Panasonic USA confirms the GX7 is coming in August.


We just had the first direct confirmation the GX7 will be announced soon. Panasonic USA wrote (and shortly after removed it) the following text on Instagram:

“GX7 coming soon! Look out for a #Lumix Luminary Road Trip on FB/Lumix next month feat #GX7”

The GX7 will be announced in late August-early September and all specs posted on 43rumors are confirmed by different sources and are therefore rated FT5. 18Megapixel, 2 axis IBIS, Built-in tiltable EVF, built-in Flash and so on.

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  • Anonymous

    Just hope is decent in low light …..if not i will sell all my m43 and move to fuji

    • Anonymous

      Small advantage if using jpg, still rather bad raw support for fuji, can get better result from m43 raws. Not that much fast glass too, m43 has better choice. Rather slow autofocus.

      Well, good luck getting better result than even current top m43 bodies, like e-m5, e-p5, gh3…

      • With all due respect, I hope you’re not serious about this… I’ve owned both systems and the difference can’t be simply dismissed as negligible. Maybe with the 25/1.4 or 75/1.8, the difference may be harder to appreciate but other lenses fall short. Sorry, just keeping it real. Feel free to look through my site, the portfolio folder is my best work from the OM-D while everything else is with the XE-1.

        My analogy to the difference between MFT and Fuji X is like normal LCDs vs. retina displays. One doesn’t really realize the difference until they’ve tried both. Yes, I loved my OM-D and the images it produced but the larger sensor and lack of AA filter really does translate into a much greater amount of fine detail.

        Also, the argument about lenses doesn’t hold much water anymore. I moved to Fuji because it has a fast 40-150 MFT equivalent, something company has delivered on. Sure, MFT has a ton of choices but each and every Fuji lens is a quality one, including the non-XF very cheap new kit lens.

        The Fuji JPGs give me everything that I would ever need from RAW files. In fact, my workflow has changed. I still shoot RAW but use the in-camera JPEG converter and export for minor tweaking to LR. Btw, I’ve only had to change the WB in one or two images, something that I’ve had to do quite often with the OM-D.

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          Mikey, you’re right when you say that we must try things before judging. To be more precise, it seems (not certain though) that OMD-Em5 has no LP filter (AA), as wrote by Pekka Potka on his blog.

          • Mikey

            Well, I heard before that the E-PL5 (unlike the OM-D) didn’t have a low pass filter. That turned out to be not be true. Hopefully, with the next iteration of the OM-D that Olympus will do just that and push the high ISO capabilities even more.

          • bob

            OMD has a WEAK AA filter. Pekka based his grand conclusion on one (or more) jpgs with moire. But moire can happen on any camera with OR without an AA filter as long as the detail is fine enough and/or the AA filter weak enough to create moire.

        • Anonymous

          I checked your galleries, even largest size of picture is nowhere enough to estimate any difference you’re speaking off. I see some photos that look like they were processed from jpg’s rather than raw, is it fuji? For example this!i=2591040184&k=K84StD9
          I see noise in areas where shadows were lifted even at this tiny display size.

          I handled fuji’s only for short time, difference is small. Low iso noise is better, but looks less than a stop better, which is not really much that can hardly make any difference in keeper rate. Especially considering such things as quite effective ibis in olympus bodies, more faster glass. Even rather impressive fast panasonic zooms, fuji only has one zoom and fast only at the wide end. It’s also not as wide too.

          Fuji still didn’t release UWA zoom, no long telephoto. Macro is only 0.5x magnification… The only reason to get fuji is for the body handling and looks, it’s unique. Some like it, some hate it.

          • E-1

            Don’t feed the troll.

            • Mikey

              I sure hope no one thinks that I’m the one trolling. Lemme make it clear: I love both systems and accept them for their strengths and weakness. Photography is always a trade-off. I was merely offering a non-biased opinion from someone who has dabbled in both systems. At the moment, I sold off my MFT system as I can only afford one. But in due time, I hope to come back and own both. :p

              • @Mikey’

                I actually find your posts quite informative. I am sitting on the fence with purchasing more M43 gear. I definitely consider Fuji offerings high quality and a system of the future. I like the Pens, but that X100s is impressive. 90% of my photography is with the 35mm FL and therefore to have a leaf shutter with perfect fill flash in a small inclusive package works for me.

