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(FT4) New Olympus MFT and fast zoom on sale in Spring (no CP+ announcement).


Private note first: The last three weeks I was busy because of family reasons. Finally I managed to reorganize my working day so that I can be 100% back on 43rumors. The last three days I had busy conversations with sources and they helped me a lot to get a clearer focus on the new product announcement roadmap. And if you feel that in these last three weeks I missed to post some of your work or reviews please mail me the links back at As you know I am doing all alone here on 43rumors and sometimes I need your understanding…thanks!

And now let’s talk about the next Olympus products. It’s months now that the I tell you something “different” and “new” is coming from Olympus. And that has been now confirmed by some of my sources. What I learned now is that Olympus will 100% market the new kind of camera in Spring. The real surprise is that they will not(!) announce it at the CP+ show yet but they opted for a later announcement. The reason is yet unknown, but from my parallel work on MirrorlessRumors I noticed a convergence of new product releases in late March-early April (new Canon EOS-M with integrated EVF, new NEX, and new Panasonic G5 successor). It may be casual…it may be not.

The new camera is rumored to have the new Epson 2,36 viewfinder and a new overall camera design. And there should be a fast zoom too (no, not the busted 50-150mm f/2.8 rumored lens).

And now back to the Cp+ show. Yes, there will be an Olympus product announcement but not for the new camera. More about that will come soon. And some Panasonic rumor too. So stay tuned on 43rumors!


  • KI

    Exciting! … by the way; Any rumors on a E-M5 firmware upgrade?

  • admin

    I will ask that now to my sources.

  • matt

    admin is this the rumored hybrid photo-videocamera by oly & sony? or is it something else?

    • admin

      No, it is not! Defintiely not! it’s a 100% photographer camera.

      • matt

        now I´m so sad :( , thank you

      • “it’s a 100% photographer camera”?
        so…no video? are yuo sure about this?

        • admin

          Of course it can do video. But it’s deinfitely a main photogrpaher camera

      • Bob B.

        Well, it’s exciting news (with a long wait….), if you are a stills shooter!!!

      • Anonymous

        sad too. video is just a firmware thing. just give us 24/25p

        • ChickenMan

          I am glad they focus on one imaging or the other. Frankly if you want a video camera go buy one, it is far better to excel at one thing then to be mediocre at many.

          Still is my preference, that’s why I use this design (ergonomic and functional) of camera… The actual ergonomics of both camera types is quite different. In fact looking at a SLR-type design rigged for video one has to wonder what the heck happened to it. It looks like a prop that fell off the back of a Terminator set vehicle.

          I have shot video with a purpose built camera and it was actually easier to do because of its shape and ergonomics. Serious still shooters rarely use it (IMHO).

          Flame on :)

          • MarcoSartoriPhoto

            I understand Panasonic gh-x series, maybe hacked, delivers good videos, but… I admit mi ignorance now: why complaining about video features on a photo camera, if the plan/need is to use it mainly for videos? I don’t take videos, I have disabled that function on my omd and I use that button for white balance. I’m not criticizing, I’m simply curious. I understand that someone can think: well, sometimes I took photos too. But here I read comments & complaints from people asking for high video performances.

            • I was on my third video camera when I realized I was not good at video and it did nothing for me. All three pany videos are safe in a drawer and have not been used for several years. I stick to stills now, not that I am particularly talented on those either, but at least I can play with the computer fixing them? I have often wondered why peole would want more than casual video on a stills camera. If video is the thing then get a video rig.
              One can get a bicycle with a little motor on it, to make life easier. Putting a Harley engine on one to make it faster is an exercise in building and design and of interest to some but hardly to become the norm for bicycle riders. After all, the motorbike does exist already.

              • MarcoSartoriPhoto

                I agree with you Jim. What I don’t understand is people complaining for the lack of good/super performances on video department, on a phoo camera. I think taking videos should be considered a plus. It’s like complaining that a video camera lacks of still performances. Again, I might simply missing the reason behind it, but in my ignorance I think it does not have a lot of sense. That’s why I hope some video enthusiast can explain this to me.

                • ChickenMan

                  I would like to see a manufacturer (m43) focus on stills tech. Take the money that would have been used in placing video functionality into the camera and put it back into stills tech. Although there are certainly subtle differences in our preferences, a real purest stills camera would have much appeal for all I would think.

