and makes composing a really great shoot harder if you are using it; a good viewfinder is still the best for stills IMO)

    Maybe they got the new shutter going in the P3 replacement (its repeat FPS then the lite or mini (PL3 and PM1), this is a point of contention with me as I personally like to shoot sequences. A new sensor would be nice, maybe the same upgraded sensor that their new weatherproof camera uses. Hopefully, better then any that are currently used on the MFT line. Remember, we still haven’t seen a new Panasonic H camera for awhile. Maybe just replacing the flash with a viewfinder. Lot of good possibilities, but I think it will be a half step with a slight tweak hope I am wrong.

    If it is indeed sold out that is a good sign for MFT in general.

  • Scott

    Apparently you Havnt bought a new ipad2 there are about 6the maybe more

  • Scott

    Also Steve doesn’t have pro users vs entry level

    • flash

      I agree with your first statement, but not this one. The professional graphics community is just that professional and they use a lot of Apple products. They tend to want fast machines as they are a real time saver for them. I am sure there are other professionals that use Apple products.

      I use PC guy myself, surprisingly most of my work (non graphic) is on a Netbook, portability, all day battery and taken the least amount of desk space are the factors. I bought it because it was a real bargain then latter started to use it, when the keyboard on a regular notebook started to act up; thought it was temporary at the beginning but now I like it so much it is the primary machine.

      • stickytape

        No, I think Scott is saying that Apple does not distinguish between pro users and entry level users. But on that point, he would be incorrect as well, as there is the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air, etc.

        Many professionals in creative industries, from what I have observed, purchase Apple products as a lifestyle statement. It says to the world that they care about design, but many are generally clueless as to the actual performance of the product for the price they pay, and how it compares to non-Apple computers.

  • Did the Panny sensor contract just end with 2011?

    Could the sudden demise of the P3 mean that now, 2012, Oly is suddenly free to use new (even non-Panny) sensors… and is releasing a new pro camera with a new sensor immediately? If so, perhaps Oly will refresh its entire camera lineup rapidly?

    Fingers crossed for new sensor in new Oly pro body, and new sensors going forward (not warmed over old sensors).

  • mahler

    Ahem, which “product strategy”? So far I haven’t seen one.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, flooding market with reiterated versions of same brick at such space that no one ever manages to sell old version out from stock isn’t exactly strategy to build system.

    • stickytape

      The product strategy is to give the mid-tier model (E-PL3) more features than the top tier model (E-P3) and price the top tier model high above the mid-tier model so that everyone purchases the mid-tier model. I thought this was obvious.

  • Al

    The E-p3 is a total failure, lots of disapointments immediately after it was announced. Lack of build in evf, lack of tiltable lcd, same old sensor, on top of all of these, Olympus at the same time intruduced the new pl-3, which end up outsold the e-p3, because it has a tiltable lcd, 40% faster burst rate, and same sensor as p3. That explains why so many potential e-p3 buyers went for the lower model, why not. Now with the new model coming soon, keep making e-p3 just doesn’t make any sense anymore. Olympus is actually doing something right here.

    • “total failure”… really?! perhaps for you but otherwise i would say you’ve hit the hyperbole a little hard there. Afterall there are those who considered it ‘Camera of the Year’ i know a number of people who love it and there are many posting of their love for their Pens even if not here in this forum. Perhaps a little perspective and seperation of personal views from what the rest of the world might think is in order.

      • Al

        I admit I was little hard, but “camera of the year”? You gotta be kidding, by whom? Even there is a title for “m4/3 of the year” e-p3 doesn’t have a chance either.

        E-p3 is a great camera, I personally own one. But Olympus screwed up the design and the marketing, just like Panasonic messed up with their GF line, now they have to back track with the new GX1…

  • I thought about upgrading from my PL1 to an E-P3 but since i am currently having the chance to spend some time with an X100 i’ll definetely wait for a PEN with integrated viewfinder. The unit on the X100 is so incredibly good and puts my VF-2 to shame …

  • C. Arche

    Same thing happened with the EP-2 and EPL-2 models. I went from an EP-1 to an EPL-2 instead of the higher priced flagship model do to the illogical feature set choices between the two models.