                The RAW issue will be resolved soon, but as you suggest there is little need to play with RAW most of the time. It is all about getting outside to take more photos, not sit in front of a monitor for hours getting things right.

                I also agree with your comments re zoom lenses in the Fuji range

                • Mikey


                  Thanks! While I do think that Fuji is the system of the future, I don’t want to consider MFT (primarily Olympus) out of the question just yet. I’m just worried that Olympus will start sitting on its laurels after having the E-M5 be such a big hit. While Panny has a couple of great lenses on their roadmap (42.5/1.2 and 150/2.8), Olympus has zilch. I waited through 2 eras of rumors of them releasing fast zooms before I even considered the switch. If rumors are true, this rangefinder-styled body with IBIS and 18mp sensor from Panny should be a gamechanger.

                  So right now it’s a choice between few but top notch quality lenses, larger sensor, excellent OOC WB and JPG, higher ISO performance (FUJI) vs. large choice of lenses, better RAW support and revolutionary 5-axis IBIS (MFT).

          • Mikey

            That was my bad as I only allow visitors access to XLarge files and not the actual files themselves. I’d be happy to send you the large files for comparison. But even at XLarge size, the detail in animal fur/bird’s feathers and building windows is already discernibly finer with the Fuji files. Also, I never said that Fuji is noiseless. But since we’re on the topic of noise, I just find that 1) noise appears more pleasant, 2) iso 3200 and 6400 files still retain a lot of fine detail while keeping noise to an acceptable minimum, and 3) the Fuji jpeg file gives me just as much to work with compared to normal RAW files. And yes, that was a Fuji file you had pointed out.

            Btw, Fuji does have a long telephoto: 55-200. Yes, speed-wise, it’s just moderately fast but the trade off for better subject isolation is worth it in my book.

        • buena
      • junior

        fuji has couple f/1.4 lens, combine with even larger sensor = excellent low light. m4/3 has “one” f/1.4 lens, combine with smaller sensor = ok low light. fuji raw? id rather not pp 300 raw pictures IMO.

        • Anonymous

          Fuji has one f1.4 and another is still for now only on roadmap. Panasonic also has more fast glass planed. But what i don’t see on fuji roadmap is fast zooms.

          Honestly, difference in noise is not really big, i would worry far more about reliable af, especially with shallow dof. And fuji is still lagging behind m43 and in low light the difference is even bigger.

          raw vs jpg… really long holywar, but better have the option to use decent raw converter when needed and not get stuck with even worse result than ooc jpg.

    • Anonymous

      And learn to focus manually, fuji is quite a bit worse with autofocus than m43 in low-light. In good light fuji might be fast enough, slower, but still fine to use. But in low light the difference in AF speed can sure drop your keeper rates. Which is better, a bit more noise during pixel peeping or missed focus?

    • Phred

      I hope this is a GREAT camera…but no matter what it is I will not buy until I see What Olympus has in store for us. I hope both new cams make it a difficult choice.
      Like you…I have been tempted by Fuji..particularly the E-M1 but of course after owning an extensive MFT kit…the Fuji has limitations that I would have to live with like slower AF, much fewer lenses to select from (this situation continues to improve, though), and then there is all the confusing information about the Fuji raw files?
      I still don’t know what to believe about the post processing of the Fuji Raw files…I have read that they are problematic and that they do not process well in PS or LR and I have also read that the is no problem with the files with these most popular softwares. Does anyone know more about this?

  • Anonymous

    olympus, please take note.

    a rangefinder style body, built-in flash + EVF + hotshoe + tilting screen + ibis and plenty of hands-on control – it can be done, and it will be popular.
    no gimmicks needed, just a well thought out design/layout – that combines all essential functionality for taking photographs – no compromise.
    This is the PEN I’ve been waiting for ever since the EP1 came out.

    • Anonymous

      Olympus is busy getting into fashion bizz, they don’t care about ergonomics as long as it looks “awesome”… for some. And of course there is no way that we will ever see a build vf in pens.

