Sigma CEO: “M4/3 is a great system if you need compactness”

Sigma CEO Yamaki did express his love for the MFT system when Dpreviw asked him if the MFT will “be reduced” now that Panasonic joined the L-mount:

I don’t know, and I might not be the best person to comment, but I’ve seen many journalists using M4/3 system cameras here in Photokina. In my opinion, M4/3 is a great system if you need compactness.

We have a Big Fan :)

Panasonic S1R and S1 news and hands-on roundup!

Panasonic S1R and the Sony A7III (image by Optyczne).

This is a roundup post of all latest Panasonic Full Frame camera news posted on

1) Ted Forbes and Matt Granger talk about the new L-mount alliance (
2) Interview with Panasonic: “these cameras will have the best possible codec for video recording” (
3) Sigma announce the L-mount plan: FF Foveon camera and lenses to be released in 2019! (
4) Leica, Sigma and Panasonic L-mount partnership officially announced! (
5) Real world pictures of the new Panasonic S1R and hands-on reports (

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