Japanese rumors…

Some Olympus announcements today?
From Hiro Sakae on his blog!

In Japanese
in English (with google translate)

MNZ (who sent us this link) made this small summary for us.

He pointed out these things:
1) Today is Oly’s Statement of Accounts for the FY2008 and
their announcement of the next 3 years’ middle-term plan.
2) They announced the “New-concept DSLR” (must be micro-4/3)
at the stage of Statement of Accounts for the FY2006.
3) Original Olympus PEN was unveiled 5-12, May 1959.
4) The launching sales promotion  for the E-620 will be finished the Wednesday.

Is something coming up?

Thanks MNZ!

(FT 4) There will definitely be an E-3 successor (for 2009)


This is an image of the new E-5 (it’s probably a fake)

Everybody is anticipating the E-3 successor. It is the camera that most needs a refresh! From first rumors we received it will be not a revolutionary camera, just an “upgraded” E-3. So it will probably  have the latest 12Megapixel sensor (maybe the same E-30 sensor) + some gimmicks like Art Filters. Sorry that we can’t get excited over that rumor. :(
We do not have any idea when exactly the camera could be announced. So do not wait for it, buy the E-3 now if you need the camera!

Post scriptum: We made a lot of predictions in the last month. I will soon post a summary of all our best rumors.

Post post scriptum:

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A little bit of everything…

Gordon Laing is one of the most notorious youtube “skinheads” and one the most famous digital camera testers. He made a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 / ZS3 video tour in High Definition. Do you like him? I think most of you would dream to do his job!


A welcomed plugin is Nik Software’s Sharpener Proâ„¢ which now comes with an Update for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 2. But the plugin I use is Color Efex Proâ„¢ 3.0 and Silver Efex Proâ„¢. Try them out!


ANyone looking for a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1? There is another review available at digitaltrends.com. The conclusions are:

Highs: Extremely compact; good photo quality; 12x wide-angle zoom; attractive screen

Lows: Few manual adjustments; proprietary connections; no HD video; forget ISO 1600 and high sensitivity setting


Than we have another two Olympus compact camera reviews. The Olympus Stylus Tough-8000 does the rounds at about.com and the Olympus Mju 9000 Digital Camera gets reviewed at ephotozine.com.


Finally Go to the Olympus firmware download information page in order to find the updated Olympus μ-7000 firmware. The firmware improves the reliability of camera operation while viewing images taken in a vertical position and pressing the DISP button.


(FT 4) Leica to not join the micro four thirds adventure (or not soon)

We already wrote a post over that but today we got one more confirmation from a very reliable source. Leica seems to be interested in the micro four thirds standard but they will wait before making any decision of joining the adventure. They are focusing now on the new M9 (and of course the S2 system).
We have some doubts concerning their plans with the R-System. We know they want create a new R-System which in fact is a cheaper M-system. But we don’t know if that R-System will use the micro four thirds standard or not. We will see…

(FT 4) All four Olympus prime lenses!


I finally have the probable focal lenths of all four primes. These are all Olympus Zuiko four thirds lenses. They could be released at the end of the year, but I dont have any explicit information on their release date.

In short Olympus plans to release the following lenses:

1) 100mm macro

2) 14mm (f2.0?)

3) 25mm(f2.0?)

4) 35mm(f2.0?)

These lenses are highly desired by Olympus DSLR owners. Primes are very attractive because normally they are very high quality, big aperture lenses which are more portable than zooms. I am still hoping Olympus could surprise us and release these lenses with faster apertures (maybe the 35mm will be f1.4?). Do YOU have any suggestions for Olympus? I’m sure they know our blog very well. So please, comment and tell them what you want!

Me first,

25mm 1.4


35mm 1.4


Feel free to share this information in your blogs and forums but it would be nice if you post a link to our article. Thank you!

UPDATE: I (Alejandro) want to share you some feelings. A friend of mine who works as photographer for a BIG agency had the chance to try out some new unknown Nikon lenses. He told me he don’t know which kind of lenses Nikon will effectively release on market. That story should remind you that may Olympus has some options in his hands. And MAY they will choose to get faster with the lenses. I am relatively sure that the focal lenght we gave you should be the right one. But like you I hope (and see a good chance) that Olympus can make this lens faster than we expect.

Some unanswered questions over the Olympus micro four thirds camera

We receive daily emails from 43rumors readers asking us very interesting questions regarding shutter, EVF and other possible characteristics of the Olympus micro four thirds camera. We are trying hard to get this info from our sources. But sometimes they do not answer and sometimes they don’t want to answer. So a message for everyone, if we get answers we will post here on 43rumors. So keep asking qeustions, but don’t blame us if we don’t get answers.