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“Nippon Camera” speculation for 2013: 7 new MFT and FT cameras to come.


“Nippon Camera” published their camera roadmap guess for 2013. It’s based on a mix of existing rumors and their own speculations. This is what they write about Panasonic and Olympus:
Olympus: E-P5 in April. E-M7 and E-7 in August.
Panasonic: GF7 in March, G7 in August, GX2 and GH5 by end of the year.

I think they may be right on the Olympus roadmap (and that wasn’t really a big secret). And also the Panasonic roadmap isn’t far away from what we already heard.

via Canonwatch, via Pentaxforums.

  • Johnny Unitas

    I’m assuming there’s no “GH4” because the number 4 is considered unlucky in Japan? Either that or I’m blind…

    • admin


      • NFT

        why very quick release GH5
        ,GH3 had problem?? or new tech such as new sensor!!!

        • Mark

          *If* a new GH model comes out this year, it will probably be a “GH3a”. i.e. a GH3 with focus peaking, zebras, and multi-aspect sensor.

          • If there is an upgrade to GH3 this year (which seems unlikely) my guess is that it will be a major update rather than a simple refresh. I suspect a successor to the GH3 may be in line to implement Panasonic’s Micro-P2 AVC-Ultra codec. They announced the development at NAB 2012 and have yet to follow through with a product that utilizes it. Dare we hope for an AF-200?

    • Rchard


      • yeah, and see what happened – OM died ;)

        • nobody

          That doesn’t bode well for Nikon with their D4… :-)

          • well. we’ll have to wait a couple of years then ;)

    • digifan

      Only, if the 4 is in the front!!!!!!!!!!
      Figures STARTING with 4!!!!!

    • caver3d

      I knew Johnny Unitas, and you’re no Johnny Unitas.

    • narutogrey

      4 is not always unlucky. It depends on what numbers or words are right next to it. For example, 84 means “filthy rich”, 54 means “no death”, 43 means “immortal”, etc. That is why you still see the number 4 is many places.

      • So, 44 means “deadly death”? I guess we won’t be seeing an OM-44! :-P

  • Anonymous

    E-M7 & E-7 at roughly the same time, that will be interesting to see which way sales go.

    • Narretz

      E-7 is a sad sign that Oly still won’t have a solution for making 43 lenses work like native on m43. Sad sad sad.

      • Not necessarily.
        It could also be for catering the bigger SHGs w/ a native sturdier mount and a bigger body for better handling, for those that prefer that, or have no interest in expanding their (often substantial) native 4/3 system into m4/3 also. Such a body does not exclude full PDAF support in the EM-7 as well.

        • exactly, the “inner life” of an E-M7 in an E-5 shell. It could still be a native µFT after all if the support for FT-lenses ist alredy there.

          • Anonymous

            Yes it could be an E-M7 internaly, but an E-5 body could never be ‘native’ u43 due to it’s longer back focus, to provide a shorter back focus to accomodate u43 lenses would defeat the objective of producing a body for the 43 glass ware. However the idea of producing two different bodies is attractive, though hardly cost effective, unless existing bodies could be adapted to house the u43 innards or vice versa.

            • Please use the correct term “flange back distance” instead of “back focus”.
              The latter is a problem, the former is a fact. ;)

            • Well, just imagine the E-5 with a flange back of 20mm. It’s heavy und large as a E-5, but it cas host both µFT and also FT via an adapter. This is for sure not more expensive than making a “real” DSLR with prism and mirror + mechanics (which cost a lot)

      • If Olympus come by an M43 camera for SHG lens so will i be very SAD :-(.
        We need an solid photography tool on 800-900g, like an E-7 will be.

      • cdoorider

        Not so sure about that, the EM7 may well focus native 43 just fine but some still like/need an OVF. I for one will buy both, I always have two cams for weddings and the EM7 will give me access to the m43 primes which will be a nice addtion.

        I’m also thinking some dual system shooters just might be interested if the EM7 will focus 43 glass well. Time will tell and lucky me my birthdays in Aug so time to start softening the wife up. :-)

  • Narretz

    GH5? Unlikely. I even find the G5 unlikely, but that’s just me. But August sounds better for the G5, because it will be available 1-2 later anyway.

