New Olympus E-P3 reviews at Pocket-lint and Stuff.


Pocket-Lint (Click here) posted a new E-P3 review: “It’s a great camera to use, if not a little large compared to some of the competition, and produces among the best pictures of any Micro Four Thirds camera. However, the price and low shots per battery charge may be its comeuppance, and with the impending launch of the smaller, cheaper and almost-as-well-equipped E-PL3 and E-PM1 models there’s a chance the E-P3 may be overlooked.

Also (Click here) tested the new camera: “If you want full creative control in a cool but discreet package, the E-P3 is hard to beat. The Sony NEX-5 runs it close but is quite a different camera in use and further removed from the DSLR feel, while Panasonic’s GF2 and GF3 come up a little short in the style and usability stakes.

Check the E-P3 in Stock status by clicking those search links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • Pablo

    EP3 is, what EP2 should have been.
    So now, it is technology-wise two years behind…
    BUT, its expensive, at least :>

    I’m really thrilled, what a pack of overpriced cheap gimmicks will Oly and Pany bring out in their proclaimed “PRO” m4/3 models…

    Anyway… You guys have fun with those software corrected “lenses” you like so much :> I prefer to use real optics instead. Not plastic toys full of compromises.

    • hahahaha! i only come here to bash oly because i want the world to know that sony nex has the best lenses and cameras ever ever! i really do not even know how to take a picture unless the camera is auto mode! i try to learn the aperature but it confuses me so! soon i will post pictures i have taken with my sony nex. they are much better than any pictures from this old ep3 olympus you people use.

      • MK

        not the original but still funny since this is how he talks & feels about sony

      • Pablo


      • WT21

        I like Fake Pablo.

      • Pablo knows nothing ’bout photography !!! Jejje is just a simple user who think that sony is the best , call it ignorance if u want ^^ , jee the fact that u think that sony nex is the best shows u ignorance , stabilization in the optics,no option wheel, no flash,ugly grip,no hot issue,imposible to work in manual, no kelvin regulation,3 optics in the sony nex system,awful pale colors,really expensive bateries, memory cards etc etc etc jeee
        If u want to know something of photography pablo , sure that i can help u with u problem . ^^

    • Rutrem

      nice…and the real optics would be? canikon lenses i suppose?
      why dont u just buy a telescope thet would be a far better optics,as weight u are almost there with full frame lenses.

    • Rutrem

      does he sleeps with his nex? :)

  • WT21

    Heeeee’s baaaaaaaaaaack

    • yes pablo is back! i get bored on the sony nex forum. their cameras are so good there is nothing to criticize about them! b o r i n g ! yawn!

      • Wt21


      • Jaja that is why u dont know nothing of photography,and the fact is , u dont have nothing to critizied cuz u dont know nothing jjjejejje

  • Simon

    Guess what – I also found a reason for extensive yawning….

  • zigi_S

    The E-P3 and even more so, lite and mini are probably the most exciting cameras of 2011. Nex is boring.


    No matter how good the SONY sensor is, it’s IQ is mediocre because of mediocre optics or worse.

    No real photographer would take better sensor over better lenses. And NEX system can’t have small and good optics. It’s physics. FF will allways be a big brick. It’s ridiculous to talk about IQ qhen you leave the lens out. The by far most important factor. That’s why ppl buy 10 000$ lenses.

    Okay now i got this off my chest. Someone should say it long ago to the bigger sensor fanboys.

    • Mr. Reeee

      I totally agree. Who wants crappy lenses? That’s the main reason why I bought M4/3.

      With the NEX peaking focus system, it looks like adapting and focussing manual lenses would be at least as easy as M4/3. I’d slap some of my manual Nikon, Pentax and Voigtländer lenses on a NEX-7 and probably not complain too much. I wouldn’t need to ever touch any of the native NEX lenses.

      Speaking of lens adaptors, I was looking at the Rainbow Imaging site today for Canon to M4/3 adaptors. I checked their NEX adaptor selection and discovered an interesting factoid…
      M4/3 adaptors: 25
      NEX adaptors: 35

      When all the ‘pro” mirrorless cameras from Panasonic, Sony and Olympus are finally released it should get VERY interesting out there in CameraLand!

      C’mon zigi, people buy $10,000 lenses because they make a fantastic tax write-off! ;-)

  • Mr. Reeee

    Where Pablo may be lacking in tact, he does make some valid points about the EP3.

    The thing I fail to understand is why the new features of the new Olys were distributed the way they were.

    The top-of-the-line camera should get ALL the features and removed as they go down the line. So, The EP3 should have the touch screen AND the tilt-screen! EPL3 should have touch and tilt also, since it lacks a built-in flash. The EPM1 is fine as a bottom-end body.

    Who makes these decisions?

    • WT21

      Here’s my take: ROI (return on investment).

      Oly decided they had to make smaller/more portable cameras. Their body design investment (clearly) went into the EPL3 and EPM3 (actually, they are the same body, just with a tilt LCD). They didn’t really touch the EP3. Getting a tilt LCD into the EP3 would likely have required a major re-work of the body. They had the budget and engineering resources for only one body redesign, and that was the EPL/EPM. So, that’s why no tilt in EP3.

