New Panasonic 10-25mm f/1.7 tests

Preorders: 10-25mm lens on BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon and FocusCamera.

ePhotozine posted their full review of this lens:

There is a lot to like about this lens. The fast maximum aperture is great for low light applications and for improving the ability to throw the background out of focus on the small MFT format. The constant f/1.7 aperture maintains these advantages right through the zoom range. In theory, it also would make calculations for manual flash simpler, but probably these days that is a relatively minor advantage for most of us. Focusing is virtually instantaneous and very, very accurate. The lens hood is too easy to release, but once aware we can watch for that.

Of course, the icing on the cake is the quality of the results, with the one exception of a possibility of flare. Overall though, a superb bit of kit and a lovely lens to complement the MFT system.

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Panasonic Leica 10-25mm f/1.7 In-Depth Review by Richard Wong

Preorders: 10-25mm lens on BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon and FocusCamera.

Richard Wong published the full 10-25mm f/1.7 lens review. Quick summary of the lens:

– Overall awesome picture quality even when compared to the Leica prime lenses

– The ultimate lens for a lot of videographers?

– It’s big and expensive, but not really big and expensive if you consider what it actually replaced in your camera bag

– Apart from lack of OIS, it could be a good vlogging lens too 

– Great lens for astro photography too

Laowa 4mm f/2.8 MFT lens tested by Xitek

The very first test of this 360 degree lens has been published on Xitek. The chinese reviewer was very happy with this lens because it’s “fun” and very “small and light”. They posted a bunch of full size image samples on their website.

Olympus OM-D E-M1 III Firmware 3.0 Reviews

Here are new reviews of the new OM-D E-M1 III Firmware 3.0:

Mirrorlesscomparison writes:

Firmware 3.0 doesn’t produce any miracles but brings a welcome improvement to the AF performance. It doesn’t make the camera better than the E-M1X or the competition, but it does make it more reliable than before for birds in flight. Given the competitive price and compact size, the E-M1 II remains a valuable option after more than two years since its release. And that is a very good thing.