  • Cheetos Ortiz

    Waiting for E-M7 to come out so the E-M5 will come down in price a little bit, like in the $600 price range. I think that is a good price for the body.

    • i would like to buy buy emd5 but it doesnt have focusing option while shooting movie

    • Twaddler Belafonte

      Me too. Once that hot mama is down to $600-700 it’s as good as in my pocket.

  • buongustaio

    really? after so little time they’re already launching a new gh model?
    darn i was planning to buy me a gh3 around may-june, but it looks like a foolish choice now :(

    • digifan

      It’s RUMOURS!!!!!

  • KI

    Guys… – don’t take this so serious. It’s just wild guessing.

    • Edgar

      You really think a popular Japanese camera magazine wouldn’t have better rumor sources for Japanese camera manufacturers than a free to access American blog?

  • Philip Broom

    Fark! A GH5 already???? WTF???

  • Ulli

    cameras are like computers, many people want to have the newest always.

    • buongustaio

      no, but buying a camera at full tag (and yet quite hard to find in stock) when 3 months later they are launching its successor… it wouldn’t click too smart to my ears :)

  • fl00d

    oh ffs – Just call it the GH4 already and demonstrate what a load of superstitious bollocks the ‘4’ thing is. Someone remind me which century we live in again?

    • George White

      Most of Panasonic sales is in Asia. It makes sense to please your reference market, even if we do think it’s foolish. It doesn’t bother me that the 4 is skipped and it won’t hurt the sales for sure. On the other hand, the 4 might hurt sales, so why risk it? I’d do the same thing.

    • 4Four

      to FlOOd who wrote: “oh ffs – Just call it the GH4 already and demonstrate what a load of superstitious bollocks the ’4′ thing is. Someone remind me which century we live in again?”

      You might be right, I also know a country where they are still selling weapons of mass destruction in the street like the good old time of gold rush and indian tribes genocide. They also keep “in god we trust” on their green bill which is laughable for people from other free minded developped countries.
      To cure your ignorance, In asia, they dont like number 4 as 4 is pronounced the same way as “death” in Chinese. What is your camera? I have the new GH Death. By the way, Nikon didn;t mind that much when they launched the D4, but I dont think they were hoping too much sale in China, anyway. Chinese prefer Canon.

      • Timccr

        Cool! I want a GHDeath.

      • 4 is fine

        In China they call our camera system m5/3.

      • I think you’re confusing Chinese and Japanese numeral readings.

        • 4Four

          Not at all. I am living in Asia since 17 years, 6 in Japan and 8 in China and 3 in Taiwan. i am fluent in Chinese and I didn’t lose my Japanese yet. 4 = Si in Chinese.
          Japanese was just a dialect, before they adapted Chinese character for writing. There is 3 different ways to pronounce each Japanese character, and one of this way is very close to Chinese. The unease with number 4 is shared as well.

          • caver3d

            Since when is Japanese just a “dialect” of Chinese? That is nonsense.

            • 4Four

              Japanese was a non written language (= which means a dialect, not a Chinese dialect, but a dialect on its own) before they started to use Chinese character (tought by Chinese Sensei), but as their grammar and logic are totally different, they had to develop 2 other alphabets to be able to write down it completely: hiragana and katagana. In Japan, they will never teach you that (national pride). Korea and Vietnam were also using Chinese character before to switch to something else. All asia got influenced by 4000 years old Chinese culture and mind. Wikipedia is great to navigate on the surface of knowledge, but there is published research and real encyclopedia to dig deeper as soon as you want to learn seriously about something.

          • OneEyed

            Luckily, we have google and wikipedia. “Japanese has no genealogical relationship with Chinese, but it makes extensive use of Chinese characters, or kanji, in its writing system, and a large portion of its vocabulary is borrowed from Chinese.”


            What we really need are interchangeable SENSOR cameras, obviously, with variable flange focal distances. The EM-444. And interchangeable LOGOs should help assuage the fanboys of various stripes. The GH-444 (Out of stock).

      • lorenzino

        You are basically right but in one thing: Panasonic cameras are designed primarily for the Japanese market, nor for the Chinese one, although they have a market there as well. So the number 4, pronounced “shi”, is completely a Japanese problem. Japanese people are, indeed, quite superstitious. OTOH, I want to point out that in many western airplanes or hotels there is not seat “13” or (in Italy) “17”.
        Indeed, people are stupid, such is life…

  • Uncle_Pix

    I hope the GH5 will have a smaller size again. But I think, my wishes will not come true, because everybody thinks: Big = Pro.

