(FT5) The dreamcamera will become true! New GX has in body IS and tiltable EVF!!!


Hurray!!! Two top trusted sources confirmed it yesterday. The New GX camera has indeed in body IS and tiltable built-in EVF: They expressly told me that the patent I posted in past describe almost exactly the real camera! As you know the last two years I found these images on patents describing a new camera with built-in tiltable EVF on the corner of the camera. It has built-in flash and the image stabilization which image you can see here:

I am now going to prepare the full patents roundup so that you can read them in the original language. But back to my sources. As I told you two very top sources confirmed the in body stabilization and tiltable EVF information. One of them also confirmed the “new sensor” (18 Megapixel). They also gave me some more bits I am going to disclose soon on 43rumors (P.S.: I am using those bits as reference for the rumors I am getting right now from more anonymous sources. This way I can be sure the info I receive from them is correct too).

One source also added that it was Panasonic goal’s to revive the Four Thirds L1 camera design (here on eBay). So expect the new GX camera to look as cool as that one :)

This is going to be a really exciting time now. new OMD (coming early September), new GX (in late August), the new lenses….I think I will have little time for vacation this summer :(

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Stay tuned guys!!!

The DMC-L1 on eBay (Click here).
The DMC-LC1 on eBay (Click here).

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • tomas

    wake me up once some product pictures leaks!

    • MJr

      Sounds like you have a exciting life.

      • tomas

        yep;-) …one of my biggest hobby is reading 43 rumours site

    • Anonymous

      Canon just Cr@pped themselves.

    • Tim Higdon

      Not sure I’m getting the excitement of this camera. Is it the tilting viewfinder? Because everything else is already available in many other models.

      And with a tilting screen the viewfinder tilting is redundant.

      It seems that Panasonic fans really wanted ibis after all.

      I really don’t see how this improves on a gh3, omd, or nex at all.

  • Future MFT user

    I’m pretty sure if it has IBIS it will be one which is designed to work together with OIS lenses. More of a complementary than a substitute for OIS. Panasonic isn’t dumb, folks.

    • Anonymous


    • Trpical Yeti

      Sure they are not dumb. They will include also special mode, for Parkinson disease sufferers. First ever…

  • Anonymous

    sounds promising. Panasonic better start building stock before they open the flood gates. This will be big!!!

    • tomas

      like GH3 …once GH3 it apears on stock anywhere…it is worth to publish on 43rumours site as a hot news :-)

    • safaridon

      Yes this has the potential of huge volume if Pany does produce and market it right. In the case of GH3 Pany never intended that to be a high volume product producing few keeping prices high while the G6 was to be the higher volume one. Ever since Pany made the patent for the concept of this new camera a couple years ago, I wondered why Pany was not putting more attention to getting it to market while instead putting out resources for new G and GH bodies every year when these were failing to make a significant impact on sales in either Japan, Europe, or US while their compact GF and GX models were doing better? I think Pany should concentrate on this niche market and assuming this is like the patent model, also produce a smaller fixed EVF model similar to the recently released LF1.

  • Pierre

    Hopefully will the GX2 have the same or even more quiet shuttersound of the OMD!!

  • Anonymous

    No cup holder, no buy.

    • Anonymous

      …but it comes with mud flaps?

      • Mr. Reeee

        … and a trailer hitch. ;-)

        • Bob B.

          ….for my DSLR…..ya just never know.

    • street

      no 3 pounds weight…. no buy

  • man

    that sounds like the camera the Oly E-P5 should have been! awesome, if true, I’m going to finally upgrade :)

    • Cindy Sherman

      Indeed! O what stupidity of Olympus not to include the viewfinder in the EP5.

      My guess is Olympus thinks an IBVF would make it to much of and OMD. Thats why they need to rethink the OMD! As a matter of fact, the OMD house is smaller than the PEN (not including the VF on the OMD). Its obvious the OMD is the bigger brother in the oly camera family (the E5 being the Grandfather : ) Hence a better size, better ergonomics and better specs needs to be implemented in the EM6.

  • m112


  • The Master

    Well, finally, if they don’t make the viewfinder rubber stick out an inch or two. It would be nice if it was really close, like the Fuji X100 viewfinder, which is hard and doesn’t seem to catch on everything when you are pulling it out of a pocket or bag.

  • The G

    M 4/3 really is coming into its own. I’ve been holding out for a new OMD, but if this turns out to be true there’ll be serious competition for this to be the camera that finally replaces my GF1.

