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Rumors roundup…

Image on top shows the current E-M5II model

Here is a roundup of rumors about what we can expect in the near (and distant) future:

Announcement in late Summer (90% certain)
Same E-M1II sensor with 121 cross-type phase detection pixels. (60% certain)
New processing engine (90% certain)
Lighter, more plasticky but still weather sealed body (60% certain)
Same BLS-50 battery of the PEN and E-M10 camera series (60% certain)

line is dead :(

Panasonic GX880
(FT3) Will Panasonic announce a new ultracompact Lumix GX880 by end of this Summer? (article here).

Panasonic technology:
Panasonic is developing a new TOF Micro Four Thirds sensor for a new PERFECT autofocus system! (article here).
First 8K cameras coming in 2022 (article here).

Olympus patents:
Olympus patent discloses two layer sensor (article here).
Olympus patent discloses the 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm f/1.4 primes design (article here).

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