      For the faster shutter, when they built the new body, they had to redesign the shutter (I read this from an Oly interview) and made it at 5fps. The didn’t invest in redesigning the EP3’s shutter, but they HAD to for the EPL3.

      In short, the EPL3 was a new design, so they could build in a couple of features. The upgraded features on the EP3 are really not at all body design related (yes, the top plate got some tweaks with the flash, but it wasn’t a whole sale redesign).

      That’s my guess, based on my 20 years in getting high tech products to market, but I don’t know that for certain.

      • Mr. Reeee

        As far as the EP3 goes, it appears to have been a minor redesign but, note, they added the second faux-chrome band at the bottom. While the EPL3 and EMP1 seem to be taken directly, or heavily influenced by the XZ-1.

        It’s not a minor “all you have to do is…” type of design change. There’s some fairly substantial changes involving material changes with news seams and refitting. If they were spending the time and resources for decorative touches, clearly it could have been directed toward a pivoting LCD design.

        After all, the EPL3 got a pivoting screen, so certainly SOME of that design effort/solution could have been shared with the EP3 even with the cosmetic differences between the two. Tech-wise, and certainly spec-wise, they appear to be essentially the exact same camera. I call it laziness and general lack of vision.

        • WT21

          Not convinced. I guess a tear down would have to confirm it, but when I compared the EP3 and my EP1 side by side, there really is no major difference than the plates. What’s the inside structure like? What are the struts that have to support the LCD? That could be a big change. Also, the LCD size on EPL3 is distinctly different than on the EP3, so it might have been modular/shareable. The sensor and shutter mechanism is right in front of the LCD. Maybe the EPL3 had to redesign that set-up to make room for the tilt screen, and they weren’t willing to get into plates, body, sensor and shutter all for the EP3.

          Again, I don’t know any of this, but our engineering teams make these trade-offs all the time, and a feature request like “add tilt screen to EP body” could have been enough of a change and trade off with other priorities, as to put that into “next release” status.

          Also, I don’t know what Oly’s dev and engineering teams are like, but it’s likely they’ve got one team for body, and that team might have been absorbed by the EPL3 stuff, leaving no major reconstruction time for the EP3.

      • Thomas S

        That would also explain the 5FPS burst rate of the E-PL3 and E-PM1 vs the 3FPS of the E-P3. They had to re-use the shutter of the E-P1/E-P2.

  • Voldenuit

    Olympus is pricing themselves out of relevance. The E-P3 is $899 and the E-PL3 is $699.

    For $499, best buy is selling a GF2 kit with a 14-45 and 45-200 bundle.

    What happened to the great value that the E-PL1 represented when it first came out?

    • Mr. Reeee

      Exactly. The EP3 kit is $899 and the GH2 kit is $999.
      Yeah, then add $270 for the VF2.
      Look at the features and which are you gonna buy?

      The Olys are nice, but the prices ain’t. The EPL3 is the best of the lot.

      Wow. That’s a great deal for that GF2 bundle!

      • WT21

        Yes, the Oly prices are $100 too high. They’ve got great styling, which can lift their cost a bit, but they are $100 too high, IMO.

        In a few months, the second hand market will correct that for people who are interested (though that doesn’t help with being attractive to first time buyers)

        • The prices may not be great, but one has to remember these are the release (read: early adopter) prices. I’m not a pro; I don’t have to justify the purchase price as a function of potential return. I bought an EP-3 for hobbyist use, and as a P&S upgrade. I have no desire to have an integrated EVF. If one was integrated, there would obviously be compromises dictated elsewhere. As it is, I’m completely happy with the EP-3’s form factor. It’s small enough to be completely portable, unlike dslr gear (in my opinion). The IQ is better than any P&S I’ve ever used. The auto-focus is quick enough for my needs. (I’m not a pro shooting sports). It’s full-featured enough to give me plenty to learn and grow into. I love Olympus’ color rendering. A bit more saturated and warmer than what is “natural,” but I find it attractive. The art filters are just plain fun. Keeps me from wasting time doing post-processing in Photoshop. Again, I’m no pro. This is just for fun.

          People here seem to forget that the m43’s are purchased by a variety of people with myriad needs and desires in a camera. And for me, the EP-3 is the perfect choice.

  • Nickneeds

    That does sound Luke a great deal on the gf2. Link please. I just find the 599 kit with one lens.

  • Fanboys should buy EP3 even at 899$ regardless of competition so Olympus gets money to build a serious camera.

  • flash

    It is easy enough to get 10% off on the new Olympus stuff, their always seems to be coupon.

    An EVF while it may make the traditional photographers more at home, it seems to be a determent in the general market place. I have observed this when looking at people pick up a camera or a “video” camera the first thing they look at is the screen even when outside and it is very bright. My suggestion would be to have some M43 with and some with out (like Panasonic has)’ or to a lessor extent have one that is optional like Olympus.

    Speaking of viewfinders has anyone notice that the optical view finders seem not to be as bright as they once were? This may be perception on my part but I picked up some Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLRs at the store and thought that they all were very dark, even considering the lens and all. Maybe the higher end DSLR ones are better I did not test them as they were not on display.

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