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Panasonic GF5 officially announced!


This post will be continually updated! Keep reloading it from time to time  :)

key info and specs

“Newly developed” 12.1 megapixel Live MOS image sensor, Venus Engine VII HD2 processor, ISO 160-12,800, 0.09 second Auto Focus, 1080p Full HD video with stereo sound, available in black, white, red (and in Japan brown and gold too) from June for $749.99 (£579 or 699 Euro) with the 14-42mm X lens and $599 (£449) with the standard 14-42mm lens. The GF5 sensor technolgoy is based on the 16 Megapixel G3 sensor. The new processor can treat highlights and shadows noise differently…it’s called “3DNR” (three-dimensional noise reduction system).


GF5 is now available for preorder at Amazon (Click here). In detail:
Black GF5 with 14-42mm or 14-42mmX lens at Amazon (Click here and choose the lens).
White GF5 with 14-42mm or 14-42mmX lens at Amazon (Click here and choose the lens).
Red GF5 with 14-42mm or 14-42mmX lens at Amazon (Click here and choose the lens).
There is no body only option yet :(


Openpn (french)
Imaging Resource (including a video)

Image samples

ISO test by Openpn (Click and scroll down)
ISO test by Fotopolis
ePhotozine (Click and scroll down)


Actual Shooting Video on youtube.
Introduction Video on youtube.
preview and hands-on in dutch on youtube.
Test video on youtube.
Miniature Effect in Creative Control on youtube.

Press release

Amateur Photographer
Four Thirds User
Imaging Resource
Systemkameraforum and Photoscala (german)
Bestproduct (dutch)
Focus Numerique (french)
DSLRmagazine and Quesabesde (spanish)
Panasonic Japan and (japanese text)


Please wait and read carefully the previews and news before you vote and decide!

Do you like the new Panasonic GF5?

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  • Jay

    Does it do video at 24p? Manual controls for video? If yes, I’m getting one.

    • mpgxsvcd

      Nope. 1080p @ 30 FPS without manual controls.

      • dusty

        1080 60p/50p. check dpreview

        • D

          From dpreview:

          Resolutions 1920 x 1080 (60, 50 fps), 1280 x 720p (60, 30 fps), 640 x 480 (30 fps), 320 x 240 (30 fps)

          Happy to be wrong about this but I think it’s 1080i 60/50fps.

          • fgl42

            Yes, in the video she states 60i. My guess is it’s the same as Olympus- 30p in a 60i container. But unlike Olympus, which provides full manual control over video, this does not. Panasonic seems to want to save decent video capability for the GH series.

    • it doesn’t make sense to put manual controls for video in the entry-level GF5, Panny always reserves that for their higher-end GH series – although I would wish Panasonic could just let that go and do it just like Sony NEX cameras, full manual control in any camera. no manual controls for video was a major thing that made me not buy a G3.

      • Jay

        +1. This is what keeps me away from GF, GX, and G series. I have settled on NEX but I still love m43 lenses. Wish there was a compact m43 body with manual controls and choice between 24p/30p/60p for video.

        • Oly Sales Rep

          You’re in luck. Vitaly should have the G3 Hack (manual controls and higher bit rate) done soon.

          Once that hack is completed the G3 will instantly be the most cost efficient and versitile m4/3 camera to date.

          Someone please prove me otherwise. Might as well throw that out there because I’m sure some Oly fan(lady)boy will try anyways, while they wait for their EM5 pre-order. Should have it by end of summer so you can start strutting around with your uber cool looking retro camera. 5-axis IS…neat.

  • Alex

    what an ugly camera.. come on panasonic, what a joke

    • Sonny


    • Ernest.orf

      Yeap non funtional, to small, and i REALLY HOPE THE SCREEN WILL BECOME CAPACITIVE, if it still resistive !!!!
      ADMIN , any news of the XZ-2 or new lenses from olympus ??

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Capacitive hype shit doesn’t work well/at all in cold weather so that would be bad thing for camera probably heavily relying to touch screen.

