(UPDATED) New teaser by Olympus.


The image on top is a new teaser posted by Olympus on Facebook. WHat it means I really don’t know and you may be better than me than in making guesses :)

UPDATE: It looks like the teaser may be related to this: http://olympuspen1-2-3.sales-promotions.com/. Although I don’t get it why this PEN deal has been combined with an OMD image.

  • sioque


    • Tron

      They better not be making fun of my GH3’s intervalometer :)

  • Anonymous

    One two three OMD

    A discount on up to 3 lenses when you buy OMD?

    • digifan

      Yeah one, two, three, oh em dee. That sounds great.

      An idea to rhyme could be to repeat one word, but hej it’s japanese english, so it could also be
      one, two, three, oh em dee, ee em three

  • Mark O

    I’m guessing it’s for an EM-3 – a little brother to the EM-5.

  • nobody

    Oly’s last big news teaser was for a small update of a slow zoom lens. So… I think we better don’t hold our breath :-)

    • digifan

      The last teaser was for the XZ10 !!!

    • admin

      yep :)

      • nobody

        Oops! Alright, you got me. (But that XZ10 wasn’t worldshaking either.)

  • Do

    E-M4, the OM-D Gothic edition

    • V4Vendetta

      4 is number of bad luck in Japan.

      • Do

        Yes, because four sounds like > death< in some Asian languages-therefore gothic edition.

  • resty

    Pen E-P4 with OMD sensor, weather sealed body and integrated viewfinder.

  • pepe

    12-60mm F7.6-9.2

    • :-D ddd ddd difraction :-)

    • Mr. Reeee

      Damn! I was hoping for constant f16! Just think how SHARP it would be! ;-)

    • Its a super adjustable fader for pepe’s 12-60 lens.

  • yrwan

    Do you think I should hold off buying an OM-D E-M5? :( Just as I approach enough savings to buy (body only) — this comes up.. Any thoughts?

    • fake homer

      there will always be something newer around the corner, just buy what you need and use it while it does what you want it to do

    • Anonymous

      you live in an age of rapidly advancing technology, so get used to this: there will always be something newer around the corner, just buy what you need and use it while it does what you want it to do

    • stephen

      Back in they day.. technology didnt change that much.. one upgrad was usually not significant enough to sell all your equipment. But m4/3’s is difference.. its a new technology thrust and like all new tech.. upgrades can be significant because they are still developing the technology.(like changing from LCD to OLED).. Olympus knows that there are issues with focusing… and whatnot.. and new technologies are being developed as we speak… new technologies that have not be tried before.
      In this case, i dont think there is a problem waiting for an OMD-EM6/7.. there may be a big difference in what the camera can do…

      • Anonymous

        So never buy – always wait for the next big thing then!

    • Mr. Reeee

      Stick with film.

    • I’ve got a used one on Amazon right now with an extra battery…

    • yrwan

      Thank you for the reminders, guys! Yeah, to be honest — the om-d e-m5 is what i want; except for the microphone input jack this camera does the trick (for me) so i should go about and get it! Thanks again, guys!

  • Schwarz

    Optimistically, two new OMDs to join the existing one; one smaller/cheaper + one pro/higher spec.

    A person can dream.

  • one two three fourthirds!

    • hlbt

      That’s a very good one!

  • Carl

    3 models of OM-D?
    perhaps one lower and one higher.

    • Anonymous

      Three OMD models
      A higher and a lower as said.

  • pepe

    New firmware for E-M5 with:
    ONE – Focus peaking
    TWO – Better video codec ando mor bitrate and video modes
    THREE – HDMI output in liveview

    • admin


    • Bobafett

      If this life was a Hollywood movie then for sure! But this never gonna happen! Welcome to the real world bro :).

  • I suppose E-PM2 is one, E-PL5 is two and E-P? is three. But it doesn’t compare to the nuts.

  • fake homer

    It is a sign that Olympus pay lame marketing people who think that consumers should be treated like children.

    Olympus, just tell us what you have, and publish your roadmap. Your users will respect that you are an open and honest company.

  • NtT

    I believe it’s something similar than the promo for the new PEN’s was:
    1.) you buy the camera
    2.) you buy the 40-150 lens with soem other bits&pieces for €99
    3.) you claim your free 15mm f8.0 lens on-line

    • admin


      • NtT

        You’re weolcome ;-)
        But on the other side: thanx for having this site B-)

    • pepe

      99,9% sure that’s it

    • beefcake!!

      Id disagree… the Google + version of this teaser has the lines “You choose odds or evens and we’ll see who wins?”

