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Some more E-M1X info: Video specs are on par with the GH5s, autofocus equal to the Sony A9, best EVF in the industry!


One of our anonymous commenters named “” shared a lot of interesting details about the E-M1X he claims he is testing. Thanks

High Resolution mode:
– “The software correction for artifacts is next level. You can easily use high rez for “moving landscapes”, e.g trees moving in the wind (not a storm, mind you) and it looks like an organic photo at 100%. The artifacts drove me nuts in the Em5 II, never found it usable for anything other than playing around, a gimmick. None of that in the X, first high-rez mode usable in the real world. Really cool.”
– “The camera takes 8 frames in 1/60s
. Software is incredible. I’ve used it for landscapes where you’d normally need to use 1/125 sec shutter speed to freeze tree branches moving.”

Sensor performance:
– “It has a much better sensor. I guesstimate the low light performance to be 0.3 to 0.5 stops better than a D500. Usable depends on your taste.“. Over half a stop better than E-M1II
– “Iso 2500 on the x looks like 1600 on the Em1.2 probably. Like I said, a bit better than a D500.

– “Video specs are on par with the GH5s, including low light. Of course, the camera has íbis unlike the panasonic.
– has 10bit internal recording

– “No blackouts. Best EVF in the industry.”

More tidbits:
– Base ISO is 200

– C-AF Tracking is “as good as or better than sony a9,better than my d4s for sure

General impression:
-“ I’ve had hands-on with the camera and it is a massive improvement over the em1.2 in every regard. AF is at least equal to the A9, handling and built quality are better than my Nikon D4s, handheld hi-rez really works in good light (obviously limited in low light). High iso is as good as the Nikon D500 if not better (i could not take home files for comparison).”
– “I work in the industry, but photography is a hobby for me. The Em1x can’t replace my D4s for low-light portraits. For daylight wildlife and sports the EM1x is going to be ace. Better than a D500 and of course much lighter with the dedicated glass. The new tele zooms are incredible.

150-400mm f/4.0 MFT lens:
– Will probably be on market in late 2019

Editor’s note: Feel free to ask your questions in our comment system and “” maybe will answer them :)

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