        • Miroslav


          …or with any kind of gloves. Really hope it’s resistive.

        • True. People are making a big deal of capacitative over resistive when in fact its all about the quality of the GUI.

      • madmax

        Are you gonna take photos or stare at the CAPACITIVE screen all day?

      • Mad Olympus Lover

        If my understanding is correct, you can not use a capacitive touch-screen (like an iPhone) with gloves on. Resistive screens are much more versatile for those of us who live in colder climates and often shoot outdoors at temperatures where gloves are required. After using a resistive screen for a few months now, I find no issues with it’s responsiveness, it just takes some getting used to compared to an iPhone screen.

        If you own an Oly camera, you’re automatically a better photographer. That is a FACT.

    • Duke

      I wouldn’t be caught dead using this.

      • Geoff

        The ‘Boil’ looks far worse than any hump I’ve ever seen. It is a horrible looking tool.

    • safaridon

      Why all the Oly fanyboy hate comments? The GF3 outsells almost every Oly pen product around the world with exception of the US at present. Obviously after only 1 year, its popular small size with flash would be little changed. I don’t see any Oly Pen with 1080P HD video? If you had bothered to look at the pictures posted you would find very good high ISO performance as well.

    • MikeH

      What a worthless comment, what a joke.

    • westerneyes

      You are 100% right! What an ugly thing…

    • Miroslav

      “what an ugly camera.. come on panasonic, what a joke”

      Yeah, no hybrid VF – no buy.

  • The Master

    Hummm, 75% don’t like it. Sounds like Panasonic needs to find someone that has better sense of what their customers want. I bet if it only had a control wheel, the numbers would be drastically different.

    • MikeH

      The GF3 sells the doors off of most mirrorless cameras. This rumors site isn’t the target demographic.

      • Mr. Reeee

        The GF3/5 is a cute little camera for casual shooting with pancake and smaller lenses. The rounded edges make it easy to carry in a large pocket or small bag. The target buyer for this camera doesn’t care about the ability to add an EVF or lug around a clip-on flash.

        “Okay, everyone, Say Cheese! Oh wait, I left my flash at home!”

        The new sensor sounds interesting.

        It’s major flaw is the lack of the Panasonic Control Wheel from every other M4/3 camera. Still, I could see getting one (Body ONLY!!!), attaching my 20mm and never taking it off!

    • safaridon

      The current poll of 43rumors readers says 55% not 75%. In reality the GF5 does have a control wheel with the round controller on the back very similar to what most quality compact use so you can easily change shutter speed, aperture, etc. I think the GF5 with its apparent good new sensor with very good high ISO is made primarily for auto use.

      For those wanting more controls as most on this forum there is the GX1.

      • Pedro del Río

        Furthermore, the 43rumors poll does not represent a random sample of the potential camera buyer population and is therefore not representative of that population (no internet poll is ever representative of a target population). I guess that most potential buyers of cameras do not even know that 43rumors exist. To mean something, a poll must be performed using the right methodology, otherwise it is only for fun; nothing wrong with it, but one should avoid overinterpreting the results.

    • Digifan

      Well I like the GF for what it is.
      It’s not for me, since it won’t be of any use in my arena.
      But for starters in photography this is very nice, simple and yet has a lot to offer, small with 14mm or 14-42X.
      But for enthousiast en Pro’s that occupy these forums it isn’t that interresting.

  • Brian

    So is the auto-ISO 6400? If it is, then that’s a nice improvement with the new sensor. I’m feeling a bit too lazy to pull out my GF3, but I think the highest auto-ISO setting is 1600. An extra two stops is really nice to have because of the limited video controls on board the camera.

  • E-1

    I wonder how Pentax did the very very thin pancake for the K-01. I’d think Panasonic should do the same for the GF5.

    • Ernest.orf


    • bilgy_no1

      Pentax pancake could be so thin, only because the camera is so thick…

      • Digifan


      • E-1

        Could you explain why?

