Silver E-M5 shipment in June only. And new reviews roundup (E-M5 has super color accuracy)


Silver E-M5 delay
Olympus heavily understimated the demand of the Silver E-M5. Because of that today Amazon reports that the Silver body will ship within 1-2 months only (Click here to read). And 43rumors readers that preordered the Silver body on February 7 have been notified that shipment has been delayed to “June 27, 2012 – July 24, 2012“. A reader from UK also wrote that his preorder has been canceled by Amazon UK. Olympus usually isn’t known for that kind of delivery delays. It’s really to larger than expected succss of the camera that is pushing forward the shipment of your cameras.

Meantime you can enjoy some new reviews and tests (Thanks to all reader for sending me those links!!!):
Digital Camera Magazine posted the E-M5 color accuracy test and you can see a screenshot at Imageshack (Click here).
Lori Grunin from Cnet US (Click here) posted the final E-M5 review: “You don’t have a lot of choices if you’re looking for something rugged under $1,000 that’s better than most of the point-and-shoot alternatives. There’s the forthcoming Pentax K-30 dSLR, but it’s bigger and clunkier. While you don’t get best-in-class photo quality with the OM-D E-M5, it’s a not-unreasonable trade-off for the rest of the package.
Photographing the streets of Paris with the Olympus OM-D at Dearsusans (Click here): “The JPEG engine is so good I really doubt there would be any point in using the RAW option – at low ISOs – unless you’re a pro shooting on assignment with strict orders.
Using the Olympus OMD EM5 on a Cosplay Photoshoot at ThePhoBlographer (Click here). E-M5 versus NEX-5n on youtube.
Ticket zu verlosen: OM-D Workshop in Münster (1.-3. Juni 2012) at SystemKameraForum (Click here). Une occasion unique de tester le nouvel Olympus OM-D à paris (Focus Numerique / Lepidi).

E-M5 (Pre)order links (Click on store name): Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev. Don’t forget you can buy plenty of cheap third party E-M5 batteries on eBay (Click here).

The E-M5 keeps to be present in the Amazon Bestseller list(changes hourly!):
USA: E-M5 on position 5/6/12 (Click here)
UK: E-M5 is on position 3/7/9 (Click here).
Germany: The E-M5 is on position 1/12 (Click here).
France: not available (Click here to see rankings anyway).
Japan: E-M5 on position 13/14/16 (Click here).

  • second..

    • Charlie

      My silver body arrived last week from Adorama. :)

      • Charlie

        And Lori Grunin is a mustached id!ot. It’s practically common knowledge that Olympus excels at JPEGs. CNet needs to upgrade at her position.

        • GreyOwl


        • Anonymous

          I stopped watching her like two years ago, and agree with others that cnet is like consumer reports. They have fixed inflexible tech spec criteria that, regardless of actual outcome, if you don’t have their tech specs and checkboxes, they ding you.

      • tmrgrs

        My silver body arrived on April 23rd but not from Amazon or Adorama!

        And yes, Cnet has been going downhill for a long time and is now no better than Consumer Reports.

      • Anonymous

        Silver OM-D available at Foto Gregor, Hamburg

      • Riki

        yes, mine shipped on the 22nd from adorama – just waiting for it to get to the west coast.

  • bilgy_no1

    CNET … Boooooh!

    ‘je ne sais quoi’ just means they don’t have a clue…

    • GreyOwl

      Plus one.

    • ljmac

      I agree – that CNet writer was clearly absolutely clueless. Also, he complained about the NR, but didn’t seem to know he could turn it down (or switch it off).

      • GreyOwl


    • Lily

      Well, je quoi. They reviewed it with the 14-42. Hurrrr durrrr. If you’re reviewing a camera in a “more advanced class”, use it with the more advanced lens.

    • anonymous

      > it lacks that extra je ne sais quoi that I expect from a camera in its more advanced class.

      is best translated as:
      … it lacks that little something extra that I expect…

  • st3v4nt

    Thanks admin for posting my share :-)

  • Anna_T

    It is not only Amazon. I pre-ordered on the 5th March with another online dealer and I’m in the same boat : I received a first notification on the 26th of April that my silver body with kit lens would be shipped on week 21 (aka this week), but on the 15th of May I received a second notification that the camera will only be delivered during week 25 (aka near the end of June) and that this info was without warranty !