  • You don’t need an extraordinary imagination to realize that “E-M7” and “E-7” are the same camera.
    Also, it will be a year too early for a GH5.

  • nobody

    The E-M5 still sells for close to the original MSRP. Why would Olympus announce a successor so soon? Doesn’t make much sense.

  • Es

    GH5 a year after GH3 isn’t gonna happen.

    • caver3d

      As usual, Pany still can’t get enough GH3s into the supply chains. No way is a GH5 coming out a year from now.

  • Yun

    GH again within end of the year ? So rush !
    GX is reasonable cause the last model released in 2011 Christmas time . It must equipped with that revolution sensor in order for me to upgrade .
    The EM7 & E7 are interesting too .
    2013 looks a better year than 2012 if rumours from Nippon are correct !

    • <"2013 looks a better year than 2012 if rumours from Nippon are correct!"

      2012 was almost revolutionary for m4/3 with the introductions of high quality sensor(s), weather sealing, more efficient IBIS and a few high grade lenses. 2013 looks rather poor in comparison even if this projection is accurate. It will probably see an RF-inspired model from each manufacturer and perhaps an implementation of PDAF. A nice crop, but nothing ground shattering.

      • “2013 looks rather poor in comparison even if this projection is accurate. It will probably see an RF-inspired model from each manufacturer and perhaps an implementation of PDAF. A nice crop, but nothing ground shattering.”

        Well, if so, that’s not bad at all!
        An RF m4/3 will the first one ever (be it Pana or Oly), and PDAF i s BIG thing for all those who have HG/SHG Zuikos. So in principle this is just as big (as least) as technical innards alone, because RF + PDAF affects both shooting styles and utilization of former R&D and lens lineups, which again affects a lot of users, maybe more that what an added technical feature can do alone.

  • Boooo!

    Mrs. learned about my secret “E-7 fund” and we had to buy new furniture instead :/ Any ideas how to hide money properly next time?

    • Liad

      I think that instead of a new E7 you can buy a new spine , this way you won’t have to hide money for whatever reason …
      So sad

    • you better send it to me next time because cant imagine she would find it here.

    • Dave Lively

      I was always amazed how my wife could give me a hard time about buying a $1000 toy and then announce we “needed” to spend the same amount on a new refrigerator because the perfectly fine one we had was the wrong color. I made some comment about women never outgrowing wanting to decorate doll houses instead of agreeing to buy the refrigerator. The divorce was about 3 months later. YMMV

      • Boooo!

        And that’s why we bought the furniture.

      • Oh dear.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Sounds like you’re better off.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Let your mistress hang onto it. Hopefully she has a better grip. ;-)

    • Stuff them into the new sofa! :-D

  • Beautemps

    EM-7 and E-7 is somehow crazy. I expected a mirrorlessm43 with an adapter-solution. May be there is a package with adapter simply called “E-7”. It is marketing in the same way as “limited editions” in black or retro-lenshoods.

    • Mike

      Why? EM is “mini”, E is DSLR-sized like the GH3.

      • Harry-rey

        I think it is insane for a company whose imaging department is losing money year after year , in fact losses doubled this year. Despite,according to mad fan boys the E-M5 “saved” Olympus , which is clearly nonsense. To waste money developing an E-7 {if this is am FT body as the name implies} for a miniscule market.Even at its peak FT was a bit player now the number of FT users who have either moved to mFT or to Nikon/Canon leaves the “system” making up in all likelihood well under 1% .With only one camera in the range the FT system doesn’t even sell enough to register in the sales figures {maybe, demand for a 5 yr old sensor is not too high}

        The E-5 launched at $1700 { this for what was basically an E-3 with a new LCD and 12mp sensor from the E-30/E-620}.Assuming,that Olympus has to design a completely new body to accommodate the latest 5 axis IS , along with better LCD ,better video etc. The price would have to be at least as high. Remember the truth is that Olympus have been losing money in the camera division for a long time that’s what the huge fraud was about. So their financial problems go back well before mFT .The only option that makes sense would be a high end mFT body with an adapter that allows for full use of FT lenses.Launching a high end body for a system with a miniscule user base makes zero sense unless they are going down the Leica pricing road.