                  I don’t like shooting video, and even though I love watching it when its done well, I have never been moved to really study a video the way I always have stills (McCurry, Salgado). I don’t resent the video functions on my EM-5, but I wish the money had gone into the camera in some other way to improve stills.

                  Like I said in my first entry, I like tools that are truly excellent at one thing, rather than very good at several.

                  • Timccr

                    I agree. The idea of a stills and video camera is nice. The reality is a bit different. I think I am right in saying that even a hacked GH2 still only has 4 2 0 chroma sampling – please correct me if I am wrong about that. And even if you could get serious video out you would need an external recorder. Might as well just get something like the Blackmagic. If your interest is news footage it seems you can just wildly fling your phone around and TV stations will happily transmit it. If you want to shoot low budget drama the Blackmagic sounds like not a bad solution. The video on stills cameras is nice for playing around with while you work out how you would actually shoot some personal documentary project or similar. Or just your kids and cats. It will be a long time before it is ever more than that. One day I am sure there will be a brilliant stills and 8K (16K by then?-LOL) camera the size of matchbox but that is probably a long time in the future.

  • Marck

    And of course it’s not the new pro camera with full 43 lenses (Phase Detection AF) support, am I right?

    Regarding the fast zoom, since it’s not the 50-150mm, do you feel that it could be something like the 43 12-60mm f2.8-4?

    • One of the issues facing the m43 standard is that they NEED to move to hybrid CD/PD AF, but this is going to render some lenses less than optimal as far as speed of focus goes in comparison. Essentially, it’s a major change to the whole standard.
      Currently, all m43 lenses with AF can have motors installed that work best with CDAF, and the incremental micro movements, instead of the single movement associated with PDAF.
      Not a big deal on shorter glass, but it will be an issue with lenses like the 100-300, 75-300, and maybe even the pricey 35-100/2.8. Compared to optimised hybrid AF lenses, the old stuff will feel slow enough to make their owners feel very sad.
      So, it’s logical that Panny and Olly coordinate the release of a hybrid AF system. Seeing Sony supply the sensors for both currently…..maybe we see all three hit the market at the same time?

      • Miroslav

        “One of the issues facing the m43 standard is that they NEED to move to hybrid CD/PD AF.”

        Agree. That’s also needed for quick AF of 4/3 lenses and other DSLR lenses adapted via Metabones Speed Booster.

        • josephKhn

          It would be good for the guys who already own the SHG FT lenses ,but it is foolish to think they will ever be popular in mFT the whole rational of mFT is all about size. If you want to pay that much and carry that much might as well go FF

          • ph


          • Miroslav

            The rationale behind mFT is choice. If you want to go small, you can buy E-PM2 and small primes. If you don’t mind the bulk, you can go with GH3 and some high performance zooms – 14-140, 12-35, 35-100, … Or you can mix it, buy lenses according to your needs. I’ll gladly buy some F2.8 APS-C zoom if it can AF on my m4/3 with that MB adapter and have what is effectively an F2 zoom. When I want something pocketable, I’ll just put 20mm on. That’s the beauty of interchangeable lens systems, especially this one: you can have a camera-lens combo as small as a bulkier P&S or as large as small FF, depending on your needs. And eather way it’s still cheaper than FF.

      • digifan

        Allthough I still have some High Grade 43 lenses, I’d rather not have them go hybrid. Olympus and Panasonic should put all developement on CDAF and make them react lightning fast so they can follow focus like with a Nikon PDAF system.
        I’d appreciate if they’d make an adapter for my 43 lenses so those could be used to full potential too on m43 camera’s.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Can you teach pig to fly?

          With same overall tech level (speed of focus mechanics, focus sampling and processing) it’s equally impossible for contrast detection AF to be even remotely as good as phase detection in tracking moving targets.
          So you better start hoping for phase detection including hybrid AF.

          • bart

            Its correct to say that in order to do focus tracking, a camera needs to know:
            – is the subject currently in focus?
            – if not, in what direction and how far is it out of focus?

            Phase detection is only needed in the sense that it provides this information, but, any solution that can provide this information will do the job.

            Nature has found other ways for solving this issue, for example by means of chromatic defocus. An exclusively imager based AF solution could gleam much of the required information by making more extensive use of shape and size.

            So, saying that phase detection is needed for tracking AF is a simplification, and factually incorrect.