    • oluv

      you are still on GF1? hahaha… that old sensor, with crappy high-iso performance and dynamic range!!!!

      • MJr

        Good photographs are not up to the camera. Use it well and the sensor is far from crappy.

        • Milt


        • Frye

          That is unless you’re thing is taking pics of the bands, and friends at parties, you think are really cooool but like nobody else cares about. i finally get why people obsess over iso performance. :)

      • R

        Don’t talk like this about my GirlFriend-1

        but if this comes true im probably going to send her to “retirement”


          Get your facts straight.

        • Gabriel

          The GX is the hot GirlFriend model :)

          • PSt

            GirlFriend eX

      • Damn Oly

        I’ve been with many M43 camera [G3, GX1,OM-D, XE-1 Fuji] since i had GF1 ,but honestly GF1 is one fun loving camera to use,.the user interface is good enough,.to operate i know i only use 640 ISo,.but,.i have the fast glass,.but ,.what make me love my GF1 is the color reproduce,.is totally different and i feel better than G3 or GX1 even i like the color better than my Fuji XE-1.

        I still keep my GF 1 till now but sold my G3 & GX1 already.

      • Anonymous

        Are you 12 years old?

      • gummyrabbit

        If people notice the noise in your photos instead of your subject…then you have a boring subject.

      • The G

        Nowt wrong with the GF1! It’s done me well ever since it came out and I took the plunge into m4/3. Sure, there’s areas it’s not so good, but I’ve got a big bulky canon for that. But for day trips, holidays, night’s out, it’s been amazing. The OMD was the only m43 that made me consider upgrading, but I still felt there was more around the corner and hopefully with this new GX2 and/or the new OMD it will be time to upgrade!

        • Spititom

          Same for me. Love my GF1. Have also G3, but GF1 handles better by far.
          And depite high ISO I like GF1 images better.

          GX2 might be a reason.

  • Camaman

    Hopefully they will include all the advanced nuances to. In the 1st year.
    Features Like stabilized image in EVF, some form of advanced IBIS to mimic Olys version and PDAF on sensor.

    If not then prepare to wait 2-3 generations for all that and more.

  • Tom

    Great sensor, IBIS, tiltable screen – I have all that in my EPL5 for 6 months now…

    4k@48Hz high-bitrate video, OMD-quality IBIS and +0.6-1 stop IQ would be a leap ahead though.

    • m112

      Me too. And it’s completely unusable in sunlight. And the vf3 is massive…and awful.

    • safaridon

      “Great sensor, IBIS, tiltable screen – I have all that in my EPL5”

      Surely the IBIS in your EPL5 is no match for the 5 axis IBIS in the EM5 as you do not see a stabilized view until the picture is snapped. The Pany one likely more like a their hybrid IS combining with OIS in the lens with inbody IS for more axis. Your EPL5 LCD screen is smaller view size than any LCD in a Pany m4/3 camera and without inbody flash? Still an excellent camera.

    • W

      This has a tiltable EVF though

  • Milt

    Thanks for the new information, Admin. Now we need to know about the sensor. And the specs of the EVF. But this is a camera that I am excited about and am likely to buy if there are no dramatic last minute disappointments.

    The IS will make it possible for present Olympus users with longer unstabilized lenses to buy this camera without penalty. And everyone can use legacy lenses with some stabilization.

    But I am keeping my GF1!

  • lone.samurai

    I wonder if this is a Panasonic developed IBS or are they paying to use Olys and if that’s the case why would Oly allow this? Olys 5 axis IBS has given them a handy edge and if they lease it out it’ll be an even playing field in that regard. Admin any insights?

    • If Oly can’t sell enough cameras to be profitable, then they should license some of their technology to others—especially their IBIS system.

    • Well but Olympus can now sell lens to Panasonic camera user, naturly so this is gain and win for M43.

  • Frye

    I love the idea of IBIS for video + manual lenses or the PL25. Hopefully they do same for G7 and/or GH4, assuming GX2 won’t have 24p.

  • Keith

    So… now that Panasonic is going to have IBIS in its cameras, can somebody teach Olympus how to put serious video (i.e. decent codecs and ability to change frame-rates) into theirs?

  • Fish

    This will probably be my next camera. Panasonic’s timing was brilliant – the e-p5 should have had a vf and this will affect sales.

    If the specs turn out to be true, I am looking forward to hearing all of those posters who wrote “panny will never do ibis stop asking for it”, to admit they were wrong.