        • You’re absolutely right. I think that the magazine based this projection on Oly’s recently-stated commitment to keep supporting 4/3. There is clearly more than one way to interpret this statement. Nippon must have missed the subtle nuances picked by DSLR magazine and others.

        • Why is point for Olympus develop wheel on new, for me is E-3 and E-5 nice, i tink not E-7 need be difference from them.

  • nobody

    Those guys are just guessing. And, IMO, it’s not a very educated guess.

  • Anonymous

    The trouble wt. Japanese companies is that even if they might have young designers and engineers their chief executives always seem on the verge of retirement.

    Therefore there might be a lobby, as hinted before, that still considers dSLR their top tier. But isn’t it wasted money in the face of continued C & N predominance?

    Also, the newspaper fails to mention the Chinese Kodak introductions. That is interesting, as they should be cheap and connected, and therefore in direct competition with iPhones.

  • Miroslav

    There’s no way GH5 will be out this year, it took them two to replace the GH2. And what happened to E-M6, E-6, GF6 and G6? Is six an unlucky number as well?

    • With the Olympus 4/3 pro series, they appear to be skipping even numbers (using E-1, E-3, E-5).

  • Ivo Brito

    If this is true, do you see the possibility of a price drop on the GH3 this July/August??

    • Beautemps

      I see…wait its a little bit foggy…yes, Price about 500,- $ Body only.

      • IB

        Thank you so much, I will save $500 till summer.
        Oh poor me to ask questions like this, apparently now one like price drops!

        • IB

          *No one

  • true homer

    oh dear lord…its as if people really cant read. SPECULATION

  • Luda

    Look for info and data about Sony’s new 20,1 MP sensor as it might appear in pro-OM-D.
    The camera has been tested with it…

    • Would you care to elaborate?

    • Huh?
      Do you mean the sensor from the Sony RX100?
      If so, that’s a 1″-type Exmor CMOS sensor (13.2 x 8.8mm, 3:2 aspect ratio),
      so how can that apply to a m4/3 OMD Pro?
      Or is there any other Sony 20.1 m4/3 format sensor around that I’ve missed..?

      • I think he means the sensor from the new SLT-a58, which is APS-C.

        • Luda

          Yes, that one. Size is not proper for the m4/3 mount (it is APS-C) but the results migh be interesting as that generation of sensor was used in pro-OM-D prototype.

  • What sort of track record does Nippon Camera have with it’s speculations?

    • Narretz

      Statistician! I like the way you think.

  • sneye


  • Umm

    commonsense people, commonsense.

  • ZOID

    I bet the OMD will be replaced this fall, as I can’t imagine them selling too many right now, at full price or near. The smart thing to do would be to lower the price a few hundred and sell them off, but I’ve never accused Olympus of being smart.

    Panasonic has the edge with the same sensor, silent shutter, and movie mode, right now, but Olympus seems to be pretending not to notice and hoping no one else does, but I do.

    I doubt the GH3 will be replaced, unless they have a break through new sensor and they want to hold the lead with the best all around camera.

    I think a rangefinder would sell very well and I can’t figure out why no one has done a m4/3 version yet.

    • The E-M5 is currently the most lusted after mirrorless camera in my country. The GH3 is externally too similar to a DSLR to stir much interest among stills shooters. Curiously, enthusiasts are more concerned with the GH3 than with the E-M5 when it comes to sensor size. I get the impression that the GH3 attracts younger people who tend to use zoom lenses while E-M5 users tend to be middle-aged gits and prefer to use primes.

      • Sounds like there are a few premises you take for granted and passes as arguments in there.
        Are “still shooters” really that obsessed with form factor? I am not talking about this forum. This is of course assuming a seizable definition of what is a “still shooter”. You would have to explain why C&N are still doing fine and why bridges cameras can be seen way more often than m43, at least here in North America. Whatever the reason why EM5 is doing better than GH3, I believe the reason(s) lies elsewhere.

        Obsession over GH3’s sensor size can be explained first and before all by GH1 and GH2’s actual over-sized sensor. A feature was removed. For similar reasons, I can read more Olympus users making a big deal about IBIS. Either way, I’d be careful about suggesting any conclusions on age groups from that.

