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Sony fangroup website reviews the Panasonic DMC-LC1


The Panasonic DMC-LC1 is probably one of the nicest digital cameras ever made. The LC1 has been announced in 2004 and I would love to see a successor for such an essential, well designed camera. Curiously the camera has been reviewed by Alphamount world (yes…a Sony fan website). And it is no a short review, Cgarrard wrote a 11 page detailled test! Click here to read it:

43rumors thanks Cgarrard for remembering us how nice the Panasonic DMC-LC1 is! Well done!


Which rumored camera/lens are you more interested in? (you can vote more than once)

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  • JaccoW

    I can see where the NEX-7 mockups came from. That does look like a nice camera.

  • You’re welcome :).

  • napalm

    smaller sized LC2 with m4/3 sensor and leica glass would be awesome…

  • Tom

    I would love to see an LC-2 with no LCD (but live output for external monitor for studio / set users) and 100% manual controls, new sensor from forthcoming GH-2… basically 3 versions of the same camera for different profile of user…

    DMC-LC2 100% manual “rangefinder like” with no “electronic” controls or menus and high-end build quality
    DMC-GH2 techy mini-DSLR styling with articulating touchscreen LCD
    DMC-GF2 budget compact shooter

    All cameras would have 1080/24p video, audio inputs, video outputs, etc…

  • mochapaulo

    I just want to mention, Sony used to make DSC-R1,also one of the best (even better than today’s DSLR) camera ever made.

  • don

    I very much agree that the buzz on the Sony forum is precisely because the pictures of the rumored new NEX7 do look remarkedly like the LC body style. Why Pany has delayed producing a smaller version of LC1 is puzzling given the constant stream of pleas from Pany enthusiasts over the last 2 years? It does appear that Panys model now dubbed the GF2 like their patent sketch now rumored to appear by years end.?

    If Sony is using the same chassis as NEX5 with lens mount to far side and also incorporating IBIS mechanism, I think Sonys version will be taller than Panys version to keep EVF above the LCD screen while Panys version may be lower with swivel EVF like EP2 in top corner and smaller LCD screen in the middle.

  • I haven’t even seen the NEX 7 rumors yet, interesting I’ll have to look. Not too much talk on our site about NEX in general, personally I’m not very interested in the design, yet.

    The article was written on the LC1 quite simply because I am a photographer first, who happens to have started AMW with a partner there. I’ve done reviews on other items other than Sony as well. Good to see so much interest in this camera and thanking 43rumors for putting this up here.



    • admin

      Hi Cgarrard!
      I am glad you visited us. I agree with all what you say, I am also a camera lover (not a brand fanatic). So thanks you for reminding us how good the LC1 was/is!

  • elliot

    Not strange that cgarrard’s site is looking at other brands — he’s having a very public hissy fit at Sony and has spent the last couple of weeks slagging the company on the forums at dpreview. He’s participating in the 4/3, Pentax and Ricoh forums there and is saying complimentary things about those brands’ cameras.

  • Snowbird_UT

    What napalm said plus EVF instead of OVF (basically a m43 L1). I would also love to see a flip down screen like the Oly E-330 (sister camera to the L1). This is the camera I have been waiting to buy in the m43 format. Maybe Photokina will be the launching point?

  • The same guy who has had Pentax, Panasonic, Ricoh cameras for well over a year now?

    And has participated in those forums as a bonafide enthusiast of all their cameras?

    Same guy that has written more positive Sony reviews than anyone I can think of?

    Same guy that has been writing Ricoh reviews for over two years?

    If Sony gets any criticism, It’s by their own design decisions. Look at the DPR NEX review, and that about sums it up.


  • spanky

    @don: “I very much agree that the buzz on the Sony forum is precisely because the pictures of the rumored new NEX7 do look remarkedly like the LC body style.”

    That’s because the person who did the mock-up of the NEX-7 modeled the NEX-7 after the LC1. Obviously the NEX-7 mock-up would look like the LC1 in that case. The LC1 has been used as a model for a number of fan-based mock-ups of desired cameras, including the GF2. That’s a testament to the enduring appeal of that camera.

  • kesztió


    LC1 is a camera with quite large body, and – although it has a really bright and fast, F2–F2.4 optics – it works on just 2/3″ sized sensor instead of 4/3″.

    Can you seriously think about same performance and size, but equipped with FT sensor? It’s impossible, you cannot bypass physics.