    The EPL2 had the lighter antialiasing filter of the EPL1 on the same sensor of the EP2 providing slight advantage in overall IQ. Had the enhanced accessory port that allowed the EPL2 to use the newer accessories that the EP2 couldn’t. Had a built-in flash offering wireless IR control for off-camera TTL lighting – the EP2 didn’t. And the control interface was more like the EP1/2 making it a better choice than the EPL1, and all in a cheaper package. The only important thing for me that I gave up was the thumb wheel control on the EP2, not enough to compel me to go for the ‘higher’ model though.

    Olympus needs a better positioning strategy for it’s PEN line-up, making each higher model an incremental improvement with additional features added to those of the lower priced model, rather than forcing buyers to choose which model offers the best compromise in terms of features/performance at purchase time.

  • Jason

    Hopefully the new PEN-PRO will supplant the EP-3, and in doing so take its price as well!


    I would not be surprised if it turns out to be a OM-P1… ;)

  • Anonymous

    Camera manufacturers should ask themselves “what would we have done when Steve Jobs had been our CEO”.

    Apple proved that people even buy products don’t have cryptic names and only a limited but refined number of models available.

    The most embarassing attempt for differentiation is the exclusion of E-P3 art filters in the E-PM1 and E-PL3. Companies that focus on marketing rather than product greatness will loose the game in the long run.

    • Pen-Fan

      Regarding leaving out art filters in lower end models: that’s exactly what Apple did with the 4s: Siri is just a piece of software that is restricted my marketing to run only on the 4s (as hacked versions of siri running on older iPhones show just to well). Not that I would care about Siri nor do I I use art filters that often.

  • Miroslav

    Interesting times, I thought new model would be placed above E-P3. I do hope they’ll announce E-P3 and E-PL3 replacements. I agree that E-PM1 has it’s place as an entry model, but I think there should be four different models:

    -entry level, P&S shape ( Nikon J1 shape/size ), no hotshoe, but has to have flash in body, because it is a P&S upgraders’ model

    -mid level, rangefinder shaped body ( a bit smaller than Sony NEX-7, same shape ), EVF, flash, articulated LCD

    -mid level, DSLR shaped body ( smaller than Panasonic G1, same shape ), EVF, flash, articulated LCD

    -top model, DSLR shaped body ( larger than Panasonic GH2, good balance with 4/3 lenses ), EVF, flash, articulated LCD, large grip, weatherproof, optional battery grip

    • TomR

      Why would top model be larger when the point of m43 is to be smaller? I don’t think larger than GH2 would be competitive on the mirrorless market, especially because it has a smaller sensor.

      • Miroslav

        Because of weather sealing, large battery, more controls and good balance with tele and 4/3 lenses. For those who need smaller, there’d be lower spec’d models.

        • stickytape

          So long as “larger than GH2” means that it is still significantly smaller than entry-level DSLRs…

    • TomR

      Personally, I don’t think a serious competitor on the current market could be bigger than an OM2.

  • Admin, I find it interesting that your suggested product lineup is basically what Sony have settled on with their new lineup.

    If anyone buys out Olympus, hopefully they are better at marketing and strategy!

  • Steve

    Still tons available on Amazon Japan, SOLD by Amazon Japan. I could order one from them right now and have it this evening. This means nothing other than Amazon US must have had supply issues.

  • marcram

    What is interesting to me is that the GH2 is now discontinued. I bought my wife one for Christmas with the standard kit lens new for $499 at Fry’s electronics. There isn’t even a GH3 in the rumor talk yet. I wonder why they aren’t producing it anymore.

    • Mr. Reeee

      The GH2 is NOT discontinued. It’s still the M4/3 flagship camera.
      Check the Panasonic web site or proof.

      Prices dropped over Xmas to move inventory and help build the user base. The more people buy into the system, the more peripherals, lenses and accessories will be sold.

      I’d guess it was also as a way to counter the Nikon 1 series cameras introduction. I already see more of those around than I do M4/3 cameras. That’s kind of shocking.

