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Q&A with OM Digital Solutions UK: Hints a new high end E-M1XII might be coming?


A 43rumors reader (Thanks!) spotted this new interview with an Olympus UK manager. Couple of info:

  • – the 150-400mm orders were 3x greater than expected. If you were to place an order today it could take 12 months to fill. (This is a worldwide problem and they didn’t expect so many people to order this lens)
  • coming new body this year will only exasperate issue with 150-400mm demand (that would suggest this new body is the E-M1Xii which also ties into the below statement)
  • they believe that the flagship body should lead with any new sensor and this is how they will release bodies going forward
  • they are not sure what they will do with E-m5. Even though it is one of the older bodies now, it would not receive an update until after the higher end bodies. They are trying to determine if there is still a need with the push for going high-end
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