  • Jón

    Panasonic should shove a 4/3 sensor in there, slap on a m4/3 mount, update the screen and EVF and call it GF-2r(etro)

  • Dwig

    I have no interest in a 4/3rds update on the L1. What I’d like to see is what I call the GL-1; a m4/3 take on the L-1 configuration. Slim like a GF-1 but with a built in eyelevel EVF and no prism-esque bulge. I’d also prefer a dominantly dial and switch control set.

  • Willy

    Panasonic already made a LC1 with 4/3 sensor.

    It’s called Panasonic L1…the First Panasonic DSLR.

  • Miroslav

    I agree with kesztió and Willy. LC1 is indeed huge and it’s been succeeded by two: the 4/3″ L1 and 1/1.6″ sensor LX series. Its modern versions are GF1 and LX3, although none of those has a viewfinder. I hope their successors will have EVFs.

  • Marcel

    I dream of a L2

  • AK

    CGarrard used to be a Sony fanboy but after Sony ditched him now he is anti-Sony whiner. His web site is a joke, or at least the domain name is a joke, as he is reviewing Pentax, Rioch and other brands right now. He is not Sony fangroup, as you can see from his idiotic comment above to check DPR review of Nex. Why not check IR review of Nex? He has no answer for that, obviously.

  • Snipah

    AK, maybe Sony should make something interesting instead of trying to copy m43 and others all the time only doing it much worse.

    Their current DSLR lineup is a joke, cept the A850/900 which is old 2007 technology. I looked at the IR review of NEX and they complained about the same things basically, only they were a bit more positive at the end.

    I’d have ditched Sony too, what a bunch of boring cameras .. and the new announcements… lame as your comment.


  • Snipah

    AK, decided to copy the cons list from the NEX IR review, sounds like DPR to me!

    * Extreme corners are soft from both kit lenses
    * Moderately high levels of chromatic aberration and geometric distortion at wide-angle
    * Macro images are soft from the 18-55mm lens
    * Large macro coverage area with 16mm lens
    * Only two noise-reduction settings (Auto, Weak)
    * Weak NR setting shows more chroma noise, but smears detail in Still Life red fabric
    * Auto-exposure struggled in very low-light
    * Rear dial wears on your thumb after awhile
    * Non-standard flash connection
    * Very narrow coverage from flash
    * No wireless flash support
    * Proprietary lens mount with limited selection of autofocus lenses
    * Video AF area is overly broad, camera is prone to picking up background or extraneous objects more contrasty than the subject
    * No ability to set AF point during movie recording: AF points selected in still-capture modes don’t carry over
    * No user control of aperture, shutter speed or ISO during video recording
    * Scrolling through movies in Playback mode is glacially slow
    * Odd either/or movie/still playback is a nuisance
    * Confusing menu system
    * No ability to trim movies in-camera
    * Battery charges very slowly
    * Very audible click in audio track at the end of every movie, from the button-press that ends recording
    * CIPA battery life rating is decent, but live display, continuous focus, and video recording make for short life in practice
    * Bundled external flash is short, so large lenses and even the kit lens’s lens hood cast shadows on the subject
    * Camera is noisy when shooting Panorama, HDR, and other multi-frame modes

  • My frist (digital) love.
    If only the offspring were closely related…
    The LC1 bouncing flash, the fantastic glass.
    Stunning piece of kit.
    It just lacks a little speed for running kids.
    Bring on a decent successor please…Leica ??

  • AK

    Snipah, it’s not a copy of m 4/3. It’s APSC with far superior IQ

    And ever checked IRs con list for m 4/3 cameas?

    Here is EPL1 for you

    Relatively limited Micro Four Thirds lens selection from Olympus (as of June, 2010)
    Short battery life
    No control wheels
    Monaural internal microphone
    Internal flash is fairly weak
    Accessories are limited to one: Flash, Mic, or EVF
    Optional external viewfinder is fairly bulky, doesn’t lock in place
    Menu system is clumsy and occasionally counterintuitive
    Internal mic prone to picking up noise from behind camera and from user handling; found some background hissing in recorded audio
    No control over audio levels / amplification
    Fly-by-wire focusing means even focusing manually adds noise to movie audio
    Contrast-detect AF means hunting around point of focus in continuous AF mode
    AF point size adjustment is unnecessarily difficult
    Some Art filters reduce frame rate so much as to be barely usable
    Kit lenses are still very slow to focus relative to SLRs and competing designs from Panasonic
    14-42mm kit lens is sensitive to shutter vibration when handheld between ~1/100 – 1/200 second
    Clipped highlights in video mode
    More motion blur than expected in video mode
    Video mode stabilization seems not to use sensor shift, and subjectively feels less effective than still-image stabilization
    Video stabilization increases crop factor significantly, making wide-angle video harder to achieve
    Auto white balance leaves tungsten lighting a little warm
    Slight oversharpening leaves halo artifacts
    Aperture-priority AE didn’t do well in our low-light test, though the camera could have chosen slower shutter speeds and done fine
    Very low Imatest dynamic range scores in JPEG images
    Slow power-on time
    User manual often vague or simply doesn’t mention features or caveats (e.g.: which items aren’t returned to default with a Custom Reset)
    Paint on the camera body’s rear panel scratches off too easily
    Despite its 3fps frame rate, it’s impossible to follow and frame a moving subject in continuous mode because the camera only shows you captured images, not a live view

