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HOT Suprise! Kodak and JK Imaging will make a new Micro Four Thirds camera! The Kodak S1!



PConline just posted these images disclosing a new Kodak branded (and JK manufactured) Micro Four Thirds camera! It’s named “Kodak S1” and has built WiFi transmission function. The camera will be released in Quarter three of this year!

Kodak officially presented the camera in a Press Conference in Peking. The bloggers at PConline also said the sensor used will be a Sony CMOS. But I don’t know if that is an official info or their guess.


  • Gekopaca

    Soon we will have more camera models than photographers

    • Bob true…
      The only models I am interested in coming down the pike…is the Pany GX2 (or other still-oriented premium model)…
      AND ….any higher-end Olympus Model as to follow up the OM-D or the EP3.
      Looks like those items will be a little while before they appear, tho!

    • Works for me. The more support we have in this format the better. Also gives more credibility to the serious Micro 4/3 shooters.

      • Bob

        THAT is very is good for the whole system…as the sensors get better MFT will be more and more desirable.

  • EASY

    Does Kodak exist at all?

    • Teun

      This camera is produced by JK. They have a license to use the Kodak brand name. Apart from the name, this has little to do with the Eastman Kodak company. In fact, it’s nothing more than a lable to make the product look more interesting. In the past Vivtar camera’s have been branded ‘Kodak’ under similar licensing deals.

      • Stu5

        Actually Vivitar is just a brand name as well. They don’t make their own product.

        • Teun

          Vivitar is now owned by Sakar International. (They just bought the name, And they still produce products of their own with the Vivitar branding, as well as licensing the brand name to others.

          • Sed

            I think Sakar after two or more have given up on the Vivitar brand and will put more into the Polaroid business.

            • Sed

              two or more ‘years’

  • Hojk

    welcome to the family :)

  • MaxP

    who´s JK image

  • Duarte Bruno

    The more, the merrier…

  • Vincent

    the press conference is in Beijing

  • Would be cool if it had a Truesense sensor, but this looks kinda cheap, apparently targeting people who normally take photos with their smartphone.

  • Brian

    Who makes the lenses? :)

    • Miroslav

      Panasonic and Olympus :D.

  • fan_guo_lai_xiang_xiang

    It has a white kit lens! This will make many people on this board happy! :D

    • Vincent

      it seems the 14-42R…

    • +1 LOL

    • With a silly black band. Like the 12-50mm, nice in silver but stupid dark bands.

      • Moderation again!

  • Ron

    Smart move.

  • Miroslav

    Excellent news! Kodak is part of the 4/3 consortium, so I was hoping their CSC would have m4/3 mount. Let’s hope they’ll make a serious effort at CSC market.

  • Although having more brands producing m43 cameras is probably a good thing, this release is far from interesting for serious shooters i believe. This probably targets the lower end of the spectrum.

    • napilopez

      The Sony CMOS is a plus though, assuming quality equal to the current one. Who knows, it may be a decent compact body.

      • Hifinut

        Look like Sony is not the only one that make good sensors. Toshiba sensor in Nikon D5200 is rated as good or better than the Sony sensor DxOMark. Hope that Toshiba also make 43 sensors. 

        • peevee

          Rated by whom?

          • peevee

            Oh, I see, dxomark has an article today…

        • Hojk

          at least Panasonic crap sensors are history now

      • If this a is a $1m start up operation they are not going to get good pricing on Sony sensors. Sony will probably want money up front and that also adds such as interest to the camera cost .

    • Miroslav

      If this sells well, there’s a possibility they’ll make something more advanced.

    • ArtP

      It could bring folks into the system that might have gone elsewhere. Some will stick with it or lose interest, but a few will want to upgrade to a serious camera- that would likely be a PanOly.

    • This won’t be an advanced m43 by any stretch. Arguably, the m43 ecosystem needs those general public level too.
      With GH3, x12-35, x35-100 and the announced 1.2/42 and 2.8/150, Panasonic has not been exactly covering that segment as of late..

  • first polaroid and now kodak?
    more mirrorles cameras for the people! haha

    • Miroslav

      Yashica, Contax, Agfa and Praktica to follow :D.

      • I love my Yashica cam…

      • Where is Zenit?

        • Miroslav

          They’ll join NEX :).