        • Pedro del Río

          Looking at pictures, it seems to me that a significant part of the lense is inside the camera body.

    • bonzo

      Distance between lens mount and sensor? Check how thick the pentax cam is…

      • Brod1er

        This is correct. Mft distance from sensor to flange is 20mm. Pentax is about 45mm I think. Ie the lens may be 1cm less thick than the mft pancakes, but the body is 2.5 cm thicker.

        • Brod1er

          This is the same reason why there are no fast high quality pancakes for NEX (and never will be imo). NEX has an even shorter distance to flange and has a larger sensor.

          • Miroslav

            Yes, the 16mm F2.8 is as small as they’ll ever get. Sony chose NEX flange distance to be able to make smaller wide lenses, while Pentax’s fd is more suitable for normal to portrait focal lengths. That’s why their thinnest pancake is 40mm.

            Pentax has exploited that quite well. I don’t know why Sony hasn’t made any more wides for NEX. They could make small(ish) 14mm F2 easily.

        • madmax

          Wrong! The lens works on any Pentax, not only mirrorless. Have you accounted for the mirror space?

    • JF

      Pentax pancakes are not exceptionnal in terms of IQ, I prefer a little more thick and better IQ

      • Raist

        Depends which pancake you are talking about. Some are.

      • Response to a Clown

        Ridiculous comment. You have obviously never used any “limited” Pentax lenses. Their IQ is better than anything m4/3 has to offer (and I’m not a Pentax fan and own and enjoy m4/3 lenses).

    • Pentax pancake is so relatively thin (actually it is not so thin) because the body is so thick. Effectively, half of the lens sits inside the camera.

  • Fish

    Any lens announcement?

  • Agrivar

    If you look at the Japan domestic market, the GF3 outsells almost all other m4/3 cameras except for the GX1 and E-PL2. It’s at #10 for the week 26 March – 1 Apr 2012.

    So while some enthusiasts from Europe and the US dont like the design and form factor, the reality is that it outsells all the nexes and even the Oly EM1 and EPL3, EP3 !

  • Mumbly

    Looks like this camera doesn’t feature wireless TTL flash control too… If this is really the case, I can’t believe how stupidly stubborn Panasonic can be! They now had for MANY camera generations the time to finally implement this important feature – and they still haven’t done it. This may be a semipro-oriented feature on an amateur camera, but it is IMO as more important as this camera doesn’t have a hotshoe!!!

    • I am new to cameras that change lenses, I am about to buy my first one.

      Please what is TTL flash control and why do I need it on my first camera.

      And if its not on the earlier version, why does it sell so well? Are you trying to confuse me?

      • rrr_hhh

        TTL flash controll means “through the lens”, it means that there will be a preflash at lower power (you won’t notice it almost) and the camera meter will use that to compute the correct flashpower and exposure. To make it short : it will be full auto. That is what most cameras uses nowadays. When it comes to flash, Olympus has a better reputation than Panasonic, allowing remote flash shooting, but I don’t think this matters with that type of bodies.

        • brudy

          I think you guys missed the joke.

      • Geoff

        Before asking about TTL control, your first consideration in my mind is what do you want the camera for, is to be primarily a stills tool or video tool. Once you have decided that then you can consider the requirements you need; to an extent the make Oly or Panny, a reasonable plan would be Oly for stills Panny for video.

  • street

    Small and better performance over the gf3, those are all my needs righ now. Lets see the IQ…

    • Mumbly

      Wireless TTL flash control allows you to use one or more powerful flash units set up in a room or elsewhere – without having to calculate the appropriate exposure! One can stay in auto mode and set up a little studio respectively illuminate the subject from different angles; one doesn’t need special knowledge about flash exposure as the camera does all the appropriate settings. So wireless TTL flash control is in fact rather an amateur feature which would match a beginners camera like the GF5.

