The new design so far…

It is gone quickly today. We found the theme we were looking for. Thanks your donations and clicks on advertising we had the money to spend the 75$ for the theme. Our main goal is to make a more enjoiable website with less confusing advertising presence.

The list of changes includes:

1) Comments and most popular posts should become more importance

2) Every post on the main page shows you the last comment.

3) US, UK, german and soon french and canadian people will see amazon (and may other companies) direct link to the most interesting products. It is by far better than the adsense banner. We get 5% commission for every product you buy after clicking the banner (coul be even a book!). If you are occasionally amazon buyer and you may like our ob you can buy EVERYTHING by simply clicking over the product or over the amazon logo.

All other people will see the adsense banner instead.

4) We added a live-chat. We will try it ou, just for fun :)

5) We cutted the stupid google search option. Now you can use a normal search tool.

This is just the beginning. We have a looooong list!!!

(UPDATED) We need your screenshots!

UPDATE: People from the uk should see an amazon UK widget, US people the same from amazon US, than we have the german widget for German readers. Every other country should see a “normal” adsense banner”. Is it correct? Thanks!


Dear readers. We are still working on the new design. We need to know if the language checker does his job. Could you send us screenshots from US, UK, Germany, Canada, Spain, France and seomwhere else?

Please send it to


May 6th: “ocean”


© All the rights are reserved. Downloading or copying are strictly forbidden! If you want to use this picture please contact the author.

Title ocean
Author Stefan
Camera Olympus Stylus 790 SW
Text none
Homepage none

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