Is the E-PL3 a camera for girls?


Is the Olympus E-PL3 a girly camera?

The video on top is made by Digitalrev. Below you can find more news about the new Olympus PEN cameras:

1) RiceHigh (Click here) found a High-ISO comparison between the E-PL3 and E-P3. Cannot believe those results are correct!

2) Catching Up with the Olympus Visionaries at (Click here). Pro photographers are shooting their work with PEN cameras!

3) Olympus E-PM1 Pen Camera – First Look at Photographyreview.

  • lily

    …???? Wtf? This was just a liiiiiittle bit offensive.

    • Zörg


    • Bob B.

      yeah …the e-PL3 is right up there with the GF3…Hello kitty versions next month!
      Woo Hoo! Digital Rev is spot on!!!! LMAOAROTF!!!

      • Faxon

        It’s perfectly OK to make fun of dumbshit airhead girls who ohh and ahhh and OMG all day long. Yes. It is.

    • MJr

      wtf indeed.
      how is a black rectangular shaped camera with ugly nex-like design girly ?

      the gf3, with only 3 buttons, sure, but this, hell no !

      • Bob B.

        One needs a sense of humor when approaching the DigiRev video.
        He is just making fun of the small size and lack of features in the camera.
        There is something to be said for that …but I have nothing invested in the camera..and I think the whole thing is funny….not a big deal tho.
        This is an entusiast site..and most here are looking for the cameras that push the limits…not the under performers…not everyone that comes here fits that bill….but I think it is the majority of viewers…

        • And what exactly has the fact to have a vagina instead of a penis have to do with all this?

          • Bob B.

            Everything! :-)
            (you asked)
            In case you haven’t noticed…there are some differences. LOL!

            • The excuse of humour to justify the expression of hatred/domination is a common technique in hierarchized systems. It’s never just humour…

              • Bob B.

                In your (oh so serious) world.

    • +1. lol

      To all others: buy yourself a bag of sense of humor.

      • Yeah sure… just try the same kind of video with replacing “girls” by “black people”, “jews” or “americans” and impersonating them in the most degrading way… Very funny you’ll see. The difference? It’s still ok for fucking morons like you to degrade women.

        • Anonymous

          You must be a load of laughs at a party. I am sure you never joke about ANYTHING, since somebody might be offended. You must hate most comedians, since there is usually a point to humor, and you never get any of it, I am sure.

        • Faxon

          Your picture seems to portray you very well. Ever bite a pair off?

        • DRTV Fan

          u must be an ugly lady… been mock once too many?

  • I truly dislike all his videos, but this one is even more useless than normal. The tilt screen is a great thing to have. I own an NEX-5 and mostly shoot waist level (I do find the EPL3 to be a better option then the nex BC of lens section and fn buttons).

    I mean why would you want to need to hold a camera away from your body to see the LCD.

  • It’s 2011

    Can we evolve?? Come on? #UNLIKE #FAIL

    • io

      If with evolve you mean “ignore differences between men and women” just because the system says there are no differences or they are all manmade, the answer is NO. We cannot evolve. :P

      Yes, that video is silly and using one of those cameras doesn’t make you a girl (unless it is pink :D).

      Of course, all girls aren’t stupid like this guy looks like. He’s just making fun from some kind of casual shooter young girls.

  • infinity jr.

    yes it’s girly, and so is Panny GF3 (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    • Zörg

      Clean lines, round angles and slick design is girly? I can only imagine what you think of Apple products, lol.

    • lnqe-M

      What by E-PM1, is the pocket camera for real man, :-D

  • YeahYeah

    I’m sorry but… Is the guy from the video drunk?
    Why would this camera be “girly”? Women do not take the same pictures than men? What is underlying here? That they are not capable?
    I really cannot understand this kind of discrimination. This is stupid. No camera should be marketed as “girly”.

    • flash

      While I agree with your conclusion and it is a silly video. But there are some subtle differences between woman and male shooters.

      Woman photographer seem to take quite a bit different pictures then men. Most woman see color differentiation much better then men. Men are bigger then woman, as a result their hands are bigger. Woman generally take better care of their hands then men as a results men need better knobs.