      That sounds more like “will it be EM-6 or 7” ….

  • FTE7

    one, three, five e-7 will arrive…

    • hsyt

      I hope that they come up with a good solution for the FT lenses but considering how badly Olympus finances are going they would need to charge a fortune for it which considering the FF and APS DSLR competition would only appeal to a tiny group of users.The E-5 was $1700 when it came out I cant see an equally high end camera with upgraded sensor, 5 axis IS , better video ,whatever coming in cheaper especially with the now tiny FT user base .To make money on an E-7 they would need Leica priceing

  • Anonymous


  • Joey


  • daymon

    worst teaser ever.

  • Art

    Olympus weakest point is their marketing, especially in the US. But at the risk of not participating in the latest campaign hype… One, Two, Three, OM-D, four, five, six, {you fill in the blank}. Whatever it is, it needs to be a major followup. They’ve garnered enough momentum with the E-M, if there’s not a major new addition that both complements and expands their pro-sumer line, they lose. I’m very interested in a hybrid FT-MFT camera since it will preserve my investment in an E-3 body, E-M5 Body and lots of FT/MFT glass.

  • david

    How long, usually, after these teases appear is it before Olymus reveal what the tease was about?

    I wonder if this tease was planned or if it was a reaction to recent announcments such as the NEX 3n.

    • digifan

      14 days, they’ve always worked like that since E330. It has nothing to do with NEX3n announcement.

  • davo

    Tres nuevas grietas en la carcasa estanca(¿?) de las que el servicio técnico no se hará cargo.


  • fdghturj

    could it be the new Pen models in ascending order from the lowest ti the highest ?EP3 then the OMD

  • a!

    black, silver, pink

  • 1,2,3 and crack the screen…

  • solar

    If you multiply the tangent angle of 1/3 + 2, and then subtract the reserve subliminal optical illusion overlaid over the OMD in the add, this equals 5/8’s of fu## all.

  • AMVR

    Guys forget it, we’ve been doing this for years, Oly comes up with a teaser and in the end either people get too exited for nothing or Oly REALLY dissapoints, so either way you’ll end up with frustration, it’s a Loose:Loose situation.

    Don’t ever pay attention to Oly teasers, they’re meant to Fck with your mind and nothing more.

  • peterj

    123 OMD EM-5, so 1235, so 12-35?

    • pepe

      good point

  • NFT

    sixth = broken heart :P

    listen to The Script single ‘Six Degrees Of Separation’

  • Salty

    I can tell you what it won’t be. It won’t be anything that any of us wants…

    For example I would like more weathersealed lenses.

  • Another Fantard

    It’ll just be a re-run of the prior 1.2.3 promotion which finished in December. If it was new hardware they’d be making a lot more noise about it (and there’d be some ‘leaks’).

  • true homer

    3 more cracks in the bezel, of which they will not take care of

    • Dave

      Hope you’re happy…just about spit out my lunch there while laughing.

  • Amadeo

    Am I the only one who isn’t over thinking what hidden message it may have, and am thinking it’s just: 1, 2, 3, Cheese! Hence the camera. Coming from someone who is a social media marketer, I can tell you that there isn’t always some deeper meaning. Haha.

  • Anonymous

    Knowing the genius at Olympus marketing it wil be three new OMD colors for $300 more. Three for three.

  • Art

    @Anonymous Maybe like this? http://www.cameraquest.com/OM1GOLD.htm

    • pepe

      a bit tacky, but the rappers may like

  • ISO 1638400

    My guess: ONE TWO THREE OM-D E-M3

    Olympus hinted at a lower OM-D model in 2013. So, possibly an E-M3. That leaves room for a higher model above E-M5 later, probably E-M7.

    Your guess is as good as mine what they might leave out. My guess is that weathersealing will go, more plastic body, maybe LCD instead of OLED screen, could even be fixed screen. Integrated EVF will stay. It’s a central feature of the design. 5-AXIS IBIS has to stay too IMO. It’s the defining feature of the OM-D so far and sets it apart from Lumix G and APS-C mirrorless, since real image output sensor performance across the board is all very similar (see recent Camera Labs reviews).

    To make up for the ommissions, AF will be ever slightly improved, but still no hybrid AF (reserved for a higher model), improved processing and sensor tweaking but nothing dramatically different to the E-M5, E-PL5 and E-PM2 output. Priced lower of course, but in what bracket? E-M5 is already discounted to around $900 body only price in some countries. E-M3 would have to be $699 or lower to distinguish it from E-M5 and also to compete with Lumix G5. But that price also is too close to the E-PL5 which doesn’t have an integrated EVF. E-PL5 sales may suffer. This is a dangerous game for Olympus. They left themselves with not much room to move having to juggle both OM-D and PEN lines with overlapping prices and sharing so many similar features. With E-P5 coming this year too, it will be a real roadjam in the sub $900 mirrorless category. Will be interesting to see how it all turns out by year’s end.