        Speaking of which, that “younger crowd uses zooms, middle aged crowd prefers primes” simplification, I won’t comment…

        Simply put, regardless of age, form factor, look and size, anyone that tends to use buttons while having his eye stuck in the view finders (more common among older “still shooters” for whatever my unscientific survey is worth) the GH3 is the better choice of the two. Period. Does it makes the EM5 less desirable? Absolutely not. It all boils down to personal taste and preference. it is a remarkable camera and Olympus did a fine promotional job too.

        • hjuyop

          Though I have read that as you say the GH2 had an oversized sensor, I have never seen it size dimensions stated as anything other than the normal mFT sized sensor, I actually suspect that it was just a higher MP sensor, with the various crop factors simply fitting within the MP dimensions

      • Mr. Reeee

        The GH3 and OMD are very different cameras on many levels, with nearly identical IQ. To say one is better for stills, while the other isn’t makes no sense.

        I shoot stills and find the ergonomics, fully articulated display and plethora of dedicated physical controls of the GH3 FAR superior to the cramped button arrangement and undersized, angular body of the OMD. Sure the GH3 is a bit bigger, but adding a $300 grip to make the OMD easier to handle is a poor, expensive solution for a design compromised by slavishly copying a 1970s SLR, rather than rethinking and improving upon one.

        • I was commenting on perceptions, not on the cameras themselves. I have never used one of them, so can’t compare.
          Anyway, the point is the GH3 is more likely to be compared to a Canon or Nikon DSLR than other mirrorless cameras are. IMO its design does not do Panasonic any favors.

          • Milt

            Mr. Reese: You seem to be making more and more sense these days. Find your posts interesting and valuable here and elsewhere. And I agree with you. Where Panasonic has created a two body M4/3rd system, large and small, Olympus has created a compromise that is neither pocketable like the GX1 (and hopefully its succesor with the GH3 sensor), nor has the ergonomics and features of the GH3. In fact the EM-5 with grip is 78 grams heavier than the GH3, and with it off cannot be put in a pocket because of the hump and other protrusions.

        • Hifinut

          I agreed that the GH3 and OMD have almost identical IQ. I also agreed that the GH3 has better ergonomics but definitely not FAR superior that OMD. OMD with the extrnal grip comes up to the same price as GH3. How so is an expensive solution? I actually like the modular grip of the OMD. I put on the grip if I use a large zoom lens but at night I usually like to scale down the OMD with only primes. Of cause this is only my preference.

  • Anonymous

    LOL the GH3 is a travesty of a dSLR, a camera for those with no imagination, and with midbrow taste.

    A camera for those holier than thous types that smile down on us from their icons, like Holliwood stars.

    A camera for boffins, who couldn’ t make use of imagination, even if you gave them one. :)

    • You mean that its not a camera to shoot photos?

      • Anonymous

        Nowadays you can shoot photos even wt. your *ss. Try.

        • Philip Broom

          Anon, what a jerkoff

    • hjuyop

      Anonymous .You sound like a certain Italian poster here lol he is also a dick

  • Anonymous

    Well now, the OMD could have been a great camera, had they not tried to make it so you had to add stuff to it just to make it holdable for any length of time. Had they put the right strap lug in the right place to begin with and had the power switch on top
    where it should be, and a full swivel screen, then it would have been great. The way it is now, is just form over function and the GH3 is function over form. The one who puts form and function together will always win the money and respect from those with a brain.

    • Anonymous

      It goes well to show the petty jealousy of PannySonny morons that they will get into the tiniest detail of Oly cameras, while we wouldn’t touch theirs with a bargepole.

      Poor devils, never a respite in Panny’s hell. Always salivating at the pastry shop window of the other brand, with their hands busy in their crotch :)

      • Olyboy is tight

        HAHAHAHA…. Olympus Fanboy ladies and gentelmen… And he’s upset!! Hahahahaha!

