Best Entry-Level Cameras for Travel, Street, and Everyday Photography

Rachel from Explora (Click here) tested Best Entry-Level Cameras for Travel, Street, and Everyday Photography. She did choose the E-M10IV for the following reason:

Overall, the E-M10 Mark IV is astonishingly versatile. It can be small and light when outfitted with a compact pancake lens or it can be beefed up with a telephoto lens. It’s attractive to professionals and beginners alike. It even helps new shooters understand the different settings by providing little descriptions that pop up as you scroll through the menu. This is useful for anyone looking for an entry-level mirrorless camera that will help you learn as you go.
This delightful little camera goes toe-to-toe against many of its competitors―a stunning accomplishment, given its low price. So, if you’re looking for a simple, versatile, and inexpensive camera with lots of interchangeable lenses, then this might be the right choice for you.

Birds in Flight With OM 1 And Culling Workflow by Daniel J. Cox

Daniel writes:

This video walks you through setting up the Olympus OM-1 for Birds in Flight. I’ll show you the best settings for this camera to capture fast-moving birds like the Atlantic Puffin. Once we get the images, I’ll show you the culling process using Mylio Photos for selecting the best images and marking the frames that are out of focus or poorly composed.