    I wonder whether Olympus has run into some production and quality control issues, rather than just wrong goofed their demand estimations ? That, or they issued the camera announcement too early without having the needed stock ?

    Given the fact that their best lenses aren’t produced in black, it wasn’t rocket science to plan that there would be more silver models wanted. Personnally I’d have preferred the black model which looks more modern in its design, but I ordered the silver model because of the lenses I have.

    • BLI

      That was my plan, too. But I switched to black body just to get it. In my view, the black body-silver lens combo looks different, but very nice, too: it’s just a matter of adjusting one’s mindset.

  • tdv

    Amazon just notified me that my silver body only order will arrive may 31st. I ordered 31 of April.I’m in the US.

  • Art

    Check local dealers. You might get lucky. I pre-ordered from Olympus but kept calling around. I found a Silver body E-M5 on May 17th and it was delivered to me on May 24. I subsequently cancelled my Pre-Order.

    • Anna_T

      I went to my usual local camera dealer two weeks ago. He told me they were very difficult to get at. They had only received one body and it was sold the same day. And they are a very well known dealer, the one where every photo hobbyist and clubist are going because he makes us good prices, not like the big general stores selling everything from food to clothes to electronic etc..

      Also cancelling my order would be a hassle, since I’ve paid in advance to avoid credit card fees and to be sure to keep my place in the order of the list.

      • Ross

        I know the feeling too, because I’ve paid in full. The last advice from Shane in Olympus Australia (to someone else) was that they hope to have fulfilled all back orders (todate) by the middle of June. I hope mine comes before then.

        It isn’t the only thing that’s being delayed out of China, because I’m waiting on musical instruments to fill orders too, with one brand of cello being delayed another month.

    • Neonart

      I had an order with Blamazon since Feb 9th. In April I called Shocase here in ATl, and a couple of weeks later they called an had a silver body. Been LOVING it.
      Put your names at the brick and mortars, you might be surprized.

  • BLI

    CNET review: most of the points raised are certainly relevant. However, one is somehow left with an impression that not even a hypothetical perfect camera would have been found good. And the phrasing gives the impression of a mediocre camera. Yet, it is listed as Excellent.

    Regarding the infamous buttons: being a tall man with relatively large hands (but not of construction worker robustness), I agree that the buttons are small. Yet, I have so far had no problems operating the buttons. Of course, I have not tried with winter glove, though…

    • Mr. Reeee
      • Vlad

        In winter? No way :)

      • spam

        You don’t really need to use gloves (or have supersized hands) to “appreciate” the buttons on E-M5. They have mushy feel, are placed too close to each other, often register two buttonpresses when you only done one, and the the EVF/Screen button has a bad position.

        Bad design, yes – particulrary at the fairly high price of the E-M5, but not a dealbreaker IMO. Humans are adaptable and it’s not that difficult to get used to and compensate for the problems.

        • BLI

          Mushy feel? I disagree. Ok, they definitely do not have the positive click/feedback of old Hewlett Packard calculators, but neither do they have the mushy feeling of the original chiclet keys of the Sinclair Spectrum computer or some old Casio calculators. It would have been better with some “click” or something, but there is no spongy feel to them — at least not on my camera. AND I have no problems using them. So — definitely useable, although they could have been better.

    • Reviewers with little actual taste tend to pan everything, as it they think it makes them sound knowledgeable.

      • GreyOwl


  • spam

    Nice JPGs yes, accurate colors no. Most people don’t want accurate color and they don’t get them with E-M5.

    • Mr. Reeee


    • bli

      @Spam: according to Digital Camera Magazine, the E-M5 jpg color accuracy is nearly perfect.

      • spam

        Then you should try to find out how they measure color accuracy. You basically have two options:
        1. Do a scientific test. Then the test is valid for the subject and ligting you use. I’m sure you can find a setup for almost any camera that will be close to perfect.
        2. Look at a bunch of pictures, looks accurate or not? Is that a test?