      I find they seem to like to get a little closer to human subject especially children (maybe its because they are shorter then their male counterpart). Woman photographers are more interested in pleasing the subject of the photo as appose to the client. (most of the time they are the same but not always) If you ever get the chance to go on like a “photo safari or walk” with men and woman you will see grouping of shots that are dominated by males and some that are dominated by females of the same subject; and if you look at the results of multiple visits by groups of the same subject the preference almost always repeats..

      Female casual shooter seem to more interested in getting the right shoot then their male counter part who seems like to get the shoot.

      Some of this is due to physical differences some due to society I am sure. None is due to girly though.

    • rds

      He’s only acting like what camera makers think ‘girls’ act like. He may be cleverer than people give him credit for ;)

    • infinity jr.

      >This is stupid. No camera should be marketed as “girly”.

      Then what’s this?

  • napalm

    i dont think it’s supposed to be taken seriously from a guy who looks girly himself :D

  • Good_Speed

    I’m not a girl!! I just wanna a small camera!!

  • digitaltrails

    If you use dpreviews studio scene comparison at high ISO you will see that the E-P3 and E-PL3 are very very close (but the pictures are definitely different). You can do this by viewing the E-P3 review and picking the E-PL3 as one of your comparison cameras. Seems likely the post referred to above is user error of some kind.

    • Anonymous

      It is obvious from looking at the pictures that the “E-P3” ones have been sharpened and had noise removed from them while the “E-PL3” ones are more or less straight conversions from RAW.

  • Joel

    Please don’t link to ricehigh LOL (well known troll in Pentax forums), who knows how (un)reliable (accurate) those images/claims are…

    • bilgy_no1

      He doesn’t even know himself where the shots are from…

    • bilgy_no1

      Maybe Samsung made that test?

  • Nick Clark

    RiceHigh = dickhead.

    Please don’t degrade an otherwise great site by linking his idiocy.

    **edit** What Joel said…

    • Joel

      less diplomatic than my post, but accurate all the same..

  • io

    GF1 and GF3 where released also in pink color. Yes, that’s it. Pink.

    I mean; they are little, “soft” curved designed and cute. That’s girly.

    I love the way GF1 looks like. I even like the GF3. And I’m not a girl or gay.

    I think that with girly you should not understand that they’re for girls only. But designers where thinking more in women than usual when the camera was designed.

    Yes, that video was silly. I found it also a bit funny, though.

  • P

    Cant see the video. Blocked in Germany. :( I hate this.

    • 43pr0n

      Downloading with DownloadHelper might fix this …

      • No. YouTube closed the loophole long time ago.

        I use for watching such videos.

        But seriously, IMO DigitalRev should look for better video hosting. Of such sites, YT is probably the worst at handling the original content.

  • tom

    weren’t the PEN series originally marketed more towards women??

  • Helena

    Wow, a camera with rounded angles, of white color, it is disgusting!! It would must be all black, with a blocky, sharp angled body! and maybe with some kind of pocket-knife integrated pfff :D

    Biased, and offensive towards half the population of the world, very smart MAN.

  • peter

    If the test E-P3 vs E-PL3 is true or just an human error, it shows you that you should don’t to much in technical possibilitys. Maybe the E-P3 is better than the NEX 5 or the NX100 because of the much better built quality. For Sony and Samsung it is just a very litte part of the business. If you compare global player wiht special companys, you will find it again and again in every business. Even the rucksack of Deuter is much better than The North Face if you compare it in truth, not only in technical datas from the net. And that is not hightech ;)

    • Mr. Reeee

      The EP3 and EPL3 are essentially the same camera, except for minor cosmetic and feature differences.

      North Face makes second-rate junk and always have.

      • John

        there was a time – long ago – The North Face products was one of the best. Like the VE-25 and the Aksu Jacket. But it was 20 years ago, when they were their own owner.

