(FT4) No new MFT camera from Olympus yet (it will come in Spring).


I expect a new Micro Four Thirds camera from Olympus to hit the market in Spring but surprisingly I have been told by two sources that the announcement of the camera will be made AFTER(!) the CP+ show!

There will be new stuff for the CP+ show but this doens’t include that camera. The reason why Olympus will “skip” the CP+ show is yet unknown!

P.S: All normal E-P3 kits are now marked as discontinued at BHphoto (Click here). And they are massively discounted at Adorama (Click here) and low in Stock at Amazon (Click here).

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • LeGO

    Olympus wants the older model cameras to sell first.


      If it wasn’t for sales of old stock Olympus would have little impact on the sales charts even at home in Japan

      Not one new Olympus body in the top 20 , 4 EPL5 kits in the 21-49 category and gods own camera lol the beloved nay saintly paragon of wonder the E-M5 pops in to the list at an impressive spectacular 61st place , 30 spots behind the Nikon D800 that costs more than double the price and came out around the same time.You mFT geniuses are just about as deluded as it gets. The two “big” players in mFT are losing money { camera div} Panasonic and Olympus.The only mirrorless models selling outside Japan are the old stock at give away prices

      It is only a matter of time before they start with the Walmart style offers buy one get one free or better still if you buy a real camera we will throw in a mFT [ for the kids ].Now,joy of joys Sony a company deep in the financial shitter are “helping” out Olympus imaging LOL.The future will most likely be mirrorless for sure but it ain’t gonna be mFT,the minute Nikon or Canon step up with a credible offer it is over for mFT. Nikon have the even more toy camera and Canon have the EOS-M that apparently can barely focus yet they managed to make a dent in the numbers

  • Miroslav


  • solar

    Maybe the Olympus design team manager Walked outside the sheltered workshop and just observed a X-E1 for the first time, scrapping the clay model of the proposed new Pen :). Back to the molding department lads and bring me something new and innovative. Make it modern, retro and practical and have it finished by Monday morning. Don’t cut corners…..

    Better to get this correct than flood the market with minor updated models in the short term.

  • maybe to have higher marketing impact (less noise) or maybe they are refining new features?


      You are one screwed up fanboy ,your unnatural love and defense of all things Olympus,is an odd combination of ridiculously comical and creepy. You condoned every crime they committed,you lie blatantly in a hope to promote the cause which only works with like minded illiterate retards ,your hatred of Nikon must have been caused by some tragic event in your youth maybe a priest stuck a Nikon 300mm up your ass lol , which would explain why you are such a huge arsehole .All those pedo priests have much to answer for

  • ckwin

    Kodak to develope the M43 body !

  • Still wait if Oly will announce some nice zooms at the CP+, I want to know if I have to sell my E-M5 or not…

  • Alex

    Still waiting for a nice zoom too… The Pana zooms are nice but the cut at 35mm is really bad for me: I would have to swap those lenses all the time. Something around 12-60 or 12-70 would be soooooooo nice. Didn’t spent much money on m4/3 yet… I don’t want to swap to another system but if it goes on like this I’ll probably have to :-(

  • I simply don’t understand everyone’s complaints here about the lack of lenses and zooms and having to switch away from m4/3….do you guys even understand or realize there is NO other compact system that has even remotely close to the amount of lenses available, primes available…zooms available even than m4/3?!? Sony no, Fuji heck no(they have only 5 lenses total!) and I don’t thing anyone even counts the Sony or Nikon offerings.
    Be glad for once that we as m4/3 users have it so good…the only thing even close is switch back to a monster system like canon or Nikon. I’m tired of hearing all these blabbering complaints about the lack of lenses and switching systems. If your that unhappy with the best ecosystem of mirrorless lenses on the market then go ahead, switch to Sony or Fuji and see how truly happy you’ll be with the dearth of options at your disposal. Otherwise enjoy how great we do have it and stop filling the everyone’s time with complaining just for the sake of hearing yourself complain. And with that, I’ll end my rant for the year.

    • Dannecus


      Have to agree, although I do like a good moan too.

    • tomas

      all agree …anyway would be nice to see some upgrades/version 2 of lenses…which could lead into price drop of version 1 or at least wider aftermarket of used lenses … I consider lens prices high for avg m43 user …ps I am bored of every year new camera … I prefer to by some decent lens over buying new body every yea

  • Pierre

    Very disappointing! Olympus should come out now with a new Pen with EVF on the left corner!

  • Hopfdfg

    It is the whining wimps that bitch about the weight of FF gear , it is heavier because the sensor is four times the size, the lenses are heavier because they they capture far more light.IT IS SIMPLE FOR EVERY DROP IN SYSTEM WEIGHT THERE IS A DROP IN QUALITY

  • amvr

    God, what’s with all the trolls and whiners in here suddenly ? do canikon/sony trolls really have that much free time ?

    Back OT, I’m hugely dissapointed, if past rumors were true this was going to be THE camera I’ve been waiting for since the E-P1, it’s been years of patiently waiting for an upgrade to my PL1, most other systems weren’t even in the market when most people started asking for a Pen with EVF, a few years later and Oly still hasn’t delivered, meanwhile sony and fuji are in their 2nd or 3rd generation of CSC with evf…I love m4/3, it’s the only system I chose to invest into and to grow over time, but this is getting frustrating, as it is now lenses are being reduced to the only saving grace of the system, if Oly and Pany were just coming into the market with lenses like Fuji and canikon are, this system would be dead. Luckily this isn’t the case but still, there’s simply no alternative to the GH3 or OMD in this system, you either go back to slr ergonomics or f*ck off.

    • solar


      I am in the same position.as you.ihave been waiting for a RF styled body with a built in VF but I will not wait much longer. Even if a body is released soon, I need to seriously assess whether M43 is cost effective to stay in. A Fuji X-E1 sells for $1400 with a quality zoom. How much would I need to spend to have the same in M43?

      That is without assessing picture quality. Mirrorless is great but not necessarily M43.

  • O

    No ILC from Olympus yet. Wait awhile. Another X compact is to be expected.

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