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New Olympus 75mm preorders (with hood) and preview.


Dpreview posted a first lens preview impression: “The build quality is impressive” and the lens “showed really impressive levels of sharpness” with “smooth bokeh with only a hint of the axial chromatic aberration you’d expect on a lens like this“.
I have no doubt the lens is good, it’s just that expected a bit lower price :)  But than again, you get what you pay for! Speaking of price here is the updated list of lens preorder (with Adorama) and accessories:
Olympus 75mm lens can be preordered at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here). And Adorama has also the accessories: Olympus LH-61F, Metal Lens Hood (Click here) and the Olympus LC-61, Metal Front Lens Cap (Click here).

  • Can’t wait to check this bad boy out!

  • Ross

    That certainly does look impressive on the silver body E-M5.

    • Bob B.

      +100. Plus..there is no black paint to rub off the body. That combo is strikingly handsome…why all the crying about the silver lenses?????????????

      • The color of the 75mm is probably the same as the 12mm. So it does NOT match with the silver E-M5 body. (lens is more champagne-colored than body)

      • Bob, the problem with silver lenses/bodies is that they tend to jump at people much more than black ones. I for one am a travel/street photographer mostly, and the last thing i want is people looking at my camera…makes sense?

        • Of course, it makes a lot of sense. But for any other else that begs for the models to look at the camera, this might not be a bad one don’t you think?

      • Don’t think my black E-M5 is painted actually.

        Some modern Leica M’s are painted and some aren’t but that’s so it can wear off and have that trendy photo-journal look which you used to get with the M4P, etc. and couldn’t achieve with the black chromed finish.

        However that’s a retro avenue the Japanese haven’t gone down yet. ‘Yet’ being the operative word!

        • Hey John…the only reason I said that is, early on …a few months ago…when OLY was sending out only the black cameras to the websites for testing…I noticed that a couple of them were REALLY all around the prism at the corners there was metal showing thru, etc. Perhaps the were not what was sent out to consumers..but it looked like the paint was worn off. That is one of the reasons I bought the silver. The black cameras are really cool looking. My black Hasselblads had the same issues.

          • Also…I have only had my OM-D (and battery grip) for less than a week. I sold a G-3 to get the OM. I also still have a GX1 with LVF2. (I also shoot regularly with a 5DMarkII with L-glass, etc.) I have to say…black or silver …who cares..I am REALLY impressed with the capture from this camera. The rendering has a quality to it that I really like and the dynamic range is phenomenal compared to my GX1. I am having a staggering learning curve with the Oly menu ..but I guess I will get used to it.
            GREAT CAMERA!

  • Fish

    I am a fan of Olympus but it seems to me that there are elements within the company who do not want it to succeed. It may be a bit of a challenge convincing people that this lens is worth $900 but I am confident that the build and image quality will win them over. But who in their right mind would ever suggest that, after buying an already expensive lens, the consumer should have to pay an additional $115 just to get the matching hood and lens cap?!

    Never mind the Woodford scandal, Olympus needs to find the people responsible for this decision and get rid of them ASAP. Such blatant gouging is insulting and will be a sour note to every reviewer and purchaser. I’m sure they are losing more in good-will than they would ever make in hood sales.

    • Vlad

      That’s how companies work. Meanwhile, you are free to use the provided cap. No need to buy the metal one.

      • Actually, most companies include a hood and pouch at this price range. I am glad that I am free to use the provided cap – there is a $40 dollar savings. To bad I’m not “free” to use a provided hood.

        • Vlad

          Most, not all. Zeiss doesn’t, if I remember correctly. On the other hand, most companies do not sell a weather-sealed body for 1000US. That is what I meant by my comment. For some reason though, nobody will complain that we need to pay thousands to get two dials and a weather-sealed body. Some hood, on the other hand…

          • Fish

            Vlad, I’m not sure I follow you. Either you are talking about a separate issue – I have always defended the price of the E-M5 – or you are suggesting that because Olympus did not fleece us with the cost of the body, they can be excused to do it with the cost of a another product.

            • Vlad

              Ok, I’ll try to clarify. I agree with your sentiment, the thing is obviously a rip-off. But I just don’t see how this will stop the company from succeeding. Also, good will that won’t end in sales is nothing for them.

              • Fuji does something similar with the x100 hood. In the end I bought an el-cheapo that looks exactly the same while costing 1/5 of the price. But I still feel a bit ripped off when they charge ridiculously high prices for items where its just not justified.

  • stu

    silly crop sensor question. 75 mm equivalent or 75 x 2?

    • AndyS

      it has an angle of view of approx 16 degrees which is same as you would achieve with 150mm on so-called 135 full frame, or approx 300mm on 6×7 medium format.

