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Panasonic US talks about the 4K future.


Panasonic US posted that interesting video of a CES Chat about the 4K future. Particularly from minute 30 towards the discussion goes about Panasonic’s 4K vision. Watch it if you care to learn more about the “4K” future!

  • jim

    1 Device to rule them all…

    • jim

      I just wish Oly had this approach too :)

  • rico

    That’s a long piece. I made it through 12 minutes and had to bail. Seems like a lot of smart people with some good ideas but the chatty host kept going back to “smaller gear, smaller packages”…trying to sell the stuff. Couldn’t wait for more..

    Can anyone synopsize? Did anyone get through it?

    • It is worth watching, I thought that the last 10 minutes was the most interesting if you are interesting in doing 4K content. No, I won’t summarize, either you will watch it or you won’t. It is an infomercial but if you take it as a whole and read between the lines you can what direction Panasonic is moving in.

      • rico

        Gee thanks Dave, yer a good guy

        Usually informercials can be consolidated into 2 minutes to get all the info.
        Hoped someone who doesn’t have a super short attention span could discuss “what was interesting”.

        Yeah 4K is the same swindle as HD and as 6k and 8k and Super 8 K on and on for the rest of our lives. They build all of these for quick obsolescence. Technology promised is often obsolete before they even get the firmware right. So every year you ned a new camera or 2 and new accessories and new computers and media to hold all of it. It;s about 5K per year…ouch!

        Fact is if TV and Cable Networks could or would have improved their delivery systems under standard def the picture would be about as good as HD. Instead of delivering 500 scan lines we received about 2-300. The 16×9 form factor is a gimmick and I guess helpful to watch widescreen films. Widescreen cinemascope was a gimmick that Hollywood and other Film studios around the world added because they were afraid the coming of Television in the 4o’s, 50’s was going to put them out of business. TV (and small devices) are a closeup medium, meaning headshots comprise 95% of what you watch on TV and movies. The big expansive cinema graphic shots are few, and who’s watching Laurence of Arabia on their smartphone?

        Anyways I’m for better sensor tech, bigger more accurate EVF’s and we all can wait for 4K, 8K, 77K et al.

        • CobyD

          Widescreen is a gimmick? Well dont bother with it then … crop your footage. But meanwhile I award you Ridiculous Post of the Day.

          • Pixnat

            And you won the Friendliest Post Award of the Day! Congrats!

          • rico

            Yes widescreen was a gimmick to give cinema “a leg up” on TV.

            When I say that TV and most dramatic films are a closeup medium think about it, even talking heads are framed in a square/
            Look at classic photography, look at portraiture. How does a great portrait use 16×9? Not very well.

            So in essence Visual media is at a crossroads in layout because people watch on huge or tiny hardware, the huge is nice for science fiction and effects movies and epics and the small is good for watching most everything else. Cinemascope, Vistavision and all those scopes were developed to presumably keep people going to movies and not staying home with TVs.

            I’m all for global shutters, tiny cameras with big sensors, stable video and much better EVF’s. If I need 4K I’ll hire a cinema company.

  • We need global shutter before we need 4k.

    • Wouldn’t that require the more expensive CCD sensor instead of CMOS?

  • Pixnat

    4k is the new scam to sell TVs to customer. Expect a lot of promo before the brazilian World Cup 2014.

    • Werner

      of course it is a new scam… 4k is only interesting for producers and creatives… with the usual relation from screen size to viewing distance, consumers wont see any difference at all… maybe the first five rows in the cinema will let you see more details…
      but who pays the R&D of new technology? They just need to sell this to the mass or you never get any high end equipment for affordable. Personally I´d be just fine with 2.5k, 4k seems a bit over the line but well, here it is ok…

      It was a brilliant move from the industry… you not only need to buy 4k recording devices no you also need new Hardware for processing, more storage, screening devices… and it´s a competition for the industry as well… if the smaller companies cannot come up with good codecs or signal processing power they got to buy this technology from the major players to stay in business…

    • stoneinapond

      The World Cup is precisely the place where 4k would shine.

      • Pixnat

        Except that no TV station will broadcast it in 4K :-)
        You can wait a long long time before seeing 4K broadcasting.
        Buy a 4K TV, so it will be ready for the World Cup 2038 ;-)

    • Jeremy Birn

      I’m not getting a 4K TV or monitor until they are much cheaper and more mass-market, but I can’t wait to get a camera body that can shoot 4K (or at least UHD) video.

      When I shoot stills, I don’t need a 16 megapixel monitor to edit 16 megapixel images, and I don’t think I’d need a 4K monitor to edit UHD video either. For stills or video, it’s good to shoot with some resolution to spare, so you have room to crop, straighten, stabilize, do lens-correction, etc. without visibly losing sharpness in your final product. I think in another year or two that UHD will become a popular way to shoot footage that you edit into standard 1080P final output.

      When the quality gets good enough (no rolling shutter artifacts, raw video, etc.) eventually I could even use UHD as a burst mode that shoots 30 stills a second.

  • Paul

    Meh, nothing to do with photography….

  • This was an amazing video predicting the death of the DSLR in about five years! ;) lol

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