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Panasonic is considering adding phase detection AF on future cameras


Imaging Resource had a chat with Panasonic and here are a couple of take always:

  • Regarding the new L2 partnership with Leica:
    Until now it was a relationship in which each company provided each other’s technologies and both sides used what the other had. From now on, it will change to a form of collaboration in which we create new things together.
  • Imaging Business success:
    Our imaging business in fiscal year 2021 achieved double-digit growth and profitability. In particular, the GH6, which was introduced in the 4th quarter of FY2021, realizes picture creating with a sense of 3-dimensionality and depth different from other Micro Four Thirds cameras so far and it has a slow-motion movie ability that gives a feeling of floating while still maintaining high definition, with modes such as 4K120p, FHD240p, 300p, etc. It has been very positively evaluated by creators, and sales are good.
  • The creator market is enormous:
    The “creator” market is enormous, and an obvious area for Panasonic to focus on. I knew there were a *lot* of people making videos on YouTube, but had no idea of just how massive that market is until I looked up some stats while writing this article. I didn’t do any deep research, but the stats in this article blew my mind: ( Upwards of 50 million people consider themselves to be online creators), with 3.3 million of those viewing themselves as professionals. While the vast majority of YouTube’s 37.5 million channels don’t make enough money to reach the US poverty line of ~$12,000 annually, globally, 2 million creators earn six-figure incomes from their craft. Given all that, there are a lot of people looking for affordable cameras able to produce high quality video like Panasonic’s GH series.”
  • About PDAF:
    “It is a fact that PDAF is one of the elements to improve the AF performance of LUMIX for the future.However, PDAF alone does not improve AF performance, and factors other than PDAF are required to determine “which to focus on”. With PDAF as an AF detection system in mind, we will continue to make every effort to improve the total performance of AF. We are positively studying PDAF for future products. We know that PDAF will enhance the total AF quality, so that’s why we’re actively studying it. We haven’t decided yet though.”
  • An affordable lens for the S5 owners:
    And now, for the next model, we are developing a wide-angle zoom in the popular price range. With this lens, the system lineup centered on S5 will be completed.
  • Both the GH5 and GH6 are both selling well:
    Between the two, the GH6 is selling more than the GH5 Mark II. [This is probably] because when we announced the GH5 Mark II, we made a development announcement for the GH6 as well, so the customers could get the right product from the GH series. So some people wanted to wait for the GH6 to come.
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