        Btw, do you go for the “scientific” approach then do you shoot RAW or JPG, what kind of scene? Do you have a Gretag chart in the scene, if so, do use it to make a profile? Do you set WB from the chart, maybe Auto WB and JPG? You get the point? There a millon decisions to make. You do one or a few tests, how much do that say? By all means do a scientific test, but dont expect it to say much about colors under different conditions.

        IMO, you have to do take a large amount of pictures under differnt conditions, see if they look OK. If something is seriously wrong (pretty rare) you’ll spot it, but saying that color accuracy is nearly perfect is completely meaningless.

        • spam

          Btw, if you do a scientific test with default setup you’ll see that almost all cameras have somewhat oversaturated colors because that’s what people want, maybe except for skin tones. Goes for E-M5 too.

  • pdc

    I used to think that Lori Grunin was a balanced and careful reviewer.
    She comes up short this time. If you want to test an interchangeable lens camera, use the best lens you can, and what is the nonsense of using AF and IBIS for video? We are always seeing these apples to oranges reviews, and they contribute little in the way of intelligence.

    • Mr. Reeee

      CNET is a crappy consumer-oriented site. I doubt they’re going to run out and buy a Panasonic or Voigtländer 25mm to test the camera. They test what they get from Olympus and what the majority of their readers would buy… a kit lens.

      The review wasn’t so bad, fairly even-handed, though she clearly seems biased toward DSLRs. Jeeze, image that?!?! ;-)
      Thank the Gods there was no video review starring her! YIKES!!!

  • shep

    What about the US rebate offer? If the camera comes very late, we lose $170.

    If the OM-D I ordered in February doesn’t arrive until June or July, what happens to my “Free” flash unit (which I have alrady bought and paid for?). “Purchases must be made between 4/1/12 and 5/31/12. Redemption requests must be asked by 6/15/12.” I ordered according to their terms, but have no camera in time to mail in the UPC code.

    Admin, who can we talk to at Olympus to get the terms of this US rebate offer changed?

    • Thesetruths

      It was already changed to cover June.

  • Rick

    Hi all,

    I have a question. I have a GH2 micro 4/3 and will be going to Glacier Natl Park this summer. I would like to get a lens that is wider than the 14mm of the 14-140 that I currently have. The problem is the only alternatives that I can see are quite expensive. Is there any manual focus glass you could recommend that would be wider than 14mm and give good results other than the Olympus or Panasonic wide zooms which are quite expensive or the 12mm Olympus which is quite expensive? Thank you

    • K

      You’re only real choice is the slr magic 12mm or the rokinon 7mm fisheye, everything else is either super expensive or doesnt exist in wider than 14mm

      • spam

        Glaciers move slowly, stitch.

        • K


          • spam

            He’s going to Glacier Natl Park, which means landscapes, mountains and possibly glaciers. Slr magic 12mm isn’t exactly inexpensive and going to 12mm from 14mm isn’t worth it IMO.

            If he can’t afford the 7-14 or 9-18 which is what he seems to want then it’s better to save up and use what he got this year. The GH2 with 14mm isn’t that bad, and using 16:9 makes it even wider than with 4:3 format.

            Also, stitching is a good alternative for landscapes and can give excellent results with a bit of practice. It also give more MP to work with compared to getting a wider lens.

      • tom

        why dont you try the Oly 9-18 mm? not too expensive and quite a decent perfomer in my eyes; i combine it with the oly 14-140 – the small area of overlapping is quite practical.. for real videos i use the 12-50 new motor-kit-zoom


    • Reggieandtfe

      Panasonic has a wide angle converter that turns the 14mm pancake into an 11mm pancake with the same 2.5 brightness. Reports are that it has started to trickle out into public. You can get a de-kitted 14mm on eBay for about $160 and then buy the converter.

    • Anna_T

      You are out of luck probably with legacy MF glass because of the 2X crop factor. A lens shorter than 14mm would mean a 12mm and at the time in that range they were mostly fisheye or rarity which would cost you a lot, more than the actual mft offer.

      Look for Samyang Mft lenses. I know they have a fisheye and may be also another rectilinear wide angle. You will have to focus manually, but at these focal ranges the DOF is such that it is not a problem.