  • John

    YES! It is a girls kamera, because girls like to have a very good, nice kamera with many options if they don’t buy just a handy or a compact kamera!
    And YES, it is a boys kamera! Because boys like to have a very good, nice kamera with many options if they don’t buy just a handy or a compact kamera!
    And NO! It is no kamera for some prof’s, who like to take perfekt pictures of fast animals in the wilderness or sport pictures in a stadion, they choose a NIKON D3x or other kamreas for ten times more mony and ten times more weight (poor guys).
    And NO! It is no kamera for idiot, who have it every day in front of the body to impress others.

  • physica

    First Time i want to punch Kai’s head…. =.=

    Anyway… i’m wonder is E-PL3 good fit to the Pana’s 14-42 X Lens….. if yes , then i will go for it like that. :)

  • ap

    Is this a 17th century forum? Get your things together conservative dork.

  • GreyOwl

    Kai all ways makes me laugh, but if you don’t ‘get’ his humour then he will upset you. Don’t argue, take pictures! :-)

    • Mr. Reeee

      I like Kai’s reviews. But, here we have a dorky geek having some fun and really not caring how asinine he looks. His loathing of NEX cameras and their tilty screen was right there, though.

      The politically correct are so easily offended and too easy a target. They’re like a bunch of cranky old church ladies, with pursed lips, wagging fingers and clucking tongues wanting everyone else to have as miserable a time as they.

      • cf my other comment… just try the same video with downgrading impersonations of jews, arabs or blacks with references to cliched negative traits. What is exactly the difference?
        And give us a break with the supposedly stuck up politically correct. Public expression DOES carry a political sense and people DO have a responsibility if they participate to the perpetuation of degrading views towards a community.
        I’m sorry to read this from you. I generally liked your comments but please stop and think for a moment.

        • jack

          They would need to lighten up as well… Consider the context. it’s a camera review from Digital Rev, a review site that regularly makes lewd and ignorant jokes in its videos. This is not some site that attempts to maintain professionalism (e.g. DPreview).

          This doesn’t even mention that general gender differences do exist (and thank goodness for it).

          Seriously, you need to relax a little bit.

        • MrNoDildoUpMyAss

          I’m assuming you’ve never taken a marketing course. Never learned about target demographics I see.

        • DRTV Fan

          ok… calm yrself down. now, slowly remove that object out for yr a**. why are u so uptight?

  • bruce

    Some of Kai’s stuff is funny. This is not. Oh, BTW, my wife shoots a Nikon F (meterless) with a 50/1.2 is that a girly camera?

  • we in Germany can not watch it because of the soundtrack! This fu…ing Gema again, who looks ancious after the Music Rights in Germany. .

    • How dare you badmouth the GEMA? Without them, we wouldn’t have the best of all the music in the world: the Schlager!


  • Droboe

    I thought that it was the EPM1, the one meant for “ladies “

    • flash

      E-P”M”1 is for men “m” = men


      E-P”L”3 is for ladies “l” = ladies

      Does it make sense now. isn’t marketing grand. :)

      I guess the E-P3 is gender neutral. :)

      Does anyone call their camera he or she or a male or female name. I knew a lady who called her camera Fred.

      • Jim

        Bening a “MAN” mine is called Grimlock….. made of pure Iron (cast of course, not machined like a limp girly cam), and weighs in at 480lbs (without lens)…

        Genraly when I’ve finnished taking a photo (steel bridges and trucks being 99% of my shots) the subject is oblitorated…

        My girlyfriends camera is a weird shade of light red that my camera cannot photograph at all… but hers just goes click when taking a photo…. must be an EPL3 i guess…. but I would not know about such things!

        • jack

          Bloody hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    If its Red or Pink ,.. Its so girly.
    Anyway, we see more and more girly taste on a mens fashion ; from a clothes, pants, and even “Handbags” for a men. .. Its so g%y Maybe someday there will be a G#y camera

  • Anonymous

    my phone does 1.2 mp, my girlfriends’ 8mp (and resembles a camera more than a phone)
    she had a Lumix FZ8 superzoom/bridge – while I had a 2mp canon ixus.
    Now I have a Ep1 while she has a G3.
    She carries a big photobag with all her gear – I’m going for the smallest bag my cam fits in.

    Do you see the pattern?
    Girls like their cameras too, often more so than men. They can be gearjunkies.
    And take photos with balls.

