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The need for speed: Canon 25-100mm f/1.8 (a cheap zoom lens for the GH2 and AG-AF100)


It’s hard to find good, fast and cheap prime lenses and it is even harder to find zoom lenses! The Canon 25-100mm f/1.8 is one of the few cheap and fast zoom lenses. You can find some image samples at They used the Panasonic G1 to take the pictures.
Advent (DVXuser forum user) tested that lens on Micro Four Thirds cameras and said that it is “extremely fast zooming and very sharp
A cameraporn pictures can be found here at getdpi (Canon 25-100mm on the GH1).

The lens is available at eBay (Click here to see current auctions and price).

P.S.: A high-quality alternative is the Olympus 35-100mm f/2.0 Zuiko Lens for E Series DSLR Cameras but it is 10 times more expensive.

  • J

    I picked up one of these on the cheap at some point and still haven’t hooked it up. Its a big, heavy piece of glass. I suspect you’d have to be very very careful about not breaking an adaptor and obviously have to be supporting the weight of the lens much more than the camera. Still I suspect its a very nice option if you want to be doing a bit of video which is why I picked it up.

  • Catastrophile

    how about fungus (inside old lens)?

  • Gino

    fast and cheap lens are never good.

    • Andrew Howes

      If they had been obsolete and not they suddenly aren’t they might be. I’ve got a Kawa 17-102mm F2, and it’s quite slick, covers nearly all of the frame throughout the focal range. I paid about 25 dollars for it.

  • Thanks for the quotation :(
    Anyway would you like me to do some test with it and my GH1 ? A friend of mine has got this lens.. :)

  • Admin, you can’t be serious about this lens. The example pictures you linked are HORRIBLE. If you have to use legacy lenses, use good ones. Not that crap. Sometimes I got the impression that any fast lens is a good lens in your opinion.

    • admin

      Hi Tobias. Yes it has a bad image quality :(

      • Admin, I’m not so sure for it’s bad image quality, anyway in video mode, if I have time I will test it tonight and send you the video link on sunday.
        Anyway I have another C-mount fast zoom, but it’s vignetting, it’s a 17-102mm 1:2, I’m quite happy with its results, here is the link of a test I’ve done with it 11 month ago :

        • Dummy00001

          Cool ;)

    • Dummy00001

      I’m pretty sure that an artist can turn even that kind of quality into very interesting pictures.

      Needless to mention that there are no comparable zooms for m43 at the moment – not even f/2.8 – what makes the experiment to me worth the time.

    • Dr Koukash

      Lens snob…..

  • Tagheuer

    Now thats a bad lens…Holy mole
    I wouldn’t even pay $25

    • Dr Koukash

      shut up…

  • here’s a quick test with this Canon 25-100mm 1:1.8 :

    • J

      Thanks for the pic. I actually picked up the lens when I got it for $50 or so, and for doing video. I do think it would be nice if it was a bit sharper, but I suspect I’ll be able to come up with some nice results indoors with it.

  • Camajan

    Why no modern versions of lens with same speed/zoom/price?
    IQ would probably be better today…

  • exactly, I was wondering why there is fast C-mount zoom, even up to 1:1.2, and no such zoom on 24/36 DSLR

  • Jac

    Very sharp ?

    Some folks sure have different perceptions on how sharp an image is …

    • I don’t know if we need so sharp lens for video, when video looks too much like “digital”, the rendering is more like camcorder are already doing. In my work, I prefer working with “not perfect lens” and fast lens too, to be more close to 16mm motion picture esthetic.I can understand that some people don’t like this kind of image.

  • Another test with this canon fast zoom, a daylight test, here :)

  • JR

    I have this same lens for my gh1, but it won’t fit in my c mount to 4/3 adapter. What adapter are you using that fits this lens?

  • Anonymous

    admin; should check this, image leaks of GX7 at digicam info

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