      • marcram

        Ok, not discontinued everywhere. I still see it for sale for $999 on some sites, but discontinued at a major U.S. electronics store. I also think there was a previous rumor post about it being discontinued at other shops too.

      • fgl42

        Someone said over on DP Review that their Panasonic salesman told them that the GH3 is gonna be announced soon and should be available in April. Who knows if they’re right.

  • marcram
    • Agrivar

      That rumor was that the GH2 will soon be bundled with the new 12-35 35-100 x lenses.. hence the 14-42 and 14-140 kits are selling out..

  • ggweci

    If the E-P3 is truly being EOL’d, I wouldn’t mind buying a clear-out kit for $299 or $399 :)

  • Yun

    Can’t wait to see Olympus’s new camera .
    Please come out something to impress !

  • Admin, viewfinder, weatherseals, and perhaps multi format will be the differentiators of the new camera. In my view it would have a different styling, perhaps with the retro one of an OM.

    It won’t be a Pen, and Pen won’t disappear we are told. I have the E-P2 and the E-PL3 and I like both in different ways. What unites them and the E-PM1 is the possibility of using the same common viewfinder. It’s also quite likely that the new camera will be bigger, say a’ la Leica or X100.

    To me the E-Px is already a living classic, so it would be a shame to chuck it. PL3 and PM1 are made out of the same shell, so they could be easily unified – the better featured PL2 with the lower price of the PM1.

    However in the past Oly supported easily two E-xxx models, plus variants, one E-xx, and one E-x, when dSLR were still the rule.

    So if the Pens keep selling they might as well go on. I predict the bad boy coming will be bigger heavier, tough and v. expensive: definitely another customer tier. Also Oly mentioned a successor to the E-5. It will be interesting to see if there is an overlap or not.

    • flash

      Aren’t the early OM’s SLR Leica M sized? In the 70s I went from using old Leicas rangefinders and Leica copies (Nikon, Cannon) to OM SLR because I wanted a good flash, and macro capability. Later I used an OM2n for taking slides (mostly for jobs) it was and is the best for that application due to the way it metered and the viewfinder image. It is a nice size body for people with bigger hands, and when using a longer lens; but it isn’t even remotely pocket-able. Still mad at Olympus for dropping the OM series. They should of paid for the auto-focus patents instead of wasting money on the stock market, isn’t hindsight great?

      A Mirror-less Four Thirds with a lot of features would be nice, but with the organic sensors that do not reflect the light wouldn’t allow for a full frame camera to be made that size? If organic sensors do not reflect the light the way it is said legacy lens should work much better. How about a DSLR with the viewfinder tech of an x100? There will be many exciting cameras announced next year, I think I better get back to work now so I can buy two cameras next year.

  • TR

    I love my E-PL3 because of the tilting screen and its speed. It is still pretty new so I haven’t tested it much, but I am worried about taking it out in the poorer weather we’re getting hit with now. So I’d be happy with a jump over an E-P3 to camera with a tighter build. I bought into the Pens so I wouldn’t have to lug my Nikon Ds, but only my Nikons have done as well as I wanted in northern winters.

  • Alan Baxter

    A more likely explanation for Olympus stock running out is that they would currently be struggling to find a manufacturer prepared to work with them while they could be delisted or declare themselves bankrupt at any moment. I would imagine any stock sold out will stay sold out until their financial position is clarified.



  • infinity jr.

    High-end Olympus m43 should have the fully-articulated screen that was so loved on the 4/3 cameras. Stop trying to copy all of sony’s ideas, even when yours were better. And NO, the EVF doesn’t eliminate need for swivel screen.
    And don’t tell me the fully articulated screen is fragile or bulky. In addition to being more versitile, it’s insignificantly bigger than tilt-only screen. And I have used my swivel screen thousands of times over the past 8 years and it’s still as good as new.
    Otherwise, I agree with Admin about product differentiation.

  • A camera with a built-in view finder is very welcomed BUT how about a sensor upgrade?
    The MFT sensors are really not up to par with today’s sensor technology and abilities…. an no I’m not talking about resolution, I’m looking for a better dynamic range and better ISO performance out of the sensor (in RAW files).