      • erwewqr

        Until the E-M5 which is less than a stop better than the GH2 Panasonic were the true innovators in mFT ,they had the better sensors { G3,GH1,GH2} the widest selection of good lenses.Best UWA [7-14} Best Pancake [ 20mm} best fast standard {25mmF1.4} best cheap kit lens { 14-45} best do it all lens { 14-140} best fast fixed aperture zooms { 12-35.35-100} and best long telephoto {100-300} . Olympus brought us a boatload of Pens with the same sensor and a feature lottery . In lenses they have the excellent 75mm , the very good 45mm and the very good 60mm, the mediocre 17mm F2.8, the mediocre 12mm and the new mediocre 17mm F1.8 all at anything but bargain prices and god forbid you want a hood or a black camera, along with a bunch of slow mediocre zooms.

        Both companies have played their part in making mFT a success { if you ignore profitability }. Only the ubiquitous and typically obnoxious Olympus fans would claim other wise . My mFT system is 2 GH3 bodies , the 7-14,12-35,35-200 , 100-300 along with the 25mm, 45mm macro and the Oly 75mm , so please enlighten me how can I improve my lens choice using Olympus lenses

  • Francis

    This has been what I was speculating in the past. I think that based on the “One Beautiful System” statement done by Terada at the launch of the OM-D, I suspect that they will try to have compatibiiities as regards accessories and lenses, not necessarily for all equipment, across their spectrum of cameras. From the XZ series all the way up to the E-X series. Look at the Pen series. I think that with the E-PM and E-PL they have covered the market for the beginners and those upgrading from the P/S. Simple user interface with good IQ and some expandability c/o the expansion port. Now remember, with that expansion port, you can already share accessories with the XZ series. So you have macro lights, the accessory viewfinder and remote flash. I think that they have not yet fully exploited this expansion slot yet but I do not know what else they can use it for. Now, for the speculation of an E-P5, OM-D EM-7 and the E-7, they further cover other bases. I hope I am right that they will come up with a hybrid type viewfinder for the E-P5 that will satisfy the rangefinder aficionados. I imagine this akin to the X-Pro 1 of Fuji. It makes no sense for they to make the E-P5 with a EVF on the left upper corner. It has to be a built in hybrid finder which will differentiate it from the E-PL5 and from the OM-D. Now the OM-D EM-7 will be the bridge camera between the Pen series cameras and the E-X and possibly and E-XX. The OM-D will have both fast contrast detect and an adapter to accommodate the Digital Zuiko’s. My speculation would be that they will go with what nikon has done for their 1 series cameras. A sensor based phase detect system with an adapter for the SG, HG and SHG lenses.

    The E-7 should be designed with the best sensor that they can get their hands on that will fully optimize the SHG’s in terms of both IQ and fast/accurate phase detect focusing. In terms of image quality, I don’t know where I read this, but the predicted resolution limit for the SHG’s is around 20-22 mpx. I don’t know if they should push that envelope. They definitely have to maximize it’s predictive focusing. This is the known achilles heel for the Olympus system. They also have to be on par in terms of FPS if this is to be taken seriously as a sports and wild life photography tool. I would say a minimum of 9 PFS with fast and accurate phase detect predictive focusing. The other question would be whether they will extend the expansion port to the E-7? Would you use an EVF on this camera? They will need to address the video capabilities since a decent sized camera like this would be an optimal photojournalist tool. With the shift or rather, use of combined capabilities still and decent video for photojournalism, this may be another niche that this camera with the superb DZ lens line up can address. The major decision that they will have to address in the future would be whether they redesign some of their lenses for SWD.

    That is my speculation. This may also be my dream system!! Imagine, XZ with accessories that I can use across the board and have the best of compact, rangefinder type lens and a capable DSLR with uber weather sealing not only for the camera but the whose series of lenses…. I can dream can’t I?

    • Anonymous

      You can dream of course, but never forget your pill for the ADHD syndrome. lest you blabber inordinately.

      • Francis

        Convenient to be anonymous and make such remarks… there a description for that it is not ADHD…

    • Yes the is an line from XZ-x series too E-x, and i think also E-7 will have an AP2 port, for VF-2, macro light, OM-D flash (so is water proof),…..

  • Matthias

    A lens roadmap would be more interesting…

  • ISO 1638400

    Wait for E-P25, E-M25, GF-85, G85, GH85. Announcement late 2024. Shipping early-mid 2025.

