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The author sent us this text:

Here is a commercial we shot for Doritos “Crash the Superbowl”
It was shot entirely with the GH1. The fractal design took longer to bild than we thought so we ended up having to shoot almost the whole thing in about 3 hours. Because of the time crunch and the inability to check the footage (and all the wide angles) we ended up shooting the whole thing in 720P. The footage was then conformed to 24p in Cineform. We were quite pleased with the result.

A few other details…

The whole thing was shot handheld, with the GH1 attached to a DVTEC MultiRig Pro.
Again, because of time constraints, only two lenses were used. The stock lens and the 20mm 1.7
The 20mm had a cheap .5 wide angle adapter attached to give it a true 20mmFOV. This worked incredibly well and I’ve become a believer in wide angle adapters. Almost no distortion and almost zero light loss.
We controlled exposure with a 77mm FaderND. This thing works incredible and I don’t want to ever shoot without one again.
The only lighting we had was one reflector which we used for bounce a few times. Shooting close to magic hour on a lot of it didn’t hurt
Sound was captured on a zoom H4n with a Rode NTG-2. Manual sync wasn’t a big issue. However, in the future we plan on either keeping the number of camera and audio takes in sync or manually writing down what take goes with what. We had a lot more camera takes than audio takes and it took a while to figure out what went with what.
All the editing and effects work was done in Premiere and After Effects CS4. The ability of these programs to dynamically link and share files was a Godsend. We only had one week for post.
Magic Bullet Looks was used for color correction and for the most part was very minor.
This was our first project and overall we were very happy. The GH1 is an incredible little camera. It’s incredibly flexible with it’s flip out screen and combined with the DVTEC makes an amazingly light, versatile rig.

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