    • Fish

      It is 75mm lens that is 150mm equivalent

    • sorry my inglish

      now we wait for omd with double humpback, one for IBIS and one for DOF

      • Nikku


        And strap lugs with spikes on the end for extra grip.

  • Mar

    Lack of hood is understandable because it’s a premium hood and not a cheap plastic one which you get with other lenses. M43 also looks better without a hood.
    As for the cap – you get one, what’s up with these rants? it’s just that you don’t get OPTIONAL luxury cap.

    • Bob B.

      Is it a lux cap or does the cap go over the front of the metal lens hood. Contax used to sell metal lens-hood caps like that. So then it is another option you have…not just a vanity replacement of the existing cap. I could find no spec for the optional lens cap????

    • Fish

      Rants Mar? That’s almost as funny as the term “luxury cap”. My understanding is that the optional cap was necessary to fit the optional hood… Because the included cap isnt wide enough for the hood.

      While I respect that how a lens looks is important for many, the use of a hood is to improve image contrast by ensuring light enters the lens straight-on. With a IQ-first lens like this, a hood is not a “luxury” but a necessity because anyone who owns this lens is going to want to get the absolute best possible results from it (except for those who are more interested in how it looks).

      I would be fine if Oly included a cheap plastic hood with the lens and offered a more luxurious option separately. But then again, how “cheap” is the plastic hood for the 45mm?? I bought a chinese clone hood from JJC anyways so Olympus never got any money from that upsell anyways. But they lost some consumer regard due to their greediness. The purchase of this 75mm lens should be a 100% positive experience, from the packaging to the lens itself. Why would Olympus choose to “mar” that experience by leaving something out of the box and then overcharging you to rectify it?

      • Mar

        Luxury cap goes over the lens front, not the hood.
        I don’t think people will skip this lens just because there is no hood in the box.
        Same with battery grips which should include a battery by that logic.
        Hood is not that important for these lenses anyway, in 99% there won’t be a visible difference.

        • People won’t skip this lens for that reason alone, although perceived “value” is a big part of whether or not someone decides to make a purchase. Many will buy a clone hood from another company and many will buy the overpriced one from Olympus, but it leaves a sour taste for everyone. No one likes to be ripped off and it doesn’t help brand loyalty when you treat your customers like this. It is defeating the point of Olympus spending money on marketing when they make a decision like this, because every review written will have the positive points and then say “BUT, at this price it still does not come with a hood or lens pouch”.

          I could understand if they left those items out in order to reduce the cost of the lens for people like yourself that don’t use them, that would be fine. The problem is, their cost separately is no where close to reasonable – it doesn’t matter if you view it as premium or not. Olympus is selling this hood for MORE than they are selling their macro converter lens and macro light accessories for. This hood costs only $5 less than the msrp of their bluetooth Penpal accessory.

          As another example: Olympus is charging $50 for the plastic ‘optional’ hood for their 45mm f1.8 lens (and remember, they are already making money on lens and camera sales). You can buy an exact copy of that lens hood off ebay for $11 including shipping – and the companies selling them are making enough of a profit on the hoods alone to make it worth it for them to do business. To include a hood and pouch like everyone else (including Panasonic) would cost Olympus next to nothing. But it would save them so much bad press and it would make the consumer feel like they were getting good value.

          Haha OK so I guess it was a rant after all :)

          • Vlad

            By “the consumer” you mean “you”. Plenty of people will buy it and its existence by itself will be seen as “value”.

            • Absolutely I mean me Vlad. I am the consumer. If you think the value is just as good (or better?) by not getting a hood as if you got it included that is up to you. But Olympus is trying to sell this lens to both of us… and a lot more people besides. Lets see what the reviews and other consumers think shall we?

              • Vlad

                Sure, let’s see. I imagine there will be disappointment, as there should be, but nowhere near the horror story you described above :)

                • Fish

                  What “horror story” is that Vlad?

                  • Vlad

                    The one above. That there will be “so much bad press” and “sour taste for everyone”. A few reviewers will point that out, some people will complain and those who wanted the lens will buy it, overpriced hood or not. I honestly doubt it will affect any sales, except those of the hood, of which I am sure they don’t expect to sell much, hence the high price.

                • I can’t see how any rational person could justify this ridiculous Oly trend of charging 100+ for a damned HOOD that should have been included in the first place! Come on guys, get real, you’re paying close to $1000 for this lens.

                  Its just not worth it. I mean, as it has been said, if they gave you a basic plastic hood included with the lens and also offered an OPTIONAL “luxury” metal one, that would make sense, and would leave everyone happy.

                  And its even MORE ridiculous because most people spending this much in photography gear tend to know the market, and understand about price/performance…so why would they give oly $100 when they can get more or less the exact same result buying off ebay for $12? So, in the end, its not Oly who’s really making profit of the extra hoods, but rather third party accesory makers.