      • OMega

        Praktica could be an interesting thought, as if my memory serves me right they did share some technology with Oly back in film time. I believe they shared Olympus ‘T’ series ttl flash technology with the BX series. Unfortunately I am not able to confirm if this is correct but I am fairly sure in my mind that it is.

        • Ross

          It’s a shame my Praktica camera’s light meter died. Well, at least it gave me the chance to buy my next camera, the Pentax SF7. :) Those were the days! ;)

        • Miroslav

          I think the brand name is sold to a Chinese company as well. A few years ago they were selling rebranded Samsung digital cameras. Nowadays, there are Praktica digital point and shoots in stores, but nothing interesting.

  • Good. That’s all I got to say :)

  • Dannecus

    Very pleased! More manufacturers coming to the standard is a good thing. Even if this camera is at the low end of the market, it will add to the system and bring in new shooters at the entry level who may well trade up later when they want to advance their photography.

    It also puts pressure on Oly and Panny to up their game. I expect there will be some unique feature on the new camera to grab attention (probably some pointless social media thing), but it all helps to keep the other manufacturers innovating to stay ahead.

    Roll on M43!

    • ” (probably some pointless social media thing)”
      Yes. Why bother taking HQ images to shrink them to the lowest possible quality for social media.
      I agree with you why do they put this stuff and its cost into a top line camera. GPS yes, but social media stuff in the top end, no.

  • Yun

    This is great new .
    Welcome to M4/3 .
    Wondering what are the features from Kodak in this new camera . Hopefully it will be another premier product that aimed for experts .

    • Teun

      Styling and the brand name suggests that this will be a camera aimed at the consumer market, rather than the prosumer market. But this might be the first of a whole line up, one might hope.

  • Lee

    Welcome to Kodak and JK! Longtiime micro 4/3rds shooter and I am glad to see the Kodak name finally attached to a camera. Even if it does target an entry class; it is good for the m43 family and strengthens the idea of cameras from multiple manufacturers sharing common lenses and architecture. Great news!

  • valia kalda

    Maybe you read these two links before becoming all happy about a new m4/3 camera. Except if you are Mr. JK, or a Chinese OEM maker, than you can be happy :)

    RIP Eastman Kodak (and original Polaroid), it is shameful what they are doing to your corpses :(

    • Miroslav

      It depends on how serious they are about their new venture. Lenovo bought IBM and is still around making quality products.

      • Tom

        Well, not to be pedantic (exactly what I am doing) but… IBM wanted out of the hardware game and sold the ThinkPad business to the guys that were already making them i.e, Lenovo. IBM is alive and well (and independent) doing better than they ever have – how I’m not sure, I don’t really understand their business now.

        • Anonymous

          They concluded hardware is commoditized and got out of it

          They are now focussed on data, specifically data analytics. Hot, new market with lots of innovation going on. They’re doing quite well

          • Bob

            Off topic, but IBM does a whole lot more than data analytics.. That’s a fairly small, but growing, part of their business.

      • valia kalda

        Lenovo was a reputable manufacturer (called Legend back then) with an early focus on sound business ethics, and IBM was nowhere near to bankruptcy, they just wanted to refocus their strategy, no comparison to today’s shady kodak/jk (and polaroid too) dealies.

        • Miroslav

          All companies were startups once. How can you tell if these people mean business or not? There are some new east Asian companies that already have a name in photography, like Samyang and SLR Magic. Maybe this one is similar to those?

          As for brand names, they are being bought and sold. Is Ferrari just a red FIAT? Is Bugatti a blue VW? Is Pentax DSLR a Ricoh with a K mount?

          These guys that are trying to revive Kodak name are more likely to fail, but if they’re serious they may make it. There are holes in m4/3 lineup that need to be filled and one of them is “connected”, “smart” camera, so why not try to fill it?

    • Ross

      It might be a disappointing addition to the M4/3’s format which could damage the format as a whole, if this isn’t a reliable company producing (selling) them. I hope not, but if consumers have a bad experience with these, then they may be hesitant to try Olympus & Panasonic brands as well. I hope I am wrong.

      A reputable company joining the format would be a good thing, but we’ll see what happens out of this.

