Despite all the hype the iPhone 14 still cannot beat the Panasonic GF1 image quality!

Dimitris Katsafouros compared the two cameras:

New iPhone, new comparison test with the aging micro four thirds camera, the Panasonic GF1! By now this has become a tradition! At least for this channel! Will the new iPhone 14 Pro manage to beat this 13 year old camera? Let’s find out!

Despite all the hype recent hype about smartphone cameras matching the quality of classic photo cameras, the GF1 still beats the new iPhone in most aspects! You can’t cheat physics :)

Funny fact: You can still buy the Panasonic GF1 on Amazon :)

New NiSi 9mm reviews

Nisi 9mm f/2.8 APS-C E-mount lens (USA preorder here / worldwide preorder here).

Phillip Reeve tested the lens and concluded:

Bad flare resistance can be a real deal breaker for a landscape lens as it has the potential to completely ruin your shots. Unfortunately many of the lenses from “new” manufacturers struggle a lot in this category, so I am really delighted to be able to list flare resistance in the “good” column here, which only rarely happens. Maybe NiSi has an advantage here by using the knowledge on coatings and light baffles they gathered making filters and filter holders before.

Now if you settled on the APS-C format to be able to use a smaller camera with smaller lenses you may very well be disappointed by the size of this lens, especially compared to the Laowa 9mm 2.8 APS-C. In terms of optical performance I do prefer the NiSi lens here though, especially because of its great flare resistance. So ultimately it is up to you, what is more important to you here.

You see it from the table, the good list is long, the not good list is short and there aren’t really things on it that will really get in the way, so what else is there left to say?