      • Why would I want to do that? It all sounds to expensive for me. I only want to get the idea of taking pictures and trying a different lens when I can afford one.
        What you describe is way beyond what I want. Maybe when I get a bit of experience I may try something like that. I am getting very confused.

      • Digifan

        Why would you want to do that with a GF3/5 type of camera.
        Right tool for the job I would say. If I have a studio gig I sure wouldn’t want to use the GFx. Most certainly I would want to work tethered to a computer etc. etc. So many camera’s will fall short of what you need and certainly the GFx. And even if you don’t need tethering in a studio you need things a GFx doesn’t offer.
        So what’s your point?

      • Mr. Reeee

        :-) Very funny!

        > he was using sarcasm, people <

    • Mumbly

      Just in case you need some extra flash power?!? Remember that the built-in flash is very weak (GN6). And just because you don’t need it now doesn’t mean that you won’t eventually need it in the future. Or do you want to buy a new camera every time your requirements grow…???

      • Digifan

        I have seldomly put a flash on my E-P1. And according to many this camera is no good for anything, slow AF horrible high ISO noise etc.etc. ;-)
        Well I use it professionally as well and haven’t had any complaints. You work within the limits of a camera.
        If I understand it well, the GF5 has improved sensor and engine and thus should do much better than my E-P1, using the flash as fill in is more than sufficient for the users who will buy this. If you use a lens that will cast a shadow, just crank up the ISO forget the flash.

  • Jack

    So it’s the GF3 sensor, dpreview confirmed, but couldn’t blame them. They need product differentiation.

    • DPreview hasn’t confirmed anything abot the sensor. Panasonic says as clear as it’s possible on official website that the sensor is NEW, and the simulated image is identical to the one found near the G3 sensor.

  • Without a proper viewfinder, it’s a toy, to my thinking.
    I shall go walking with my E-PL1 for a time yet, it seems.
    Maybe I’ll get the new Olympus, but I wish it didn’t look like an SLR.

    • Geoff

      In that case get the E-P3…….. but for my thought there is nothing wrong with the E-M5, I think it looks beautiful like a real camera.


    Prior to the posts on the suitability, availability, colour, sensor, lens and usual great v rubbish discussion and, dare I say, arguments.


    This is a must visit site and it gives great insight and shows a vast depth of understanding.

  • I don’t get people here thinking and judging the camera like it’s for them. Ok, some may buy this camera, but I seriously doubt that the market for this cameras check rumors blog at all, so let’s look at this camera as it is, not something else.

    This a continuation of the GF3, with better grip, an extra button* and possibly a new sensor, which would be a major improvement by itself, so I hope there is some improvement on IQ. Notice that the ISO starts @ISO100 now.

    *the buttons are metal, just like the GX1.

    From what I see, it IS an improvement over the GF3. I wonder if the G5 will have this same sensor, because unless you give the G5 manual controls over video or something, it will be quite pointless to launch it with the same insides of the G3, right? After the GX1 I wanted to know what Panny is going to do for the G5. Better LCD and EVF? New Engine?

    • from what I read, DPreview guys are quite skeptical about the “new” sensor, but they emphasized the new 920k LCD and the new menus.

    • Geoff

      +1, exactly right, this is not aimed at those who check out the review sites either, it is aimed fairly and squarely at those point and shooters who want to make a video clip of thier kids.

      • Digifan

        And what does DPReview know, the nitwits/snobs. Have they taken apart the camera?
        I think it stupid to say it’s the same sensor as a previous camera, when Panasonic clearly says it’s not.
        They (dpreview) should prove it by disecting the cameras and play CSI with the chips’ “DNA”.
        If they can’t prove it they should refrain from such bold statements and just show their test results.

    • Pedro del Río

      “I don’t get people here thinking and judging the camera like it’s for them. Ok, some may buy this camera, but I seriously doubt that the market for this cameras check rumors blog at all, so let’s look at this camera as it is, not something else.”

