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The Olympus “teaser camera” rumors summary


It is time to take a break and to make a summary.

What we know for certain is that Olympus will take a press conference on February 2nd. That’s a fact. We also know that they will announce new compact cameras (probably a Tough camera, a Megazoom camera, the camera shown on the teaser and maybe something else). Do not expect a new FourThirds camera announcement. We have been told that there will be a second press conference quickly after the February 2 announcement (probably before the PMA) where Olympus will announce the E-3 successor.

We havn’t been able to get 100% reliable information. It seems that Olympus kept the new camera secret to everyone :)

We can only speculate this time!
To date the camera seems to be a Low-End MicroFourThirds model with interchangeable lens-mount (not fixed lens). It has a plastique body, probably a built-in flash, same E-P1 sensor, Art Filters, it cost something around $500-$550. And obviousely it is smaller than the E-P1/GF1.
But that’s just my speculation.

As soon as we receive 99% reliable “rumors” we will post it on 43rumors! Keep following us!


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