(FT5) E-M5 has worlds fastest AF of all interchangeable lens cameras (and what I learned about the hype psychology)


Sources are now reporting us that according to Olympus own words the E-M5 should have the “fastest autofocus of any interchangeable lens camera (including D-SLR cameras)“. So while the sensor is apparently the same as the GX1 the whole circuitry around it and the processor engine are more powerful. That could explain why Olympus can afford to make such statements like “fastest AF ever” or “extended dynamic range”  and put the highest ISO at 25600.

UPDATE: It has also “3D tracking for improved moving object tracking performance

Stay tuned! More rumors coming soon!



I just learned a couple of things with the upcoming Olympus release. While the rumors I reported here are almost any time correct the perception and meaning of the used words are sometimes very different:

1) Olympus marketing words:
I talked with my sources and it looks like Olympus marketing uses big words when describing the new camera performance but de facto they compare the E-M5 with their own current Olympus cameras. So when they say the sensor has an “extended dynamic range” we have to keep in mind that Olympus has a different idea than we have when using those words. We tend to imagine much more than what Olympus is really delivering to us. It’s like when Steve Jobs said “this is our best product ever”. An Android phone can have better specs but for Apple the newest iPhone is always the best.

2) The way to present rumors:
There is a discrepancy between what I write and the perception of many readers. Example: When I got the rumor about the sensor having an “extended dynamic range” I started to talk about possible sensor and technology scenarios. As you know I always said I don’t know how image quality improvement has been archived or what sensor is used (a part that it has 16 megapixels). The thing is that I didn’t “calculate” that this would increase the “emotional” side of the story and lead you to an eventual disappointment. In summary to much guesses and fantasy discussions tend to discredited me even if I made it clear that this are just discussions based on no-facts.

So I learned from this and I will now 100 times make you clear that one thing is Olympus marketing statements and rumors, another story is reality.



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