Still missing: Where are the new Panasonic converters?


Back in January Panasonic announced three new converters. But since there I haven’t found any of these in Stock in any country I checked. The Panasonic DMW-GWC1GU wide angle converter is listed at Amazon Germany (Click here) but there is no info about the availability and no preorder option. Did you hear some news about them?

UPDATE: All converters are listed at (Click here).

  • Yun

    Yes . I also looking for it everywhere & still waiting for stocks to arrive .

  • These converting lens will be available in the late April in Japan.

  • Kana T.

    You can preorder at Japanese right now.
    The release date will be on April 26, 2012.
    So will it around in other contries, I supporse.

  • dau

    not sure theyll arrive but i dont think there will be much interest as they can only be used with the 14-42 x power zoom or the 14mm pancake. pretty limiting..

    • I for one am interested. I want to be able to focus closer with my 14mm. The tele n wide converters are not as appealing to me though. I can just use a different lense for that.

    • OK here is the deal…
      Panasonic are not getting the volume on lenses they require at the price that they want.

      because they are selling too large a percentage of their cameras to “Joe Bloggs” consumers who aren’t interested/won’t pay/see the benefit of purchasing anything apart from the included kit lens.
      Basically Panny has targeted (accidentally or deliberately) the same people who would of bought a Nikon or Canon DSLR and never bought another lens.

      Panasonic needs to make it’s customers aspire to buy lenses by using innovative marketing………..

      Olympus and Pentax tend to attract people who are more into photography and thus want to buy additional lenses.

      • Pax Rock

        OK, here’s the deal. It’s “would have” not “would of”. What are they teaching in schools these days?

        • awaler

          not exactly.
          The deal is
          head, wood of

    • Miroslav

      “they can only be used with the 14-42 x power zoom or the 14mm pancake.”

      They can be used with any lens with 46 mm or smaller thread: Pana 20 mm, Pana 25mm, Pana 45mm, Oly 17 mm, Oly 12 mm, Oly 45mm, Oly 14-42 kit zooms, etc. How good the results would be only tests will show…

  • austin

    the sony wide converter works for the panny 14mm

  • I see that they are on the page listed in the update, but that’s just an informational page. If you go to the panasonic shop, they are no where to be found: If you go to that link, you will see 3 converters, but those are old ones, not for the micro Four Thirds cameras.

  • I think they will be released with an firmware update………

  • yortuk

    I got this Neewer .45x wide angle converter from Amazon:

    It’s just $11.00 and I wasn’t expecting much, but I’m actually quite amazed at how good it is, and it also includes a usable macro converter. Something to play with, anyway, until I can save up for that Panasonic 7-14mm zoom.

  • E-1

    Back to the DSLR Check, comparing the 60 on the Xpro and the 45 on the E-M5, what do you think?

    • 43shot

      I missed the converter in that link…. Perhaps you may want to go back to the other topic.

      • E-1

        Ah, we’re only discussin the posts now? Since when was that policy established? Surely not before yesterday?

    • Fan

      Wow the E-M5 is the best …

  • Rambalac
  • Who cares? ;)

  • stickytape

    Just a quick question: Why does each page of 43rumors now only display two blog posts?

    • @stickytape
      @admin must of changed the settings in the back of his wordpress to allow faster loading of website and/or save on bandwidth.

      If enough people ask him nicely maybe he’ll change to 4-5 posts per page…

    • Miroslav

      Too many visitors crash the site when there are camera announcements. So, the admin reduces number of posts per page to make pages smaller and reduce the server load. He did that for the GF5 announcement as well, but for some reason ( easter holiday ? ) has not yet reverted to standard 4-5.

      • E-1

        With caching in WordPress, I doubt it can be crashed easily. It easily works for Reddit/Digg traffic for example. Not sure there are larger spikes though.

        • Miroslav

          That was his reasoning. I’d like to have 10 posts per page and fewer small external websites that slow page loading much more.

        • Anonymous

          The server will time out, not WP…

          • E-1

            The server runs out because it does not have either enough threads or enough connections. Both can be solved with caching, as each request is faster, takes less time and therefor blocks resources like threads and connections for a shorter time period.

            Usually your MySQL can not take the load, the PHP part of a WordPress setup is fine.

            My blog at


            is running WP with W3 caching and withstood Reddit, Digg, Slashdot and others easily.

            If concerned about image traffic, I’d suggest using Amazon S3/Cloudfront and there are no problems for most blogs anymore. And it’s cheap.

  • Miroslav

    I’m interested in that wide converter, but I’m not giving a cent until I see some reviews and whether it is any good on 20mm F1.7 and 12mm F2. I made a mistake once buying a Canon WD-55 :( …

  • beautemps

    The new converters will be tested in the next german “Photographie”. Such a story is normaly linked to the market launch.

    • seanpj

      Be careful with the 20/1.7. It has focusing mechanism not designed for heavier attachment. That’s why PANA does not recommend it.

  • Falk Kuebler

    Sorry for the dumb layman question:
    What effect on the best aperture does the wide angle converter have? So the 14-42 X lens at 14/f3.5 becomes what by plugging the wide converter onto it?

    • Miroslav

      14mm F3.5 becomes 11mm F3.5 with that wide converter. There is almost no light loss because of the converter, maybe 0.1 or something…

      • Falk Kuebler

        Thanks a lot for educating me. So I will buy one asap.

  • Camaman

    F those converters! Where are the m43 teleconverter lenses for upcoming 12-35 and 35-100 f2.8?
    The ones like TC for Canikons…

  • MP Burke

    I have found these convertors listed on the website of Camera World in the UK. They are more expensive than generic front of lens convertors. I would imagine few people would buy them unless there is some test data to show they are worth the money.

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