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Panasonic GF1 Revisited (In Alaska)


The Panasonic GF1 camera was (and still is) one of the nicest mirrorless cameras ever made. And many photographers still use it for their professional work. Take a look at Photographyramblings (Click here) to read the full GF1 field review: “The camera is a wonderful street camera and a really good vacation camera.  It isn’t perfect, but it is very very good.  I was glad I left my DSLR’s at home in the end.  The biggest compliment I can give the GF1 is that it never got in my way and delivered excellent quality images when I wanted them.  If I could add anything to the wish list for this type of camera it would be to build in the viewfinder (or at least make it clip in securely), make it brighter, add weather sealing to the camera and some of the lenses and that’s about it.  I think with the newer GF2 and GF3 it seems like Panasonic is going more towards the consumer point and shoot market and that isn’t a good thing to me.  I’ll keep the GF1 thank-you.
On Photographyramblings you can see many image samples (some of them are very nice) from the trip to Alaska. At that point I want to remind you another amazing review written by Craig Mod (Click here). He used the GF1 for his work in Tibet and the photos are simply amazing.

Now let’s hope Panasonic will not let us wait to much before we get our hands on the real GF1 successor which is not the GF2 nor the GF3, but the soon coming GF7!

P.S.: Sadly it’s almost impossoble ot find the GF1 in Stock. It costs almost $1.500 on Amazon US (Click here to see the crazy price) and of course on eBay (Click here).

  • Bob B.

    I agree…

  • Luke

    any more news about WHEN the gf7 might be coming? I’m itching for a new camera and while the E-P3 is VERY tempting, I’m quite sure, the gf7 will be the one for me.

    • Bob B.

      I have been holding out for the next step of the GF1…which I am hoping the GF7 is going to be it. With a new sensor..with the competition being what it is..that is long overdue from Panasonic…and with Nikon and Canon joining in…they need a mega leap!
      I was tempted by the GH2…but since it was more oriented at video and pricey for my use (stills only)…I decided to just hang in there, cause as this post says..the GF1 …when you are shooting raw…will hold up to any of the other MFT cameras from the standpoint of IQ…it may be a little slower to focus at this point…but let’s face it…none of these cameras are made to shoot sports, it doesn’t really matter. This is still an incredible camera..I have 5 Pany lenses making this camera is very capable….in an extremely small package…but not so small that I can’t hold it in my hands.

  • G13RS

    I think the question is not only when the GF7 will be announced but also if Panasonic will be able supply it immediately and not go through the same GH2 situation like last year…

  • I would argue the same with the original G1! :) I have the GF1 as well. I love both cameras. I’m saving my money to invest in glass and will get more bodies as time progresses and prices drop!

    • Bob B.

      G1 is and was a great value for the money. The viewfinder is incredible for what the camera costs.

  • They Thanks for posting the link to my blog post. Now that I’m back to work and using my DSLR’s again, I’m lugging the heavy gear. Kind of miss the little GF1

  • peter

    I was going to Japan and snatched GF1 for the trip (in the first month it came out)
    never regretted this purchase.

    Can’t wait to see what Pnsnk will do with GF7

  • It still is one of the nicest, non dslr-looking micro 4/3 cameras because there haven’t been any significant improvements to image quality or features since it came out. Give us a nice rangefinder looking camera with a built in EVF soon. I still have my 20mm 1.7 for now. That’s the last of my m4/3 items. Once you shoot with something like the Fuji x100 the high iso & dynamic range doesn’t cut it on any of the 12mp m43 cams.

  • What I like in this post is, that for a change, no longing for new upcoming/rumored/wished stuff, but remembering the good “old” ones.

  • Admin, the GF1 is available at dozens of online retail stores in Germany for prices in between 230€ to 270€ body only depending on the colour.

    I recently bought a red one (body only) for 270€. I love it!

  • mma173

    Shouldn’t Panasonic have issued a firmware update for the GF1?