    • Ryan

      Brilliant timing would be right now, not a month before the OM-D. This will be over looking just like the GX-1 was because of the M5 last year.

      • safaridon

        This GX2 promises to be a game changer depending on its small size, performance of its EVF, and price. No the EM5 upgrade will not upstage it as will still likely have the large hump or perhaps even larger to accommodate the new EVF? Both cameras promise to be very good in their own rights.

      • CaverDave

        My guess is that the next OMD will not be an E-M5 replacement but a OMD-Pro and that it will be a cross between the E-M5 and the GH-3. Being a pro-level camera it will be expensive and not be as popular as the E-M5 in sale volumn so it shouldn’t conflict which with the GX-2

    • mooboy

      It’ll be more interesting to see how, some of them, handle people they accused of being Oly fan boys wanting to get the new Panasonic camera.

      This GX2 sounds so promising and tempting! I was going to complain that, traditionally in Australia, Panasonic likes to screw us for price – but I just checked price of GH3 and it looks reasonable here! So, I just hope the GX2 has two command dials – that’s the thing I hate most about the GH2.

  • AJ

    And Leica unveiled a little teaser. Apparently a new ‘micro m’ is comming up. I think it might be a rebranded version of this one. The old L1 was also rebranded to the leica digilux 3. If true then this is very good news imho.

    • Anonymous

      Good point AJ.

    • Tom

      And it make a lot of sense for Leica to have in body is for use with legacy Leica glass. This camera will be very, very interesting! Probably a new Leica m43 lens without IS on the way as well.

      • mooboy

        The rumor sites for Leica have said it won’t be a rebadged Panasonic, but they are just rumor sites too.

  • Renato S.

    Ok, now that it got a FT5, is the IBIS as good as the E-P5?

    Does this new sensor has the “micro color splitter” or is it too soon for this tech?

  • “Hurray!!! Two top trusted sources confirmed it yesterday. The New GX camera has indeed in body IS and tiltable built-in EVF”

    OH YES. Please, Panny, do not disappoint us!!!

  • Will it only be called GX-x?

    Or ‘Unobtainium’ in the US?

    Prepare to wait 6 months and find no batteries :)

    • true homer

      Nah thats just sensationalism from this site. Ive never had a problem finding a gh camera after launch, pre orderor not, sometimes right Iin the middle of a “theres no stock anywhere Iin the world!” post from admin.

  • mknosens

    what is “titlable EVF”?

    • mknosens

      or u want to say “tilt-able”?

    • It’s ‘tittable’. It can lactate if stimulated adequately.

      • admin

        lol :)

  • DavidB

    Tilt Built in EVF, and IS in a panasonic body will be interesting. Based on the patents the only thing people will complain about is that the back LCD does not tilt.

    But if true then this will be an interesting camera. I also think the 18Mpixel chip is not new but will be the GH2 chip with perspective added back. That chip was really good and its 18Mpixel. With new processor, it will be an excellent camera. Also many (my self included) want the perspective feature back, that the GH1, GH2 had but the GH3 doesn’t. The sony chip will not allow this. But the really good GH2 chip will.

    • safaridon

      I have not heard or seen anything that states that the LCD is stationary and not tiltable or swivel? Pany has put fully tilting screen on the GF6 and fully swivel screens on G6 and GH3 so with tilting EVF they may well go with stationary screen on the GX2 to save space or depth on the camera. Also they could use a simple hinge on the top with more limited tilt options but requiring less space. If Pany mounts the EVF to left corner and beyond the LCD screen then they could use use a larger EVF than the small one used in the LF1 and still keep the camera height and size down.

  • Anonymous

    OMG,.I almost divorce my relation ship,.with panasonic camera,.since i had GF1 always been a disappointment with GF line,.hopefully this will make me feel fully hp again ,.since we’re separated and had an affair with Oly girls

  • Chris

    What was the release price of the GX1 ?

    • Bob B.

      When it was released in Dec, 2011 I believe it was about $700 with the kit lens. I bought one and sold off the kit lens… My memory is not great but it was in that ballpark.

  • ever hopeful

    new sensor – didn’t Panasonic put in a patent for two new sensor designs to improve dynamic range: one a splitter and the other with an additional ‘white’ pixel ? I wonder if one of those will be in the new model?

  • ever hopeful

    new sensor – didn’t Panasonic put in a patent for two new sensor designs to improve dynamic range: one a splitter and the other with an additional ‘white’ pixel ? I wonder if one of those will be in the new model?