                  • Vlad

                    I am merely explaining it and I certainly don’t think that this will sink Olympus. That is mostly my point.
                    See, there will always be a cheaper solution on ebay from some third-world manufacturer. Olmpus are screwed by default. Better to make an expensive one, sell to the early adopters and those who don’t care about price and make some money. If you had a company, that is what you’d do.

          • Tom

            I agree absolutely… So i already bought only Hoods for my several mFT lenses, some of them in Metal- for a fraction of the cheap “original” Plastic Parts- Even considering that the whole pen/mFT stuff is Made in CHNA!( as written on the back side of cams and lenses).

            After all it shows the Unprofessional “mind” behind such “Marketing”Approach… At the end oly Looses Not onky Sales but Even loyalty…

      • ssgreenley

        I’m sure the lens cap is like the one they sold in Europe for the 12mm. It’s expensive, but man is that thing a little sex pot.

        I’m more disappointed about the lack of a pouch. At least you can find pouches for this size lens; I’ve been unable to find anything that remotely fits the 12mm, 45mm, or 14-42…

        • A lens cap is a lens cap. If it covers the glass, that’s all i care for. Couldn’t imagine a lens cap being an object of lust…but to each his own i guess…

  • tmrgrs

    I placed my preorder 24 hours ago at Olympus USA’s Olympus Store. The person on the phone estimated that first shipments should arrive in approximately one month.

  • lone.samurai

    With the exeption of the 25 f2.8 pancake you get a lens hood with all fourthirds Olympus lenses. Fourthirds was great value but micro is where the money is for Olympus.

  • Stupig

    This looks delicious.

  • Agent00soul

    I think it would be easier to accept the price for this lens if a 2X teleconverter was available for it. Just think about getting a 150/3.5 in addition (300 mm equivalent), with minimal extra bulk. Since the 75 is supposed to be super-sharp, it should be sharp enough with the 2X extender too.

    • Spunjji

      Interesting idea!

  • Pocho Azul

    I would normally expect a good lens costing close to a grand would come with a cap, hood and bag–even if the hood and cap are plastic. I might still eventually buy the lens, but I will then buy a knockoff hood like I did for the Oly 12 and 45mms (which look and work just fine).

    Olympus can offer all the luxury metal stuff they want, but they may mostly be creating a market for 3rd party Olympus-compatible accessories. Maybe 43rumors should run a survey to find out who bought what?

    • Exactly my feelings. And one more thing: m43 is about portability, all hoods should be either collapsible or reverse mounted for storage.

  • Spunjji

    I always used to like the way Olympus (unlike Canon) supplied lens-hoods with their products. Apparently they are learning from the market leaders.

    • Chez Wimpy

      However, even Canon supplies hoods (and pouches) with its L-line lenses. 85/1.8, 100/2 vs 135L for example. By Oly’s own admission, this is a “high-grade” portrait lens, to compliment the 45/1.8 which is consumer oriented (priced). It looks like Oly has one-upped Canon at their own game!

  • Alyson

    The question isn’t whether the lens is worth the price. The question is, is it worth the price to me? For my kind of photography the answer is no. I was pretty excited when $700 was mention, but $900 is over my threshold in terms of cost vs use.

    • Spunjji

      Couldn’t agree more. Maybe I’ll buy one second-hand in 10 years’ time? I can dream. ;)

  • 43shot

    I’m so tired hearing about a lens with a inch market that is only made in silver. How about a faster practical zoom., in BLACK! This companies marking decisions are really poor at best. I suppose they will be selling silver to the five people in the US that have a silver body presently.

    • Mar

      I have black M5 and 2 silver lenses (12&45) and it looks gorgeous, no worse than all black lens (which looks pretty boring IMO).

      I didn’t go for silver M5 because it doesn’t look as nice as black and the shade of silver is not the same as the lens, silver M5 just looks wrong as it’s not real nice polished silver like the one on E-P series, but more of a painted finish.

      If one wants all black camera and lenses, there are plenty of Canikons to chose from ;)

      • i want a gold lens!

  • Pocho Azul

    @43shot–why does it matter so intensely to you what color the lens is? I understand having a preference, but I would buy a lens that was pink with green spots, if the glass inside interested me. Wanting faster zooms, I agree with (although Panasonic seems to be making progress in that direction).

    Just curious.

    • I’m very into people/candid/travel photography, and silver lenses and bodies tend to jump at people much more than black ones. You don’t have to be a fashionista to care about gear color, there are practical reasons why some photographers prefer black.

      Think Cartier Bresson, who used to black tape his cameras?

      • Nico,if you use a gary glitter jacket, it could help to camouflage any silver lens :-)

  • Consume the light and mould it unto your own young Zuiko.

  • The price of the lens and hood is fair, especially when compared to full frame equivalents. A Nikon 200mm F2.0 is $5500, and the replacement hood is $600!

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