        • Sorry, but your statement contradicts itself. You don’t want hybrid AF on m43, but you do want an optimised adaptor for your 4/3 lenses?
          Mirrorless cameras need a very good hybrid AF system to compete with DSLR’s for sports and wildlife. Without that, the manufacturers will not produce long, fast glass for mirrorless, because no-one with any brains would buy it. And most people with the money to buy long fast glass have a good brain, that’s how they made their money.

      • NFT

        someone no need to Phase Detect !!! i mean Panny @ last rumors.
        if Oly move to PD AF what happen about m43 native lens?

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Existing lenses won’t become any slower to focus than they’re currently if body’s focus system includes phase detection.
          With CDAF first focus movement is basically half of the time to wrong direction so also that gets eliminated.
          And in focusing to moving target they’ll get better.

          • @Esa….Correct, they may not get slower, but they will seem slower in comparison with lenses specifically designed for a hybrid AF system.
            Not many people complained about the speed of focus of the Panny 20/1.7 until it couldn’t keep up with the newer bodies… many Panny 35-100 owners would be happy if a later Olly equivalent focused in half the time?
            Speed is always relative.

            • bart


              The difference in focus speed between the ‘modern’ m4/3 lenses like the 45/1.8 on one side, and the 20/1.7 on the other side is totally evident on the E-P1 already.

              It got even worse with newer cameras, but it has always been there, and was evident from the moment the first ‘MSC’ (or equivalent) lenses appeared.

      • josephKhn

        @DomTom i would appreciate a link to a reliable source that states the origin of the Panasonic GH3 sensor, from numerous articles Panasonic seem rather convinced that it is their sensor. And apart from one slip at a launch for a non-photographic Olympus product I have not seen any detailed info regarding the origin of the E-M5 sensor.
        No doubt Sony are doing great work in the sensor development, but that doesn’t mean they are the only ones in fact the Nikon designed Toshiba built sensor in the D5200 is if anything better than the Sony alternative.

        • NFT

          don’t forget EOS 6D sensor ,that great night shooting

        • Fair point Joseph, but I think it is quite accepted that the companies do work with each other when it comes to sensor tech. A reliable hybrid AF is quite a big ask, and it would make sense that they will cooperate (with cross licensing) to get it right. Especially as Sony now has money in the m43 game!

  • Ghost

    I really hope it’s going to be 12-60 F2.8-4

    • alexander

      +1 & small size !!! -> pocketable

      • and collapsible while maintaining good IQ, serious though I’m really eager to know more about this upcoming fast (bright) zoom, because I’m considering getting my hands on Panasonic 12-35 as the price has decreased significantly

        • Hojk

          Same problem here: any hints for specs yet? FT1 no problem for me :)

    • Partyender

      Me too. We really need that 12-60 F2.8-4 quality for m43 in a compact form


      F4 is not fast on mFT plus the much hyped 12-60 has some funky distortion at the wide end , I don’t see a smaller lighter more compromised design will be any better.

    • +100

  • JF

    “a fast zoom too” yes, it will have the fastest AF in the world :D
    Stop joking, a fast standard zoom to compete with the panny 12-35 mm f2.8 would be a good thing for the system !

  • Bora

    I think it will be a new pen series camera with an EVF as indicated in previous posts. What about the sensor? will it be new and better sensor than OM-D?

    • Agent00soul

      The OM-D sensor is already state-of-the-art. An even better sensor would require some brand new sensor technology. Sony would hardly give that to Olympus before anybody else.

      • Bora

        Yes, but Sony has collaboration with Olympus and may be it can provide new sensors to Oly. Anyway, I once thought what if Sigma and Olympus combines to produce a near perfect camera? Sigma has one of the best sensor technology but they lack processing power where Olympus is best known(for its jpeg engine). Let see :)

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        +1 agree: maybe Oly could tweak it a little bit, but I don’t expect a huge leap forward from the OMD sensor. About this rumored camera: if it’s a competitor to the new Fuji x100s (fixed lens, compact body, EVF) then it has my attention. I’m not interested in a new body, at least until it gives noticeably better performances than those of OMD-Em5.

      • Miroslav

        “The OM-D sensor is already state-of-the-art.”

        It was state-of-the-art a year ago. Now, it is competitive, but not the best.