    • AndyWas

      Much the same as happened to zombie brands such as Vivitar, Westinghouse televisions, Bell&Howell, RCA, Polaroid, Rockwell power tools, etc. Many brands become a “brand in name only”, where the name itself is the only value it brings and is sold to the highest bidder to slap on whatever they think will make money. It’s just business.
      ANY additional brands in the M4/3 market is a good thing. Now if we could just get some of the big hitters to join the club. The mirror-less systems obviously have lots of growth opportunity in front of them, but a fragmented market with many different, non-interchangeable designs forces average consumers to commit to a specific system and stick with it.

      • Many of these names now ruined. Add to these such audio giants as Sansui and Akai. Now just names to sell cheap junk. Most would now associate Sansui and Akai with junk. Not the world leading quality audio manufacturers they were before “selling” their name. I say name because it is the name not “brand” as some call it now. Sansui was a great name it is now a terrible brand.

  • “Best designed for Smartphone.” Huh?

    “New CSC will attract the new photo market generation.” Will it?

  • Beautemps

    m43-cam goes china. Asuming that will lower the price of established m43 products.:-)

  • Anonymous

    is this a new product from Sakar International? like the Polaroid iM1836, Vivitar, Hello Kitty, Gummy Bears… cameras

    • tom

      The manufacturer is Asia Optical. They make compact cameras sold under the GE brand in the US (via General Imaging, which has same address as JK imaging.)

      • Yes, they have a new serie of ps. cameraes.

      • Twaddler Belafonte

        GE digicams AKA the cheapest crap around.

    • You left out Nerf. They have a Nerf camera, which is similar to other Nerf products in that it has a Nerf logo and is a bright, fluorescent color. Now, if it were made of foam and could be shot out of a gun, I might be interested.

  • Nathan

    If I ever become terminally ill, I hope to just overdose on morphine. I am not going to sell myself as a gigolo to hairy old men before dying, just to pay for the ventilator.
    The camera, though, might be cool if it’s really inexpensive.

  • Anonymous

    Toys R Us are taking preorders. Get in quick. Or wait until it’s discontinued in 2 months and get it for 50 cents.

  • Richard

    What evidence is there that it is micro FT? If they have joined the closed mFT standard that would be announced by Olympus and Panasonic who jointly own the standard.

    • Oh! what short memories we have. Kodak is an original fourthirds member and supplied sensors as well as being involved in making the standard. Adherence to standards will depend on what Kodak has sold here and how interested they are in their own name. Or is it going to be just $.

  • This is pretty exciting, though it remains to be seen if they can actually deliver a successful competitive product. I presume they will likely go after mass consumers which can expand m43’s exposure and lure more lens makers into the system, ultimately driving lens prices down and choice up…

  • Andrew

    Not interested in the camera, but I hope the licensing deal brings Kodak enough money to keep making film. Portra and Tmax are my favorite films by far.

  • neonart

    I think this is a good thing. Sure it’s an iffy brand/company, but if it brings more users to m43, that’s great. Also, this could increase the choice of affordable lenses since its unlikely this company will only offer one kit lens.

    It’s nice we have such great lenses now, but many are priced out of lots of peoples budget. it’d love to see a compact, affordable 25mm. A ‘nifty fifty’ equivalent around 200 bucks, for example.

  • Daemonius

    I wont enjoy these guys dancing on Kodak grave.. Bleh, I seriously doubt it will be worth anything.

  • bmo

    If Kodak s1 builds with Date stamp function, I will buy it. Hate Olympus and pans do not have this feature!

  • Garypen

    It’s odd to see so many people bemoaning the besmirching of Kodak’s good name. Apparently, they don’t remember that Kodak was one of the world’s biggest purveyors of shit cameras.

    In fact, they brought photography to the masses with the original Instamatic using 126 cartridge film, and the Pocket Instamatic with the tiny format 110 cartridge, the equivalent of smaller and smaller sensors.

    So, calm the fuck down. Their films and papers were great. Their cameras were shit.

    • If you can’t express yourself without the foul language then go else where to comment. Its not wanted here.
      Also your memory is short. They were into mass cameras for the public long before the instamatics. The old 126 was a good seller and fitted a market as a functional and acceptable camera system based on a film standard.

      • anonytrackball

        I agree with you. probably one of these “I can do whatever I want” people. A person with no idea of others.

        • Garypen

          Definitely not anything I want. But, I can certainly use adult language when conversing with other adults. We are not in church or kindergarten here.

          • “I can certainly use adult language when conversing with other adults. We are not in church or kindergarten here.”
            This is not an adults only arena. You don’t really know where you are.
            Adults can converse without using bad language. Try it, stop being selfish and self centred, there are others here.