      Exactly. As I mentionned above, some people do not seem to realize that 43rumors does not represent the potential camera buyers population. This forum, as any other forum, is highly biased because it only represents people who (1) know the existence of the forum itself, (2) know English at least well enough as to write a text (a minority of the world’s population), (3) are willing or have time to write in the forum.

      • Pedro del Río

        I forgot a 4th point. People who contribute to 43rumors also have, in the average, a higher photography competence and therefore different needs, than the average camera buyers population.

        • safaridon

          Really? I seriously doubt that assertion of a higher photographic competence given the fact how many on this forum can only comment on how ugly or stupid a camera is!

  • People following 43Rumors are likely to spend more money and be more picky than the average camera buyer. Hence, the cheapest model in the (Panasonic) range will not get many votes here. The big audience might think different though…

  • Anonymous

    looks nice and will get the price of gf3 further down.

    I’d like to see E-PM2 as small as this with an on board flash. I just like Oly’s white balance and colors better, as a Jove shooter. well my judgement comes from a G1, but even the latest samples front G3 and gX1 have wrong color casts to my eye.

  • Reza

    looks nice and will get the price of gf3 further down.

    I’d like to see an E-PM2 as small as this with an on board flash. I just like Oly’s white balance and colors better, as a Jpeg shooter. Well my judgement comes from a G1, but even the latest samples from G3 and gX1 have wrong color casts to my eye.

  • awaler

    Big discussion about a small handgrip improvement and a display button.

    Ah well, there might be some improvement in IQ.

    Let me see …

  • I love my GF3 as my carry-with camera when I don’t want to take the GH2. I don’t see anything here that would make me feel the need to upgrade the GF3, to be honest, but you should not dismiss the GF3 OR GF5 out of hand. These cameras are snappy performers and a a whole lot of fun to use, and are especially useful in situations where you don’t want to make a “big camera” entrance….Sure, they do not have an EVF option, but their LCD’s are bright enough to see outside, and the IQ is quite good. I also think the GF3’s jpg color balance is by far the best of any of their cameras so far (and I have used/compared it to the G2, G3, GX1, and GH2, also)….hopefully they won’t go backwards from that on the GF5…

    I am most curious, though, to see what tweaks Panasonic has done to the 12MP sensor this time around though. Every generation of it has been improving, so even though it is old architecture, they seem to keep being able to modify it to perform better. Maybe they took some of the modifications that Oly made and incorporated them….We’ll have to wait for test images to see, though.

  • pdc

    As usual, some quite pathetic and ignorant comments here.
    To see the specs, sample photos and video go to

  • Ben

    newly developed 12M sensor that can do 12800 ISO?
    so it is the 3rd generation sensor?!?

  • D

    I like the dark red version from the Japanese website (the top part and the rubber grip are both black) but not the red version on dpreview.

    I might pick one up once the price drops (or wait for people to start selling their GF3s at low prices).

  • GH1 Owner

    To Panasonic: Another camera I will not be buying… come on! Release a better camera Panasonic! The camera is not targeted to people like myself but the upgrade from GF3 is minor. There is no need to release a new GF camera. Pointless, I say! Why why why!!!

    • Jorginho

      You are not the target audience and it is impossible to make a cam that fits all audiences.

  • Matt

    I genuinely would be so much more into this camera if it wasn’t the hunchback GF3 design. GF2 and GF1 looked much better. GF3 and GF5 just make any lens other than pancakes look HUUUGE.

    • safaridon

      Well that hunchback compact design enables the GF3/5 keep the rest of the body as small as possible while including a useful built in flash. The NEX3/5 avoided the hump by letting the lens mount project above and below the camera body and yes no flash. If you look what the competitive models look like with their addon flashes you would be less concerned about the GF5’s little hump.

  • Jesper

    What’s up with the people of this community? You guys used to bash Panasonic for not having a clear segmentation of their cameras. While they are now clearer than ever you guys still bashing the cameras for not having some function that cleary belongs to the more high-end model.

