Question to sources about the GX2 (and a little bit of help from my readers required).


As you know almost all sources use the anonymous contact form to send me rumors. I have a couple of questions for them and a question for my readers.

Question to sources:
1) Will the new Panasonic GX camera use the new Color Splitter sensor? P.S.: For readers, I don’t think it will so don’t get too excited. I only want to be sure of that.
2) What price can we expect for the body only?
3) What is the resolution of the EVF?

To readers:
I lost the link to the exact patent describing the GX in body stabilization system. I posted it here in April 2012 (but forgot to add the link). You may help me to find it again by searching through freepatentsonline (or other sites like that).

Thanks to all sources and readers for your help :)

  • My FT0 answers ;)

    1 – NO
    2 – $1200
    3 – 1024×768 (2.35 million dots aprox)

    • Folks you’re gonna love this. :-)

      • QBNY

        I’ve been watching your vids, reading your site… Waiting is the hardest part…

  • Jerry

    Dear Admin.:

    Could u confirm with ur top sources will the GX2 have fully-articulated LCD like G-series or tilting type like GF6 or still equipped poor fixed one? all specs looks so great don’t let me down with its old-type fixed LCD plz

    Thx a lot!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      +1 !!

    • Anonymous

      GX cameras are the sports cars of the Panny line.. NO ARTICLATING SCREEN!
      You can buy a G6 or a GH3 if you need more cost, bulk and weight! You have the choice. Give others who do not want one their choice. :-)

      • Anonymous


  • Observer

    Link to the exact patent describing the GX in body stabilization system:

  • Observer

    18M pixel sensor means 16M effective pixel multi-aspect ratio sensor?

    • admin

      yeah that is also one of my qeustions…but If I list all my questions we would have a very long list :)

      • Anonymous

        But if we have a 16+2 sensor it could a refresh of GH2 sensor and not a real new sensor.

      • Anonymous

        But does that means that we could have a refresh of GH2 sensor (16+2) ? If we have a 18MP effective it means not.

      • Anonymous

        I am also curious about its AF system. Will it still be a phase-detection or contrast-detection system?

        • Anonymous

          I meant on-sensor phase detection…

  • ever hopeful

    I’m not one of your sourcdes but here is the original Japanese patent.

  • ever hopeful

    OOOPS! Beaten to it while distracted.

    • Observer

      It’s okay if you’re ever helpful :D

  • Premium m4/3

    Hope body only will be $1299 and above. Needs to be priced as a premium camera and hold its value: something most Panasonic cameras have failed to do. High end high pricing high profits is the new m43 strategy as Thom Hogan recently wrote at sansmirror. Plebs and bottoms feeders do not make Panasonic and Olympus any money. High quality high price high value from now on. The only way m4/3 can survive is make it premium. If you can’t afford the new strategy, get out or stick with GX1 and E-PM1 cameras. It’s now or never for m43. Panasonic and Olympus make good products, some of the best cameras and lenses, but they need to make profits fast. Start saving or start crying. m4/3 is getting a little more expensive from now on. Panasonic new lenses in 2014 42.5/1.2 and 150/2.8 will easily be over $1000 each. No problem. Keeps the plebs out.

    • @Premium m4/3 aka camera geek
      You’ve got some issues….

    • Garypen

      What a load of arrogant pretentious bullshit.

      • Photowang

        The damage is already done. Marissa Mayer even confirmed that “there’s no such thing as pro-photographers anymore”, and it can only get worse once cameras with 18Mp sensors with IS and a tiltable EVF end-up in the hands of the Plebs and bottom-feeders.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      I think you are not working as a CEO of any company..

    • Didn’t Panasonic say recently that their strategy will go towards affordable lenses??

      The problem of m4/3 is that it has a very low value compared to Canikon DSLRs. At least in Europe, mirrorless has not taken off because of not having a competitive price. Isn’t mirrorless supposed to be cheaper than DSLR?

      But just look at the prices. In Spain, right now: you can get a Nikon D3200, with a 24MP APS-C sensor (bigger, more expensive than any 4/3sensor, also made by Sony), phase detect AF (complicated and expensive thing), a mirror-prism-OVF (also quite expensive) for… 349 EUR. And you can add a 35mm f/1.8 lens for some 170 EUR more.