      • Carl G

        So that means the OMD-EM5 or EP5 were a fashion statement? Seems like both cameras have a lot of control to me, as well as looking pretty hot.

    • sometimes i dont get the brand loyalty. Panasonic will release this promising rf syle body, something alot of people here were begging for, and now you still want olympus to come up with one.

      • Anonymous

        > sometimes i dont get the brand loyalty. Panasonic will release this
        > promising rf style body, something alot of people here were begging
        > for, and now you still want olympus to come up with one.

        my girlfriend has a G3, me a PEN EP1.
        I do prefer the photo taking experience on the PEN.

        While the G3 beats the PEN on paper easily, I do find it more satisfying to work with the PEN – and in turn I do get better pictures out of it, but when I pixelpeep I see the quality lagging bigtime in the PEN.

        I’m sure EP5 will satisfy my needs – but without integrated viewfinder I find its design compromised – and that at it’s astronomical price?
        A lower price might excuse the compromise, or a no-compromise camera might excuse the hefty price.

        So yeah, I do think Olympus should take example from Panasonic, who are offering a real choice of form factor and functionality with the G series.

        • Sorry to say, you are taking for granted that the new GX’s experience will not be a satisfactory one and you are passing it as an argument.

    • Sqweezy

      If this has everything you want, why not get it? Panasonic has built everything you’ve been waiting for and it will be here next month. Why does it have to be a PEN?

      • AMVR

        I’m no Oly (or Pany) fanboy, and I’ll probably end up buying this Pany camera instead of E-P5 BUT I can think of a few features unique to Oly (within m4/3) that I need and will miss in the GX7:

        – In camera Multi exposure
        – Live Bulb-mode
        – 5 axis IBIS
        – Good flash support (Pany shares the same system but somehow it’s not as reliable)
        – 1/320 sec flash sync
        – Superb OOC JPEGs & color( Pany has greatly improved but it’s not there yet)
        – 2×2 control scheme
        – No nonsense Wifi capabilities
        – Super Control Panel

        What I gain with the GX7:

        – Finally having the dream camera I’ve been screaming for since I first got my E-PL1 so many years ago and got denied with every opportunity in the E-P3, E-P5, E-PL3, E-PL5, OMD, GF2, GF3, GX1, etc…

        – Also, panorama, better video, freed hot-shoe, etc

    • Do

      Until now, the only difference in the rumors about GX7 and OM-D Light is the tiltable viewfinder. I have one for my E-PL1 since three years.
      Ah, I forgot, I can take it off, of course that makes it totally useless, like a fixed one, in case it is housed in a a hump.

      • buena

        OM-D line: hump, centered VF, DSLR alike body. PEN line: rangefinder style.

        • Yes: Cosmetical Differences. I like good design, and would even pay more for it, but it seems that for some people it’s the only thing they worry about, although they often rationalize it (e.g. say you can’t use a centered viewfinder).

    • michael

      “This is the PEN I’ve been waiting for ever since the EP1 came out.”

      Agreed. I’ve been a PEN shooter for a long time, but if this is reasonably priced I’ll almost certainly be trading in my E-PL2 for it.

      I’ve waited a long time for Oly to add a viewfinder to its smaller cameras (although I would have settled for an OM-D, had it not had the weathersealing, which just adds cost for a feature I don’t need).

      I’m tired of guessing at what I’m taking pics of in bright sunlight.

  • Anonymous

    hope it will be weather sealed

  • rob

    The specs sound really great but we all know what is going to happen.

    Panasonic are going to release this model at something like US$999 – body only – and nobody is going to buy it because it is ridiculously expensive.

    • for most male photograpers who are married everything is expensive as long as their wive does not give permission to buy it.


      If its up to spec, I’ll stay with MFT. If not, hello Fuji. People here love to complain and bash everything not named “Olympus”, but to be honest, Olly is overpricing themselves out of existence.

      It’s funny how this camera ticks most of the boxes, yet people here moan for Olympus to make one just like it. That’s hilarious.

  • Cyril

    Just need that GX7 come with 1.2 lense.

    • Anonymous

      A 1.2 kit lens, another joker.

      • Carl G

        He didn’t say kit lens. You added that word.

