Cinema5D updated their GH5 review

Cinema5D published a statement where they correct their judgement of the GH5 V-Log 10 bit performance:

Despite my best efforts and the intention to bring readers the most honest, unbiased and useful information for real world applications, the choice of codec and a possible software error led to unexpected and incorrect results of my initial 10-bit Vlog test.

Their new updated review can be read here: Their 10 bit verdict now changed to this: “Good 10-bit 4:2:2 color depth in comparison to other 10-bit cameras

GH5 at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama and Panasonic US. In EU at, and ParkCamera.

Panasonic G85 Review at Imaging Resource: “very impressed by its performance”

While the GH5 is the camera most of you are dreaming to own the G85 is the one that is likely to be owned buy most of you. It probably is the best bang of the buck in the MFT system as it delivers a lot for a very affordable price. Imaging Resource posted the full Panasonic G85 review:

The Panasonic G85 is an excellent addition to Panasonic’s camera lineup and a boasts a healthy array of upgrades over the G7. It includes numerous high-end features, particularly with regard to the camera body itself and its 4K video features without leaving the mid-range price point of its predecessor. We were very impressed by its performance across the board and combined with the versatility of the MFT lens mount, the G85 is easy to recommend as it is a great all-around DSLR-style mirrorless camera — a definite addition to our list of Dave’s Picks.

G85: BHphoto. Adorama. Amazon. ParkCameras. WexUK.

DJI Inspire 2 MFT camera tested by Tony and Chelsea Northrup

We talk a lot about the new E-m1II and Gh5. But one of the most popular MFT cameras is actually….a Drone! The DJI Inspire 2 (here at Amazon) has a MFT mount camera is capable of recording amazing videos.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup tested the Inspire. Just watch the video to see why the DJI Inspire 2 is probably the most popular Drone of the world.

DJI Inspire 2 at Amazon, Olympus US store, Adorama, B&H, eBay.