  • Carl

    If this gossip is true then I’ll be pleased. I appreciate the attention to detail and ergonomics Panasonic typically puts into its bodies and had only avoided them because they didn’t have IBIS. Even if they don’t match Olympus’ 5-axis IBIS it’ll be enough to get my buy-in.

    • Bob B.

      Panny has Oly beat in the menu system, too. Much more simple and streamlined.

  • J Shin

    If it’s as pretty as E-P5, as capable as E-P5 and E-M5, with Panasonic’s traditional video strengths…

    This is a good year to be mirrorless. A good year to be a µ43 fan. The new primes are coming, soon, too!

  • Anonymous

    Possible the IBIS will only be 2 axis to complement the OIS of their lenses. This will make it a combined 5-Axis stabilization. I don’t see PANY abandoning OIS.

    • Anonymous

      Panasonic had a % axis IS system in some of their camcorders before Olympus released the E-M5

  • ep3pl25_ninja

    THis is Great!!! This will force oly to finally make one rather create stupid product sub categories.

    that tiltable rangefinder style evf is a great idea!!!!

  • Give people a dream camera and they’ll speculate on how awful it will be. Oh look, they did!

  • Garypen

    A tiltable/articulated LCD screen would be much more useful to me than a tiltable EVF. If I’m gonna be putting the camera up against my face, a tiltable EVF serves almost no purpose. But, a tiltable LCD screen would allow me to get the low shots without kneeling, crawling, or laying down.

    • m112

      …and still not visible in bright sunlight

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know any enthusiast that doesn’t consider an EVF crucial. Maybe people living in wetter climates? I live in Southern California. No LCD screen is viewable outdoors in our sunny climate.

        • Garypen

          I did not say that an EVF is not useful. I said that having it be TILTABLE is not as useful as having the LCD screen be tiltable, or even better, articulated.

          Obviously, I want an EVF. Who wouldn’t? It just doesn’t need to be tiltable. It just needs to be in the left corner.

          • Twister

            + 1
            I don’t see the use of a tiltable EVF. Is it used when shooting on a tripod? I use the swivel LCD screen of my Panasonic GH2 when shooting over the head of people in front of me or shooting a birthday cake on a table from a top view. A tiltable EVF won’t help me in these situations (well maybe when shooting the cake if I turn the camera the other way around and shoot with my left hand).

            My camera has a built-in EVF and I need one for my next purchase, but what is the advantage of having the EVF in the left corner vs. the center of the camera? I don’t get it.

            • pEteE

              @ Twister

              “”My camera has a built-in EVF and I need one for my next purchase, but what is the advantage of having the EVF in the left corner vs. the center of the camera? I don’t get it.””

              It is not so much the position of the EVF that matters but the fact that it is in a smaller more compact format than most of the models with built in EVF { GH2,G5,GH3 etc} with the possible exception of the E-M5 which is a bit smaller { though for me the ergonomics suck as does the design}.The GF1 type design with fewer jutting out bits and shallower depth combined with some of the small primes makes for a more compact set up

              • Twister


                Thanks for your comment. It makes sense to move it to the left corner if it will make the camera slimmer/flat. But the DMC-L1 has the EVF in the left corner but doesn’t make the camera slimmer/flat. So it depends.

          • JimD

            Tiltable is a great feature. The removable EVF does have one thing going for it. Its tiltable.
            A tiltable built in EVF within a flat top body and a tiltable screen are just about perfection.

            • Twister

              I can understand that a removable EVF is good for some people because they can remove it if they don’t need it. Also a flat top body and a tiltable LCD are great. That can be designed without a tiltable EVF. You still don’t say why a tiltable EVF is a great feature.

              • JimD

                Try using a waist level VF on a TLR or 120/220 box. Or try using a VF2 tilted on an EP. The experience is worth a million words.

  • George

    IBIS is a pleasant surprise. That means future Panny camera will have it. That’s about the only thing behind Oly. I am sure Oly is going to response with something competitive, such as video features. Let the arm race begin! We will benefit from it.

  • Hue tromer

    IBIS?? That’s Oly crap we tough Pany boys don’t want that! We can hold a camera with a looooong lens without shakin. No Oly sissy boy crap, thanks.

    • WTF

      You sound a little disturbed.

      • Garypen

        Actually, he sounds sarcastic.

        • true homer

          the oly fanturds are so funny…cant even make a comprehensive logical comment and use their own name to defend their 1000$ luxury point and shoot. they hate me, but if a couple of hours go by without me posting some turd uses a version of my name and tries to sound like me.

