The LUMIX S1, GH5S, and GH5 | The Best B-Cameras For The Panasonic EVA-1?

Filmmaker Sam Thomson shares his thoughts on finding the perfect B-camera for his main camera, the Panasonic EVA-1. In this video, Sam compares the LUMIX S1, the GH5S, and the GH5 as likely contenders. Although V-Log isn’t currently available for the LUMIX S1 as of yet, a picture profile all these cameras share is Hybrid Log Gamma,. so Sam also takes a look at how easy these cameras are to match using this HDR profile.

Micro Four Thirds with Canon FD lenses

Craig Prentis:

In this video, I’m using my Panasonic G9 micro four thirds camera with Canon FD lenses. I show you my set up and the adapter I use to mount these older manual lenses to my modern digital camera.

Canon FD lenses have always been known for their high quality. The manual focus is beautifully smooth and they are quite affordable in the used market compared to today’s modern auto focus equivalents. I really like using them on both my Canon F1 film camera and adapted onto my G9 when I want to shoot digital.

This is my trip out to a local wildflower meadow where the wild orchids were abundant and in full bloom.

Check out the Canon FD lenses on sale on eBay (Click here).

Panasonic GH5 – Still good in 2019?

Albert Fast:

A video about the Panasonic GH5 was inevitable. It only took me what, about 2 years? :) Is the Panasonic GH5 still a good camera in 2019? Let’s find out together! I hope you’ll enjoy the video!

5 Reasons to Choose Micro 4/3 over Full Frame

Tom Ryan:

Here are the 5 best reasons that I came up with to choose a micro 4/3 camera over a full frame camera. Hopefully you guys understand and don’t unsubscribe just from the title. This video does NOT claim that micro 4/3 cameras are better than full frame, it’s simply a video listing off 5 reasons why a micro 4/3 camera might be better for you (as it is for me.)