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(FT5) Panasonic is developing a new TOF Micro Four Thirds sensor for a new PERFECT autofocus system!

I got this from a reliable source:
Panasonic is working to on their ToF sensor from the Vivo Nex Dual phone to implement it on a new AF system in their MFT line!
But I am not sure when it will go live (gh6/7/8)
Time of Flight measures accurate distances to subjects, so tap on touchscreen for subject to focus on, get an almost instant ToF reading to distance, quickly move lens focus system to where it needs to be for that distance (no contrast “wobble”, no overshooting, pinpoint accurate video tracking focus, etc). In theory, it beats “hybrid” (ie PDAF + CDAF like in the Sony/Fuji) because it eliminates the need for any back and forward movements that are required by CDAF calculations! It also eliminates PDAF sensor banding that Sony cleverly hides (but Canon and Nikon haven’t mastered the cover up quite as well, it can be seen in shadow recovery). Panasonic will use MFT as testing and maturing grounds for new developments (ToF AF, organic sensors, etc), much like Olympus does for their MFT > medical devices ;) 
This sounds like the holy grail of autofocus! No PDAF artifacts and superfast autofocus system!
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