        Toshiba sensor in Nikon D5200 seems to be the best APS-C at the moment. If Sony can better that and use the technology in its next 4/3 sensor, then we’ll get a better one.

        • NFT


          i am think no to omd sony ss ,today nikon had sony ,apina and toshiba ,they
          can select best tech from variant manufacturer but olympus (in the shadow of sony)
          cannot do that ,like past pana sensor ,using sony ss today,tomorrow, next year



        the E-M5 was the best mFT camera by less than a stop it was still behind the best APS cameras.Sometimes I think the E-M5 must come with some sort of hallucinogenic drug built in for some of the idiocy posted by the fans is laughable.

        3/4 of a stop better than the GH2 that is reality the BS claims above that are just Oly fans blowing each others dicks

        • OlymPan

          @Freddie. I guess you also wanted your dick blown and your just too jealous of us oly fanboys. Word of advice try to be self sufficient and go try release your anger elsewhere bwahahahahaha. Get a life!

  • Admin, please clarify what is a “100% Photographer’s camera’.

    IMHO what is lacking in the E-M5 is indeed a ‘photographer’s’ interface, a’ la Fuji. Simpler, no-nonsense interface many dedicated buttons with good haptics.

    I take it goes in the Leica substitute direction, but with Oly you never know, it might be futuristic. So of course any picture, drawing would help.

    Sensor wise I would be fairly happy if they don’t scr*w the E-M5 processing with souped up processing. Low light is already perfectly fine.

    Size-wise I prefer good handling to PLx size, by far. That would also be meaningful information.

    • admin

      Sources didn’t make me the favour to clarify that part. They may want me and you to suffer a bit :)

  • avds

    I guess you meant a new GF, not the G5 which is already on the market…

  • Svemel

    I’m just hoping for a hotted E-m5 so the price on the current will drop so I can afford it. :-)
    Here’s a link to the new EVF mentioned in the article…

  • Yun

    Very excited & look forward for Olympus’s announcement on their new products , pity Pana failed to cope in this .
    It’s just one man show from Olympus .

    • Bob B.

      ….yeah…they seem to have dropped the ball somewhat for stills cameras….The GH3 is definitely video oriented and getting too big for a MFT stills camera.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        GH3’s lack of multi aspect sensor is bigger hit for video which is stuck in 16:9 aspect ratio while new improved video modes are just additions to software and processing.
        Physically it’s first mirrorless which can be operated decently well with gloves and hence can compete with enthusiast DSLRs instead of P&S compacts.

        • Bob

          Esa..what you say is true..but I still think a LOT of that $1300 goes to the video function of the camera. I believe the price could be less if it was aimed at single image capture..but in any event…it is a very good MFT camera!

          • Esa Tuunanen

            Wouldn’t be really any cheaper from assembly/component cost perspective as video doesn’t need any physical construction changes/new parts.

            Integrating more powerfull video coding to processor doesn’t increase cost of it much any.
            Unlike weather sealing needing seal in every hole of buttons and controls, increasing also amount of assembly work.
            Also change from GH2’s plastic shell to magnesium shell and added controls increase cost lot more.

            Product positioning decisions are different things but then again no one seems to have problems with pricing of E-M5 which lacks ergonomics of lot cheaper DSLRs.

  • I’ve been thinking this (well, mainly by myself) but if this new camera is a REAL digital rangefinder with that kind of shooting experience… whaahhh

  • valia kalda

    So, what i understand (what i WANT to understand) is a successor to the E-5, with hybrid everything, enough cpu brute force to drive both 4/3 and m4/3 lenses fast, a super hi-res EVF (although i’m fine with the current in the OM-D), better external controls with beefier and responding buttons and dials..did i leave something out? :) Oh yes, and a less screwed up menu system, the only thing i miss from the 7D. This and the rear wheel.

  • mauro

    Please Oly give us the 50-200 successor or 90-250f4!
    Ti prego :D

  • For me, instead, is sufficient to be happy a new PEN with EVF on the corner and a new sensor, priced less than OMD.

    • Tx

      I support that.

    • Yes, I would be happy too. But it seems that Oly is up something more ambitious, a semipro with outstanding EVF, no cheap toy.

      OTH it could push the E-M5 price down and prepare the Pro for the end of the year, so presumably there will be something for everybody.

      Also the Kodak introductions, the Metabones announcement and the 4/3 adapter, plus the video stuff, m4/3 five huge potential, with Sony sensors making up to scratch.