      Try to find a mirrorless camera with a VF and a fast prime for a similar price. Just the Olympus E-PL5 body (no lens, no VF, no dedicated AF sensors, small body,…) costs 545 EUR.

      A Canon 1100D body can be had for 270 EUR.

      So m4/3 is PREMIUM already. What we need is a body with integrated VF for 300 EUR. And a 25mm f1.8 lens for 150 EUR. Then it will compete with Canikon DSLRs. Until then, it will remain a niche product (in Spain, mirrorless has about 10% share of the ILC market, and that’s already a miracle).

      • kiki

        Where do you find thoses prices?

        • You can check for example in where it will list you prices in different online shops in Spain (there are other European sister sites, like for Itali, I think).

      • @Milan
        In the UK mirrorless has near 30% market share and is doing well in Germany.
        Mirrorless doesn’t have to be cheaper than DSLR it has to be easier to use, more portable, better aesthetics, less intimidating and more creative..

        • Yes, but I mean that the manufacturing of a mirrorless camera should be cheaper than the manufacturing of a DSLR. Mirrorless cameras don’t have a mirror that send some light to some dedicated AF sensors and the rest of the light to a prism to have a TTL OVF. And that mirror has to move fast each time to shoot. Also because of the space the mirror takes the flange distance is longer which makes bodies bigger (so more quantity of material to produce it). And yet you find DSLRs, even current ones like the D3200 with the same sensor as the NEX-7, for 350 EUR. And lenses also very cheap. The Nikon 50mm f/1.8 that covers the whole FF sensor (4 times the size of a 4/3 sensor) also costs 170 EUR.

          When you compare those prices to the mirrorless cameras you realize why people still buy those obsolete DSLRs (I mean for consumers/enthusiasts, maybe for some pros they’re not obsolete but absolutely necessary). Price.

          They are just charging too much for SMALL SIZE, or maybe it’s for NEW. But people who want to take good pictures have a hard time spending 2-3 times more for a product that is arguably inferior (technically and by manufacturing costs). Convenience is important, but being ripped off isn’t something that people like.

    • Do

      Hey, in case you didn’t notice, Hasselblad made a camera exactly for people like you – it’s called Lunar and it’s a shame you are still sticking to M43…

      • Do

        P.S.: Here’s a presentation – “The Lunar has a feeling of decadence” :-)!

      • EspenB

        The last thing I heard was that the mirrorbox/optical viewfinder is such a mature technology that it adds little to the cost of a camera. Also, they are still produced in higher numbers than any mirrorless Product which makes the production cost low. So not much surprise if a high quality EFV is substantially more expensive to include in a product.

    • Vivek

      In case you are not aware, Pansonic can sell a camera for $200/- and still make a big bundle- from selling batteries. They have a talented sales department that outsmarts everyone! :D

    • Dick

      Why stop there. I hope body only is $6,500 or so. Same league as leica. Then we can weed out an even greater chunk of bottom feeders such as yourself.

  • Milt

    1. Am not worried about the colour splitting sensor. Would like the sensor’s DR to be competitive with competing Olympus (EM5-6) and APS-C cameras. Multi-aspect would be nice but not essential.

    2. Would like the camera to be priced less than EM-5 if possible $1000? $950.00?

    3. The EV doesn’t have to have killer resolution in that small space, but to be more than adequate for framing.

  • Arfur

    Oi less of the “plebs” references. Most students and youngsters starting out cannot afford to chop and change their gear every iteration and I have seen plenty great shots produced from older or low end gear. Example GF5 is a great camera compared to most that were on the market only 2 years ago and plenty of people are still producing great material from old film cameras which require a lot more thought than is required with today’s electronic gizmos. It’s insulting to refer to people who cannot afford a gh3 and 12-35 f2.8 as a pleb.

  • twoomy

    If this camera really has in-body IS and a multi-aspect ratio sensor (like the GH2), I will cream in my pants and buy a dozen of them. WOW.

  • adam

    this ‘rumour; of a viewfinder has me holding off buying an x-e1 and selling my m43 gear until its is confirmed.

    if it doesn’t materialise, goodbye m43. olympus and panasonic have had almost 4 years to make this happen, instead giving us interchangeable lens cameras with point and shoot bodies. and then they stick us with an expensive add on viewfinder.

    i shall wait and see, though i’ve a feeling the gx2 will be overpriced with a last generation sensor and if it does have a viewfinder, it wont have a proximity sensor to shut off the lcd.

