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Seagull announces the LX7 clone :)


The Chinese site Xjirumo spotted that LX7 clone launched by Seagull. Sounds like Panasonic wants to sell low budget version of their cameras for the Chinese market! Curious to learn if that strategy will work out for Pana!

Reminder for Eu readers: Massive amount of refurbished MFT stuff on sale at Olympusmarket eBay (Click here).

  • bill


  • Bobo

    This is great – can’t wait for the Leica rebadge of the Sea Gull; surely it will be in gold.

  • BdV

    It’s not like many Chinese themselves want to show off their made in China products, so if this is supposed to do anything on the Chinese market… or just a deal with Seagull to get rid of some old stock?

  • Ant

    Seagull still exists ? Thought they went exist together with most other OEM film camera makers

  • sds

    Make a seagull OM-D at half price and I am so on it.

    • Bob B.

      OK…but it will have arsenic in the viewfinder eyecup. :-)

      • hmmm

        Yeah just like everything else made in China, you will die from using them. Apple products has killed millions to date, get your facts straight people.

        • Bob B.

          Hmmmmmm…no sense of humor, huh?
          …but…the facts are that many Chinese goods are NOT regulated and MANY contain impurities and outright poisons.
          Fact: There was melamine was found in baby formula and sickened and KILLED infants.
          Fact: 7 other toxic products from China

          The toxic sheetrock was installed in MANY homes built in the US…causing severe suffering and new house that had to be evacuated and torn down.
          These kinds of situations are much more common coming out of China than western countries.
          Do I think that the VF is tainted in the SeaGull…no…just making a joke…based on FACT… :-)

          • Ant

            Chinese made products are not necessarily poisonous.
            Some of them choose the faster route by exploding or catching fire :)

            • Bob B.

              Thank GOD…someone with a sense of humor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • And it’s also a less stealthy way to control the population boom. ;-)

  • w3q_y2y

    I don’t see why you’re finding it funny. In China it’s easy for a chinese company to copy 1:1 a foreign brand-name product and simply sell it under different name on the chinese market. Just look what’s going on with the car market there – you can hardly spot an “original” among the countless absolute 1:1 copies with different singh on the front. To put it simply – in China only the chinese companies rights are valid. All the foreign big /brand/ names are pretty much powerless against their local justice system (just like this BMW lost a lowsuit not so long ago against a chinese company, wich had copied one of their cars inside and out, and only had changed the name).
    So yeah I think it’s a good call from Pana – instead of waiting for some nock-offs they can’t touch in court to come out, they’ve made a deal with a chinese company to make for them, a cheap version of their own product for the local market. I think it’s quite the good move! ;)

  • Isaac Lau

    There is also FZ200 clone by SeaGull.
    See this for details (at look at the photos you should know):

    I believe that they are officially licensed clones.

    However, the price of the LX7 clone seems to be higher. So, it’s not a low budget version!
    The price of FZ200 clone is not known yet.

  • johdo


  • Matt

    Here is the original and it says both the LX7 and FZ200 clones are Panasonic licensed products. This is not unusual for non-camera products. Many well known products have been licensed for Chinese manufacture, esp cars, e.g. VW.

    What this seems to suggest is that Panasonic has given up on these products or will be coming out with new replacement models.

    • Isaac Lau

      It’s interesting to see that those SeaGull cameras use a RAW format that is different from Panasonic’s (at least the file extension is different). I am not sure whether the processing engines in the camera have been re-programmed or not.

      There is no other news yet.

  • Bright move! Waiting for
    Seagull DG Darknight 42.5mm F1.2
    Seagull G X Vario 35–100mm F2.8 Dragon OIS

    • peevee

      :-) :-)
      Hear, hear!
      35-100/2.8 pleeeeese, at normal price, not $1500 bad joke.

  • limei

    their price are higher than panasonics’. donot know reason

    • Maybe Mao’s wife still in charge of the QQ? :-) Her M3 clone was said to be on par with the original.

  • This is a sensible move from both Panasonic and Seagull. The LX7 is nearing the end of its life cycle. It will soon be replaced by an even better camera. So why not licence it for others to produce? It’s a win-win situation.

    The LX7 is a fantastic camera. Good for the Chinese that they can buy it (or the clone) even cheaper.

  • Tom

    I would buy this for the hilarious name alone

  • mister_roboto

    Here’s the unboxing video for those interested:

    • admin


  • Range Finder

    That “Seagull Zoom Lens” is as much Leica as the Panasonic cameras. That is to say: not at all.

    • Yes, the only difference is that Seagull did not pay to use the “Leica” brand name.

  • hardbonemac

    And the same would be…if
    i cvhange my PORSCHE 911 TURBO
    and by american car…

    this would be stupid and a pice of crapp

    how would it be called?

    S P Y and L I E GT…?????

    this is the same…

    american cars quality
    good enough for americans….

    • Some of us Americans are too smart to own cars and rent them on those rare occasions they’re actually needed. ;-)

  • Mice

    Just a head’s up.

    If you google Seagull Camera and go to their website – it is bugged with malware.

    Invest in a good internet security software.

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