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Cheap Canon advertising against Micro Four Thirds (UPDATE: Confusing Nikon 1 and m43?)


The Friday, March 9 issue from the Singapore magazine “TODAY” posted the [shoplink 29545 ebay]Canon G1 X[/shoplink] advertising you can see here on top. It shows a completely false sensor size comparison made up to clearly discredit the Micro Four Thirds system. The right size comparison should look like this:

Now, in defense of Canon I know well that very often the Marketing Campaigns are created by local advertising companies and probably the head of the Canon Marketing department doesn’t even know that this is going on. But in the era of Internet such fake way to do advertising will have a viral and negative effect for them. UPDATE: As noted by many readers the sensor size corresponds to that from the [shoplink 25767 ebay]Nikon 1 system[/shoplink]. So maybe the Canon marketing guys confused the Micro Four Thirds sensor with the Nikon 1 sensor? But than again how can Canon do a mistake like that???

At least this proves that for Canon Micro Four Thirds is the main and strongest competitor :)

And click here to see the full page of the Canon page on the magazine. It was our reader Ben to find this…Thanks!

P:S.: Frank reported this on CanonWatch.

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