      One thing to consider however would be one of the new zoom : either the already issued Olympus 12-50mm (F3.5 at the long end, or the Panasonic 12-35mm F2.8 zoom recently announced. But a) it will be expensive, more expensive than the Olympus 12mm F2 and b)It may take some times untill it becomes available.

      Go and ask a question at Dpreview Microfourthird forum. There are people using the Samyang there and may be there are other third party alternatives I don’t know (for instance from SLR Magic). Those lenses may be bigger and heavier however.

    • Vlad

      Well, I think the 9-18 Olympus would be the cheapest, somebody correct me if I am wrong.
      Now, I don’t know your requirements, but, as an alternative, maybe the Samyang fisheye might do?

    • Mr. Reeee

      Forget using an older manual lens. The M4/3 sensors’ 2x crop factor kills that possibility.

      Yes there’s the exceptional 7-14mm or the Oly 12mm and 9-18mm lenses, but as you say, rather expensive. The only other option I can think of would be a $549 SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 12mm T1.6 (f1.4 equivalent… there’s that nasty word again… ;-)). But it’s 1 month wait. It quite a nice manual lens with lots of character.

      As a last resort, you could always rent a 7-14mm for the trip.

      • Jace

        Whether you rent it or buy it, the Panasonic 7-14mm is a great lens if you’ve got the light ! It’s got the best rectilinear correction (by far) of any lens under $2400, not too fast or parfocal, but great for panoramas or scenics. Here’s a random shot from Cabo:

        Note the round table in lower left at 7mm lol.

    • Neonart

      I thought I would not like a fisheye but got a great deal on the Oly 8mm fisheye and LOVED it. Got many great shots with it. Now that I’m all m4/3 I’m thinking of the Samyan/Rokinon 7.5mm.

      So Rick, you may want to give a fisheye a try. You might like it, and the price of the Samyang is the lowest of the native super wides.

    • pdc

      In that kind of landscape, a rectilinear lens will provide more drama. The Panasonic 7-14 is hard to beat, and if you were to buy it you would find that it is also a very accurate document copying lens, as well as a wonderful architectural lens. Well worth its price. I also suggest you exposure bracket and do some HDR – I use Fhotoroom as a plug-in for Lightroom – lot’s of fun.

    • ssgreenley

      SLR Magic also makes a very cheap 11mm “toy lens” that, if you’re on an extreme budget, wuld let you get lower quality photos of those wide angles (or would force you to be creative to get decent photos); similarly, ther’s the even cheaper Pinwide lens that’s also 11mm but would require even more creativity (but makes really nice photos of water, so maybe it would work with glaciers too)).

  • Snap boy

    Is that really a girl?

  • Rpm

    I’m often unimpressed by cnet reviews lately, but this reviewer seems to have a particular problem with m4/3. It’s like shes got a sensor size obsession in the back of her head. Poor DR in the shadows? dpreview’s test shows much more shadow DR than the competition, including the nex-7..


  • Red

    For any Australians, I just picked up a silver EM-5 from JB Hi-Fi on Elizabeth St, Melbourne. They had a silver few in stock, but only one black. Loving it so far, especially with the 45mm. Perfect combo!

  • Red

    For any Australian readers, I picked up a silver OM-D yesterday from JB Hi-Fi on Elizabeth St in Melbourne. They had a few silver in stock, but no black, so worth checking them. Loving it so far with my 45mm, perfect combo!

    • The Real Stig

      You mean you didn’t buy all of them and put them on ebay? Are you mad?

  • Doug

    Okay, we’ve read review after review saying that the E-M5 is a great camera. So, what is the point of posting more reviews from obscure or flaky sources that basically just parrot what has been said a thousand times over already? Stop patting yourselves on the back and let us move on.

    • spam

      Almost all sites (think they) need an update at least once a day to keep people happy. Of course nothing much happen most days so what can they do?

  • Raist

    The color accuracy of the Fuji X1-pro is “bad” because they are comparing JPEG engines and Fuji is shooting for film simulation of color of their films. Films are not exactly ‘color accurate’ -what you want is a certain look and the Fuji does deliver that look in their JPEGS. Of their films.