            • jim

              not that i perticaly use sware words but I cant belive anyone today is truly offended by them – or any child? why would a child be offended by them unless you tell them to be?

              • Just because bad language is acceptable to you does not make it so for everyone else. This is a widely read and supported site. There will be many who do not like bad language and will find it offensive. The inability of a few to communicate properly should not be foisted on the the rest. Indeed there is a reason it is called bad language.
                The vast majority who come to this site do not need to use bad language. They may use it in some parts of their daily life but recognise it is not part of the communications of all.

            • Anonymous

              Suck it up princess

              • Konan

                Yeah thats, right, suvk it up. anonymous has been pissing ppl off here for a long time, and his IP adress aint banned yet so chances are you wont either jimbo. It’s time to be like anonymous and let the F-bombs fly like turd in a pig pen.

      • Garypen

        They were good sellers. But, they were still shit. Certainly no less shit in their day than the model in this article is to today’s cameras.

    • napalm

      BIG difference is that this is not really KODAK, just an oem manufacturer using the KODAK brand.

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    An excellent complement to their abhorrent compact digicams? :/ Unless they’re bringing some nice lenses to the table they can blow. Just like the crappy Kodak digicams it seems like they’re just milking ignorants with the name Kodak (“Kodak’s a good camera, right?” <– heard this too many times).

    • This isn’t made by Kodak, just some company licensing their name. That doesn’t mean it will be good, but it can’t be judged by Kodak’s recent offerings.

  • I’m glad to see this & the Polaroid low-end offerings, maybe this will free up some resources at Panasonic & Olympus spent on their lower-end cameras and let them concentrate more on higher-end ones. I don’t see that this will have a negative affect on the platform as a whole – cheap, crappy lenses have been made form Canon and Nikon by some third party manufacturers for decades, but those haven’t hurt Canon & Nikon’s reputations.

  • jonathan

    I probably won’t care about their low end bodies…

    Maybe and hoping there will be some decent glass.


  • Alexander

    OIS or IBIS ???
    This is the Question!

    I Hope for IBIS !!!

    • Twaddler Belafonte

      IBIS would mean they’d have to hire competent engineers to actually design a competent camera. That just is *not* going to be in the budget. OIS? Slap a Panasonic on it. That is not the game they are playing: they are playing let’s trade on a known brand name and make some fast cash.

      Shoe me lenses or STFU.

  • peevee

    Interesting. They’d better have a few bright zooms to go with it.

    • If them come by this camera, will maybe the first lens not be large and fast. ;-)

  • Bob

    JK. That stands for Just Kidding, right?

    • admin

      Yep ;)

  • homer

    theres not one single photo out there taken with this and already the “experts” here are calling it crap. Despite using a sony sensor, beating olympus to the wifi punch and capable of taking every m4/3s lens out there.
    Yet, fuji comes out with a retro looking camera that does paint like RAWs and the world shit its self over it.
    These are the times we live in

  • Flash

    I wonder if they will have a high end version using Schneider glass. ;)

    Now, what we need is Cosina to make an upscale one with a good sensor and less auto, for us old style shooters.

    • Now a full range finder body, range finder focus system and made by Cosina? Maybe Voigtlander branded, Fuji/Toshiba/Sony sensor? I would like that. Problem is do we have 5 way IS? Do we have focus magnification, peaking or both as well? Do we have Leica lens recognition as well as M43, if sois it to be fully manual or modernised or both, just flip the switch, or a custom bit of both.
      Use standard m43 for m43 glass as normal and range finder for any other prime lens,with pre set frames in memory via PC downloadable sets and options.
      WoW back to page one! Start over!

  • Admin.
    I think some advertisers are jumping on the bandwagon and posting links in their names.

    Also there are some bad language users who should be informed this is an open site and while free for all to join and use they should appreciate that not all want to hear their bad language. Children or adults.

    • admin

      Going to fix this now. Thanks! I hate spammers :(

      • There are still a couple above.

        • Milt

          Still are.

  • Admin.
    You are being tested as a site for future exploit. Maybe advertising or manipulation. The names used are links. Links to ??? who knows what.

  • Riley

    just in case you were wondering admin

    I speak some farsi, the above appears to be an arabic version of information accrued the 43rumors article, nothing more.

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