Wanderlust, Toylens, XZ-1 and a Jupiter 8 rangefinder lens review!


The Jupiter 8, 50mm (Image courtesy NicoFoto)

NicoFoto (Click here) tested the Jupiter 8 (50mm)lens on the Panasonic GF1: “It is full of character, renders beautiful images, and fits Micro Four Thirds cameras such as the Panasonic GF1 like a glove. Works great for portraits. It is hardly an instant gratification tool, rather, it demands a learning curve that must be endured – and that’s exactly why it can help you improve your photographic skills.
Usually you can find that lens on eBay (Click here to see the search results).

Outbackphoto (Click here) tested the Wanderlust Pinwide Pinhole for m43 cameras and the SLR Magic Toy Lens 26mm f/1.4.
The Wanderlust is available here wanderlustcameras.com.
You can find the SLR magic lens on eBay (Click here).

PhotographyBay (Click here) posted a full XZ-1 review: “Overall, the Olympus XZ-1 is a great little compact camera. I find it to be right up there with the Canon G12 as a serious compact shooter. The design is solid, with a slick metal body, the smart lens selection wheel and the signature Olympus Art Filters. The bright f/1.8 lens puts it at the front of the pack in this regard. The rest of the XZ-1′s features and performance considerations stack up nicely against any compact camera in its class.”
The XZ-1 is in Stock at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • Frederick Hew

    The Jupiter 8 is a 50mm f/2 lens (not 8mm). It’s a copy of the pre-war Zeiss Sonnar. Good copies perform quite nicely, but there’s a lot of sample variation and build quality is mostly so so.

    Another Sonnar clone is the Nikon 5cm, available in f/1.4 and f/2 – a nice lens, and the only RF Sonnar that I know of that allows close focus.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Sexy looking lens! That’s actual 50mm?
      It looks a bit like one of the little Voigtländer rangefinder primes.

      • 50mm, yes!

      • Neonart

        I own 2 of the Jupiter 8s. One is from the 60s and looks just like the one in the review. It produces very soft photos with alot of blooming and haziness. The other was NOS from 1992 that I got from Yuri @ Fedka.com. It’s much sharper, has no blooming or haziness.
        I think alot of the old lenses sold on eBay are a total hit-or-miss.
        I’ve only used mine on a Bessa film rangefinder, but look forward to using them, along with a Voigtlander 35 f2.5 (wich is wonderful) on m4/3 soon.

        • Yes, i heard all sorts of stories regarding Jupiter 8. As you can see my copy lacks some contrast, in fact, out of the camera pictures look hazy as you comment. My surprise came when i actually worked on the images in LR. After that i started thinking differently of the lens…

          • Neonart

            If you can find a modern copy of that lens, you might be blown away and do a lot less post.
            Btw, what adapter are you using and how do you like it?

            • Hey there, the adapter is from rainbowimaging (you can find a link on the post of the review). It’s working nicely, and with the 3 screws on it I was able to fine tune the lens position so that the focus scale and aperture markings face upwards as they should. I don’t stress too much on adapters as long as they do what they are intended to do.

    • Jupiter 8 is probably a better deal than the Jupiter 3.
      But bargain aside, the review could be the same..

      • I’d love testing a Jupiter 3, i wonder if its usable at f/1.5 though.

        • at f1.5 it has a poor reputation of being soft. If you are a pixelpeeper, its a no go.

          Interestingly, the pics I’ve taken of my nieces and nephews with it has been described more than once as being “alive”, which means to me that the results can be appreciated by some.

  • Mlhavy

    As I’ve said before, the SLR Magic Toy Lens is a rebranded version of the Feihua/no name 25mm f/1.4 CCTV lens commonly available on eBay. SLR Magic have added nothing except some coloured plastic and $100-$200 to the price – the identical generic version can be bought for $20 on eBay. Here’s where I bought mine: http://cgi.ebay.com/25mm-f1-4-C-mount-CCTV-Lens-M4-3-EP1-EP2-G1-GF1-GF2-/400209392498?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item5d2e56b372

    The SLR Magic 35mm f/1.7 is also easily available unbranded for a fraction of the cost – as is, I think, the case with *every* lens they make.