    • PS

      That is why their color accuracy is low…but that still means that the colour accuracy is low

      • Raist

        No it doesn’t mean that! You missed my point on two ends (and I should have made a better effort to communicate it better):

        #1. The color accuracy is not inherent to the camera or sensor but the JPEG engine. Shooting in RAW it’s a different animal.

        #2. The lack of color accuracy here IS A GOOD THING because it emulates the classic Fuji films. You don’t want accurate color to a tee. You want a certain tonal contrast. Pure color accuracy = boring.

  • I pre-ordered March 30, and just yesterday received notification from Amazon that I should expect delivery on May 30. Holding my breath now!

    • Kasey — what color / configuration? Trying to figure out when I might get my black body + 12-50.

  • Ka-ka

    Got my Silver Kit 12-50mm at a local Vancouver camera shop yesterday! All charged up and ready to go. The firmware has already updated to 1.1 when I opened the box so no need to do it myself :)

    • Owen

      I ordered on March 19th. Why is that I got an estimated deliver date on June 9 th?

      • Anonymous

        Did you order silver body only?

    • Eric–silver, body-only. Who knew it’d be the last one out of the gate?

      oops… this was for Eric above. :)

      • Love how ppl that ordered way later are getting earlier ship dates. Good job Amazon.

        • Hasn’t shipped yet, just an ETA, so there’s room for a let-down still.
          Kineda–When did you order, was it through Amazon?

          • Owen

            I ordered on march 9th. Same kit as yours. How come I got an July 9th delivery date?

          • Yes, ordered through Amazon on Feb 7th. Silver – Body Only, I got a notice saying:

            Estimated arrival date: June 27, 2012 – July 24, 2012

          • So I guess I’ll get back in line now… Amazon waited till the very last day to update my delivery estimate which is now set to July 30. What a roller coaster. I emailed them about my frustration, and they said they’d look into it. They also gave me free upgrade to next-day shipping and a $20 voucher for future purchases. I’ll go sit down now. :)

  • Designwallah

    I’m already on my second E-M5! I pre-ordered a silver, but as I was leaving on a trip I got a black one. That camera died on day two of my vacation in Paris! I learned a valuable lesson – always bring a backup camera, an iPhone is sometime not enough. The day after I got back from my vacation my dead E-M5 was replaced by a silver one. I hope this doesn’t happen again!

    • what happened with the body? i already heard a few stories about defective om-d’s

      • bli

        Interesting question. I noticed another complaint, but that was related to a cracked AMOLED screen, I think, and it was phrased in such a way that it might have been an accident.

      • I have a few photos and videos here:

        The electronics went haywire and then the camera became unusable.

      • Ross

        With the quantity being produced, there are sure to be the odd one slip through that might fail. As long as it can be replaced, I don’t think we should have too much to complain about. My only complaint is, I don’t have my silver model yet. :(

        It is great that Olympus are selling so many, but it has to be remembered that components they use that are made by other manufacturers could be part of the delay in keeping up with production. Olympus would have placed initial orders & I would imagine, have had to add to to it several times over since. These other manufacturers would have to satisfy there other lines & customers as well too, so it still could be a long wait for some of us.

  • bilgy_no1

    Well, I speak French. But if a camera reviewer can’t put their finger on what’s lacking in image quality, they shouldn’t be in that business. Trying to hide ignorance with a French sentence is just silly.

    • metalaryeh

      What exactly was it missing?

  • Well, at least Olympus is accommodating the shipping dates in their rebate program (this, for customers in the U.S.). When I originally downloaded the rebate form (March? April?), you had to order/purchase by 5/31 and mail in the form with UPC codes by 6/15. I just re-downloaded the form and the new dates are 6/30 for order/purchase and 7/13 for mailing in the form and barcodes.

    • Riki

      which would be good if they had started shipping the FL-300R!


  • Chris Evans

    I pre-ordered a silver EM-5 and 12-50mm lens from Park Cameras in the UK on the 24th of February, and it was delivered last Monday – so it must be quite rare from what you’re saying. But if they are that rare, it explains why Olympus UK didn’t recognise its serial number at first (for their free handgrip offer).