  • AK, nobody here cares about the Sony NEX cameras. If anything they are a toy in their current form and not proper cameras like the m4/3 cameras. Maybe the next generation will be better but this is purely speculation right now.

    Aside from that this article is about the LC1 which still is a fantastic camera and one of the best digital cameras in my opinion. I can only hope Panasonic will release a LC2 or design a m4/3 camera based on the LC1/L1.

    It is an excellent read and it does not mater where it has been posted.
    Besides, what do you care what Carl reviews on HIS own site? If you want to see Sony cameras given such a review why not post it on your site.

    So why not post something about the LC1 here, the world does not revolve just around the NEX or m4/3 cameras and has seen some way better cameras before.

  • AK

    Cristian, I didn’t bring Nex in this thread. The nut called CGarrard did with his statement to check dpreview. Even in toy form, Nex are far superior. So there.

  • Fred

    Nothing but fullframe is interesting. With a 50mm 1.2 Leica might be challenged. Just waiting for it…

  • Snipah

    AK I think you fueled the fire that he replied too didn’t you?

    Why are you stinking up this thread, do you have something personal against Cgerrard? If so, why here? And apparently he blew your accusations out of the water anyways, your credibility doesn’t seem to hold any water here. I agree with Cristian, this thread is about the LC1, who cares about NEX-t..

    He didn’t even bring up the NEX topic, he just replied to another members post. Don’t you look silly.


  • AK

    I didn’t fuel fire. I repplied to his post. The topic has nothing to do with Nex, but he ends his post with idiotic comment about Nex and DPR. Why?

  • DonTom

    That camera, in Panasonic or Leica form, is gorgeous. That huge piece of glass up front, bouncing flash, evf right where it should be. I am very tempted to turn my back on m43 and other EVILs, and go back to my Dad’s original advice when I first started looking at digital cameras about 10 years ago: “wait until you can get a decent rugged camera with big glass above 4.5 MP. That basically exceeds 35mm film resolution. Then live with it.”
    I especially like the internally focusing fixed zoom lens. It really protects the camera from dust and water intrusion. Leica (and Zeiss) learned this from making binoculars and telescopes.
    View the video at the start of this review:
    to see what I mean! This guy really uses his camera.

  • Snipah

    “AK says:
    June 15, 2010 at 1:31 am

    CGarrard used to be a Sony fanboy but after Sony ditched him now he is anti-Sony whiner. His web site is a joke, or at least the domain name is a joke, as he is reviewing Pentax, Rioch and other brands right now. He is not Sony fangroup, as you can see from his idiotic comment above to check DPR review of Nex. Why not check IR review of Nex? He has no answer for that, obviously.”

    No you didn’t fuel anything. You should be on medication for your idiocy.

  • AK

    Snipah, you need to be on medicine. My reple came after CGarrard idiotic snap at Nex in a thread that had nothing to do with Nex.

  • Michael

    The LC-1’s lens looks fantastic, this design should be used for fast primes for mFT (focus and aperture ring). Well, it’s not small as pancakes (*cheap as well) but this solution will be for photographers who want compact prime lens with any optical (and mechanical) compromises (DonTom writes about big glass – large front element looks really cool at any lens, on a compact lens large glass looks even better – I know looks doesn’t take the photos but design a la Leica is stylish). The L-1 wasn’t ordinary DSLR, but with mFT redesign the L-concept may really shine. I’m still waiting for semi-pro mFT system with proper body and lenses. Wake me up when September ends ;).

    *note: pricing of current micro Four Thirds bodies/lenses are still bit too high compared to entry-level DSLRs anyway.

  • DC

    Below is another article about Digilux2, in case any one is interested:

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