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Sykes from Panasonic says what has to be done to make Mirrorless popular in US and Eu too.


Mirrorless system camera sales in UK (Source: Amateur Photographer)

Over at MirrorlessRumors I summed up the five possible reasons why Mirrorless struggles to become popular in North American and European countries. Amateur Photographer interviewed Mr. Sykes from Panasonic who explains the main problem was that companies were too much focused on trying to sell a certain volume instead of focusing on educate the customer about advantages of the new mirrorless cameras. That’s why Panasonic is “imploring photography journalists to conduct reviews of CSCs ‘against DSLRs’, rather than testing like with like.

Last year mirrorlesss camera sales in UK dropped by 46,000 units. But there is also a good news reported by Sykes: “Compact system camera is now returning to a period of growth which is really pleasing“.

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