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Question to sources about the GX2 (and a little bit of help from my readers required).


As you know almost all sources use the anonymous contact form to send me rumors. I have a couple of questions for them and a question for my readers.

Question to sources:
1) Will the new Panasonic GX camera use the new Color Splitter sensor? P.S.: For readers, I don’t think it will so don’t get too excited. I only want to be sure of that.
2) What price can we expect for the body only?
3) What is the resolution of the EVF?

To readers:
I lost the link to the exact patent describing the GX in body stabilization system. I posted it here in April 2012 (but forgot to add the link). You may help me to find it again by searching through freepatentsonline (or other sites like that).

Thanks to all sources and readers for your help :)

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