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Olympus talks about the 12-40mm (non-issue), Sony relation and the one million OM-D they want to sell.


Image courtesy: Lensrentals

Imaging Resource (Click here) interviewed the Olympus manager. Main focus of their interview was the Stylus 1 compact but there are also some bits of info about other interesting stuff:

1) Olympus answer about the 12-40mm lens breakage reports is:

There have been only two instances of breakage reported with, at that time, 5,000 to 10,000 lenses shipped worldwide. To us, that doesn’t constitute a known issue.

2) Sony partnership:

In answer to your question about the Sony partnership, we don’t have any kind of exchange of technologies. However, we do have a supplier-buyer relationship on some certain devices that we provide to Sony, and that Sony provides to Olympus.

3) Future camera development goals:

First, polishing the technology of the basic functionality of the camera — whether it’s exposure, whether it’s white balance, auto-focus, everything.
Second, we want to provide not only easy uploading of your images or videos to the Internet, but good communication with networked devices or the cloud.

And also Photoreview (Click here) had the pleasure to interview many Olympus managers and the goal they set for the near future is:

to sell one million OM-D cameras with marketing focused primarily in 70 cities worldwide where disposable incomes are high.


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