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(FT4) Price of the GX7 a little bit above $1,000


This is how the GX7 is likely going to look (Courtesy Dicahub).

It’s not a secret anymore that in late August Panasonic will announce the new GX7 with 18MP sensors, built-in titlable viewfinder and on sensor stabilization. And many here on 43rumors are excited to see the new cameras. But the camera will not be cheap. A trusted sources informed me that the price will be a little bit above $1,000 (or 1000 Euro). And that for the body only! There will be also a kit version with the zoom lens or with the new 20mm pancake.

The question is….

will you consider to buy it if priced a little bit above $1000-1000 Euro?

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Andy

    I’d definitely consider buying this camera, but only if it could match the performance of the ep-5 and had the benefit of a built in viewfinder.

    If it used the IBIS system from the e-p5, same or better sensor, similar AF performance, 1M+ dot screen, 2M+ dot evf etc. I’d buy it for sure.

    • stickytape

      Well, it’s pretty obvious that it has a built-in viewfinder so that’s half your checklist ticked lol

  • Dan Nolan

    I will, half years later, don’t mind to keep my GF1 for another half year, or one, or two…

  • rrr_hhh


    Unless it has the same sensor as the E-M5 or a better one, I’m not interested. An E-P5 with integrated VF4 would be very tempting..

    • Milt

      Yes the sensor is still the wild card. It is claimed to be a “new” one but don’t know what that means.

  • AMVR

    I seem to remember one of the highlighted advantages of M4/3 when it was first announced was the reduced manufacturing costs vs DSLRs, precisely because of the lack of mirror, prism and AF sensor, and don’t give me the ¨economies of scale¨ bs argument, Oly I can understand to an extent but Panasonic is as much a manufacturing giant as Sony. This much marketed advantage applied to lenses as well, less glass element = cheaper lenses at comparable quality. M4/3 paid its R&D cost a LOOONG time ago so where those this premium prices come from ? You’re gonna give me the ¨you pay for the price¨ BS, right ? So why does Sony or other manufacturers compared to Pany and Oly afford to price their system so competitively ? Now you’re gonna give me a list of lens and body prices that compare favorably to other systems, right ? then how could they manufacture a lens such as the 20mm 1.7 for such a price in the beginning and not now ? (I’m not talking about software correction and lens design, this is pure marketing)

    Let’s be honest, little by little PanOly have been increasing the MSRP of their m4/3 products, some may be justified, others -a lot- are not, they began the mirrorless crusade all by themselves in a humble manner but got greedy from the years without competition. When Sony first entered the market people were relieved that competition would bring lower prices to consumers but that has hardly been the case, as portrayed by the E-P5 and this GX7 Pany and Oly don’t give a FCUK about competition, it’s like the Nex 6 and the Fuji aren’t even there.

    I know this sounds like a rant by some cheap bstard but trust me, I’m way more worried about this system isolating itself out of the market into an even smaller niche and disappearing (like legacy 4/3) than I’m about my wallet. I can cope with current prices (if the products are worth it) but when you see equivalent systems being sold for less and m4/3 going for almost double with no apparent reason then it gets me worried big time. It’s like Oly and Sony new partnership included some prearrangement to set their market shares beforehand, as in, Sony only agreed to save Oly if they agreed to renounce part of the market and recluse themselves into a safe 15% or so market share from now on. It’s sounds paranoid, and it is, but the way they’re pricing their stuff lately (12mm, 17mm, 12-50, E-P5,OMD, etc) that’s the road they’re paving. If they really wanted to fight Sony and Fuji for this market they would go full force with marketing internationally and price their stuff competitively or at least comparably (to DSLRs). I know, that costs LOADS of money and the market is down, well OF COURSE it’s down ! because NO ONE knows the advantages of mirrorless, and m4/3 even less…It doesn’t matter how much marketing cost, of they can capture any % of DSLR market back then it’s worth it.

    Marketing, marketing, marketing…that’s the only way into mirrorless dominance and profits, no matter how much it costs.

    • AMVR


      If M4/3 doesn’t reduce it’s prices and start eroding more of that DSLR market this system will become irrelevant in a few years. M4/3 needs to become a mass market system, THE mirrorless system of the masses, like 135mm film became the standard decades ago. It needs to offer options for both casual amateurs and pro/semipro photographers. Going up is a good thing, it’s what we asked for years but they need to conquer that mass market first. Sony, Canon and Nikon are eating away those sales and M4/3 reacts by increasing their MSRP ? seriously, wth.

      .where those *these premium prices come from ?
      .Also, I meant ¨you pay for the size¨ not price

  • Alan

    3 options in the vote, but aren’t 2 of them the same? You are asking would we consider buying, yes or no.

  • Anonymous

    Make the whole camera stealth black, none of this black with chrome trim business…

  • Florin

    Panasonic has 5-axis IBIS for some compact cameras.Why Panasonic does not give us 5-axis OIS for mFT cameras too?

  • As a professional Nikon user I look to my GX1 as a consumer carry around camera. If they are going to offer the new GX7 at 1000 euros it needs to be a professional camera – which it isn’t. If I am going to spend that sort of money I would probably spend a bit extra and get a Nikon body.
    Sorry Panasonic, but I don’t the GX7 as a professional camera, so please don’t give a professional price

    • @paul

      There are a lot of more affordable m4/3 bodies available to pick from, so if one model is outside your preferred price bracket, there is a very good chance on other models being inside it still. GFx models come to mind, as do the G6 and a host of Olympus PENs (only the E-P5 doesn’t qualify here with its $1000 body only price). The GFx models don’t have the features you need but the GX7 will? Thats why one is actually a consumer grade camera, and the other is a clear step above that level.

      Not to mention, I find your argument rather silly. A PRO Nikon body for $1000 isn’t. The best you’ll get is what is often referred to as an ‘advanced amateur’ level camera, such as the D7100. The D600 isn’t anywhere a ‘pro’ grade body either eventho the best street prices still put it at 50% higher, and that is the general picture you’ll get when looking at the high-end market. Hence, demanding a ‘pro’ grade body for $1000 from anyone, Panasonic included, seems rather silly. A body with some pro-grade features, but overall still an ‘advanced amateur’ level camera such as the E-M5 or D7100 for that price is however quite the norm.

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