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Panasonic says Android-powered cameras are in the works!


[shoplink 58774 ebay]androidPana[/shoplink]
The so far only Android powered Panasonic “camera” is the [shoplink 58774 ebay]Lumix CM1[/shoplink]

StuffTV reports:

At a round table session at Panasonic Benelux, Panasonic’s Michiharu Uematsu told Stuff Netherlands that an Android-powered camera would be on the way “very soon”. “The interface from our cameras is sometimes experienced as too difficult,” Uematsu explained. “This will be solved quickly [with Android]. It’s an open OS and easy to use.”

I would be surprised to see Panasonic using Android on MFT cameras. So far the implementation we saw was made on the [shoplink 58774 ebay]Panasonic Lumix CM1[/shoplink]. What do you think about it?

Thanks Jan for finding and sharing this!

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