        • Anonymous

          He suggested it with his wording.

  • Sqweezy

    Hands down, this should be the m43 camera of the year. A lot of firsts to the system here. Brand new sensor, integrated corner EVF, plenty of manual controls on a rangefinder-style body… If the price is not obsurd, this should sell boat loads.

    • Anonymous

      A lot of firsts???
      The only first is integrated corner EVF.
      What else???

    • Anonymous

      Many firsts???
      The only m43 first will be integrated corner EVF.
      What else?

  • Excellent! Let’s hope sensor is on par with E-M5…

    BTW, who would have thought something useful would come from Instagram :D ?

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Some of my friends often organize meetings in Venice, through Instagram. A nice way to visit interesting places on interesting occasions, and do some street photography in the meanwhile.

  • yeah, great news, maybe this will be a good upgrade from my GH2, a gh3 is a little too big considering I use it as a compact secondary camera.

  • kiki

    i think no weather sealed.

  • “18Megapixel, 2 axis IBIS, Built-in tiltable EVF, built-in Flash and so on.”

    Right now, I just hope that Panny would actually manage to make all the new features work well.

    There is a reason why many companies first pilot new tech in low-end products.

  • woof woof

    With Panasonics relative lack lustre performance in sensors I’ll reserve judgemant and my money until the reviews are out. I hope not to be disappointed.

    • true homer

      Unbelievable. ..who do you think has made 99% of mft sensors?

      • Anonymous

        No one made 99% of m43 sensors.

      • woof woof

        “Unbelievable. ..who do you think has made 99% of mft sensors?”

        Dear Mr/Mrs Homer…

        If you look at the recent CSC’s brought to market over the last couple of years or so I think you’ll agree, unless you’re a hopeless fanboy, that if you were to make a list starting with the cameras that have the potential to produce the best image quality available in a CSC at the top… Panasonic cameras are towards the bottom.

        I therefore reserve the right to refrain from removing my panties and flinging them at Panasonic in an orgy of fan boy enthusiasm until I see that they’ve produced a camera that can stand comparison to the competition for still image quality.

        • Lisandra Santiago

          Well the first mft camera to make a jump in iq was the gh1, then the gh2 then the gx1 by a bit aaaaaaand then, after all that, the omd. Which people assume it has a sony sensor. Soooo I see 3 sensors that pushed iq limits from pana and 1 on oly which could very well be from pana and not sony like everyone assumes. theres your list, was your list different?

          • Lisandra Santiago

            Hey! I did NOT write that!!

  • Jy

    Instead of cramming in EVF and tiltable screen, why don’t they just develop superbright LCD with wide viewing angle?
    I’m a GX1 user, and have never really felt the need for either.

    • Anonymous

      You have never tried shooting high or low right?
      Viewing angle is useless when the viewing/display area is turned into a narrow line.

      • Jy

        I have. But the need to shoot in that position is quite rare.

    • brands like Motion Computing and Sahara use “ViewAnywhere” lcd screens on their tablets, great stuff.

  • V4Vendetta

    Look like that Panasonic go rigt way in recent months and is listening to the consumer. First was the G6, camera if I could buy it, good design, focus peaking, dynamic range and improves the quality snapshot of the GH2 with same sensor, similar video quality to the GH2 (I hope Vitaliy can hack it) and good price.

    Now the GX7 seems a superb camera, I hope the price not be excessive.

    • admin

      Thanks Vendetta for your mail :)

  • MZ

    Sounds great, I have a GX1 and love it, if this is the seemingly sensible update that is suggested it will be a fabulous camera. And hopefully this is a precursor to the GH5, which should feature this new sensor (or better if they have it in the pipeline), IBIS and focus peaking from the G6. If it is, the combination of a GX7 and a GH5 would be the basis of an awsome two-body system along with the new lenses that are on the horizon. :)

  • Freddy

    Sold omd yesterday, looking forward to this one.

  • tomas

    2 axis ibis ?…so something like epl at oly? … Built in evf is what make this camera extra!

    • “2 axis ibis ?…so something like epl at oly?”