    • Ben

      You just wrote my sentiments word for word. Was seriously considering moving over to the XE1, but going to hold out until August to see what happens. If the new Panny doesn’t live up to these rumours, or at least match the features of the Fuji, then bye bye MFT.

      • I’m in the same camp. Remember too that these are shifting sands. By August, it will be time to look forward to the X-E2, with dual AF….

        • Anonymous


  • Ben

    MFT may not quite reach the height of technology in FF and APS-C land, but there is no way the next generation of mobile phones is going to get close to the sensor size, speed, zoom and clarity of MFT. Where are you going to fit all your dials on a phone for starts?

    • MJr

      I see your point.

  • Frede

    The more important thing about the tilting EVF is not the it will tilt, but that the back of the camera may not have nay hump at all. Much better to slip the camera in a large pocket. NEX-7 and Fuji X still have an annoying EVF protuberance.

  • Anonymous

    From the patent, it seems that the IBIS is only for 2 axis (horizontal and vertical).

  • jyg

    Yawn. Yet another rangefinder-style body with no fully articulating screen.

    (I expect at least a few people with a Leica M-E on their desk will proceed to tell me how stupid they think fully articulating screens are. Oh the irony.)

  • Edvian

    Found several lenghty descriptions that describe coordinating in-body stabilization with lens stabilization. The texts uses the term “image blur correction”.

    • admin

      thanks a lot!

  • safaridon

    1. No Since the rumor is 18MP size that seems to rule out it being GH3/EM5 sensor and possible that it is new design derived from the GH2 sensor of same size? Note I think the jury is not out on the G6 sensor as no DXO test to date or tests by other review sites and not yet available to use. However in DPR forum 4 weeks ago there was a comparison made by Captura entitled Re:Pany G6 – I’m totally impressed. In that post the author showed multiple pictures of same scene using G6 and EM5/GH3/G5 and the G6 looked every bit as good as those from EM5/GH3 and showed even better detail in the shadows indicating good DR. Just take a look and see.

    2. List price for body $999 and no higher

    3.Resolution of EVF – 1.3 mp if using 0.2″ EVF from the FZ200. More likely will use the 1.4 mp OLED EVF from the G6 which is larger ie 1.4X magnification compared to 1X on the 0.2″ EVF.

    • Heli Antonen

      He ask for sources. Not your stupid girly wishes.

  • Tom

    Based on the specs, body only will be above $1000. Difference between GX2 and GH3, smaller size and no weather proofing, thus a slight lower price, but tilting EVF and any kind of IBIS will make the price more than the E-P5. I say $1199 body only price but with worse video codecs than the GH3.

    I actually don’t mind the E-P5, but the price, probably wait after E-M6 comes out to see the specs and most likely a price drop on the E-P5.

    I do want to upgrade my Nikon D7000 to full frame and get m4/3 for light travel.

    • ArKersaint

      @ Safaridon : totally agree : price not higher than $999

      @ Tom : Biaised benchmark : Ep5 price does not make sens in comparison with OMD !!!

  • Absolutely off-topic, but take a look at the for the most recent post about the new Leica M Mini, especially the relevant illustration. Very funny!

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Yup. Let’s see if it will be something good for real or simply a customer-milking thanks to the brand name. Leica already stated it won’t be a re-branded Panasonic camera, therefore I’m really curious to see it. And already worried about the elitarian price.

  • Anonymous

    Good question admin. Now that the dust has settled the image quality of the sensor is really the biggest question.
    Will be be good enough to be competitive against the next generation Sony Nex and Fuji X systems.
    Also it is likely Oly will bring on-sensor phase detection on its new OMD. Will the GX2 and new OMD share the same sensor?

  • John P

    M43 with that color splitter sensor technology would be a dream come true, but I doubt they are ready to launch that yet.

    Color Splitter Technology + Multi_Aspect Sensor + IBIS + Focus Peaking like the G6 = Winning Hybrid Formula for success.

    • Al

      Hope so. Colour splitting tech = my first M43 camera. Not holding my breath though.

