PEN-F versus Fuji X-PRO size comparison

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My sources told me that the PEN-F is indeed a competitor of the Fuji X-PRO series. Both cameras aim to attract enthusiast photogrpahers who do care about design and usability. So let’s take a closer look the to size comparison made by Camerasize. From my personal taste point of you I do like the PEN-F design more. But the Fuji has some nice tech features I would love to see on a PEN, for example the hybrid viewfinder. But I admit I am a bit a nostalgic of rangefinder cameras :)

PEN-F Preorder links:
Silver PEN-F in USA/Canada at Bhphoto, Amazon, Adorama, GetOlympus, GetOlympus Canada.
Black PEN-F in USA/Canada at Bhphoto, Amazon, Adorama, GetOlympus, GetOlympus Canada.
Silver PEN-F in EU at Amazon Deutschland, FotoMundus, AmazonUK, WexUk, ParkCameras.
Black PEN-F in EU at Amazon Deutschland, FotoMundusAmazonUK, WexUK, ParkCameras.

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Olympus also announced some other stuff:
Olympus E-M10 Mark II Limited at BHphoto and Adorama.
Olympus CBG-11 PR Premium Leather Camera Bag for PEN-F (Brown/Black) at BHphoto.
Olympus CS-48 PR Premium Leather Wrapping Cloth for PEN-F (Brown/Black) at BHphoto.
Olympus ECG-4 External Metal Grip for PEN-F (Black) at BHphoto.
Olympus CSS-S120L PR Premium Leather Shoulder Strap for PEN-F (Brown/Black) at BHphoto.
Olympus CS-47B Leather Body Jacket for PEN-F (Black) at BHphoto.

Check out the Panasonic 100-400mm image samples posted by Daniel J. Cox


Daniel J Cox (Click here) posted image samples shot on the new Leica 100-400mm MFT lens. Hard to choose between that one and the new 300mm Olympus lens!

Preorder links to the two new MFT lenses:
Panasonic-Leica 100-400mm lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto and Panasonic. In EU at WexUK. Fotosidan.
Olympus 300mm f/4.0 PRO lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, GetOlympus. In EU at Amazon DE. WexUK.

New PEN-F reviews…(Robin Wong, Atmtxphoto)


Olympus PEN-F part two review by Robin Wong:

The most beautiful Olympus modern camera.
Top notch craftsmanship and build quality
Excellent looking low ISO output, clean with minimal sharpening artifacts, yet still maintaining high level of details/sharpness
New 20MP Image Sensor has slight improvements in terms of overall image quality
5-Axis Image Stabilization
Built-in EVF
Feature packed: 50MP high resolution shot, monochrome and color profile controls, etc

I had higher expectations from the new 20MP image sensor, with higher jump in image quality (especially in high ISO shooting)
Handling was not as good as previous PEN cameras (eg, E-P5). However, this can be improved with the use of add-on grip ECG-4.
Some questionable dial placements that actually gets in the way of shooting comfort
Short battery life (400-500 shots per charge). Why can’t we get 800-1000 shots per charge?

Olympus PEN-F: Street photography on Austin’s 6th Street at Atmtxphoto:

Any additional tests will have to wait, unfortunately, I had to return the PEN-F to Olympus. I’m really missing the front control dial and the film simulations. My OM-D E-M5 Mark II is a great camera but the PEN-F is so much more fun.

Our reader AL sent us his full first impression review:

a. Ergonomic design (IMHO de-facto m43 Pen standard); for first-time m43 users, can be easily get addicted to this one
b. Typical OMD camera operation and functionality in a Pen body, customizable buttons and dials
c. Solid build (despite made in Viet), no noticeable screws
d. Excellent side articulating screen design (preferred over conventional tilt up/down design), first on a Pen model
e. Trusted Oly menu GUI and display, true live histogram (visible during EV shift)
f. Easy-to-access art filter effects options, durable art filter front dial design
g. Good design faux-leather (rubber?) wraparound allows for excellent slip-less grip even without dedicated grip add-ons (body has flat right grip by default)
h. Pleasant EVF design, bright by default and good in magnification
i. Feels camera-like, unlike the competition (eg. Pana)
j. Reasonably fast AF

a. Too much customization that may confuse the average Pen user; must have extensive OMD operation knowledge needed to effectively operate the Pen-F
b. No image processing improvements, still 12-bit A/D and TruePic VII (not sure why Oly is so insistent on the former)
c. Non-weatherproof design despite in pro-body form; exemplified by weak battery door without gasket or whatsoever
d. Inconvenient card insert position due to close proximity to battery door hinge
e. Easy over-dependence/exploitation of art filter functions; raw capture necessary to retain original color data/gamut
f. Annoying EVF/rear display flickering under artificial light
g. Grossly overpriced
h. Lens bundle: no normal-focal length 25mm F1.8 included, only wide 12mm F2.0 or 17mm F1.8 offered depending on region
i Too many dials; mechanical EV dial could be deleted and substituted by twin dial design augmented with frontal 2×2 flip switch design
j. Programmable mechanical EV dial can be confusing (IMO only electronic dials should be programmable)
k. No integrated flash (due to EVF integration)
l. Confusing video controls; frame rate selections controlled by “Video out” setting (NTSC/PAL); no mic-in/headphone jack, thus inability to integrate with Oly’s own PCM recorders for better audio capture on video

a. Would pass the Pen-F for an E-M5-II (if not the E-M1) without hesitation
b. Pen-F’s design sets precedence to how future E-Px/E-PLx models could be improved, such as implementation of side articulating screen, compulsory twin control dial design, new processing engine, in-camera flash etc.

PEN-F Preorder links:
Silver PEN-F in USA/Canada at Bhphoto, Amazon, Adorama, GetOlympus, GetOlympus Canada.
Black PEN-F in USA/Canada at Bhphoto, Amazon, Adorama, GetOlympus, GetOlympus Canada.
Silver PEN-F in EU at Amazon Deutschland, FotoMundus, WexUk, ParkCameras.
Black PEN-F in EU at Amazon Deutschland, FotoMundus, WexUK, ParkCameras.