    Headline Feature:

    “FASTer than the Already FASTer than the Previously FASTest World’s FASTest AF that was FASTer than the AF that was claimed to be the World’s FASTest AF that was already damn FAST but not quite FAST enough to be the World FASTest AF that is so damn FAST than it AFs before you turn the camera on. Now that’s FAST. But we will go even FASTer next time.”

    “GX2 will be slightly delayed but will be announced shortly afterwards. Stay tuned.”

    “Olympus m4/3 cameras in 2025 will be sold with a newly designed kit lens 12-50mm f/11 constant aperture zoom. High quality Lens hood made from the highest quality sourced recycled composite materials sold separately for $150 RRP.”

    “Panasonic m4/3 cameras in 2025 will be sold with a newly designed kit lens 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS Version LVIII. Lens hood not available.”

    Olympus 2025: “We are still supporting Four Thirds. We have not forgotten about Four Thirds. We are continuing to support the users of Four Thirds. We will keep on considering options for Four Thirds. We abandoned Four Thirds in 2010… Wha… Hey! Who put that there! Don’t publish that. Umm, it’s just… an internal joke! Yeah. That’s it. Hah! Just a staff joke. That’s all. Okay… hmmm… right… Four Thirds… we are continuing to support the Four Thirds…..”

    Panasonic 2025: “We don’t have a product strategy. Just buy whatever you think you might want or need because we sure don’t know what users want or need. Hopefully, some of that money make its way back to us and we can hold some more planning seminars to figure out what we’re going to do with the GX line…..”

    • Anonymous

      Yup, they need only ask me, as I have the answer to success for them, on the GX line. In fact, I have the answer for Oly too: be still and listen to common sense.

      • The Answer

        To the GX2 answer is simple… Knock off the L-1… Give us a 12-40mm zoom w/aperture ring.

      • high ,olmg

        if the market is crying out for a gx/pen type with built in corner EVF body as whiners here claim everyday how come Sony doesn’t rule the world with its Nex 6 or 7 before it ? it is bad enough giving us un ergonomic fake retro designs like the E-M5 , now you want a design of camera that faded from popularity 40years ago

        • ISO 1638400

          The RF style camera isn’t the most ergonomic design by any means, but generally lends itself to being more compact and carryable than a typical DSLR style design. Many users want a GX/PEN with EVF type camera as a second, backup or take anywhere camera. Some just want it as their only camera because they want a streamlined design without many protrusions. A rectangular box shape design is able to fit into pockets and bags easier. A top left corner viewfinder is also favored for practical reasons, the main ones being less nose/face smudges on the screen, and being able to gauge the scene with the other eye.

          It’s good to have both styles of camera designs on the market. Car companies often offer sedan/saloon, hatchback/liftback, wagon and SUV variants for the same model of car. Under the metal, it’s the same car with same engine, chassis, drivetrain etc. Just different body designs to cater to different markets. There is a place for both DSLR designs and rectangular box shaped designs.

        • The Answer

          That’s simple… Sony lenses SUCK. And their interface isn’t well liked either.
          Oh, and it’s Sony.

  • Does anybody here need a durable camera?

    After Hogan’s data I think that Japanese companies are going to end in disaster. They don’t seem able to make money even with the most consumeristic approach.

    If you take it well you can see it as the Fashion industry. With Photography however you don’t need to change clothes every year.

    Think: iterate five times a m4/3 top camera and you could pay for a Leica ME. Which is better?

  • Alright I get this superstition with number 4 in Asia but what happened to 6? There are plenty of Japanese-designed cameras named with a 6 (nex-6 anyone?) but I can’t see any mention of an E-M6 or GF6, which omission looks intentional… What gives?

    • 4Four

      no worry with 6. It means smoothness and success in Asia. June 6th is Best date to get married as a couple of 6 brings even better result.

    • ISO 1638400

      What does it matter what numbers they skip? It’s each company’s decision what number system, if any, they use. Maybe those who work at Panasonic and Olympus just don’t like the number 6 for whatever reasons that is. They don’t need to explain it to everyone. Their mangagers and execs approved the naming decisions, so the pattern isn’t likely to change. What if they went straight from 5 to 15, or 3 to 33, who cares at the end of the day?

      • ISO 1638400

        managers, not “mangagers”.

        • erwewqr

          mismanager not manager lol

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