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(FT4) Two separate Panasonic announcements to come in Spring.


A Panasonic patent disclosed that GX camera with integrated EVF.

I am finally getting some reliable info about the next Panasonic announcements. There should be two of them in Spring. One in late March-early April and a second announcement in May. For now we know that there is a big chance to see the new GF and G cameras. Still no sign of a possible GX2 yet. And there is a talk about a pro MFT camera (camcorder?). And I am sure the 42.5mm f/1.2 and 150mm f/2.8 MFT lenses will not be announced in Spring :(

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


  • Yun

    My goodness , the 42.5 F1.2 announce in spring .
    Pro mFT camera too ??? The L style camera ?
    That could be the camera with the new colour splitter technology sensor .
    Admin to reveal more on this part .

    • admin

      I heard about a sort of mysterious (and expensive) camera. It’s from a very good source but he didn’t unveil mroe and I am now trying to get some info from other sources.

  • jazzcrab

    “… that GX camera with integrated camera”??? @admin: I guess that second “camera” should read “viewfinder”?! ;-)

    • admin

      lol. damn me doing things in hurry :)

  • Harbinger

    These patents are just getting way out of control. A camera with an integrated camera? Please.

    • bonzo

      Yo Dawg! Rumor says that Xzibit joined the Panasonic R&D team ;)

      • Anonymous

        Cool …so we can expect REALLY stupid, ugly, violent cameras this spring. AWESOME!

  • Yun

    Thanks admin for the info .
    The expensive camera could be what Panasonic classified the very very highend camera 2 years ago .
    That is the camera I want to get .
    I don’t mind to pay more as long as it perform .

  • krixoff

    big chance to see a new GF and G, so no GX2?

  • a

    For anyone think getting into m43, now is time to grab a cheap body and start shooting.
    the rumors about GX-2 are already one year old .. there will not be any small body with viewfinder under 1000$ before next black friday .. i just got the GX-1 wich I really like, and mybe get my second body in the end of this year

    • Mr. Reeee

      +1 And a good point about not being able to buy any newly announced bodies for months.

      The GX1 is a great deal (and just picked one up myself). B&H has a red EPL3 kit for $399, too.

      • krixoff

        im looking for a body to replace my GF5 and i already have 14, 20 and 14-42.

        Not an “DSLR”, like G and GH series and OM-d. Because size is important for me. I have an GF5 that i like but it have the same sensor since GF1 (with some improve of course). I think performance in low light is not enough for me.
        I think it does really lack of an EVF integrated or Rail then i can add one EVF. But i prefer firt choice because as i said before, its about size. When im in a very sunny place, its a little hard to focus without EVF, and i feel i really need an EVF.
        Now, i live in europa (France) and its expensive… an body GX1 does cost between 450 and 500euros without an EVF (around 200euros for one). So it does cost around 700euros.
        I don want an EPL-5 because its expensive and no EVF. Same for EP-3 and PM-2.

        I really hope Panasonic will release an cheap GF7 with EVF integrated and a new sensor like G5 and GH3 and i will be very happy. I really like all controls in screen and less buttons (but please Pana, one more physical Fn3 button or let us configure video and AI buttons as Fn3, it would be nice).

  • BearT

    OT but was hoping to get some opinions on this tempting deal. 711 Euro including shipping to Germany for the Pana 12-35 at ebay. Recommendable?

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      That’s a good price. I would buy it, if I already didn’t have Zuiko12mm, Zuiko17mm and PanasonicLeica25mm covering almost all these focal ranges.

    • Marck

      Import duties are missing, meaning about 30% considering VAT and handling fees. Please contact your local Post Office for full information on import duties, taxes and charges.

      • BearT

        True, taxes and customs could ruin the deal. Anybody with experience in ordering from abroad? How likely is it that one can get through without paying customs?

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          I haven’t payed taxes only when I bought some really cheap adaptors from Hong Kong: they were sent to me into an anonymous envelope. For every other purchase from outside Europe I had to deal with taxes and import duties: when I check ebay/amazon I know that I have to add more or less 25% to the cost. Most of times I find better deals at my fav shop.. I have a friend in USA, I was thinking to buy a Sony RX1 and ask him to send it, as a “gift”, but often even personal boxes are checked at the custom. So, for now, no purchase from abroad. The only solution I know is to go to b&h for example, buy what you want saving some money, throw away the boxes and visit NY.

          • BearT

            Thanks for sharing,Marco.