  • st3v4nt

    EPL-3 for girl…? So what’s wrong with that….I never knew any camera specially made for girl or boy.

  • toto

    This guy is awful, all his videos are pointless and his faces are so annoying… Mind blowing he has an audience… He’s not even a good photographer.

  • MJr

    “Cannot believe those results are correct!”

    Well i can, it’s called heavy noise reduction on by default.

    • Anonymous

      I am sure he is better than you as a photographer

  • drawingyourattention

    omg, does he have a girlfriend…??

    girls, sounds like a camera for 16 year old girls..

  • alan

    Even the names are girly “GF” series.. The girlfriend series, Panny which rhymes with…. Never mind im sure you all can guess that one too. That leaves us with EPM… I’d say add another letter and make it E-PMS lol. If men of today want their gear to be smaller and lighter and the difference of a meager 1 pound categorizes the gear as heavy then im sorry my friends we live in a world where men in general are in a pretty bad shape.

    • elflord

      Unless you’ve got a manbag, being able to pocket it is a plus. Carrying an extra 1lb isn’t the problem, putting an extra pound of gear in your pants without looking like some kind of deviant is.

      Finally, if you must have use your camera gear to affirm your masculinity, equipment that has the word “micro” in the name sends the wrong message.

  • The Other Chris

    These responses are disturbing. Guess everyone is “too sensitive” about offensive comments that aren’t directed towards straight males.

    Get a life, guys. Seriously. The most talented photographers I know are women, and they don’t shoot with rinky-dink point & shoots or “get close to their subjects” or any of that nonsense. They shoot full-size DSLRs, medium format cameras, 8×10 view cameras, self-made 4×5 pinhole cameras and some even make tintypes and dageurreotypes from scratch.

    Stop being so close-minded. That doesn’t just go for the regulars on this forum, either. Maybe if Panasonic (and Olympus to an extent) would stop trying to pigeonhole the female market, by coming out with cameras for the stereotypical female who just wants an accessory and not a capable camera, maybe they’d gain more marketshare.

    Seriously, this reminds me of beer companies trying to appeal to women by making light beer in clear bottles and fancy packaging. Women like real beer, and the misogynists kick back with their Bud Lights and make fun of guys drinking 10.5% ABV Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stouts out of a stemmed tulip.

    Seems like guys are looking for an accessory that projects a “MANLY” appearance moreso than women are looking for things to augment their outfits. Which explains all the comments complaining about small cams that don’t fit their “big, manly hands” every time Olympus and Panasonic release something new. LMAO.

    • Jim

      There is nothing more manly than the Canon 600mm L…. Shaw sign of a well hung stud…. this is all the ladies look for in a photographer!

      m4/3 with a pancake prime – shawly not a real man…

  • Fish

    I thought this review was funny but maybe not for the reason Kai intended. I mean the guy is trying to act like a caricature of a female but… he was never a paragon of masculinity to begin with.

  • Normally funny. This is just irritating.

  • Boooo!

    I can state with 100% certainty that every existing camera ever made is also fully usable by women.

  • All those people not getting what Kai was indicating at have no idea what the stereo-typical Asian hipster girl is like. By that standard, Kai was still very decent.

  • Peter

    What an asinine, misogynistic, idiot. Are you really serious about posting this? This 4/3 blog has been slipping lately, and you just lost a regular reader.

  • I can’t believe Kai Wong gets paid to do this. Okay, his “reviews” are entertaining but you don’t really learn anything from them. I hope NO ONE buys a camera based on his “reviews”.

    Yeah, the E-PL3 is a slim, simple looking camera but it’s aimed for the ameture market.

    In fact it’s a GREAT model for the introduction for the m43 range and for people who want to see what mirrorless is all about.

    Even more of a reason for slim and simple girls to take myspace shots, they might learn something.

  • We have a winner. Here is a golden turd for you.

  • Kaiwannabe

    Lol he put up a new video with this thread featured. Hahaha.

  • kuruptedmunda

    Hey all you haters and his new vid if you dont believe these cams are targeted at woman. I have the gf1..i am not exactly crying because of this video. lighten up!!

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