  • ever hopeful

    winning formula, yes. But it would be hard to release an improved model within 2 years :) Even OM-D has been a victim of its own success

  • I have been protesting against m4/3 prices for months, and was called a cheapskate, but now that you watch at new prices you are becoming worried too. BTW depreciation is the other side of it, so despite the technological advancement you still have the feeling of having been swindled.

    It will also be interesting to see if the 18Mpx sensor brings more noise at base ISO. Personally I will probably opt out. I just bought a 12 Mpx PM1 for peanuts as a second camera to the OM-D and I couldn’t be better.

    Improving Photog. is not only about getting better cameras, but working with what you have and your skills. That takes much longer.

    • Uberzone

      Here, here. I picked up a GH2 when amazon had their fire sale. Still plenty if growing room for me. My money is going towards lenses this year. Black 75mm and 42mm 1.2. I was going to get an Olympus for IBIS and my legacy lenses, but this could be a nice alternative. I’ll reasses in a year when these are half price.

      • Mr. Reeee

        On the flip side…
        I picked up my GH2 at full-price (it was $43 below list… such a deal!) in February 2011 and have had 2+ years shooting with it! It’s a great camera and I still love it!

        So, it’s not worth much at this point. BFD. I’ve had a great time USING my GH2! Besides, ALL electronics lose value quickly. Today’s cameras are electronic devices, not the finely crafted mechanisms of yore. The real value is having and using the things, not sitting around calculating resale price.

        • stravinsky

          Same here. I have a love hate thing with my gh2 that keeps me from moving on to others. I just don’t like the sound of the shutter and not crazy about the colors and noise. But the other good things make me keep it.

  • QBNY

    Im thinking it’ll be the 18Mpx from the GH2. But I am totally fine with that. with a updated engine, who knows how great it could be.
    As long as it’s a return to the L1, with major upgrades and a nice size, I’m good.

    • ISO 1638400

      Panasonic potentially will release its best camera in years, possibly its best ever when this GX1 successor comes to reality. It needs a better sensor than GH2 to be justify its price (I’m thinking over $1000 body only) and place in Panasonic’s lineup (top of line RF styled camera with integrated EVF), and to help keep its value over time. GH2 sensor was good for its time and still is good with some tweaking, but in 2013/14, m4/3’s top tier cameras need more competitive sensors with a bit less noise and a bit more DR. Going to be really interesting come August–December with all the options available.

      If Panasonic can deliver with this GX1 successor or m4/3’s version of the L1, I will be pay good dollar for the privilege. I hope they can at least bundle the camera with a fast prime like the 25/1.4. The main hindrance for me, is that in Australia, Panasonic products are quite expensive, sometimes double the US pricing, which is unjustifiable seeing the strength of the Australian Dollar. Also, Lumix products tend to be excluded from retailer discount pricing too, which I don’t understand. For example, one of our big retailers recently had a 15% off cameras sale, but Lumix and Canon are excluded! Might have picked up a GX1 with 14-42 PZ & 45-150 for $590 with that discount. Alas, not to be. But am looking forward to this GX1 successor. My limit would probably be $1500 with a fast prime. The GH3 with 12-35 bundle (which you don’t get in the US) has been discounted already in some of my local stores, so hopefully there will be similar discounts down the track for this camera, if the initial pricing is beyond my limit.

      • Uberzone

        I’ll buy one for you. 10% transaction fee plus shipping costs. My “gift” to you.

        • ISO 1638400

          Thanks, but no thanks. I like to shop local. But if you drop the transaction fee to 8.25% I might reconsider. Free shipping, bonus 256GB UHS SD card and premium leather case will seal the deal. Oh, and an ultra retro ultra premium leather wrist strap too.

  • nobody

    Maybe we know more on June 11:

    might be the same body for a lot more money.

    • nobody

      But we might expect some new very good lenses if leica goes mft!

  • JBL

    someone on dpr/m43 talk we are build these rumors and fake increment confirmed at 5 level.
    because he/she think all is impossible about GX2 rumors .

    • admin

      As usual there is always people saying that we are bullshitting. And as soon as the gx2 will ve announced they will shut up for a while until the next rumors will be posted. Trust ne. I am telling the truth here!

  • Anonymous

    Panasonic will not hobble its landmark product with an old sensor. That would be counter productive. It will 100% be a new sensor. Question is how good is it?

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