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(FT5) Updated-> Attachable EVF for your PEN to be released in autumn!

This image shows the E-P1 with the Ricoh EVF (photoshopped)

This image shows the E-P1 with the Ricoh EVF (photoshopped).


Chasseur d’image knows that the E-P2 should be released before the end of the year and it will have an electronic viewfinder. A japanese website claims to know that the EVF will be external (like the one from Panasonic) and the E-P2 should come all in black.

P.s.: always shows the E-P1 + 17mm lens as NOT in stock….but G.C. today received exactly this combination from So if you want it get it here (Silver Olympus PEN E-P1 with 17mm f/2.8 Lens and Viewfinder). May you will be lucky enough to receive the combo soon.

  • Where/how will this EVF connect? Are the contacts already in place on the existing camera body? If they are not, it would suggest strongly that the rumor (or at least the illustration accompanying it) is dubious.

    If true, this will go a long way toward making the E-P 1 useful as well as stylish… although the illustration suggests that you’ll still have to choose between EVF or flash, but not both…

  • I think you’re being tricked by your sources here. The hotshoe on the E-P1 is just the standard hotshoe that’s been on all the E-system cameras since the beginning. What you saying is that theoretically this EVF to be released in a couple of months could be used with the over 3 years old E-330. (probably firmware update required)

  • yoshitoshi

    I’m sure this was something they planned on during manufacturing. Great news, I’ve been impressed with the camera so far.

  • Well, this is interesting. I’m impressed you’ve saying “100% sure.” I share Ranger 9’s skepticism. This is something I would definitely buy. But between Panasonic and Olympus being almost incapable of supplying the demand for their products, who knows when this would be available even if they did announce it. Hmpf.

  • fotomik

    I’ve tried and tried, and can’t find a picture ANYWHERE on the internet where I could see the contacts for an external EVF. Only the ones needed by the flash, and nothing else. And the contacts for the flash sure don’t work for no EVF…
    This would have to have a wire going to the USB/HDMI-ports, and they are on the right-hand-side, which would make taking pictures sort of… awkward.

    I’m sorry, was “FT5” supposed to mean a sure thing? You have dropped the ball on this one big time, sir.

    • admin

      Dear readers. Sorry, I havn’t been clear enough. I do not know how exactly the EVF will be electronically connected to the E-P1. I am trying to get more info over this. The FT5 value referrs to the fact that the EVF will be unveiled in October. I removed the image until I know how exactly the EVF will look and work together with the E-P1.

      Fotomik The EVF is coming. You want to take a bet with me? ;)

  • popo

    Electrically speaking, they could reuse the flash contacts. Detect if anything is connected at all, and then if so, is it a flash or viewfinder, then send the appropriate signals. It doesn’t mean earlier bodies could benefit also, but certainly if they put the required connections in place there’s no reason they couldn’t reuse the flash contacts. Lack of simultaneous flash ability might hinder some though.

  • fotomik

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d sure like to be wrong on this one! Let’s just hope it ain’t gonna be as ugly as the Ricoh-one…

    And if you ever visit Finland, or I visit your country (where ARE you anyway?) beers WILL be bought.

    • admin

      Fotomik I love Finland and I am not that far away from you ;)

  • Carl

    Interesting news. I’m not a big fan of EVF since it doesn’t work in low light anyway (too grainy, eventually becomes just noise) but if it’s reasonably priced ($150 tops which I doubt) I’d pick one up.

    What’s more interesting is why this wasn’t announced with the rest of the system? Was it that they didn’t know if they could actually do it or not?

  • Sjoerd

    Well, this would make my E-P1 from very very good to perfect..

  • Thyl Engelhardt

    There has been a discussion recently (dpreview?) that the hardware of the E-P1 might be able to transmit the required display data via the hotshoe; so it would merely be a question of programming it. This is however only speculation, and might not inevitably apply to the other 4/3 bodies alike, which might well have a different hardware.

    Alternatively, the EVF could also be fed via the HDMI or Composite connectors, though the cables would make it a bit impractical.

    Or, “electronic” might here mean an electronically controlled optical viewfinder.

  • shep

    This shows the potential of m4/3. We are only at the beginning.
    Me, I’ll be going for the rumored “EP-2” in December, with built-in EVF.

  • pasha

    if the camera supports TTL flash (which im pretty sure it does) then all the necessary data (zoom value, aperture and the rest) will be transmitted, so the only data needed would be the video output from the sensor :)
    From the photos, both 4/3 and m4/3 cameras seem to have the same output pins.Maybe some pins have different functionalities for flash and for EVF. Just thinkin out loud….:)

  • I would believe what Thyl mentions: and electronically controlled optical viewfinder. The hotshoe contacts already send focal length data to an external flash so no change would be required to attach an optical viewfinder that would be capable of zooming. Transmitting EVF data through those contacts just does not seem feasable though.

  • Considering size of Panasonic LCoS electronic viewfinder and rumored Olympus EVF I cannot expect image quality of this one up to Panasonic standard. However, this is great news for legacy lens users, but for others the optical system is better for its simplicity and clarity.
    Anyway if Alejandro is 100% sure then EVF is coming ;)

  • Carlos

    I was one of those who choose the G1 over the EP-1, specially because of the EVFs lacking….If they come up with it, its a shame that they didnt announced previously, why?

  • Charles

    Complete and utter bullshit. There isn’t an EVF coming for the E-P1.

    • admin

      How do you know that?

  • Troy

    Charles – if you say it’s bullshit, please share – why do you think this is not happening. I think it is possible to implement either the EVF, or, as Utopium theorized, an optical finder with zoom.

    Also, if you look at past FT5 rumors, they’ve been pretty much on the money.

    This would be a perfect marketing ploy for Olympus – just as the new Panasonic comes out, with an EVF, Olympus sells their own to existing EP1 owners so that they don’t jump ship to Panasonic. With both EVF and in body IS, I think the EP1 might be able to trump the new Panny m43.

  • Charles, ok, you “dropped a bomb”
    now can you stand behind it or is it just a childish blur?

  • mongo

    This is an obvious fake, the photoshop is based on the Casio EVF. There are no contacts on the EP1 hotshoe that would or could output this information. Please do at least some checking before publishing complete rubbish.

  • Laurent

    I can’t really imagine a way to connect an hot-shoe mounted EVF to any of the ports (USB or HDMI) present on the E-P1 since they chose to put them on the right side of the camera… wouldn’t have they chose to put them on the left side if they were supposed to plug in an EVF later?

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