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Panasonic interview at Dpreview: First 8K cameras will be launched AFTER the Olympics


Better late than never they say…Dpreview just published their Photokina interview with Panasonic. There is a lot of talk about the S1-S1R cameras and the highlights have been summarized and posted on our sister site

Here is the merely MFT related part:

Panasonic confirmed that they will never make APS-C L-mount cameras “We have our own Micro Four Thirds system and we think that [because of the greater difference in size between full-frame and M43] this is the best balance. We have no plans to develop APS-C products.

8K only after 2020.
This is a bit surprising: ” After the Olympics, we will create a new generation of 8K video cameras, which are currently in development.” So unlike previous statements we will not get 8K cameras in time for the Olympics.

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