    You have to judge the product within its product range, so stop complaining about GF5 not having EVF, manual video control. Think about it, what would happend to the product segmentation when GF, GX, G and GH all had the same sensor, evf, swivel screen, mode dial, hotshoe? YES they will be exactly the same camera!

    • You are totally right, this puts some of the other comments into perspective.

    • Mr. Reeee

      All Panasonic cameras lack one significant feature that would make the haters, nay-sayers and skeptics STFU and go away…

      An “OLYMPUS” logo.


  • I actually think it’s a nice little camera. And I dig the design.
    Not for me… so much be certain (pre-ordered an E-M5), but be this as it may.
    The things I am missing are a few more buttons and the hot-shoe. But then again…if we take the GF5 and add these things… we prtty much end up with an GX1. So these omissions might not be really relevant.

    I believe it’s a great way to go from P&S cameras towards the DSLR-like mirrorless cameras without adding too much bulk and overtly complicated operation. If then you realize it IS your cup of tea, you can happily invest in some new lenses and get manual control. I mean… it’s not like PASM modes were not available.

    And quality wise… it sure is an upgrade from your P&S which is good… and don’t forget… it sure beats the crap out of entry level DSLRs of years past, like a Nikon D60 or something the like. And like one or two years ago… these were still more than enough for most people entering the DSLR market.

    So bottomline:

    A nice little camera for the right demographic. While it may not be suitable for most folks on this here website it’s still more than enough for ‘the rest of us’. Two thumbs up!

  • fgl42

    I’m stunned they are still using these 12 mp sensors. Why? They suck. I know they say it’s been tweaked or whatever but come on. This is likely to have the same image quality as the GF3.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      GF-serie is also Panasonic’s cheapest and without mechanics and optics of SLR’s mirror chamber&OVF sensor is possibly the most expensive individual part.
      And the more pixels you have in sensor the more complex it is to manufacture increasing its cost.

      And if it’s based to G3/GX1 sensor’s circuitry design combined to bigger photosites then it should actually have superior SNR.

    • Digifan

      It’s a new sensor, so how do you know it sucks?

  • kelsey

    YAWN!!! another boring Panasonic camera that nobody cares about. NEXT

    • leendert

      Stupid comment.
      Perhaps its not a good camera for your purpouse.
      But the GF3 sells well!

    • I have learned, when I post such comments, to read and reread them twice carefully, check the spelling and whatnot – and then, before pressing submit button, CLOSE the BROWSER. Because nobody really cares for this types of comments. And they add nothing to the discussion.

      IMO small camera like GF5, equipped with a decent sensor, is quite a potent tool. Especially for candies. ;-)

  • Taomeister

    I’m VERY disappointed it’s not available as a kit with the 14mm f2.5 prime despite showing pictures with that pancake. If it was sold as that kit it would be a perfect companion to my GH2.

    • Jroginho

      +1. I also wonder if this is the same sensor, is it a better one. can we see some high ISO pics somehwere 9RAW!). We’ll have to wait.

  • „Most significantly, the Panasonic GF5 has a new image sensor and processor combo. Sensor resolution is unchanged at twelve megapixels, but the GF5’s imager has lower-profile, better-positioned circuitry that should contribute to improved noise performance. The new image processor also plays a part, adding a Multi-stage Noise Reduction function.“

    Any other questions?

    • Jroginho

      And it is constructed in such a way that more light falls onto the sensor I read, depending on how much that can be significant.

      • Its only significant if you take photos. Seeing as that’s how a digital camera works.

    • safaridon

      Good points. Pany says the GF5 new sensor & processing has about 40% less noise than the one in the GF3 and since the GX1 was 30% improvement over the GF2 so may even be an improvement on the GX1. Pany’s description of the new sensor capabilities seems to indicate it is based more on the design of GX1 sensor only larger pixels. The first review of the GF5 posted on this 43rumors with lower resolution pictures indicating very good high ISO performance.