  • Peter

    I had very much luck to get a silver E-M5 yesterday. But the price was a little bit high… It wasn’t from the shop (listed at the olympus website as official dealer) where I mady my order at the end of February, there they will get their delivery in Juli (maybe), after Olympus told them they will get it middle April, begin of May, end of May… :(

    Almost impossible to find an E-M5 in Switzerland, while in Germany there are E-M5 in stock in some stores and people got one without preorder :( I really wonder why Olympus Europe prefers Germany to other countries where people have ordered 3 months ago. Some people here are really angry about that.

    In Switzerland, call Foto Tevy, they had 1 silver and 1 black in stock last week, even if there is written “not available” at their website (I’ve buyed mine at another shop).

  • caver3d

    To Admin and Eveyone:

    Amazon notified me today that the black E-M5 and black 12-50 lens I ordered on February 7 has been shipped to me (I’m in the US). Will receive it on June 5. Took nearly 4 months from ordering it on Day 1 of the preorders.

    Those of you that ordered the silver, hang in there.

    But I think we need to be patient a while longer. In spite of the demand it is better that Olympus not over react, manufacture, and ship cameras without proper quality control. Take it a little slower Olympus and do it right. We are already hearing some reports of customers getting defective cameras. I know it’s hard for everyone, but you want your camera in proper working order when you get it.

  • Hello.
    I’ve never owned any Olympus until I was given a silver E-M5 and a 12mm f:2 yesterday to test/play with. I had previously received a Fuji Pro X 1 and lenses a month or two ago and was truly in search of a little fun camera. I normally shoot Hasseys and Canon 1Ds llls and 5D mk llls. Boat anchors all. So anyway the Fuji seemed fairly poorly finished and its AF was both sloppy and truly noisy. So after a couple of days it was returned.
    This goofy little mirrorless Olympus might just be a keeper. It’s tiny and the ELV is the best I’ve ever used. Bar none. The zoom that came with the thing is a toy do it’s still unopened. But clearly there are passel of new lenses coming and a few existing ones that will make a perfect little tiny bag full of fun for me. At least that’s my theory. All my G series Canons were my fun cameras but they are just too darn slow. In every way.
    This thing is truly lightning fast. RAW + jpeg just does not slow it down.
    Very impressed. And I too was not too jazzed about the silver but Leica has done alright with that “color” for a while now. (Please blame any typos on my iPhone).

    • BLI

      …iPhone… that *truly* has poor buttons, if there ever was one :-) (along with other similarly small screen keyboards)

  • Miroslav

    “you don’t get best-in-class photo quality with the OM-D E-M5”


    So what is best in class? What below FF surpasses E-M5 by any significant margin?

  • Wow This is interesting. I pre-ordered my silver OMD on February 14th. Amazon shipped it last week with an upgrade to free over night shipping. Two days ago at a local camera store here in Kansas City, they said they are getting one silver body a week (all of which are spoken for) and one black as well.

  • TomR

    Olympus would sell more black bodies if they would offer black primes.

  • The Cnet review is truly abysmal. It contradicts itself in several areas, all of which denigrate the camera. When a negative is made and followed by a grudging positive the new audience remembers the negative.
    No mention of the IBIS.
    Blames Olympus for all displays being useless in sunlight.
    Gets Nex 7 format wrong.
    Forgets the sensor clean in start up, and can’t read own charts.
    Refers to ‘these sort of cameras’ What is a ‘these sort of cameras’. Sounds like a 135 size is the only fit here. Everything else is a, well, these sort of cameras.

    Do we see a CSC now being moved into a little brother, inferior version of any DSLR. (I inc NEX, Fuji, Leica and all the others as well as m43 as CSCs)

    Any one here dropped their camera several times.

    Drops it, in more ways than one.

  • Mak

    For those in New York, Seventeenth Street Camera on 17th between 5th and 6th Avenues has the body and kit in stock, with a few pieces left as of this afternoon. I stopped by and picked up a silver with 12-50 kit earlier today, after giving up waiting on Cameraland’s empty promises regarding impending delivery for weeks and weeks while they held my money.

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