Panasonic FZ2500 Review by TheCameraStoreTV

Jordan and Chris tested the new Panasonic FZ2500. Check out the video to hear if they like they cam!

Panasonic FZ2500 at BHphoto.

A few weeks ago Dpreview tested the LX10/15 and concluded:

A 1″-type sensor, excellent autofocus and solid 4K video make the LX10/LX15 Panasonic’s most capable pocket camera yet. The ergonomics aren’t all we were hoping but a good degree of customization and a responsive touchscreen make it quick and easy to use.

Panasonic LX10 is in Stock for the first time at BHphoto.


New E-M1II samples by Dpreview and C-AF test by Imaging Resource


The E-M1II should start shipping out next week according to Amazon.

Dpreview posted a new E-M1II image gallery shot in British Columbia:

Many of the images shot in back country were done so under extreme conditions: sub-freezing temperatures, blizzard-like snowfall, avalanche warnings and the like. This in particular should demonstrate just how tough this this camera is, even if the photographer who shot the images was less so.

Imaging Resource published the E-M1 II Field Test for C-AF ().

Using C-AF, I’m happy to report that the E-M1 Mark II’s continuous focusing performance is excellent. Based on both in-the-field experience and after some in-house testing here at IR, I am definitely impressed by the speed, accuracy and overall keeper rate from C-AF. In my swamp adventure, many of my fast-moving subjects were flying birds. Armed with the relatively short 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro lens for this type of subject matter, I was impressed with how well the camera did on focusing these small objects. Not every frame in a short birds-in-flight sequence was in crisp focus, as I undoubtedly had a few shots where the subject moved out from under my AF point. Overall, though, I walked away pleased, without any sense of frustration or any notion that the camera’s AF system couldn’t keep up. I feel like any missed shots were more user-error than a camera-related fault.

Olympus E-M1II preorders:
In USA at BHphoto, Amazon, GetOlympus and Adorama.
In Europe at ParkCameras. WexUK.

One more small thing: Over at E-M1II facebook page someone reports there is a code to save 10% on the new E-M1II on the Olympus Poland store. Not sure if that code works in other Olympus EU stores too!


First video samples shot on the new Laowa 7,5mm MFT lens

Back at Photokina Venus Optics announce the Laowa 7,5mm f/2.0 MFT lens. This is the “World’s Widest f/2 Lens for Micro Four Thirds Camera”. The lens will be available in early 2017 and there is ye no info on the price. But today Venus Optics posted that video sample. Looks good so far!




Reeperbahn with the Panasonic LUMIX GX8 By Thomas Ludwig


Reeperbahn with the Panasonic LUMIX GX8
By Thomas Ludwig

The Panasonic LUMIX GX8 has some impressive specs and comes along in a rangefinder style body. As it is not the smallest mirrorless camera and hence a bit more eye-catching, I was curious to see how it works in the streets. As usual I had my focus also on how it fits in a CAMSLINGER bag when hiking a city for a day.

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