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October 24, 2009
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(FT3) Next Olympus MFT specs? Via Zone-10


Zone-10 tells you a little more about the next Olympus MFT:

1. Model name may not necessarily be the E-P2. The “Pen Footprint” may be for a specific model, but the m43 standard is for a sensor-chamber and lens-mount design and does not dictate the shape of the rest of the camera. Expect this camera to have increased thickness and height as compared to the due to the built-in EVF and not quite so rectangular-shaped. A little more “muscular” looking with some characteristics not making it as cute as the E-P1.

2. This camera will have an articulating LCD monitor similar to that found on the E-620, but with higher resolution.

3. There will be a built-in EVF with diopter adjustment on the viewfinder optics. Resolution of this EVF is not known at this time, but may be SVGA in resolution.

4. In step with the constant evolution of processors, this camera will be equipped with the TruePic V+ processing engine that is similar to the TruePic V, but with support for additional video aspects and additional Creative Art filters.

5. Battery is shared with the E-P1 and it is likely going to have a CF card slot in addition to SD. This spec may change, but the target audience for this camera is still heavily invested in CF.

6. Expect a new lens, possibly a “Wide-Standard” prime lens to be introduced with this model with better specifications. Wide-Standards are typically those within the 35-42mm (FF35mm Equivalent) range. As the camera itself is larger than the E-P1, the lens may also be a little larger too, which will result in better optics.

7. Auto-focus is improved with faster performance and better low-light capability.

8. I.S. will have improvements as well as a new feature not previously seen in Olympus bodies.

Link to the original article:

October 23, 2009
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Sony EVIL plans?

We are still missing some MicroFourThirds competition. Now there is someone who claims to know something about Sonys EVIL System!

“…The evil cameras will be small, high performance; you’ll be able to use older lenses with an adopter. The cameras will be “APSC CMOS size” based. Because of close flange distance, therefore smaller diffraction, lens design will be simpler, smaller, and resolution will be on par with FF. With checkerboard pixel pattern, similar to their ClearVid CMOS pattern, expect 25 MP cameras with 50 MP performance soon, but not initially….”

There is more to read at

October 23, 2009
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(FT3) Olympus says there will be no E-3 successor (for now)… asked Olympus Germany if they are planning to soon release the E-3 successor:
…Olympus Germany said to, there is still no definite timetable for the introduction of a possible follow-up model. For the foreseeable future the E-3 will remain the top model…” and “…In any case, Olympus also confirmed that they will continue to develop the E-system parallel to the Micro Four Thirds system.”

Read the original article in german or choose to read the english google translation

October 23, 2009
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(FT2) E-5 Suisse rumors…

At a Oly event in Switzerland Olympus employee mentioned the following specs for the  successor: higher resolution, high-resolution display, a new AF module, more FPS, better Viewfinder. The E-3 successor will be settled a class above the E-3 …

Original german text:

Bevor ich das 14-35 2.0 zulegte liess ich mir persönlich im Gespräch an einem Oly-Event hier in der Schweiz versichern, dass ein Nachfolger kommt. Der Herr erwähnte folgendes: höhere Auflösung, hochauflösender Display, neues AF-Modul, mehr FPS, Sucher gleich E-3 oder grösser(!). Näher ins Detail wollte er nicht. Nur so viel, der E-3 Nachfolger wird sich deutlich von allen anderen Oly-Kameras abheben und eine Klasse über der E-3 angesiedelt werden… Ebenso werde sich damit die Rausch- und Dynamikdiskussion erledigt haben!

October 20, 2009
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(FT4) UPDATED-> Olympus next MFT camera to be announced late November/early December

Dear readers,

since I am back from my journey in Asia I am working on collecting new rumors. One month ago photorumors posted a rumor saying the E-P2 could probably be unveiled on October 31. Our sources confirmed us that there will be a second MFT camera from Olympus before the end of the year, but never confirmed the October date (we received two confirmations from unknown sources). Since then we haven’t found any important leaks. And now we only have 10 days left to go. This made us suspicious and finally two very trusted sources told us that the next MicroFourThirds camera is going to be announced later, probably late November early December.

The Rumors summary we posted yesterday remains correct but we have to add the high probable rumor that the next MFT is going to be announced later this year.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: One trusted source wrote us now saying there will be a new Olympus announcement on October 31.

My speculation, E-3 successor late October and MFT camera in December?



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