      My question would rather be if that will drive prices of m4/3 equipment down, or rather the opposite.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > semipro with outstanding EVF
        Scratch that “outstanding” part if it’s that Epson’s LCD with low contrast.
        Also LCD’s response time always adds some to image lag which is counterproductive for making EVF capable to fully replacing OVF.

        • Yes? Are you shooting in real life, Dear? Are you street shooting?

          Is the camera limiting you or your lack of skill? So give us a break Eva dear.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            Did your parents fail to give you the disciplinary beating?
            If you have spine to come here I’ll gladly correct that.

  • Father Jack

    Daaaamn, now I seriously don’t know what to do, my PEN gave up few months ago, so instead of buying cheap PEN replacement I decided to wait and collect some cash for OMD, now when I’m ready there’s new camera just around the corner… If I’d only knew what kind of camera is it, I don’t want to go anywhere lower than OMD, I don’t really want to wait any longer, but significant price drop would be nice, hell, what to dooooo??????

  • Uncle_Pix

    I own a GH2 and didn’t buy the GH3 – size too big for me. But for a well-sized Oly with good video codecs and manual video control, I would rob the piggy bank.

  • Ed

    To be marketed in spring. here again are the elements of this new camera cycle:
    — a few clues about the specifications
    — some celebrity photographers give testing hints
    — somebody leaks a photo of part of the camera
    — or a test shot that does not reveal much
    — camera goes on sale in asia
    — then initial reviews come out
    — lots of speculation throughout.

    Feel free to add to this list.

    • Bobby Woodsman

      right on target ;-)
      Ming Thein celebrity facebook ‘test’ camera tease ——-check

      ” Aaargh. The frustration of having a piece of photographic-prototype-related awesomeness that you can’t share…and then the interminable wait for your own one to arrive.”

  • Wishlist for the new body:
    * Analogue, dedicated exposure controls
    * Left corner viewfinder
    * Wider than previous E-Px models
    * Smaller LCD and a more spacious button layout than E-M5
    * Similar design to the beautiful Pen F
    * Double hot shoe (two accessory ports as well)
    * Keep it simple for a change, please.

    I will skip that camera anyway, but IMO implementing these will set a good trend for the future.

  • jimbo

    looking at how much the NEX 6 costs, they’ll probably price the camera between $900 to $1000

  • awaler


    EVF left corner
    Flash middle left
    5 axis IS
    manual dials/buttons for ISO, time, aperture (rather than big display)
    compact type zoom lever for motorzooms
    fully electronic shutter
    mobile phone interface
    water protected
    no hump

  • r

    I would like a 12-150 f4 sealed travel lens to go w/ e-m5’s sealing

    • I d’ like a 12-60 2.8-4.0 ;-) Anyway I hope if this is rumor about a new zoom is really true it will be an optical high quality lens with not so much software correction needed as the much overpriced Pana lenses.

      • r

        I dont get why oly doesnt correct pany’s l

        • OMega

          Not sure what you are saying here ‘r’, I assume you are suggesting Panny lenses are lacking somewhere and require some software correction which Oly does not provide. If that is the case, one could say that is more of a problem with Pannies lenses than Olys engine, however you can also ask why doesn’t Panny do something to enable full use of Oly lenses regarding stabilisation.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Olympus isn’t that much better with premium pricing of 12mm m.Zuiko without it being super fast or having outside center resolution of 12-60mm.

  • Hans Rotmo

    I sure hope it’s the new weather sealed 14-150. With the standard f/3.5-5.6, like Can/Nik/Tam, or even a click faster!

    • Ash


      no thanks

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Instead of copying features of those APS-C travel zooms they should copy quality of 4/3 Leica D 14-150mm.

  • Venus Williams seen using Black EM-5 at the Australian Open Tennis during Serena’s match in the 3rd round. Mum still has a Nikon.

  • Jhomes

    Left side EVF
    5 axis IBIS
    No hump
    Larger and comfortable to hold w/ stability without added grip
    OMD sensor (or better)
    Easier custom sets (on a dial?)
    Built-in Flash that can be aimed at ceiling
    Articulating LCD
    New b&w film modes (just making this one up)

    That would be it for me for years. I would be happy to be gouged if those are the specs. Would pre-order happily at anything less than 2k……..

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