  • Greg Chappell

    Every one of those links shows it’s in stock this very moment. Should we interpret this to mean the OP doesn’t really have a clue any more than the rest of us?

    • Alan Sue

      Yes. Looks like admin really doesn’t substantiate his posts.

  • In some ways I feel so disappointed….e-p3 it’s out just few months… After lot of time of thinking, and just before those rumors about new Oly’s camera, I finally decided to jump on the m43’s boat and bought a fantastic e-p3 with some lenses and external vf. Now let’s say that new camera will have tilt screen and integrated vf… I feel like I list some money… Actually I agree with someone sayin that I like the apple’s strategy because they let you some times between the lunch of new product and not just few months… So no I feel like I will try to sell the camera and buy the new one… But let’s see what will happen…. And off course happy new year to all!

  • Zörg

    I think this stock variations only mean that the E-P3 probably sold better for the holidays than what these stores had anticipated.

    For the rest, a four-model line-up would totally make sense:
    – bottom of the line in a very compact body (similar to E-PM)
    – middle of the line (more features such as swivel screen) still in a very compact body (similar to E-PL3)
    – next-to-top-of-the-line with all the features, high-end build, not-so-compact body (E-P3 with swivel screen and *maybe* more controls such as 3 dials)
    – flagship-top-of-the-line (E-P3 with swivel screen, more controls and integrated viewfinder — similar to NEX 7 but swivel instead of tilt-screen)

    There’s space for four bodies, corresponding to different needs and budgets; it would be a shame to let some of the competition place their models in-between and drag customers and journalists away from the m43 system.

  • canard

    Take it from somebody who has worked in camera retail for several decades: this is a non-story.

    Depending on what state they are warehoused in, Amazon may be required to take inventory and pay inventory taxes on electronics merchandise held at the 31st of the year. It is totally normal to wind down stock as the year ends – you’re basically hoping to sell everything you have on hand during the Xmas season and not restock until the New Year so that the tax doesn’t erase part of your margin. This is also why prices often spike by a few bucks after the first – the retailer now needs to get back the dollars they have to lay out for inventory tax.

    So hey, maybe the EP3 is going to be replaced, but the fact that it’s not currently in stock on Amazon is NOT evidence of that. It’s just evidence of Amazon behaving like a smart retailer with what is probably for them a high-cost/low-margin product.

  • Epl-4 wait

    I Hope the E-PL4 will integrate :
    – Fully articulating screen
    – OLED screen
    – video at 1080p @ 60fps but also 720p @ 60fps with same format H.264 as CANON do (550d, 600d…) hence enabling easier postprocessing for slowmotion
    – video with full control of the parameter (shutter speed etc…)
    (see More Super Slow Motion [Water] 550D

    – NOT only AVCHD please :-)………….

    – diorama enhancement (as panasonic GFX1) : speed selection … and…

    – more stabilisation for the video mode (SONY Hx100v seems to be a reference)

  • Epl-4 wait

    Olympus is one of the leader who provide integrated “effects” on its camera (pinhole, diorama…)

    Compare to the other competitor (LUMIX, SONY…) OLYMPUS is far above.

    Even if E-PL4 is completely different compare to the CANON 550D/600D range,
    OLYMPUS could hunt the CANON 550D market in including not only AVCHD but more flexible video format as CANON does.

    Just tape the following word on YOUTUBE :
    -> There are a lot of video in high resolution (nothing to do with poor quality of the Fujifilm, or CASIO) provided by CANON
    -> There are a lot af people who choose CANON only for that video option (720p at 60fps in H.264)
    AVCHD does not offer that flexibility for postprocessing for sowmotion …

    Only CANON H.264 720p 60fps format seems to be able to provide such a video format for slowmotion video (in high resolution)

    OLYMPUS can really become the CANON DSLR 550D and 600D killer
    And be on the top of the brand with video “effects” integration

    key words : not only AVCHD but 720p at 60fps in H.264 (as CANON) , slowmotion in high resolution after postprocessing

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