      Newer E-PL IBIS is compensating 3 stops, that’s nothing to be disappointed about…

  • Yun

    Hmm… Finally .
    Everything ( 2 axis , Intergrated VF & … ) appear desirable except the mysterious unknow sensor need to further tip off to reveal .
    Some might satisfy with a sensor on par with OMD & some expect more than that .
    Let’s wait & see .

    • true homer

      And by some you mean you and only you

      • Anonymous

        Well, not only Yun. Me too and some others if you read the comments.

        • true homer

          Yun is waiting for 13 stops of dr and 2 stops more of noise control over the omd. Im pretty sure no one else is that naive

  • ano

    What would be occasions when you need to tilt an EVF? Just curious.

    • Macro shots. Low-perspective landscapes. Street shots, to make it seem like you are looking at something else. Portraits/fashion shots, so you are not distracted by anything outside the FOV.

      Any time Hassy, Rolleiflex, and Mamiya 67 shooters would have preferred waist-level rather than prism.

      • stickytape

        In each of these cases, the tilt screen would be more convenient to use. In fact, the tilt screen is more akin to the waist level viewfinder of old than the tilting viewfinder will ever be.


          Tiltable VF gives you one more point of stability than two of a tiltable screen.

        • think so too, i would use the tilting lcd anytime over a tilting evf.(I never used the tilting function of the VF-2 when I still had the EP2, only irritated when it moved itself in tilting position whenever i pressed my face too hard against it)

        • AMVR

          Not if you’re under bright sunlight, tilt-LCD can only get you so far. And as ¨DON’T KNOCK IT ‘TILL YOU TRY IT¨ said, you get extra stability whereas with the LCD you’re at arms lenght or thereabout. I use the tilting feature of my VF-2 all the time, having this feature in a built-in EVF is priceless, not only you don’t have to carry or pay for an accessory but you also don’t loose the ONLY feature that makes such accessory evf worthwhile. This is the death of detachable EVFs, at least I hope so.

          • I need reading glasses and don’t like to wear them while shooting so being able to use the viewfinder is a must and tiltable is just that much better.

            • SO??

              I wear prescription glasses… It still doesn’t stop me.

      • Mark

        How about when you’re tripod mounted?
        Yeah a tilt LCD is good, but in bright light a tilt evf would be great. Particularly if the new GX has the touch pad AF feature allowing you to use the touch screen for setting a focus point while using the VF.

    • “What would be occasions when you need to tilt an EVF? Just curious.”

      It allows you to look at both scene and EVF without moving the camera, only by moving your head. The difference to the tiltable LCD is the distance you keep the camera from your eyes.

      Plus it allows to keep some distance between your face and the camera when looking through the EVF.

      On older mid/high end camcoders it was pretty common – and very useful – feature.

    • michael

      I was taking pics at Niagara Falls recently, and again at the beach. In both cases all I could do was point the camera in the general direction of my subject, take lots and lots of pics, and hope for the best — the screen of my E-PL2 was absolutely invisible.

  • safaridon

    Great News! This rumor is not clear: is GX7 coming in August, or just announced in late August/early Sept, or when available? Also very good the rumored specs have been confirmed!

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about it having only 2 axis IBIS which will help with legacy lenses as Pany already has 2 axis OIS in most zoom lenses which reportedly is better than 2 axis in all Pens (the view on EVF is stabilized and not just when snapping the picture) but EP5. Pany also has a 5 axis IS system in use in a video cam already using 2 axis IS plus electronic simulation more axis for video?

    If the EVF will be 2.3MP as rumored then very likely is the new EPSON compact 0.48″ EVF module which is 2X the resolution of the existing one in the EM5 but will be matched in the EM6PRO?

    If the head on patent sketches are correct proportion H/W scale than the GX7 will be similar size as the GX1 about 2.8″H x 4.9″W using this EVF and likely use the same 3″ 3:2 high resolution tilting touch LCD as the GF6.

    If 1/8000 speed maybe also a new and quieter shutter. What not to like?

    I find it hard to believe that some are already complaining if the GX7 will be the same initial $999 price as the EP5 without the add-on EVF? However this may mean the remaining GX1s will probably fly off the shelves.