          But Ill humor you..
          a long lens? use a tripod like a real photographer.
          You think thats silly? It cant possibly be more stupid than the image of you hand holding an ep5 at arms length with an adapted 800mm lens while saying outloud: “five axis IBIS baby!”

          • Rchard

            We don’t hate you homer, we feel sorry for you.

            • true homer

              Hahahaha…now you feel sorry for me, you had a meeting right? The comments suggest you feel sorry for yourselves, you simply cant stand someone not performing regular felatio on olympus and everything it does.

            • true homer

              The proof is that you feel sorry for me and not for the guy hand holding his pen and a 800mm lens

  • peevee

    This rumor will pull an arctic chill on sales of E-P5 and even E-M5. Pretty evil leak, while in the end what we will get might still turn out to be unexciting in comparison, for example, non-articulating screen and no weather sealing (almost certainly), old GH2 sensor and not effective 2-axis IBIS, maybe even with some quirks like increased effective FL (crop) or electronic shutter only – if it is digital based (high probability), GH2-level of sensor read out speed – i.e. slower focusing, unreasonably high price, etc.

    I hope it does not happen and Pana will introduce a truly competitive product, as Oly got cocky, pricing E-P5 at least $200 too high (well, Pana used to ooverprice GX1 too before OM-D and E-PM2/E-PL5 put it in its place).

  • safaridon

    Wow over 300 posts and counting! This certainly is indicative of the interest on this forum for just such a camera.

  • Damn Oly

    This is the uniqueness of Micro 43 system,

    There will be no other system as attractive as this M43,.where there are two Big brand competing each other,.this system is rapidly mature in both technology of the camera it self as well as the lens,.

    i know there was also one mount with 3 different brand were competed each other,.M mount [LEICA,ZEISS IKON,V BESSA],.but it was not as attractive as in this digital world,.not mention also the pushed from other brand system,.NEX,FUJI XF, NIKON V1, CANON, ,.

  • Nucky

    GX2 bundled with newly designed 20mm 1.7 for 899USD.

    • Narretz

      They would sell all the cameras for that price. Will be more like 1300 $ though.

  • true homer

    and since everybody is taking their shot at me because I said panny wont do ibis; for the record, i still think they wont.
    maybe there will be something that loosely translates to IBIS but no, itll still be OIS. people here are dreaming itll be a switchable feature or a combined 10 stop handholding powerhouse.

    • Anonymous

      Homer….go home. :-)

    • pEteE

      Now , Homer you know it is impossible to take a photo even in daylight with a fast shutter speed without IBIS, forget that OIS nonsense. Those in the Oly brotherhood know that taking static shots in low light at 1/10th sec is the ultimate art lol .Everything else is just a cliche !!

      Joking aside looking through my thousands of images less than 1% would have had any potential help from IBIS. There are numerous better options in the majority of situations.The problem the Olympus users is that since the start of their digital adventure until last year with the E-M5 they have had such poor sensors they had no option to shoot high ISO , thus necessity being the mother of invention , those static shots at slow shutter speeds became their niche

      • Anonymous

        Hey, how about using sunny 16 for non critical things and for anything else a light meter instead of all this auto exposure crap, like a *REAL* photographer!! Much better and much more accurate, especially an incident light meter, as it actually measures how a subject is illuminated instead of how much light gets reflected. Its clearly better!! Why does anyone bother with this ae crap at all!!!

        Or maybe you are an idiot who can’t recognize a useful feature for what it is worth?

        • true homer

          I dont rely much on the multi segment super auto metering system, especially on the omd. Usually if theres a highlight itll expose for it and under expose everything else. Spot metering is a better tool and even then you have to compensate. But I get it, youre a point and shooter who needs the camera to do absolutely everything for you, and when it doesnt youll go on here and complain about exposure, colors and then go buy a full frame because of the “quality”

  • T

    If this camera take video as the lvl of GH3 :D….

  • A “leak” in Chinese, including pictures. Don’t know how reliable this can be…

  • fishtanks

    This is great news/rumor! If GX2 comes with an updated 20mm f1.7 (quieter) and its OOC JPG can improve to near Oly quality, then I’m in~! E-P5 is very tempting. But the lack of built-in EVF and that Oly doesn’t have a 20 or 25mm f2.0 (or faster) lens stop me from purchasing it.

    • Don Pope

      There is the Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4. That should work perfectly in the E-P5.

  • jsbymowaocag

  • gysoojkzlkal

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