Amateur Photographer reviews the OM-1 – Is the Wow justified?

Amateur Photographer reviewed the OM-1 and concluded:

As with my wildlife work in generally, serious time put in pays off. I have really stretched the Olympus OM-1 in the last few months. But is the ‘Wow’ hype justified? With a couple of caveats, I would say yes. We do need faster card slots and I hope the next firmware gives us proper ‘Animal’ subject detection. However, I can absolutely see from the early results, that this body and the superb PRO glass to go with it, will take me on my next steps as a wildlife photographer.
Finally, there is a word ‘kokoro’ in Japan that can mean spirit and heart. Artisans and makers have often talked about how their best work carries some essence of themselves. I have had the feeling since I moved to Olympus from full frame in 2018, that the cameras actually conspire with you to take good photos. If they had a spirit, it is almost puppyish and eager to please. The OM-1 carries on that tradition, of faithful outdoor companion who will never abandon you or let you down.

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