          • Marco you will have to move to Australia. There are no import taxes or duties on camera equipment, just a 10% goods and services tax at the point of sale. Any private import by mail or carrier is not subject to this 10% GST if under Aus $1000. So if some one will break a product over $1000 into components and ship separately then tax is not payable.
            Some Australian retail companies will export camera equipment EX 10% tax. May be worth looking at some of them for the bigger equipment. But, many of our local importers are greedy, very, very greedy and set very silly prices and then complain at the high rate of private imports.
            It is also illegal for companies to hinder any one who sells locally from stock purchased overseas. So Sony for example, cannot prevent some one selling Sony product in competition to them.
            We yelled at Olympus when they set the OMD price and got it reduced. I bought mine locally it was cheaper than bringing one in from anywhere.
            American companies (ebay) are getting greedy on their post charges, they claim its just a cost that is passed on. But some post for $15 and some the same item for $60. I even saw one the other day wanted $3 for a step up ring and wanted $45 to post it. Makes one wonder why they try to sell internationally.

            • Second thoughts. Stay there. I like your Venice shots.

  • a

    This is the best deal you will find for the 12-35, great price !
    I do not owen this lens but really like the range and the 2.8 .. I have the canon 24-70 witch I use alot.

  • woof woof

    I’m sure that the 42.5mm f1.2 will be a lovely thing but I assume that Panasonic only intend this lens to be used at wide apertures in low light?

    As far as I can see the GH3’s base ISO is 200? Possibly more new cameras will start at 200 too?

    So, when using the camera and a f1.2 lens or even a f1.4 or f1.8 in good light the max shutter speed is 1/4000 secend so without ND’s a user will be shooting at what? f2.8? f3.6? f4? f5.6? Kind of makes a wide aperture lenses pretty redundant for good light shooting doesn’t it? Might as well just stick to f2.8’s.


    Personally I hade juggling with ND’s and I do wish that Panny and Oly would both offer ISO 100, ISO 50, maybe? and 1/8000 sec shutter speed.

  • ZOID

    With the recent price drops of the GX1, you would think that it might be the one getting updated the soonest.

    One five stop ND filter and you can shoot in broad daylight, wide open with the 42 1.2, but you just don’t see a lot of 5 stop ND filters out there. I have a 3 stop I have on the 25 1.4 most of the time, but sometimes I wish is was a four stop.

    • Uberzone

      Variable ND filter is your answer. Fader ND or Singh-Ray. Great for video too. 1 to 10 stops.

      • Anonymous

        Now those are a pain in the arse to use, those variable ND filters. I only use them for video, when I’m set up on a tripod. For everyday use, there is just too much fiddling around, by the time you get it set right, the shot is gone.

    • woof woof

      “One five stop ND filter and you can shoot in broad daylight, wide open with the 42 1.2”

      Yes, you can, but if your next shot is in the shade / less good light you can find yourself at 1/30 sec and ISO 1600 so off comes the ND and then it goes back on for the next sunny shot and on and on it goes… PITA.

      • I have been trying to address the same problem. On, then off, then on, then off, then a different size filter for a different lens. I am looking at the cokin type filters at the moment. Or maybe one larger one with a fixed hood then just hold it up when needed. As I say I am just looking at the moment.

    • Rasmus

      Or you can stop the lens down. Very fast lenses are often extremely sharp when stopped down Case in point: the Voigtländer 25mm/0.95, easily the sharpest of all m43 lenses. Stop it down to f2.8 and the sharpness is amazing. Except, of course, in the corners.

      • Stopping down will give a better sharpness, yes. It will also make the DOF deeper. Some people purchase a fast lens for shallow DOF, some just to use in dark situations. A bright day may put a wide open shot over the fastest speed of the camera. The use of a ND filter enables the use of the lens wide open while staying within the shutter speed range of the camera. They also get used by some when taking shots of running or moving water to enable the use of a slow shutter speed, to blur the water movement by a slow timed shot.

  • 43warrior

    The only way for me to get GX2 is flip-LCD-included….. pretty much a must-have.

  • Anonymous

    A micro four third rangefinder style with an integerated EVF should be exist couple years ago,before any other system made one like NEX7/ Fuji X-PRO1 .especially from panasonic who noticeably inherit their style from panasonic 43 L 1 style,.

    I guess better late than nothing

    • QBNY

      The Lumix L-1 has an almost Cult-Like following it seems. Hopefully Panasonic notices and delivers the true successor to it. Even though the GX1 takes some cues from it, I would like to see something in between the L-1/GX1 size wise, with the VF built in, or not. I’m still happy with the EVF2.

  • Chad

    I’m hoping for a G7 with the same sensor as the GH3. Given that Oly is using the same sensor across the line, Admin, do you think there’s any hope that Panny’s top of the line sensor will hit the G7?

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