  • GreyOwl

    Whatever happened to GF4, 5 and 6? Not sure I care anyway…

  • Great review, but to be fair to the GF2. It’s the same sensor so the images will be just as good as the GF1. And you don’t need to use the touchscreen, you can control everything from the manual thumb wheel.

    • Luke


  • avds

    There seems to be a very good amount of GF1 in stock in Russia with prices ranging between $590-$950 for various kits (reduce by 18% for VAT deduction if shipped elsewhere). I’m not sure it would be easy to order one abroad though, due to language difficulties and payment processing limitations, but I presume it should also be available in EU, and quite possibly at better prices.

  • Alec

    It was such a pain in the ass to find a GF1+20mm pancake kit in my city (for the reasonable price, at least), but I’m glad I had found one and now am a proud owner. GF1 for the mothefucking win!

  • sam

    First respect to Panasonic for making the camera in the first place.

    Second, respect to Craig, he is a good designer and can take good photos.
    Can’t say the same for the alaska shots.

    Third, why have you still not made a real replacement? Its really simple to improve on the GF1 just add a decent built in viewfinder, the sensor from the GH2 and keep it the same size or larger, it’s not hard to do.

    I’m glad I bought a GF1 when I did with the 20mm.

    • +1

      • Anonymous

        Heck yeah…+++

    • Luke


    • Mr. Reeee


      • andy

        Although I can say the GF1 takes better stills than the GH2 (as long as you dont zoom 100x)…im guessing its the 12megapixel sensor.
        GH2 photos are too flat and soft.
        I have a trusty (and sexy white) GF1 and always go back to it time and again…its a perfect design..just the right amount of buttons and now its super intuitive for me…just love giving her a good feel around lol

        • Mr. Reeee

          HUH? GH2 photos soft and flat?

          Among other things like light, exposure, etc. … What lenses are you using?

    • Ouch. I’d love to take a look at your photography Sam to see if I have anything to learn. Wow, that was pretty interesting.

  • I still love my GF1 and don’t plan on letting it go until there is a true GF1 replacement. (Or if I run across a big sum of money…… I’ll pull the trigger on a M9!) 90% of all captures on my website have been made with the GF1.

  • im

    sony nex7and zeiss24mm……..two grand but a grand way to go

  • Physica

    A brand new GF1 is very hard to found on the market , but I could still found some brand new goods…. (quite rare…), the price is really high ….. Around US$790 for the body only….…. ( the used GF1 on the market is just cost around US$200….)

    Actually I’m watching how Pana response to the EP-3 and having some pop-corn right now , hope Pana give as a good show for us.

  • Well…….. the GF1 is still available (in stock) in a lot of shops in the Netherlands…. especially the red model (from 229 euros)

  • io

    Admin, where is the third party lenses rumor? :(

  • Simon

    If Panasonic would finally produce something *NEW*, we wouldn’t have to indulge in nostalgia.

    • Thomad

      Yeah, where’s the “real” GF-1 upgrade?

  • Last week I bought the GF1 at Foto Booms for € 229 (Yes Amanda) a Silver one with a second hand 20mm and a new 14mm, READY to Go!!!

  • MP Burke

    I noticed one shop in London (Jacobs) has GF1s on sale yesterday, albeit for £350 with the 14-42mm lens.

  • Nick

    Interesting… Makes me a little excited about getting a fast legacy 135mm :)

  • alex

    Panasonic, please please make the next GF more GF1 like .. buttons, hot shoe, etc

  • Thomas

    Ok, I have all the mft stuff I’m going to buy for now. The GF1, 20 mm pancake, 14-45 kit lens, a 35mm CCTV mft lens, and a “holga” toy lens will have to do for now. I also have some leica adapters and the clip on electronic viewfinder for the GF1.

    I will not buy anything else. I will certainly not buy an Oylmpus mft that needs an expensive add on viewfinder.

    The next company to make a good looking mft body (not micro sized, not SLR like) with updated sensor and built in evf gets my money.

    Keep playing around and I’ll jump on that Fuji X10. Who am I kidding? They’ll never get the thing in stores.

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