  • I’m excited. I’ve almost completely let go of the full-frame mirrorless concept now, and this camera might just do it for me. Still waiting for price info and any hint as to the sensor performance.

    I’ve never actually bought a brand-new, unused camera body. I might even buy it pre-order! :-)

    • With Canon 6D selling for $1,499 now, Panasonic, Olympus, and Sony all have to really rethink their pricing strategy.

      • true homer

        Not really, once you throw a couple of primes and zooms in there youre well over twice what youd spend in m43

        • safaridon

          Good point as you only get the full advantage of a larger sensor or
          FF if you buy and use higher quality primes or zooms than the standard kit lens. Most lens tests I have seen seem to verify that the smaller m4/3 kit lenses tend to deliver better IQ especially wide open than their larger sensor counterparts. This is because they are less difficult to design a high quality for a smaller sensor size and less lens cost of materials outside of R&D and quantity volume considerations.

          • Bollox

            Yeah, dream on…

            • true homer

              Go read a review. Full frame lenses are indeed softer at the corners. My omd prime stuff is consistently sharper than my 1dmk4 prime stuff. Theres just some people who cant accept something like that.

        • churchtrf

          there are many inexpensive lenses for the cheaper FF Canon 6D and Nikon D600 we need to spend a 1000 bucks on the voightlander 25mm F0.95 to approach the DOF of a 50mmF1.8 . The 25 mm F1.4 gives the same DOF as an F2.8 50mm on FF , it still costs way more the canon 50mm F1.8 outperforms the 25 mm at


  • Carl G

    I think its time for Panasonic to show a true improvement in their sensor this time around. The drawing looks nice as far as form factor, so is the G6. In a highly competitive and retracting market every advantage counts, another 16mp Pana sensor won’t drive enough sales.

    • FransGHE

      I think its time for Panasonic to show a true improvement in their sensor this time around”

      Olympus used the 12mp sensor in every camera from the E-30 to the E-M5 including the $1700 E-5 meantime Panasonic had the 12mp in its low end bodies with a few superior options in other models including the GH1 GH2.The real difference between the E-M5 and GH2 is less than one stop perhaps the question should be why didn’t we get a new sensor or weather sealed body or built in EVF on the $999 E-P5? Olympus has used exactly two sensors since 2008,the E-M5 cannot even match the previous gen APS D5100 K5 etc let alone the current.There are a lot of issues I would want solved before a new sensor , how about genuine improvements in C-AF and tracking , much better EVF performance they still lack in low light or for fast moving targets , which I suppose doesn’t matter as we cant get them in focus anyway.

      While Panasonic are improving sensors maybe Olympus wioll give us decent video or god forbid good ergonomics

      • Anonymous

        The sensor history you mentioned showed exactly this: Olympus used the best sensor they can buy for ALL their current camera models. That is a good thing and better than what Panasonic is doing.

        • NO, IT’S NOT

          Don’t you think Olympus has access to better sensors from Panasonic? They did, they just refused to use them to save cash.
          When the fan base started complaining is only when they started to improve and pay for better sensors, at the cost of also raising the price.
          Panasonic is trying to prove in sensors, whe Olympus still sticks with buying sensors. Don’t be surprised if Olympus sticks with the EM5 sensor in their cameras for another couple of years.

          • Anonymous

            A good question “Don’t you think Olympus has access to better sensors from Panasonic?”. I also wonder if Olympus had access to a better sensor from Panasonic, after all if Panasonic did have a better sensor to ‘offer’ them, why wouldn’t they supply it, perhaps it might be something to do with Olympus generally outperforming Panasonic, not bad with an inferior sensor. I also ask the question, If Panasonic were prepared to provide a better sensor, why would Olympus take their business to Sony and not bother with Panasonics new sensors? Makes you wonder if Olympus were fed up with getting second best from Panasonic.

            • JBL

              Oly join sony is not only cast of sensor,
              wait to 2 Generation sony sensor to Oly that it is proofs

              when sony develop new-advance sensor success ,On time no NEX line want to release
              and Oly want this sensor ,may sony give this sensor? !!!,
              You will think in real-world/real-time ,the true they are still enemy in MRL market

              it is business he he he ;)

          • Anonymous

            “Don’t you think Olympus has access to better sensors from Panasonic? They did, they just refused to use them to save cash.”
            That is not true. That is why Olympus has turned to Sony for a solution.