  • Well come on all of you big strong men, Uncle Sam needs your help again,
    he got himself in a terrible jam, way down yonder in Vietnam,
    put down your books and pick up a gun, we’re gunna have a whole lotta fun.

    and its ONE, TWO, THREE what are we fightin for?
    don’t ask me i don’t give a dam, the next stop is Vietnam,
    and its 5,6,7 open up the pearly gates. Well there aint no time to wonder why…WHOPEE we’re all gunna die.

    • Milt

      Dear me, there is someone else who remembers Country Joe and the Fish.

  • moof

    I thought that maybe it was just the holiest of hand grenades.

    • Andy Brundrett

      Count to three, not five! The Holy hand grenade of Antioch, so that we may blow our enemies to tiny pieces!
      If it gets the current one to drop in price that would be nice (but I’m still happy with my GH2 & GX1).
      AndyB, NH.

  • fvanzela

    very nice paying 1,299 for a camera and few months later it decreases the price in more than 20%!!! This only pushes me back to Nikon and Canon…

    • ISO 1638400

      Every camera system but Leica depreciates badly. Just choose your gear and use it. With this mentality, you would never buy a car, computers, household appliances or any consumer technology. If you want appreciating assets, buy gold, land or property.

      If it feels bad to pay full price for something that will be much cheaper in a few months, then refrain from early adopting. W…a…i…t. Plus, you’ll be just in time for the first major firmware update.

      • OliverTwisted

        Indeed, camera bodies depreciate fast like any other piece of electronics in the digital era. You spend the real money on glass, which depreciates much slower.

    • peevee

      Actually, OM-D depreciated surprisingly little. What you could order for $1300 at launch a year ago, is $1200 now (new, non refurb with 12-50). About 8% of the price, not 20%, and in a whole year. not “a few months”. Compare to Pentax k-01 losing 60% of the value, Panasonic LX7 ($550 -> $275 in 6 months), even D600+24-85 ($2700 in September, $2000 in December) etc.

  • Milt

    Ho-hum. I don’t care what it means. Life is too short to spend time on Olympus teasers.

  • kpa

    what’s the lens it teaser picture?

  • Craig

    THREE OM-D Models.

    1. OM-D E-M7 – Entry Level
    2. OM-D E-M5 – Existing
    3. OM-D E-M1 – Pro

    Why else would a first model (E-M5) be called a “5?”
    To save the number “1” for their top model ;-)

    Kidding of course…

  • Could this be the answer to your riddle?


  • Igor

    I guess it’s selling event in 3 parts.
    You can see number 1 and 8gb memory card as promo gift. I believe will be second promotion and third one. And I hope last one will be om-d.

  • Anonymous

    1…2…3…cheese! ???

    • admin

      lol ;)

  • street

    1. Please Buy us one omd
    2. two lenses in a combo
    3. We not hate gh3

  • street

    1… 2…. 3….. lens hood for free

    • awaler

      Lens hood for free?
      You must be kidding, man!

      Luxury lens hoods are the raison d’etre for Olympus at all!

  • [E-M5]! means “4” / 3.

    one, two, three, “four” thirds!

    but E-M5 is NOT 4/3, but micro 4/3.

    So, this teaser means, some 4/3 and m4/3 relation. rumored, hybrid body? (4/3 body that can handle m4/3 lens or m4/3 body that can handle 4/3 lens)
    This case, the teaser doesn’t implies phase AF 4/3 to m4/3 mount adapter, because E-M5 = m4/3 body is on the teaser.
    If it implies an mount adapter, the teaser should be like:
    one two three XXX? (not real body, but vague “cloud” illustration)
    But the teaser is one, two, three, E-M5 body!, so the OM-D-next or E-next is implied.

  • Its a lens cap and hood for the 15mm f8. With a special introductory give away of an adjustable fader specially made for the lens.

    1 the cap. $16.11
    2 the hood. $67.72
    3 the fader. free. normally $409.86

    Post $5.88 Packing $37.48

  • tom1502

    There was the E-P3 (with a P1 and P2 beforehand). And we already have the E-M5. Now, the missing link is a successor of the E-P3 placed below the E-M5. so i guess this is what is going to be announced. an E-P4 or E-M4 or sth. similar.

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