      I am surprised about DPR’s comment that sensor is probably just the old 12 mp sensor when they should have already had Panys description in hand? If anything this new sensor as others have noted in DPR will likely be the one used in Olys next generation of Pens and have IQ characteristics very similar to that of the E-M5 only less resolution. Note the new GF5 does 120 fps AF to match that of E-M5. I expect the G5 sensor will be the same as that in the E-M5 ie a tweaked GX1 one.

  • Maczon

    Luckily screen is resistive. It can be used with gloves on \o/
    I hate to use mobile phones at winter.

  • ljmac

    How many of those 12MP sensors did Panny make? Oly’s only just broken free of them (and may continue to use them in low end models), and Panny themselves are still using it! I would have thought that economics of scale would have made it cheaper to use the 16MP sensor across the range – the fact that they aren’t suggests they have a lot of those old 12MP sensors sitting in storage.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > would have thought that economics of scale would have made it cheaper to use the 16MP sensor across the range
      That’s hard to know without precise information about sensor manufacturing.
      Higher MP count means more components (transistors etc.) in sensor so it’s more complex to manufacture (higher chance for faulty sensors) despite of silicon die size being same.

    • Digifan

      @Huh. Why does everybody say it’s the same 12MP sensor.
      Panasonic says it’s not and they even explain.

      Is it due to the bold DPReview statement?

      Why would they (dpreview) be more credible?

  • pete

    although not for me it will be interesting to see what the high iso performance is like. If the sensor really is new and 12mp it should outperform the 16mp cameras? or course it depends if this is a new sensor olympus’s definition of new!

    I do love the hate from some people though the gf5 is what it is, a simple way of taking pictures. It won’t be for everyone but it’ll be ideal for some.

  • Titanium

    No WiFi control via Android app. No global shutter , no tiltable screen, …

    • Geoff

      What do you want from an entry level model, if you put the goodies into the entry level no one buys the flagship.

  • leendert

    It looks like a good update!
    New sensor, new 920K LCD, metal buttons…
    Good little camera with the Panasonic pancake lenses!
    Well done Panasonic!

    • +1

    • > Good little camera with the Panasonic pancake lenses!

      Indeed. But I’ll wait for the reviews.

      The G1X and X10 and Nikon 1 have warmed me up for a small, social-occasion type of camera. I really want to see what one can get out of the little beasts. And out of all of them the GF5 seems to be the least intimidating one. And also the cheapest one. If the sensor is really G3/GX1 based, I easily see myself picking one up.

  • Cheese knuckle

    Haha what a joke

  • Miroslav

    (Still) no focus peaking or stitching modes :(.
    I wouldn’t buy this even if it had them, but I was hoping it’ll introduce some things that would appear in higher end models later…

    Apart from that, if the sensor is indeed better than the old one, that, together with better grip and new LCD are nice upgrades.

    Oh, and the price with the X lens is too high – it should become the norm on small Panasonic cameras, not the 150 USD option.

    • Miroslav

      Possibly the best P&S upgrader’s camera there is. If you compare it to NEX-C3, E-PM1, NX200 and J1, you’d probably find something in each of those that Panasonic lacks ( C3 tilt screen, PM1 IBIS, J1 body size, … ), but the size with 14-42 X and internal flash make it the one I’d recommend to a novice that wants better image quality than his/her P&S.

  • Vivek

    Looking forward to GF-7. ;)

  • Bob

    Why did they not make a GF4? Anyway…GF3 is a great little camera for the price point. Slightly disappointing that they leave the hotshoe off on the GF3, but at the moment in the UK it’s at a very cheap price if you buy as a kit with the additional 14mm lens. It works out as being cheaper than some higher end point and shoot models which is fantastic getting the m43rds quality for a good price.
    GF5 however…I can’t see the need for it and it seems a big waste of time and money. GF3 sells fine and GF5 adds nothing of any interest to the target market GF3 is already aimed at. All it will do is provide consumers with an even easier choice…buy the GF3 as the price gets even lower. GF5 will not be worth any extra cash.
    Ultimately it is disappointing to keep seeing manufacturers like Panasonic bring out new bodies with no integrated electronic viewfinder.
    There is still a HUGE potential market for an affordable, compact, m43rds camera with integrated EVF. The first manufacturer to crack this is likely to make a lot of sales with it. I cannot understand why they shy away from creating it.

