Olympus G. Zuiko 40mm f/1.4 AUTO-S (PEN-F) Review by ePhotozine

ePhotozine published this curious Olympus G. Zuiko 40mm f/1.4 AUTO-S (PEN-F) Review. The verdict:

Whilst the lens is very pleasurable to use, in a technical sense the results are not particularly exciting. However, as always, if we are exploring a different, vintage look for our images then maybe this could be just the optic to make that difference and let our shots stand out. It’s all about creativity, and after all, we don’t buy, say, a Lensbaby to take pictures of test charts.

Hopefully, we can now see what the potential might be, and if this is available at the right price then any individual photographer will know what they are buying and exactly why they are buying it.

Of course this lens is available used on eBay only.

Olympus classic cameras: O-Product and Stylus Epic


We have two new reviews of classic Olympus film cameras

Allan Weitz (Click here) tested the O-Product:

Technologically, the O-Product is bare-bones as it gets. The lens is a fixed 35mm f/3.5 semi wide-angle lens with an 80s-vintage center-weighted autofocus system. The auto-exposure system offers zero overrides, and it comes with a detachable “potato-masher” style flashgun for indoor and low-light shooting.

Even if your sense of humor is buried deep within you, there’s no way you can pick up an O-Product and not crack a smile. Better yet, when you aim the camera at somebody, the camera invariably brings a smile to your subject’s face simply because unlike black-clad, Darth Vader-like DSLRs, the O-Product is not at all threatening when aimed one’s way.

Bjorn Petersen (Click here) tested the Stylus Epic:

What originally drew me to is, back then, was the reputation of the 35mm f/2.8 lens. “It has legendary sharpness,” I was told. That, and friends talked about how quick it was to use, how it was weather sealed, and how well the flash worked. I had to have it, if just to contrast the slow-moving medium format systems in which I was invested.

Unfair comparison: E-M1X High Resolution images versus the $10,000 Fuji GFX images

I was curious to see how well the E-M1X high resolution images perform against the new $10,000 Fuji GFX. And here is the answer given to use by the Dpreview Studio Scene Tool:

Of course there is a big difference…but I would say this isn’t a bad performance from the Olympus if you consider the Olympus costs 66% less :)

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