    Can we stop giving SLR Magic free advertising for their ridiculous price gouging?

    • Frederick Hew

      First let’s get the fact right.

      SLR Magic did add a C mount adapter (as well as the plastic rings). Other than that, the lens you refer to does not look like the toy lens – it is much longer.

      Most chances the toy lens is a re-branded version of a cheaper lens (just not the one you are referring to), most chances SLR Magic’s price represents a substantial margin.

      Personally I don’t see anything wrong with that.

      No one is accusing Leica of unlawful or unethical business practices, even though their compact cameras are made by Panasonic and sold under the Panasonic brand for much less.

      I can think of many cases where manufacturers sells its own products under different brands, with substantial price differences. For what it’s worth, SLR Magic – could – be a brand owned and operated by the actual manufacturer of the lens. He may have concluded that the amateur photography market would tolerate higher prices as opposed to other markets.

      Again – nothing wrong with that.

      This site is in fact advertising photo equipment, and this is how it makes enough money to survive. I don’t it should be up to you to decide which products are legitimate to advertise and which are not. You neither run this site, nor were you appointed to represent the readers and speak in their name.


      F. Hew.

      • Mlhavy

        Yeah, okay. If there’s really no standards for what to advertise, I’ll just drop the site from my feed.

        (But note in the “about us” page that 43 Rumors claims not to accept any paid advertising, contrary to what you say.)

        As for the lens, no, it’s identical. The lens in the eBay photo includes a CS mount adapter and bulky rear lens cap, which add to the length. The photo of it mounted on a camera in the review makes it clear it’s 100% identical, just with different text on the front.

        I concede it includes a c-mount adapter, but that’s about $10 worth of added value.

        While I think Leica’s markup on the Panasonic cameras is a little silly, they do try to add real value (for instance, by bundling expensive software). They also produce original products of their own. Leica’s markup is nowhere near the 1000% markup SLR Magic is charging on that and similar cheap CCTV lenses.

        Nowhere did I claim that what SLR Magic is doing is unlawful, but I do feel it’s unethical. A smaller markup would be within reason, even if it were higher than the cost of the base lens and adapter together, but nothing like what they’re charging.

        • Frederick Hew

          “(But note in the “about us” page that 43 Rumors claims not to accept any paid advertising, contrary to what you say.)”

          They probably don’t, but when you click on the link and eventually buy a product they get a commission. Nothing wrong with that either.

          CS mount has an even shorter flange distance than C mount (12.5 vs 17.526mm), and much shorter than m43 (20mm) therefore. Disregarding the rear cap and judging by the lens’ proportions I still think it’s not the same lens. It should be some 8mm shorter while in fact it appears longer. This has nothing to do with my point, though.

  • Jedd

    Yeah, would be nice to have a 8mm f/2 prime. Alas it’s 50mm :/

  • deraal

    Damn you admin! I was searching half an hour for a Jupiter 8mm lens on different ebay sites, even though I had the exact same lens a few months ago from a friend. :)
    the build and image quality differentiates a lot based on the review and my experience. The Images looked sharper on my E-P1 but the lens was almost untwistable. I needed to look on it to see If I actually made any changes ;)
    But it looks amazing on a m43
    but if you go russian retro I still prefer the Helios 50/2, the pictures look much sharper but the colors have a beautiful nuance of a low saturated Retro filter.

    • admin

      You have the right to kick me in the ass for that error :(

  • Is the Jupiter range from the same manufacturer as the Helios 40-2 (85mm f/1.5)? I had that lens and the build was pretty impressive though huge and heavy. Optically it has special qualities, though it would perform poorly on a clinical testbench :-)

  • Feel free to leave comments on the review guys.

    Admin, thanks for sharing the link with the m43 community.

  • Ben Y

    Thanks Admin, seeing this post reminded me to finally sell my Jupiter 8 lens. I cleaned the lens inside out today and put it up on ebay!

    Comes with a sexy lens hood and m4/3 adapter :D


    • LOL. I wouldn’t sell mine. In fact, i’d love getting a J-3. The “bigger brother” of the J-8.

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