  • Vivek

    The GF-5 has these scene settings to offer:

    Clear Portrait
    Silky Skin
    Backlit Softness
    Clear in Backlight
    Relaxing Tone
    Sweet Child’s Face
    Distinct Scenery
    Bright Blue Sky
    Romantic Sunset Glow
    Vivid Sunset Glow
    Glistening Water
    Clear Nightscape
    Cool Night Sky
    Warm Glowing Nightscape
    Artistic Nightscape
    Glittering Illuminations
    Clear Night Portrait
    Soft Image of a Flower
    Appetizing Food
    Cute Dessert
    Freeze Animal Motion
    Clear Sports Shot

    So many for such a little money! Wow!

  • mma173


  • FourThird User has posted sample images.

    Sadly they are not full resolution (2300×1725 only).

  • Anyway, the simply fact that the resolution hasn’t been increased is a great sign of the megapixel war ending from Panasonic.

    • Vivek

      Huh?! Have you compared the GH-2 or G3 with any of the 12MP cams? What camera do you use, BTW?

      • G3. And rarely have used the image on full resolution.

  • phil c

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the GF3, and with the power zoom it makes sense for a large demographic of potential buyers.

    Interested to see how the processing engine holds up at higher iso’s. Looked at sample images on:

    But theyre not full resolution, so hard to judge…

  • MK


  • George

    I honestly don’T get it. Can someone tell me please why Pana released a camera like that ?

    • Atle

      Because its a small convenient camera with good quality?

      • MikeH

        +1 And because it sells lots of them? What a rediculous idea!

  • Anonymous

    Eventually they will make a camera in the form of a lens cap.

    I’m sure a lot of very young girls will love this camera. It’s available in pink and roughly the right size for a 10-12yo girl.

  • Karl

    Even in reduced size (only 2300 x 1725 px), the ISO 6400 samples on
    look pretty bad! :( Will be interesting to read proper tests of the camera, especially regarding the image quality from the new (or slightly modified old?) sensor.

    Looks like a fine entry-level M43 camera, though, albeit slightly expensive :)

  • Rob

    Looks good to me. Nicer grip, nicer screen on the back, improved sensor and processor. A decent improvement over the GF3.

    I don’t get why people are expecting it to have E-M5 features. This is the budget m4/3, and it’s doing budget very well. It’s also pushing m4/3 cameras a lot more then the top end ones people on this site demand. We should be thankful these sort of cameras are bringing the money in for Panasonic so they can keep developing innovations like the 14-35mm f2.8 lens that very few people will stick on the GF series.

  • somebody

    Your poll is grossly incomplete. I would be INCREADIBLY interested in this camera, if it was sold with the 20mm or 14mm primes, or at least body only. With either of those crappy zoom, I’ll pass (and get angry and stupid panasonic marketing)

    • unfortunately you are in the minority (though that does not make you wrong) The people who will buy this are new to changeable lenses and they want zooms there are also some advanced users who want a small handy quality camera with a small prime.
      Marketing wants new users, hoping some will go on and purchase more advanced cameras and lenses in the near future. Hence the lens offering is a zoom. (Just look at the lens requests of 3 or 4 days ago, top requests Zooms). Marketing knows some experienced users will buy this as a small in pocket camera and many have already got small primes, based on them being advanced users they should already have a small prime, should they not?

  • Steve

    IR comments on the New 12mp sensor.

    “Compared to that in the GF3, size and resolution are unchanged, but the frontside circuitry now has a lower profile and is better located, so it doesn’t block as much light. That should translate to better sensitivity / noise characteristics.”

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