        • > Olympus used the best sensor they can buy

          There seems to be a disagreement about whether this is true or not. Still, I appreciate that Olympus uses their current “top” sensor on all their current bodies, differentiating their lines by body features rather than sensor performance. I don’t think I’d want them to change this practice. It saves money for them, and it also makes the consumers’ choice easier.

          More importantly, like Nikon, Oly seem to squeeze good image quality out of the sensors they got, which is probably more important.

          Besides, very few of us really need a better sensor than the current Oly models or the GH3? I don’t remember people clamoring for better film in the “old days”.

      • laborn james

        You know nothing about em5 and ep5. Get out of here! Blaberring without knowing a single thing. Em5 wc is 1.5 year old uses a 16mp sensor that beats every apsc sensor until x-trans, double pixel cannons and new nikon sensor came out this year. Ep5 uses the same sensor and is not weather sealed. You know nothing!!!

  • Anonymous

    The price will be $200 too much.

  • John

    Looks like a winner to me and will be a home run if it has a multi-aspect sensor (though I suspect it won’t). I currently have a GH-2 that I use primarily for video and would grab the GX7 for my main compact camera system body.

    Let’s hope that Pany does a good job with this body – sensor, controls, IBIS, viewfinder, manufacturing quality, etc. and charges a reasonable price (you know if won’t be cheap!)

  • Matt

    Let’s hope Panasonic has learnt its lessons. Compromise on anything, but not on sensor or IQ. All the newest bells and whistles are not going to save a camera with uncompetitive IQ.

    • Bartellio

      If your only interest was image quality then you can save a load of cash and opt for one of the last gen APS models from Nikon / Pentax / Sony those using the 16mp sensor like the sub £300 D5100

  • Milt

    Am very much looking forward to this new camera. It is what I have been hoping for since buying my GF1. About six weeks to launch. Will they sell kits or just the body?

    • Anonymous

      There will definitely be kits. On one of the first rumors, admin hinted at a special bundle kit.
      Hope this means new lenses, preferably primes in the classic focal lengths :-)

      About time, Pana released their own versions and not depend on the Oly lineup…

  • Alan

    The only things we don’t know are how good the stabilization is and if it has focus peaking out not

  • JBL

    who can tell me,where is power(on/off) button?

    i see only power zoom control(i guess) :|

    • kiki

      the switch on/off is like on gx1. i think no powerzoom contrôle like gf6.

  • Anonymous

    The price ? …….or buy fuji fuji beats m43 by far


      As much as I love the handling and interface of the Panasonic cameras, the price will be key. If its around the same price, or more than a EX-1, then I’m jumping ship. I would prefer the dials and aperture ring of the Fuji’s anyways.

      I honestly wish there was a partnership with Fuji/Panasonic, and not just sensor tech. Panasonic had aperture rings on its lenses on its FT lenses, I wish they brought that feature back.

  • The G

    My gosh people whinge a lot here. Blah blah smaller sensor, blah blah less DOF, blah blah this one is smaller though, blah blah but I want Olympus, blah blah no YOU’RE the fanboy yada yada. If you want a DSLR, use that. If you want an m4/3, use that. Me, I have both and I love both. There’s pros and cons to both as well. I have a GF1 which has supposedly the worst m4/3 sensor and I get great pictures and it’s easy to carry. I just don’t get all this posturing and slating of other cameras and other users. It’s BOOOORING.

    • kiki

      i agree, i have 3 GF1 and nothing else :D

  • AB

    Regarding the size, can anyone tell if the GX7 is going to be larger or smaller than the OMD?

    • Narretz

      Approx. size of E-M5 without hump.

      • Unfortunately the jutting out EVF and flip out LCD will get stuck into pockets, just like the hump. Crowded buttons near the thumb rest not v. ergonomic either.

        Unless it has an extraordinary sensor and Jpeg engine I predict it won’t be a E-M5 killer, except for anonymous Panny fanboyz, who had never anything to show in the first place :)

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